AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
22 hoursServiceWorker: Change worker script fetch error
2 daysUpdate hover state after entering and leaving
5 daysRemove the WTF::KeyValuePair default
6 daysMerge FontPlatformDataHarfBuzz into
12 daysMerge FontPlatformDataHarfBuzz into
13 daysRemove debug output formatting from GlyphPageTreeNode and
13 daysMerge FontPlatformDataHarfBuzz and FontPlatformData
2014-09-08Merge FontPlatformDataHarfBuzz and FontPlatformData
2014-09-05Don't update MemoryCache during drawImage if the image is decoded into
2014-09-03Enable HarfBuzz to report used fallback
2014-09-03Merge FontPlatformDataHarfBuzz and FontPlatformData
2014-09-03Reland r178541. Remove user-defined move constructor and assignment operator from
2014-09-03small typos in
2014-09-03Speculative fix to the crash when calling
2014-09-01Canvas: composite video on canvas
2014-09-01Optimized dom search performance by caching all the elements in HTMLCollection when counting the
2014-08-29gpu: Remove WebGraphicsContext3D::makeContextCurrent() at
2014-08-29Re-land "WebGL: Refactor active context management."
2014-08-28gpu: Remove WebGraphicsContext3D::makeContextCurrent() in
2014-08-28remove more redundant calls to
2014-08-28ServiceWorker: Add layout test for worker script MIME
2014-08-27remove more redundant calls to
2014-08-27Re-land "WebGL: Free temporary GPU resources held by inactive or hidden WebGL."
2014-08-26Remove default parameter in
2014-08-25Use SkXfermode::Mode enum instead of RefPtr<SkXfermode>
2014-08-25remove redundant call to drawingContext in CanvasRenderingContext2D::drawImage.
2014-08-24Remove deleteAllValues(const Deque&)
2014-08-20Add layout tests for background image
2014-08-15Fix ttcIndex value checking logic and intialize
2014-08-14Fix font instantiation assertion failure on session
2014-08-13Animations: Make perf tests for web animations animate
2014-08-11Web Animations: guard testRunner
2014-08-08Fix crash caused by
2014-08-05Enable disabled animaition
2014-07-30Remove the user-defined empty WTF::String
2014-07-29If the client code reports the resource is lost, the mailbox should
2014-07-25ServiceWorker: Add force-refreshed page registration layout
2014-07-25Code refactoring, use renderView() method of FrameView instead of indirect
2014-07-23Let canvas 2D decide how to handle the case of resource lost reported by
2014-07-22Unsupported variant selector should return false in
2014-07-21Revert of Remove user-defined move constructor and assignment operator from WTF::String (
2014-07-21Remove user-defined move constructor and assignment operator from
2014-07-18Cache character fallback information in
2014-07-17Do not specify language for font
2014-07-17Remove unused class/includes for DeviceLight after
2014-07-14Removing GardinerMod font after it got merged in Chromium's
2014-07-14ServiceWorker: Remove redundant state
2014-07-10WebGL: Refactor active context
2014-07-10WebGL: Never have more than one mailbox in the released
2014-07-10WebGL: Free temporary GPU resources held by inactive or hidden
2014-07-09Enable layout test for font fallback with identical family
2014-07-09Making use of bindless variants mailbox produce/consume on
2014-07-03Add ServiceWorker InstallPhaseEvent.waitUntil() layout
2014-07-02Enable Canvas/
2014-07-01Adding a performance test for font
2014-06-26Fix fallback font instantiation for non-sandboxed
2014-06-25Enable exception console logging for
2014-06-23Fix font family based fallback font
2014-06-19Fix serviceworker default registration
2014-06-19Extend WebFallbackFont by
2014-06-17Fix V8 callback binding for "CallWith=ThisValue"
2014-06-16Remove old functions in the process of renaming WebFontFamily to
