AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 dayshasDescendantWithBlendMode should not be propagated
10 daysupdate paths to ref file support files when its location changes relative to the test
11 daysAdding support for color interpolation hints to CSS
2014-09-22Disallow squashing for blending
2014-09-18Moving blending tests from css3/compositing to css3/
2014-09-04be more explicit about which mimetypes to skip so svg support files aren't
2014-09-03Paint the base background color on root before other
2014-08-19skip support directories when search for runnable
2014-08-18Refactor ShapeOutsideInfo so it isn't mutated for each
2014-08-12updated w3c import script to align with the new css test repo structure
2014-08-08Refactor getExcludedIntervals since only one LineSegment is ever
2014-08-06Properly handle zero height lines with image
2014-06-09Bound RasterShapeInterval size to
2014-06-04Simplify createShapeForImage handling of image
2014-06-04Fix off by one in creating a
2014-05-31Heap-use-after-free in
2014-05-01Removing myself from rendering
2014-04-15Heap-use-after-free in
2014-04-10[CSS Shapes] shape-outside from image doesn't load
2014-04-08[CSS Blending] Adding to RenderTreeAsText information about
2014-04-07Merge ShapeInfo & ShapeOutsideInfo now that ShapeInsideInfo is no
2014-03-11shape-outside does not properly handle different writing
2014-03-10[CSS Shapes] Image valued shape can
2014-03-07[CSS Shapes] SVG Image valued shape fails if root element's size is
2014-03-05Preserve shape-box order in non-computed
2014-03-04Rename shapeSize and others to make ShapeInfo and friends easier to
2014-02-28Stacked floats with shape-outside should allow inline content to interact with the non-outermost
2014-02-28Clear m_logicallyLastRun when the runs are
2014-02-27Multiple segment shape-inside polygon causes assertion failed with shape-outside
2014-02-27[CSS Shapes] Adjust lineTop position to the next available wrapping location at
2014-02-22Expose the CSS background-blend-mode property,
2014-02-20inset and inset-rectangle trigger assert with iframe and large percentage
2014-02-13[CSS Shapes] Dynamically created element with image valued shape-outside doesn't
2014-02-13Do not copy m_originatingLine in
2014-02-12[CSS Shapes] Rounded Insets Let Content Overlap
2014-02-10clip-path swaps bottom radii for the inset
2014-02-01[CSS Shapes] Adjust inset sizing syntax to the latest
2014-01-29[CSS Shapes] Support inset for
2014-01-28[CSS Shapes] Support inset
2014-01-23[CSS Shapes] Image valued shape size and position should conform to the
2014-01-23[CSS Blending] background-blend-mode fails for certain SVG
2014-01-22Separate LineBreaker from
2014-01-17Move TrailingObjets class into its own
2014-01-15Move LineLayoutState class into rendering/
2014-01-14Update default shape property value to 'none'
2014-01-13Track intruding and overhanging
2014-01-13[CSS Shapes] Shape images are now image types, not just
2014-01-11[CSS Regions][CSS Shapes] ASSERTION FAILED: m_segmentRanges.size() < m_segments.size()
2014-01-11[CSS Shapes] First line gets incorrectly adjusted in shape-inside due to
2014-01-10Remove CSS Custom Filters code and
2014-01-10If an element's layer with accelerated children and border-radius reaches the compositing state
2014-01-09Use supplied reference box for layout using CSS
2014-01-08Shape-inside should not be shared to descendants of
2014-01-07Make lldb pretty print LayoutUnit, LayoutSize, and
2014-01-07[CSS Shapes] shape-outside layout incorrect when line spans rounded box rounded
2014-01-07Transition Between Shape
2014-01-06[CSS Shapes] Add support for the computing the included intervals for a
2014-01-06[CSS Blending] SVG overlapping elements within a group don't blend
2013-12-19[CSS Shapes] When the box value is set, derive radii from
2013-12-19[CSS Shapes] Add FloatPolygon unit
2013-12-19Move LineWidth.{h,cpp} into rendering/
2013-12-18Shape-Inside Should Not Be Shared To Descendants of Inline or Floating
2013-12-18Parse new <shape> <box> syntax for shape
2013-12-18[CSS Shapes] Add FloatPolygon unit
