AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
120 min.Let canvas 2D decide how to handle the case of resource lost reported by
16 hoursUnsupported variant selector should return false in
41 hoursRevert of Remove user-defined move constructor and assignment operator from WTF::String (
47 hoursRemove user-defined move constructor and assignment operator from
5 daysCache character fallback information in
6 daysDo not specify language for font
6 daysRemove unused class/includes for DeviceLight after
9 daysRemoving GardinerMod font after it got merged in Chromium's
9 daysServiceWorker: Remove redundant state
13 daysWebGL: Refactor active context
13 daysWebGL: Never have more than one mailbox in the released
13 daysWebGL: Free temporary GPU resources held by inactive or hidden
14 daysEnable layout test for font fallback with identical family
14 daysMaking use of bindless variants mailbox produce/consume on
2014-07-03Add ServiceWorker InstallPhaseEvent.waitUntil() layout
2014-07-02Enable Canvas/
2014-07-01Adding a performance test for font
2014-06-26Fix fallback font instantiation for non-sandboxed
2014-06-25Enable exception console logging for
2014-06-23Fix font family based fallback font
2014-06-19Fix serviceworker default registration
2014-06-19Extend WebFallbackFont by
2014-06-17Fix V8 callback binding for "CallWith=ThisValue"
2014-06-16Remove old functions in the process of renaming WebFontFamily to
2014-06-12Fix for magnifying glass to magnify/shrink images when the zoom is not at
2014-06-10Adding WebFallbackFont and renaming
2014-06-06Make the destructor of WebFrameClient
2014-06-03Use ExceptionState::indexExceedsMinimumBound() to throw DOMException for
2014-05-31Gate subpixel scaling by RuntimeEnabledFeatures::subpixelFontScalingEnabled() on
2014-05-31Simplify & optimize StringImpl::replace(UChar, UChar)
2014-05-28Remove usePrinterFont() property of
2014-05-27[clean up] Remove unnecessary "#include wtf/Forward.h"
2014-05-24Return has value, in function returning
2014-05-23[cleanup] Event/EventTarget: remove extra forward declared
2014-05-23Get rid of HashMap deleteAllKeys/deleteAllValues
2014-05-22In r174387 modules-dependent eventtarget code were moved out of
2014-05-21Add HashSet::take() and HashSet::takeAny()
2014-05-19DeviceOrientation layout tests
2014-05-16Support WTF::ListHashSet<OwnPtr>
2014-05-14DeviceMotion layout tests re
2014-05-07Create an antialiased virtual layout test group for font testing on
2014-05-07Reland r170775. Put HashTable::checkKey() in
2014-05-07Expose performance.memory in workers, runtimeEnabledFeatures is used to control if real or
2014-05-06Fix HashSet misuse in SVGElementInstance::detach()
2014-05-06Make sure that inherit or initial works for unprefixed
2014-05-05Remove temporarily kept WebKit API when renaming command line
2014-05-05Fix AnimationAnimationPlayerTest.AttachedAnimationPlayers
2014-04-30Make sure we correctly dispatch custom events having the same names as unprefixed animations
2014-04-30Adding myself to the OWNERS file for
2014-04-30Fix a crash in AXObject::accessibilityIsIgnored() by adding NULL check on axObjectCache()
2014-04-30Renaming --enable-font-smoothing cmd line argument to
2014-04-30Canvas: Fix potential assertion
2014-04-28MessageQueue uses Deque<OwnPtr<> >