2014-06-12Fix for magnifying glass to magnify/shrink images when the zoom is not at
2014-06-10Adding WebFallbackFont and renaming
2014-06-06Make the destructor of WebFrameClient
2014-06-03Use ExceptionState::indexExceedsMinimumBound() to throw DOMException for
2014-05-31Gate subpixel scaling by RuntimeEnabledFeatures::subpixelFontScalingEnabled() on
2014-05-31Simplify & optimize StringImpl::replace(UChar, UChar)
2014-05-28Remove usePrinterFont() property of
2014-05-27[clean up] Remove unnecessary "#include wtf/Forward.h"
2014-05-24Return has value, in function returning
2014-05-23[cleanup] Event/EventTarget: remove extra forward declared
2014-05-23Get rid of HashMap deleteAllKeys/deleteAllValues
2014-05-22In r174387 modules-dependent eventtarget code were moved out of
2014-05-21Add HashSet::take() and HashSet::takeAny()
2014-05-19DeviceOrientation layout tests
2014-05-16Support WTF::ListHashSet<OwnPtr>
2014-05-14DeviceMotion layout tests re
2014-05-07Create an antialiased virtual layout test group for font testing on
2014-05-07Reland r170775. Put HashTable::checkKey() in
2014-05-07Expose performance.memory in workers, runtimeEnabledFeatures is used to control if real or
2014-05-06Fix HashSet misuse in SVGElementInstance::detach()
2014-05-06Make sure that inherit or initial works for unprefixed
2014-05-05Remove temporarily kept WebKit API when renaming command line
2014-05-05Fix AnimationAnimationPlayerTest.AttachedAnimationPlayers
2014-04-30Make sure we correctly dispatch custom events having the same names as unprefixed animations
2014-04-30Adding myself to the OWNERS file for
2014-04-30Fix a crash in AXObject::accessibilityIsIgnored() by adding NULL check on axObjectCache()
2014-04-30Renaming --enable-font-smoothing cmd line argument to
2014-04-30Canvas: Fix potential assertion
2014-04-28MessageQueue uses Deque<OwnPtr<> >
2014-04-28Enable WTF::HashSet<OwnPtr<> >
2014-04-26WebGL: Wait for the sync point that the compositor inserted before deleting a
2014-04-24WebGL: Fix assertion hit of gpu
2014-04-24WebGL: Don't destroy mailbox textures in the destructor until they're
2014-04-23Add setBatteryStatusListener into
2014-04-23Use macros instead of specializing VectorTraits
2014-04-22Introduce a macro enabling 'SimpleClassVectorTraits'
2014-04-21Add Dispatcher class to the Battery Status API
2014-04-16Make Vector<WebCore::NodeEventContext>
2014-04-16Revert of Switching Blink to use new Skia SkPictureRecorder API (
2014-04-15Use 'std::equal' in
2014-04-14Heap-use-after-free in
2014-04-11DevTools: Add Energy Value under Timeline pie
2014-04-10Make MutableStylePropertySet::removePropertiesInSet
2014-04-09Introduce WTF_USE_ALLOCATOR
2014-04-09Remove remained code of CSS Custom
2014-04-09Fix gdbinit error in
2014-04-07Re-land "WebGL: Transfer ownership of WebGraphicsContext3D to DrawingBuffer"
2014-04-07Add setting for fitting the content in the viewport
2014-04-05Add Video-to-Canvas perf tests into Skipped
2014-04-04Make MutableStylePropertySet::findPropertyIndex
2014-04-03Put HashTable::checkKey() in
2014-04-03HashMap misuse in ImageResourceTest.CancelOnDetach unit
2014-04-03WebGL: Restore atomically both WebGraphicsContext3D and DrawingBuffer
2014-04-02Move remained platform tests from web/tests/ to platform/
2014-04-02Add setting for fitting the content in the viewport
2014-04-02Read the default min-width value from the UA style
2014-04-01Avoid copying a hash table bucket when inserting causes a
2014-04-01Fix timing out of perf test: Canvas/
2014-03-29Add Web API and runtime enable flag for PreciseMemoryInfo, this flag will used to control
2014-03-29This change adds TimelinePowerGraph in Timeline panel, it allows zoom in of power overview, and
