AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 hours[Patch resubmit]: Turn off autofill highlight when changing option in an autofilled <select>
5 hoursAdd AX attribute for input
21 hoursNotify in console when an API fails because it needs to be invoked on user
21 hours[Blink-WebWorkers] WorkerSharedTimer cancels extra delayed
21 hoursCustom Element should have a wrapper while frame
22 hoursAdd AX role ,'AXDescriptionList', for dl element(re-land)
29 hoursMove resolveAlignment logic to
34 hoursOnly default to transition shorthand if all 4 values are
36 hoursShould remove struct
38 hoursFix include guard in
45 hoursRevert of Support for :enabled selector on Anchor & Area elements (patchset #2 id:20001 of
45 hours[Blink-WebWorkers] WorkerSharedTimer cancels extra delayed
46 hoursUse auto and Range-based loop interation in Source/core/dom/custom/
48 hoursFix incorrect tooltip displayed for dock icon in "Dev Tools"
2 daysExpose IA and IA2 role and state for HTML input type attributes related to date and time.(re-land)
2 daysDisplay the stdio output in an iframe and reload after completion of
2 daysRemove forward declarations from Source/core/dom/
2 daysClean up SVG rendering
3 daysExpose IA and IA2 role and state for HTML input type attributes related to date and
3 daysIA2 role is not correct for input type attribute in button state and checkbox state with menu as
3 daysClean up forward declarations in Source/core/
3 daysAdd AX role ,'AXDescriptionList', for dl
6 daysClean up forward declarations in Source/core/fetch and /
6 daysUsing some C++11 goodness to cleanup the iterator code in
6 daysRevert "Revert of HTMLSelectElement does not include selected index/indices while saving state (
6 daysSummary tag is exposed with wrong IA2
6 daysGridPainter::paintChild should take RenderBox
6 daysPass test-list as JSON to
6 daysBlink doesn't honor percent heights on children of "align-self:stretch" flex items in a
6 daysRemove
6 daysRemove
7 daysDo not generate getHTMLTags/
7 daysAvoid re-parsing of string in fillText and measureText calls of Canvas
7 daysOilpan: fix build after
8 daysAdds accessibility role for details
8 daysRemove
8 daysTest flakiness fix for
8 days[blink] Pass SkBitmap by reference in WebNinePatchLayer::setBitmap and
8 daysSkip imported/web-platform-tests/custom-elements/.../
8 daysFix a rendering bug when frames have no dirty rect on display list
9 daysTurn off autofill highlight when changing option in an autofilled <select>
9 daysCustom handlers should throw SecurityError exception if the URL's origin differs from the
9 daysRemove inclusion of WebImageLayer.h from
9 days[blink] Pass SkBitmap by reference in
9 daysOilpan: blink_heap_unittests: MapWithCustomWeaknessHandling and MapWithCustomWeaknessHandling
9 daysAdding support for ARIA 1.1 role="none"
10 daysCleanup
10 daysUse xmlnsWithColon instead of
10 daysDispatch change event for input type=color when colorpicker is
10 daysMeasure current usage statistics for MediaStream label and stop() before going for
10 daysRevert of Fix update of validity cache value, so that it reflects the correct state of any
11 daysAdding support for re-running of layout tests form the
13 daysClean up forward declarations in Source/core/
13 daysClean up forward declarations in Source/core/
13 daysClean up forward declarations in Source/core/
13 daysRemove unnecessary codes (associated with save image feature)
13 daysFix shared libary build for
13 daysUse bit-fields for space saving in HTMLFormElement. Reduces the size by 8 bytes per
13 daysDon't allow minus width for positioned
14 daysUpdate ForbiddenClosingTagElements list with elements with no end