2013-12-17[CSS Blending] Implement the isolation property for
2013-12-17[CSS Blending] When applying mix-blend-mode on an element,
2013-12-15Makes blending methods in WebLayer.h pure virtuals. Adds a layout
2013-12-13[CSS Shapes] Add BoxShape unit
2013-12-13[CSS Shapes] Add FloatRoundedRect unit
2013-12-12[CSS Shapes] Simplify RectangleShape
2013-12-12[CSS Shapes] Simplify the BoxShape
2013-12-09[CSS Shapes] Add BoxShape and FloatRoundingRect
2013-12-05[CSS Shapes] shape-inside rectangle layout can
2013-12-04Accept the new <box> value for CSS
2013-12-04Makes blending methods in WebLayer.h pure virtuals. Adds a layout
2013-12-03Added setters and getters in WebLayer.h / GraphicsLayer.h
2013-12-02Shape-inside should default to 'auto'
2013-11-27[CSS Blending] Fix blending when mix-blend-mode is set from
2013-11-27Moving WebCore::BlendMode to
2013-11-26Enable animation for the shape-image-threshold
2013-11-25Display anonymous regions in
2013-11-21Clip accelerated descendants of an accelerated layer having border radius and clip
2013-11-20[CSS Blending] Fix isolation for the hardware
2013-11-19[CSSRegions] Convert some overflow regions tests into
2013-11-19[CSSRegions] Model regions functionality using anonymous
2013-11-18[CSS Shapes] Refactor
2013-11-18[Blending and compositing] Implement the isolation CSS property in
2013-11-18Move CustomFilterMeshGenerator from core/platform/... to platform/
2013-11-15RenderBlockFlow::nextFloatLogicalBottomBelow should not use
2013-11-14The ShapeInfo::lineOverlapsShapeBounds() methods now delegate to the Shape object. The logic for
2013-11-14[CSS Shapes] Empty polygons with non-zero shape-padding cause an ASSERT
2013-11-13[CSSRegions] Move cssom/cssom-view regions tests into fast/regions/
2013-11-12Separate BreakingContext from
2013-11-08Refactor logical left/right offset for line
2013-11-08[CSS Shapes] Image valued shape-outside that extends vertically into the margin-box is
2013-11-07[CSS Shapes] Image shape-outside with vertical gaps is handled
2013-11-07Rename region line offset
2013-11-06Remove setCSSExclusionsEnabled(true) from CSS Shapes-Regions
2013-11-06Removing the -webkit prefix from CSS Regions-Shapes
2013-11-05[CSS Regions][CSS Shapes] Content in region doesn't respect shape-outside after initial layout
2013-11-05Move CustomFilterTransformParameter from core/platform/... to platform/
2013-11-05[CSS Shapes] image valued shape element margin can cause an ASSERT
2013-11-04Fix shape-outside on floats with
2013-11-01An accelerated RenderLayer should not use blendMode when painting
2013-10-31Move Custom Filter files (with no dependencies on core) from core/... to platform/
2013-10-30[CSS Regions][CSS Shapes] Layout error when the shape has negative top coordinate and it's
2013-10-30Tests for shape-outside with negative
2013-10-30[CSS Regions][CSS Shapes] Update updateShapeAndSegmentsForCurrentLineInFlowThread to deal better
2013-10-29[CSS Regions][CSS Shapes] Update updateShapeAndSegmentsForCurrentLineInFlowThread to deal better
2013-10-29[CSS Shapes] CORS-enabled fetch for shape image values - ShapeInfo.cpp
2013-10-28Move BreakingContext out of
2013-10-28Removing the -webkit prefix from CSS Shapes
2013-10-27[CSS Shapes][CSS Regions] Don't apply shape-inside when we have multiple auto-height regions and
2013-10-25Tests for background-blend-mode with accelerated
2013-10-25Clip shape-outside to the float margin
2013-10-25[CSS Shapes] CORS-enabled fetch for shape image
2013-10-24Remove prefixes in imported shape-outside
2013-10-24Adding myself to the rendering
2013-10-24[CSS Blending] Background color isn't fully painted when having a blended
2013-10-24[CSSRegions] -webkit-background-clip: text; does not clip the background in
2013-10-23Move float logical location/dimension methods to
2013-10-23Move m_floatingObjects to RenderBlockFlow from
2013-10-22[CSSRegions] Move autoheight* tests into fast/regions/
2013-10-22Remove includes from
2013-10-22Enable animation for the shape-margin
2013-10-22Fix failing custom filters
