AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 hoursInline flexbox width is wrongly calculated when wrapping
4 hoursHide isXXX() type checking methods in
4 hoursFix a typo in bindings/scripts/ (isoalte -> isolate)
8 hoursCursor overlaps the text inside New message body in GMail after
11 hoursMigrate all usages of to blink_resources.grd and remove - Part
11 hoursDocument.title getter should return text of title element and setter should stop when head
12 hoursSet default deep value false in
13 hoursDrop slower Node::hasID() / Node::hasClass()
14 hoursUse tighter typing in editing/
25 hoursRemove null check on refNode in
26 hoursRemove check from
26 hoursMigrate all usages of to blink_resources.grd and remove - Part
29 hoursRange.comparePoint should throw TypeError when refNode is not an
29 hoursMake sure that begin time cannot be greater
29 hoursOnly allow path as target for
30 hoursUse Traversal<>::firstChild() instead of firstWithin() when iterating over
33 hoursUse isHTMLPlugInElement to replace checks
37 hoursA pointer should be sufficient for
44 hoursRemove
46 hoursImplement DOMRect of geometry
2 daysImplement DOMPoint of geometry
2 daysDuring editing, merge inline style with overriding other author
2 daysflex shorthand incorrectly accepting 1 auto 1 (i.e. flex-basis in the middle)
2 daysSeparate GeolocationWatchers from
2 daysCursor does not blink on longpress in an
2 daysRemove webkit- prefix from classes used by View
2 daysCleanup
3 daysStop passing dummy ParentDetails to NodeRenderingTraversal::parent()
3 daysSimplify
3 daysIntroduce DEFINE_CONTENT_DATA_TYPE_CASTS, and use
3 daysRemove
3 daysRemove unnecessary includes from collection / nodelist
3 daysHave HTMLTableRowsCollection::item() return an HTMLTableRowElement*
3 daysAdding use counters for non-standard
3 daysFix assert on unknown rule type in the
3 daysIntroduce DEFINE_ELEMENT_DATA_TYPE_CASTS, and use
3 daysFix for input/datalist failure when datalist is created outside
3 daysImprove the find word boundary
3 daysRange.compareBoundaryPoints should throw a NotSupportedError when how has not expected
4 daysMove HTMLLabelElement-related complexity out of
4 daysMove handle of HRTFDatabaseLoader to
4 daysOptimize / clean up hasTagName() call
4 daysMake manual isSVG*Element() helpers as efficient as the generated
4 daysRename DOMPoint to WebKitPoint in C++
4 daysRemove redundant forward declaration and header
4 daysOptimize hasTagName when called on an HTMLElement /
5 days[Blink] XMLTreeViewer should load resources from blink_resources.grd instead of relying upon
6 daysDelete reduntdant 19 header files in ui/gfx of chromium (blink side)
6 daysadded prevent check for m_player in duration()
6 daysFix copyImage for WebGL
7 daysAdd Traversal<>::firstAncestorOrSelf() overload taking a const reference in
7 daysUse pass by reference in
7 daysflex shorthand incorrectly accepting 1 0% 1 (i.e. flex-basis in the middle)
7 daysCSS Shape renders incorrectly when
7 daysMove Shadow DOM renderers into rendering/
7 daysadd blink_disable_partition_allocator for memory
8 days[Blink] XMLTreeViewer should load resources from blink_resources.grd instead of relying upon
8 daysAdd intentional optimization comment in
8 daysRemove unneeded break in
8 daysAdd routine for checking startTime when start the next utterance in handleSpeakingCompleted()
8 daysImplement sequence<MediaStreamTrack> getTracks () This is to conform to the new spec-
8 daysRemove unneeded ASSERT in
8 daysIntroduce DEFINE_FONT_DATA_TYPE_CASTS, and use
8 daysRemove never reached area in
8 daysRemoving webmediaplayer check in createImageBitmap()
8 daysFix unsigned comparison in
8 daysCleanup SVG color parsing
8 daysRemove unused
9 daysDefault caret size of the empty element should match the font
9 daysApply toFoo generation macro to TrackBase
9 daysRefactor verifyProtocolHandlerScheme() in
9 daysUse NavigatorContentUtils guard for unregisterProtocolHandler()
9 daysSeparate GeoNotifier class from
9 daysFix possible crash in Element::normalizeAttributes()
10 days[Blink] XMLTreeViewer should load resources from blink_resources.grd instead of relying upon
10 daysPass named argument 'default_parameters' to fix test_with_parameters
10 daysInFile.load_from_files should try to load only '.in'
10 daysUse Dequeue::removeLast() in StyleResolver::addToStyleSharingList()
10 daysAutorebaseline for
10 daysEliminate MediaPlayer abstraction(seek, duration, poster APIs)
11 daysDrop findAttribute*ByName() API from
11 days[DevTools] Color values should be case insensitive while suggestions should be case
11 daysMove NodeListsNodeData class out of
11 daysRemove attributeCount() / attributeAt() API from
11 daysRename variables in ContainerNode::checkForSiblingStyleChanges() for
11 daysDocument.body should check interface type and be
11 daysAdopt unsigned long constant type into
12 daysAccording to CSSOM-View, interface HTMLImageElement,
12 daysEliminate MediaPlayer abstraction(network state)
13 daysNode.replaceChild and Node.removeChild do not use custom binding
14 daysAdd UseCounter for flex items having intinsic aspect
14 daysDevirtualize
2014-07-11Node.insertBefore and Node.appendChild do not use custom binding
2014-07-11Remove remaining callers of