2014-04-28Enable WTF::HashSet<OwnPtr<> >
2014-04-26WebGL: Wait for the sync point that the compositor inserted before deleting a
2014-04-24WebGL: Fix assertion hit of gpu
2014-04-24WebGL: Don't destroy mailbox textures in the destructor until they're
2014-04-23Add setBatteryStatusListener into
2014-04-23Use macros instead of specializing VectorTraits
2014-04-22Introduce a macro enabling 'SimpleClassVectorTraits'
2014-04-21Add Dispatcher class to the Battery Status API
2014-04-16Make Vector<WebCore::NodeEventContext>
2014-04-16Revert of Switching Blink to use new Skia SkPictureRecorder API (
2014-04-15Use 'std::equal' in
2014-04-14Heap-use-after-free in
2014-04-11DevTools: Add Energy Value under Timeline pie
2014-04-10Make MutableStylePropertySet::removePropertiesInSet
2014-04-09Introduce WTF_USE_ALLOCATOR
2014-04-09Remove remained code of CSS Custom
2014-04-09Fix gdbinit error in
2014-04-07Re-land "WebGL: Transfer ownership of WebGraphicsContext3D to DrawingBuffer"
2014-04-07Add setting for fitting the content in the viewport
2014-04-05Add Video-to-Canvas perf tests into Skipped
2014-04-04Make MutableStylePropertySet::findPropertyIndex
2014-04-03Put HashTable::checkKey() in
2014-04-03HashMap misuse in ImageResourceTest.CancelOnDetach unit
2014-04-03WebGL: Restore atomically both WebGraphicsContext3D and DrawingBuffer
2014-04-02Move remained platform tests from web/tests/ to platform/
2014-04-02Add setting for fitting the content in the viewport
2014-04-02Read the default min-width value from the UA style
2014-04-01Avoid copying a hash table bucket when inserting causes a
2014-04-01Fix timing out of perf test: Canvas/
2014-03-29Add Web API and runtime enable flag for PreciseMemoryInfo, this flag will used to control
2014-03-29This change adds TimelinePowerGraph in Timeline panel, it allows zoom in of power overview, and
2014-03-28Add perf tests for video element copies for Canvas/WebGL to catch performance improvements and
2014-03-28DevTools: Start/Stop overview recording for available
2014-03-28Further WTF::copyChars
2014-03-28Fix the remaining issue of seperating WebGL from the default share
2014-03-28Make canvas perf tests run less than 6
2014-03-27HashMap misuse in
2014-03-26DevTools: Add timestamp support in the
2014-03-25This CL add power profiler in DevTools frontend, and draw power data in PowerOverview of
2014-03-25Remove the include "core/events/ThreadLocalEventNames.h"
2014-03-24Rely on 'memcpy' in
2014-03-21Introduce String and AtomicString size
2014-03-21Simplify VectorMover<true, T>::swap()
2014-03-20Add an explicit flush after copyTextureCHROMIUM() to make the WebGL layer contents
2014-03-19remove BLINK_EXPORT for motion/
2014-03-19Move Image related tests from web/tests/ to platform/
2014-03-18Move WebGraphicsContext3D related tests from web/tests/ to platform/graphics/gpu/
2014-03-17perf test: Add PerfTestRunner.logFatalError(text)
2014-03-17Remove unused header file in
2014-03-17Use std::swap() in HashTable::swap()
2014-03-17WebGL: report "texSubImage2D" with dom exception in texSubImage2D(), instead of "texImage2D"
2014-03-14Move DeviceSensorEvent* h|cpp files to a common
2014-03-14Add perf tests for getAttribute("role") and setAttribute("role")
2014-03-14Re-land "Android, video: clean-up WebMediaPlayerClientImpl::paintOnAndroid()."