2013-10-21Remove setupContext() method from
2013-10-19Fixes various problems with the widows
2013-10-19Add unprefixed CSS Shapes properties and alias the old prefixed
2013-10-17[CSS Shapes] Improve the performance of image valued shapes with large
2013-10-17Length interpolation does not need to truncate progress to a
2013-10-16Renamed InspectorDOMAgent::loadEventFired to InspectorDOMAgent::invalidateFrameOwnerElement and
2013-10-16[CSS Shapes] Move RenderBlock::layoutShapeInsideInfo into
2013-10-16Enable animation for the shape-outside
2013-10-15[CSS Shapes] Move shape-inside floats tests into their own
2013-10-15[CSSRegions] Created style-scoped under fast/regions and move related
2013-10-15[CSSRegions] Create region-styling folder and move related
2013-10-15shape-outside does not properly handle the container and the float having different writing
2013-10-15[CSS Shapes] Image valued shape-outside shapes should update the layout after the image has been
2013-10-14[CSS Shapes] Move ShapeInsideInfo::updateSegmentsForLine implementations into the
2013-10-14[CSS Regions] Activate all regions to have layers, as CSS Regions
2013-10-14[CSSRegions] Create auto-size folder and move related regions
2013-10-12Add myself to the rendering
2013-10-12Fix divede-by-zero crash on background-repeat
2013-10-12Simplify the ShapeOutsideInfo and ShapeInfo
2013-10-11[CSS Shapes] Add basic support for shape-inside with inline/block content with
2013-10-10[CSS Shapes] Use unsigned for the internal representation of shape-margin for image valued
2013-10-09Fix heap-use-after-free in
2013-10-09Relayout when shape-outside is modified
2013-10-08[CSS Blending] Implement mix-blend-mode in
2013-10-04[CSS Shapes] Revise the CSS property parsing
2013-10-04[CSS Shapes] Support the shape-image-threshold
2013-10-04[CSS Shapes] Implement the shape-image-threshold
2013-10-03[CSSRegions] Regions auto-height and absolute positioning
2013-10-01[CSSRegions] Add a test to make sure that it is safe to collect a html element in a named
2013-10-01Prevent a crash caused by specifying a CSS Shape geometry Length attribute with a calc()
2013-10-01[CSS Shapes] add shape-margin support for image valued
2013-09-28More tests for shape-outside on floats with positive
2013-09-27Fix computation of a percentage radius for circle
2013-09-25Move logicalHeightForLine out of
2013-09-25Properly handle bottom margin on float with
2013-09-24Large canvas does not honor containing div's border
2013-09-23Move tests to new import
2013-09-20Shape-inside child blocks do not correctly offset inline content from their content
2013-09-20[CSS Compositing] Parse the |isolation|
2013-09-19Fix handling of top margin on float with
2013-09-19Fix W3C Test Import script reformatting test
2013-09-19[CSS Shapes] - Bad ASSERT() in RasterShapeIntervals::firstIncludedIntervalY()
2013-09-19Fix handling of block with left margin next to a
2013-09-19[CSS Shapes] Winding rule polygon
2013-09-18[CSS Shapes] Improve the performance of image valued
2013-09-18[CSS Background Blending] Test background blending with a gif layer over a background
2013-09-18ASSERTION FAILED: !object || object->isBox(), UNKNOWN in
2013-09-18Make FloatingObjects own it's FloatingObject
2013-09-16[CSS Shapes] Turn Shape's logicalwidth/height into a
2013-09-15Move LineWidth class and related code into LineWidth.{h,cpp}
2013-09-13Remove unnecessarily complex template from ShapeInfo
2013-09-06Fix painting order for floats with
2013-09-05The source of the problem are several assignments like
2013-09-05[CSSRegions] Pseudo-elements as regions should not be exposed to
2013-09-04Revised the ShapeIntervals unite, intersect, and subtract operations to improve efficiency and
2013-09-03The existing ShapeIntervals class has been converted into a template whose type specifies the
2013-09-03Reevaluate compositing requirements after next layout when fixed position elements are marked as
2013-09-03Moving disabled shape and exclusion style tests to the virtual test
2013-08-30Treat fit-content/min-content/max-content height as auto when laying out