2014-03-28Add perf tests for video element copies for Canvas/WebGL to catch performance improvements and
2014-03-28DevTools: Start/Stop overview recording for available
2014-03-28Further WTF::copyChars
2014-03-28Fix the remaining issue of seperating WebGL from the default share
2014-03-28Make canvas perf tests run less than 6
2014-03-27HashMap misuse in
2014-03-26DevTools: Add timestamp support in the
2014-03-25This CL add power profiler in DevTools frontend, and draw power data in PowerOverview of
2014-03-25Remove the include "core/events/ThreadLocalEventNames.h"
2014-03-24Rely on 'memcpy' in
2014-03-21Introduce String and AtomicString size
2014-03-21Simplify VectorMover<true, T>::swap()
2014-03-20Add an explicit flush after copyTextureCHROMIUM() to make the WebGL layer contents
2014-03-19remove BLINK_EXPORT for motion/
2014-03-19Move Image related tests from web/tests/ to platform/
2014-03-18Move WebGraphicsContext3D related tests from web/tests/ to platform/graphics/gpu/
2014-03-17perf test: Add PerfTestRunner.logFatalError(text)
2014-03-17Remove unused header file in
2014-03-17Use std::swap() in HashTable::swap()
2014-03-17WebGL: report "texSubImage2D" with dom exception in texSubImage2D(), instead of "texImage2D"
2014-03-14Move DeviceSensorEvent* h|cpp files to a common
2014-03-14Add perf tests for getAttribute("role") and setAttribute("role")
2014-03-14Re-land "Android, video: clean-up WebMediaPlayerClientImpl::paintOnAndroid()."
2014-03-14Use 'HashTraits::PeekInType' in the ListHashSet 'add', 'append' and 'insert'
2014-03-13Android, video: clean-up WebMediaPlayerClientImpl::paintOnAndroid()
2014-03-13Use 'HashTraits::PeekInType' in the ListHashSet 'find', 'contains' and 'remove'
2014-03-12Avoid unneeded argument copying in
2014-03-11Extend HashMapWithRefPtrAsKey WTF unit
2014-03-11Unused 'OwnPtr' hash
2014-03-10Add virtual destructor WebDevice(Motion|Orientation)
2014-03-07Add canProfilePower command in DevTools
2014-03-07WebGL: fix DrawingBuffer::m_colorBuffer texture
2014-03-06Simplify BatteryManager class and
2014-03-06Re-land "Drop background color optimization for composited layers"
2014-03-06Add support to Battery Status API in
2014-03-06Fix incorrect indices for emphasis marks drawing in
2014-03-05HashTraits<RawPtr> uses 'nullptr'
2014-03-05WebGL: Transfer ownership of WebGraphicsContext3D from WebGLRenderingContext to
2014-03-01Drop background color optimization for composited
2014-02-28Inspector: turn WebInspector.inspectedPageDomain into a
2014-02-28Make sure unprefixed animation shorthands
2014-02-27Get rid of
2014-02-25Remove NO_RETURN_WITH_VALUE
2014-02-25HashTraits<RefPtr> uses 'nullptr'
2014-02-25Inline FloatSize::FloatSize(WebCore::IntSize const&)
2014-02-24HashTableConstIterator should use
2014-02-21Optimize WebCore::propertyNameMatchesAttributeName()
2014-02-20Get rid of PageGroupIndexedDatabase as there is only one page group in
2014-02-20WebGL: Remove some unused members in
2014-02-20Rename PageGroupLoadDeferrer to
2014-02-19Implement CSS Emphasis Marks for complex
2014-02-18Force inline of StringImpl::deref(ref)
2014-02-18Optimize StylePropertySet::findPropertyIndex() to improve CSS properties
2014-02-17Check 'Allocator::isGarbageCollected' value at compile
2014-02-14Fix assertion fail in
2014-02-14Force RefPtr::get() to be
2014-02-14[DevTools] Add power profiling definition in devtools
2014-02-14More compact way to disallow implicit WTF::String conversion to
2014-02-14Remove an unused parameter from HashTable(Const)Iterator
2014-02-13Using x-advance for emphasis mark
2014-02-13Fix build due to double declaration of TraceTrait<RefPtr<T> >