2014-03-14Use 'HashTraits::PeekInType' in the ListHashSet 'add', 'append' and 'insert'
2014-03-13Android, video: clean-up WebMediaPlayerClientImpl::paintOnAndroid()
2014-03-13Use 'HashTraits::PeekInType' in the ListHashSet 'find', 'contains' and 'remove'
2014-03-12Avoid unneeded argument copying in
2014-03-11Extend HashMapWithRefPtrAsKey WTF unit
2014-03-11Unused 'OwnPtr' hash
2014-03-10Add virtual destructor WebDevice(Motion|Orientation)
2014-03-07Add canProfilePower command in DevTools
2014-03-07WebGL: fix DrawingBuffer::m_colorBuffer texture
2014-03-06Simplify BatteryManager class and
2014-03-06Re-land "Drop background color optimization for composited layers"
2014-03-06Add support to Battery Status API in
2014-03-06Fix incorrect indices for emphasis marks drawing in
2014-03-05HashTraits<RawPtr> uses 'nullptr'
2014-03-05WebGL: Transfer ownership of WebGraphicsContext3D from WebGLRenderingContext to
2014-03-01Drop background color optimization for composited
2014-02-28Inspector: turn WebInspector.inspectedPageDomain into a
2014-02-28Make sure unprefixed animation shorthands
2014-02-27Get rid of
2014-02-25Remove NO_RETURN_WITH_VALUE
2014-02-25HashTraits<RefPtr> uses 'nullptr'
2014-02-25Inline FloatSize::FloatSize(WebCore::IntSize const&)
2014-02-24HashTableConstIterator should use
2014-02-21Optimize WebCore::propertyNameMatchesAttributeName()
2014-02-20Get rid of PageGroupIndexedDatabase as there is only one page group in
2014-02-20WebGL: Remove some unused members in
2014-02-20Rename PageGroupLoadDeferrer to
2014-02-19Implement CSS Emphasis Marks for complex
2014-02-18Force inline of StringImpl::deref(ref)
2014-02-18Optimize StylePropertySet::findPropertyIndex() to improve CSS properties
2014-02-17Check 'Allocator::isGarbageCollected' value at compile
2014-02-14Fix assertion fail in
2014-02-14Force RefPtr::get() to be
2014-02-14[DevTools] Add power profiling definition in devtools
2014-02-14More compact way to disallow implicit WTF::String conversion to
2014-02-14Remove an unused parameter from HashTable(Const)Iterator
2014-02-13Using x-advance for emphasis mark
2014-02-13Fix build due to double declaration of TraceTrait<RefPtr<T> >
2014-02-12WebGL: Don't call unnecessary
2014-02-12Make PassOwnPtr comparison operators
2014-02-12Fix HashTraits types for
2014-02-10Add mikhail.pozdnyakov to wtf
2014-02-10Add comparison operators for
2014-02-06Move the injected style sheet code out of
2014-02-05Encasulate StringImpl allocation size calculation within a single
2014-01-31CheckedArithmetic: remove unneeded workaround
2014-01-31RawPtr: fix boolean
2014-01-30Fix initialization of SimpleClassVectorTraits 'isWeak' and 'needsTracing' properties
2014-01-29Introduce Page::allPages() as an accessor to all current
2014-01-28Remove PageGroup arguments from Page::(all)
2014-01-27Fix the usage counting of
2014-01-23Adding regression test for a small caps layout issue on
2014-01-17WebGL: Insert a sync point on DrawingBuffer::prepareMailbox()
2014-01-16Add testharness.js based tests for ensuring correct ligature
2014-01-15Remove dead code (parseFlowThread) in
2014-01-11Cleanup mac specific TextLayout measurement
2014-01-09Remove unnecessary
2014-01-07Ensure DrawingBuffer::m_recycledMailboxes is queue, not
2013-12-31Micro optimization of DrawingBuffer::clearFramebuffers()
2013-12-20Add a raw-pixel based SkBitmap as a cache storage at CPU side for
2013-12-19Revert "Keep looking for allowed punctuation when punctuation that precedes the first letter is
2013-12-17Enabling ArabicLineLayout.html performance
2013-12-14Update the first letter when the first line is changed by adding a new text at its
2013-12-12canvas: arc can never cover an angle greater than 2pi
2013-12-12Add a background-color animation perf test to catch performance improvements and
2013-12-10Explicitly flush the underlying SkDeferredCanvas for HW accelerated 2D canvas when drawImage
2013-12-07Remove WTF_LOG_VERBOSE
2013-12-04Update some of the MQ comments, add issue
2013-12-04Drop "only composite opacity animations when already in compositing mode"