14 daysHandle semicolons at end of keySplines
14 daysClean up forward declarations in Source/core/
2014-09-18Remove unused files from
2014-09-18[test-webkitpy] Make more than two -v options to be also
2014-09-18[webkitpy] Remove unused
2014-09-18As per spec and to be consistent with other browsers (Firefox & IE11), we should support form
2014-09-18Service Worker:Layouttests:Remove wrong done() call from
2014-09-17Full JSON file has to be read instead of first
2014-09-17[Nit] Renaming GenerateDashBoard to a more class sounding name
2014-09-17[Nit] Use write_text_file directly instead of open_text_file_for_writing followed by
2014-09-17CanvasRenderingContext2D should update the render tree to avoid stale computed
2014-09-17Seeking media fragment URI before loadeddata
2014-09-17Use ConstructFromLiteral instead of implicit
2014-09-17Fix behavior of label associated with control
2014-09-16Add saveImageFromDataURL() and use it in saveImageAt()
2014-09-16Disable most MathML
2014-09-16Replace HTMLMediaElement::player() calls with webMediaPlayer()
2014-09-16Transfer canvas state to the next frame with noticable
2014-09-16Modify CustomElementProcessingStep::isCreated()'s
2014-09-16Generate focusin for input type=date/time when selected by
2014-09-15Make better use of
2014-09-15Enabling archiving of test results by default in
2014-09-15Reland [blink-in-js] Migrate resources required for blink-in-js to grd - part
2014-09-13Move utility functions for sample rate to
2014-09-12Handle direction control in compositor
2014-09-12border-radius cssText always outputs to longhand
2014-09-12Clean up forward declarations in Source/core/
2014-09-12Check If ImageBuffer is allocated before
2014-09-12Use more RenderBox references in
2014-09-12Remove unused python version checker
2014-09-12Move the user agent styles sheets to blink_resources.grd (Part 3)
2014-09-12Make textInputFlags use static
2014-09-12[blink-in-js] Migrate resources required for blink-in-js to grd - part
2014-09-12New Test for 'vertical-align has no effect on a grid item'
2014-09-12[SCM tests] Don't forget to change back to original
2014-09-12Remove direct Host creation from
2014-09-12HTMLSelectElement does not include selected index/indices while saving
2014-09-12Oilpan: fix build after
2014-09-12Use AtomicString API
2014-09-12Use KURL when constructing
2014-09-11Use ConstructFromLiteral instead of implicit
2014-09-11Extending supported sample rate from 3.0KHz to 192.0KHz for
2014-09-11Remove unused code from tool/
2014-09-11Convert RenderFlexibleBox code to use RenderBox
2014-09-11Remove outdated comment in
2014-09-11Use reference instead of pointer in
2014-09-10Shrink QualifiedNameImpl by 8 bytes on 64-bit
2014-09-10Remove CSSPropertyWebkitCursorVisibility from
2014-09-10Allow HTMLMediaElement.currentTime to be set before the transition to
2014-09-10[blink-in-js] Migrate resources required for blink-in-js to grd - part
2014-09-10Triage few w3c/web-platform-tests/custom-elements/
2014-09-10Return width from drawText to stop re-measure in
2014-09-10Move caret to correct position when dir=auto for space and LTR text following RTL
2014-09-10Code cleanup for
2014-09-09Remove unneeded constructor for
2014-09-09Add figcaption case at 'computeAccessibilityIsIgnored()'
2014-09-09Remove some CSS properties from
2014-09-09Temporary revert: Introduce include directive to
2014-09-09Word-Spacing in InlineBox RTL scenario not to ignore if first character is
2014-09-09Get rid of method setProperty(): never used in the whole
2014-09-09Oilpan: blink_heap_unittests: asan check failed. HeapObjectHeader::finalize zap a wrong memory
2014-09-09Test: Don't add scrollbar width to intrinsic width of fixed-width grid