2013-08-21Completed the implementation of RasterShape::firstIncludedIntervalLogicalTop(). The method now
2013-08-20Add tests to validate background bending with the following
2013-08-16Move Floats out of
2013-08-15Add a Runtime Flag for CSS
2013-08-15[CSS Shapes] Add support for shape-outside image
2013-08-14[CSS Shapes] Positioning floats inside shape-inside should respect the shape's
2013-08-14Remove Explicit Shapes Enablement in
2013-08-14Porting webkit patch from
2013-08-13[CSS Exclusions] Minimal support for using an image to define a
2013-08-13Use the outermost float for
2013-08-13Renames to make the code easier to
2013-08-13[CSSRegions] Wrong auto-height region computation for nested named
2013-08-13Remove unneeded const on updateOffsetIfNeeded
2013-08-08Fix background blending for some cases where it did not work at all. The fix adds the blendMode
2013-08-08Restored some shape-outside
2013-08-06Unreviewed gardening: Set NeedsRebaselines for gradients and blending tests after submitting
2013-08-06-webkit-mask-repeat: round does not
2013-08-05New positioning model: Simple shape-margin
2013-08-02New positioning model: support for stacked floats with
2013-08-02CSS Bg Blending fails when specifying background image and color
2013-08-02New positioning model: support for polygon
2013-08-01Update location of w3c shapes tests to reflect new import
2013-08-01W3C test import script prefixes some properties that it shouldn'
2013-07-31Update percentage rectangle and inset rectangle
2013-07-31Update tests to no longer use
2013-07-30New positioning model: support for circle and ellipse
2013-07-30Remove the use of overrideLogicalContentHeight from the regions'
2013-07-29[CSS Shapes] Fix Shapes's polygon
2013-07-29New positioning model: support for inset rectangle
2013-07-29[CSS Shapes] Port shape-inside on regions and shape's content overflow from
2013-07-26New positioning model: support for rounded rectangle
2013-07-26New positioning model:
2013-07-25Remove the use of overrideLogicalContentHeight from the regions' processing model. This prevents
2013-07-25New positioning model:
2013-07-25Move shapes tests to their own
2013-07-21First submission for support of blending in SVG + added a number of ref tests that show all
2013-07-20[CSS Regions] Mouse over an element does not trigger :hover state for parent when the element is
2013-07-17Add test to avoid crash/assert when ASSERT(layoutState->m_renderer == this) will be activated
2013-07-16With the latest Editor's Draft of the CSS Shapes specification,
2013-07-16Rectangle and inset-rectangle do not properly handle rx and
2013-07-11NamedFlowCollection getters should follow the same pattern as
2013-07-10Implement support for using inset-rectangles in a
2013-07-05assertion failed: !node || node->isElementNode() in
2013-07-02DOM children of a region must not be rendered as children of the region, but can be collected in
2013-07-02[CSSRegions] No other SVG elements except the SVGRoot must have RegionInfo objects
2013-06-27Web Inspector: Integrate new regionOversetChange event into
2013-06-26[CSS Regions] Move overset compute code from flow thread to named flow
2013-06-25Removed runtime check for canvas blend
2013-06-25[CSS Shapes] StyleResolver::loadPendingShapeImage() should check its ShapeValue parameter more
2013-06-21[CSS Regions] Add new regionOversetChange
2013-06-21CSS Background Blending doesn't work for svg
2013-06-20Fix broken AttachContext from
2013-06-20[CSS Shapes] limit shape image values to same
2013-06-20[CSS Blending] Add test suite to validate Background Layers
2013-06-20Rename Shapes Code to Reflect CSS Exclusions / CSS Shapes
2013-06-19CSS Background Blending doesn't work for gradient
2013-06-18Enable Empty Line Segments in
2013-06-18CSS: Gradients with transparency show as
2013-06-12[CSS Regions] The presence of a flow-from declaration in a CSS rule using :hover effectively
2013-06-12Migrated from WebKit Bugzilla:
2013-06-11[CSS Regions] REGRESSION Incorrect layer clipping inside flow
2013-06-11[CSS Regions] Rename region-overflow to