2013-12-04Make DOMWindow methods use the same rounding for zoom as
2013-12-03Little clean up
2013-12-02Add "WTF_" prefix to WTF "LOG" macro names in order to avoid "LOG" macro redefinition
2013-11-27Re-enable solid background color optimization for composited
2013-11-26Remove GraphicsLayer::shouldDirectlyCompositeImage()
2013-11-24Unify GraphicsLayer::setContentsToMedia and
2013-11-24Make GraphicsLayer::contentsLayer()
2013-11-22Refactor GraphicsLayer::setContentsToImage()
2013-11-22Reverse the order of the template arguments at ListHashSet::find() and ListHashSet::contains()
2013-11-20Fix comparison between signed and unsigned integer in
2013-11-202D Canvas: Refactor code re-attempting to allocate an
2013-11-18Clean up js-test-post.js
2013-11-15Introduce PassRefPtr::AdoptRefTag and use it in the adoption
2013-11-13Keep looking for allowed punctuation when punctuation that precedes the first letter is already
2013-11-13Improve the performance of drawImage from WebGL to 2D canvas by adding a TextureBacked
2013-11-12Create DEFINE_STATIC_REF macro and use
2013-11-12window.scroll() without params should be ignored or throw an
2013-11-07RenderBoxModelObject::firstLetterRemainingText should return a RenderTextFragment*
2013-10-30Optimize the texture upload for texImage2D from WebGL by doing a GPU->GPU textures copy instead
2013-10-30Avoid unneeded Deque items copying at Deque::takeFirst()/takeLast()
2013-10-29RefPtr should not be fast
2013-10-29Use computedFontSize to calculate the thickness of overline, underline and
2013-10-28DevTools: update paint count on Layer details
2013-10-25Improve HTMLCanvasElement::convertLogicalToDevice()
2013-10-25Remove FIXME in after
2013-10-25Remove PassOwnPtr non-member comparison
2013-10-24Do not include RefCounted header files to
2013-10-23Do not allow to use OwnPtr for ref-counted
2013-10-23Add HashMapWithRefPtrAsKey WTF unit
2013-10-22Allowing document.write in Image documents asserts the
2013-10-22The behavior of the CSS parser modes wasn't very obvious and
2013-10-22Handle the font size specified in a canvas when is in Rem
2013-10-22Change WebLayer::addAnimation to transfer ownership of
2013-10-19Connect previous point when drawing
2013-10-19Make WebPrivateOwnPtr inherited from
2013-10-19Update the first letter when the first line is changed by adding a new text at its
2013-10-17Vector stores Predicate object as OwnPtr instead of raw pointer in
2013-10-17Refactoring of
2013-10-17Add unittests to check HashMap and Vector handle
2013-10-16Use WebPrivateOwnPtr instead of raw pointer in WebBlobData and
2013-10-16Vector stores Expression object as OwnPtr instead of raw pointer in
2013-10-16Fix the using of EnsurePtrConvertibleArg in a WebPrivateOwnPtr
2013-10-15Handle crash when submitting an injected form on an "image document page"
2013-10-13Add WebPrivateOwnPtr(const PassOwnPtr&) constructor like
2013-10-12Throw TypeError exception instead of TypeMismatchError in terms of
2013-10-11Fix memory leak in
2013-10-11FontPlatformDataCache uses OwnPtr instead of raw
2013-10-10Remove OwnArrayPtr/PassOwnArrayPtr classes from
2013-10-10Fix getComputedStyle background-position to output calc
2013-10-10RenderSVGResourceFilter uses OwnPtr instead of raw
2013-10-10Do not scale when drawing
2013-10-10Support currentTransform in 2D
2013-10-10Clarify WebScrollbarThemeGeometry ownership transfer in createScrollbarLayer()
2013-10-09Improve Setter of SVG attribute generation
2013-10-08Add some comments to
2013-10-07Use SWITCH/CASE for parsing viewport meta
2013-10-06PassOwnPtr, PassOwnArrayPtr: const_pointer_cast should only remove 'const'
2013-10-04Change code order in HTMLMetaElement::process()
2013-10-04PassOwnArrayPtr, PassOwnPtr, PassRefPtr: remove unneeded
2013-10-03Move meta content handling from ViewportDescription to
2013-10-03Rename ViewportArguments to
2013-10-02Move meta content parsing from Document to
2013-10-01Removing my old email from
2013-10-01Avoid copying a hash table bucket when inserting causes a
2013-10-01Refactor AnimationBase to manage m_isAccelerated
2013-10-01Fix WeakPtr::UnspecifiedBoolType()