2014-02-12WebGL: Don't call unnecessary
2014-02-12Make PassOwnPtr comparison operators
2014-02-12Fix HashTraits types for
2014-02-10Add mikhail.pozdnyakov to wtf
2014-02-10Add comparison operators for
2014-02-06Move the injected style sheet code out of
2014-02-05Encasulate StringImpl allocation size calculation within a single
2014-01-31CheckedArithmetic: remove unneeded workaround
2014-01-31RawPtr: fix boolean
2014-01-30Fix initialization of SimpleClassVectorTraits 'isWeak' and 'needsTracing' properties
2014-01-29Introduce Page::allPages() as an accessor to all current
2014-01-28Remove PageGroup arguments from Page::(all)
2014-01-27Fix the usage counting of
2014-01-23Adding regression test for a small caps layout issue on
2014-01-17WebGL: Insert a sync point on DrawingBuffer::prepareMailbox()
2014-01-16Add testharness.js based tests for ensuring correct ligature
2014-01-15Remove dead code (parseFlowThread) in
2014-01-11Cleanup mac specific TextLayout measurement
2014-01-09Remove unnecessary
2014-01-07Ensure DrawingBuffer::m_recycledMailboxes is queue, not
2013-12-31Micro optimization of DrawingBuffer::clearFramebuffers()
2013-12-20Add a raw-pixel based SkBitmap as a cache storage at CPU side for
2013-12-19Revert "Keep looking for allowed punctuation when punctuation that precedes the first letter is
2013-12-17Enabling ArabicLineLayout.html performance
2013-12-14Update the first letter when the first line is changed by adding a new text at its
2013-12-12canvas: arc can never cover an angle greater than 2pi
2013-12-12Add a background-color animation perf test to catch performance improvements and
2013-12-10Explicitly flush the underlying SkDeferredCanvas for HW accelerated 2D canvas when drawImage
2013-12-07Remove WTF_LOG_VERBOSE
2013-12-04Update some of the MQ comments, add issue
2013-12-04Drop "only composite opacity animations when already in compositing mode"
2013-12-04Make DOMWindow methods use the same rounding for zoom as
2013-12-03Little clean up
2013-12-02Add "WTF_" prefix to WTF "LOG" macro names in order to avoid "LOG" macro redefinition
2013-11-27Re-enable solid background color optimization for composited
2013-11-26Remove GraphicsLayer::shouldDirectlyCompositeImage()
2013-11-24Unify GraphicsLayer::setContentsToMedia and
2013-11-24Make GraphicsLayer::contentsLayer()
2013-11-22Refactor GraphicsLayer::setContentsToImage()
2013-11-22Reverse the order of the template arguments at ListHashSet::find() and ListHashSet::contains()
2013-11-20Fix comparison between signed and unsigned integer in
2013-11-202D Canvas: Refactor code re-attempting to allocate an
2013-11-18Clean up js-test-post.js
2013-11-15Introduce PassRefPtr::AdoptRefTag and use it in the adoption
2013-11-13Keep looking for allowed punctuation when punctuation that precedes the first letter is already
2013-11-13Improve the performance of drawImage from WebGL to 2D canvas by adding a TextureBacked
2013-11-12Create DEFINE_STATIC_REF macro and use
2013-11-12window.scroll() without params should be ignored or throw an
2013-11-07RenderBoxModelObject::firstLetterRemainingText should return a RenderTextFragment*
2013-10-30Optimize the texture upload for texImage2D from WebGL by doing a GPU->GPU textures copy instead
2013-10-30Avoid unneeded Deque items copying at Deque::takeFirst()/takeLast()
2013-10-29RefPtr should not be fast
2013-10-29Use computedFontSize to calculate the thickness of overline, underline and
2013-10-28DevTools: update paint count on Layer details
2013-10-25Improve HTMLCanvasElement::convertLogicalToDevice()
2013-10-25Remove FIXME in after
2013-10-25Remove PassOwnPtr non-member comparison
2013-10-24Do not include RefCounted header files to