2014-09-09Adjust autofilled property for <search> input and <select>
2014-09-08Include content_shell.pak with the webkit_unit_tests_apk as internal
2014-09-07Clean up forward declarations in Source/core/
2014-09-07[CSS Shapes] Import and fix polygon shapes
2014-09-05Transfer content_shell.pak to the device under test for running webkit_unit_tests on
2014-09-05Remove from
2014-09-05Make CustomElementSchedular
2014-09-05Require diff comfirmation only when there is someting to
2014-09-05Give more meaningful name to m_which in
2014-09-05Change vsmul method from vDSP_ to
2014-09-05Change members's order and combine duplicated method for
2014-09-05Fix update of validity cache value, so that it reflects the
2014-09-04fast/block/float/015.html uses wrong urls for
2014-09-04Handle font-weigths with 'bolder' or 'lighter' values in @font-face
2014-09-04[Nit] Sorting run-webkit-tests options in alphabetical
2014-09-04Remove DialogElement runtime flag (status=stable)
2014-09-04[blink] Remove XMLViewer.js/css post blink-in-js migration of XML tree
2014-09-04Do not skip site import on python
2014-09-03Adds accessibility role for figcaption
2014-09-03Mark parsing routines with ENABLE(SVG_FONTS)
2014-09-03Transform XML tree viewer to blink-in-js
2014-09-03ended attribute has been deprecated. Adding usecounter to gather current usage statistics and
2014-09-02Clean up forward declarations in Source/
2014-09-02Ensure that conversions from/to 8bit and 16bit never return null
2014-09-02Remove dead content sniffing
2014-09-02Clean up forward declarations in Source/
2014-09-02Remove unused macro
2014-09-02Removing "using" declarations that import names in the C++ Standard library.(Source/platform/[m*
2014-09-01Adds accessibility role for figure tag and handles its children as a
2014-09-01Clean up code duplication of isAtShadowBoundary()
2014-09-01Extend functionality of MockFileSystem.move()
2014-09-01Fix runtime error in copytree()
2014-09-01Use character names defined in
2014-09-01Add use counter for the firefox extension containsNode()
2014-09-01Use optional default value syntax in
2014-08-30Cleanup redundant namespace usage in Source/
2014-08-30Removing "using" declarations that import names in the C++ Standard library.(Source/platform/audio)
2014-08-30Removing "using" declarations that import names in the C++ Standard library.(Source/platform/[
2014-08-29Oilpan: chrome://tracing info
2014-08-29Removing "using" declarations that import names in the C++ Standard library.(Source/platform/[
2014-08-28Correct test for WinXP for CL
2014-08-28Rename didEnterDocument and
2014-08-28Oilpan: Compile error with GYP_DEFINES='gc_profile_heap=1'
2014-08-28Append "Callback" to each value of enum
2014-08-28Flexbox flex: 1 incorrectly sets flex-basis to
2014-08-27Cursor to be centrally aligned instead of top
2014-08-27Webkitpy's version check should not throw any
2014-08-27Implement canvas2d direction
2014-08-27Removing duplicate 'using namespace blink' in platform and
2014-08-27Context menu should skip any menu construct whose submenu label is the empty
2014-08-26Simplify SMILTime
2014-08-26Add support to populate custom context menu
2014-08-26Move PopupMenu Tests from Source/web/tests to Source/
2014-08-26Eliminating FIXME from
2014-08-26Use resources/testharness.js for geometry-interfaces-dom-matrix
2014-08-25Remove blank items from
2014-08-25Use testharnessreport.js for geometry-interfaces-dom-matrix-*
2014-08-25Implement *multiply*() methods in
2014-08-25Remove unused enum declaration ContextWebkit3d from HTMLCanvasElement::getContext()
2014-08-25Check for type registeration of Custom element before validating
2014-08-24Add toFloat*Array() methods and use them in layout
2014-08-24Use NaN/Inf to represent unresolved/indefinite
2014-08-24Cleanup namespace usage in Source/binding and Source/
2014-08-24Removing duplicate 'using namespace blink' from Source/
2014-08-24[CSS Grid Layout] Test coverage for column-*
2014-08-24Add checking queue size when calling handleSpeakingCompleted()
2014-08-24Make |extends| option in custom element behave
2014-08-22Multi-column properties in a flexbox hide its
2014-08-22Fix diff generation by difflib to report missing end of file
2014-08-22Remove SpeechSynthesis runtime flag (status=stable)
2014-08-21Remove WebAnimationsElementAnimate runtime flag (status=stable)
2014-08-21Minor change - Rename autofill layout test
2014-08-21Step down as OWNER for screen_orientation
2014-08-21Step down as OWNER for bindings/
2014-08-20Make it obvious an HTMLFormControlsCollection can only contain
2014-08-20Use NodeTraversal instead of ElementTraversal in
2014-08-20Make it obvious an HTMLOptionsCollection can only contain
2014-08-20Introduce HTMLDataListOptionsCollection subclass for
2014-08-20Simplify TypingCommand::makeEditableRootEmpty() a
2014-08-20Step down as core/
2014-08-20Remove Path2D runtime flag (status=stable)
2014-08-20Autosizing storage doesnot belong on
2014-08-20Make it clear a DocumentNameCollection can only contain
2014-08-20Make SpaceSplitStringData private and rename to
2014-08-20Remove HTMLImports runtime flag (status=stable)
2014-08-20Oilpan: Compile error with GYP_DEFINES='gc_profile_marking=1'
2014-08-20Fix getComputedStyle() for area
2014-08-19[Cleanup] Removing dead code in
2014-08-19Account for MathML tags / attributes in
2014-08-19Rename TouchList::create() to TouchList::adopt() for
2014-08-19Get rid of loops looking for the first Element
2014-08-19Add contextmenu attribute for
2014-08-19Adjust autofilled property for <search> input and <select>
2014-08-18Use StringBuilder::appendLiteral() / StringBuilder::append(char) when
2014-08-18Remove unnecessary NodeFilterCondition.cpp
2014-08-18Simplify NodeRenderingTraversal::parentElement() a
2014-08-18Remove HighResolutionTimeInWorkers runtime flag (status=stable)
2014-08-18Simplify DOMTokenList::validateToken()
2014-08-18Remove FIXME in
2014-08-18Cleanup namespace usage in Source/web/Web[A-H]*
2014-08-18Remove CSSWillChange runtime flag (status=stable)
2014-08-18Oilpan: When copyStackUntilSafePointScope, allow more stack copying for ASan/LSan
2014-08-17Implement scale*() methods in
2014-08-17Implement translate() and translateSelf() in
2014-08-17ASSERTION FAILED: !extraRowSpanningHeight in
2014-08-17getElementsByClassName should include non styled
2014-08-16Use tighter typing for Document::ownerElement() return
2014-08-16DOMMatrix should use TransformationMatrix
2014-08-16Use Traversal<>::firstAncestor() API more in the code
2014-08-15Fix keyTimes list length of from/to/by
2014-08-15Fix typo in Path class
2014-08-15Do not fire a DOMSubtreeModified event when Attr.value attribute is
2014-08-15Drop unnecessary RadioNodeList::m_onlyMatchImgElements
2014-08-15Rename CollectionIndexCache API to not use 'Element'
2014-08-15Use tighter typing in RadioNodeList::elementMatches()
2014-08-15Use an AtomicString as key in
2014-08-15Introduce HasHTMLTagName functor and use it with
2014-08-15Remove CSSTouchAction runtime flag (status=stable)
2014-08-14Change WebCore namespace to
2014-08-14Use new match Functor ElementTraversal API in
2014-08-14Cleanup blink:: prefix usage in Source/core/modules/[battery/*.cpp to indexeddb/*.cpp]
2014-08-14Cleanup namespace usage in platform/graphics/[G-S]*
2014-08-14Creating custom element should not be case
2014-08-14Cleanup namespace usage in Source/web/Web[I-Z]*