2014-07-10Gamepad: make gamepad events play well with page
2014-07-10Content is cropped and shifts to the left in RTL iFrames with
2014-07-10Repaint issues with vertical text which has absolute (or fixed) position specified for
2014-07-10Use Reflect on attributes in xml
2014-07-10Popup open and hide using
2014-07-10Clean up static_cast<const toBasicShapeFoo*> by using toBasicShapeFoo()
2014-07-10maximumAge and timeout should be used after
2014-07-09Remove CSS Shapes runtime
2014-07-09Expose isEmailField() for input
2014-07-09Node.appendChild should throw TypeError when newChild is
2014-07-09Blink does not respect input.selectionStart and input.selectionEnd for some
2014-07-09Node.appendChild should throw TypeError when newChild is not an
2014-07-09Eliminate MediaPlayer abstraction(play/pause, other APIs)
2014-07-08Remove unneeded getters/
2014-07-08Only not take zOffset into account during hit-testing when child layers are in the same 3d
2014-07-08[DevTools] Disable input field highlight upon label hover while timeline recording
2014-07-08Blink does not respect input.selectionStart and input.selectionEnd for some
2014-07-08Remove callers of
2014-07-08Refactor CanvasRenderingContext2D::scrollPathIntoViewInternal()
2014-07-08Use type cast macro for AnimatableLengthPoint|3D instead of manual toFoo()
2014-07-07Removing unused variables for parent in
2014-07-07[DevTools] Upon active timeline recording, label cursor should behave as a default
2014-07-05createTreeWalker and createNodeIterator should deal with null NodeFilter in
2014-07-05Add path option(path2d) for hit regions on
2014-07-05Implement "Copy image" for canvas (blink side)
2014-07-04split MEMORY_TOOL_REPLACES_ALLOCATOR into initial size and
2014-07-04Clean up redundant header files inclusion in
2014-07-04Exception should not be ignored on appendChild in
2014-07-04[Cleanup] No need for extra boolean variable in
2014-07-04Document.adoptNode should not throw an
2014-07-03[DevTools] Start/stop of timeline recording should set UI controls disabled/enabled
2014-07-03context.addHitRegion() is not working when using transform
2014-07-03ASSERTION FAILED: mainAxisExtent - mainAxisBorderAndPaddingExtentForChild(child) >= 0 in
2014-07-03Do not create a temporary string to append the SVGLength's
2014-07-02Remove transform-origin logic in
2014-07-02Make DOMImplementation.createHTMLDocument implementation more spec
2014-07-02WeakNodeMap should have an ASSERT for node in WeakNodeMap::put()
2014-07-02Eliminate MediaPlayer & MediaPlayerClient abstractions(rate, setRate and other APIs)
2014-07-02HTMLMediaElement::webMediaPlayer() should never be null if m_readyState >= HAVE_METADATA (
2014-07-02Pass a struct to ContainerNode::childrenChanged() instead of separate
2014-07-02Removing using declarations that import names in the C++ Standard
2014-07-02Remove unncessary forward declarations from
2014-07-01Remove outdated FIXME comment from Document::decrementActiveParserCount()
2014-07-01Move core/WebCorePrefixMac.h to build/mac/Prefix.h to make it a top level build
2014-07-01Protect against unknown idl
2014-07-01Code clean up, changing bool to Enum type for better code readability and some
2014-07-01Call WTFString::split(UChar, Vector&) when
2014-07-01Do not include FastMalloc.h in config.h as we no longer redefine new and delete in FastMalloc.h.
2014-07-01These blink API functions are not used, we should remove
2014-07-01Quota is stable and always on and there is no code in blink that checks this run-time flag so it
2014-07-01Move ENABLE_MEDIA_CAPTURE to a runtime
2014-06-30Fix some nits as a follow-up for issue
2014-06-30Move HTMLTagCollection to its own
2014-06-30Update an Element's ancestor chain at the end of its
2014-06-30Fix RefPtr's move assignment
2014-06-30Remove duplicated provideMediaKeysTo() in
2014-06-29Add fillRule option for hit regions on
2014-06-28Remove CSS Exclusions
2014-06-28Qualify the bindings include files and remove the bindings sub-dirs from build
2014-06-27The length of a TextIterator containing replaced element is at least
2014-06-27In general the project should avoid using OS() guards when
2014-06-27Fix issue with selection being lost when InsertListCommand changes the list
2014-06-27Support radial-gradients with relative
2014-06-27Add move constructor and assignment operator to RefPtr
2014-06-27Move attributes-related methods from ElementData to
2014-06-27Remove an unneccessary special case for the main resource from
2014-06-26HTMLMediaElement::webMediaPlayer() should never be null if m_readyState >= HAVE_METADATA (media
2014-06-26[Blink] [PowerProfiler] Support accuracy level attribute for power data
2014-06-25Ignoring math expressions involving percentages for widths and
2014-06-25The function is now replaced by continueProgram(),hence there is no need of
2014-06-25Added unprefixed version of Touch radius and
2014-06-25Call isValidProtocol() function first in order to remove duplicated protocol checking in
2014-06-25Remove unused method
2014-06-24Reduce forward declarations in core/
2014-06-24[XHR] Move bools to end of class declaration for better
2014-06-24Add invokeCallback functionality to the code
2014-06-24Use ScriptController to call callback in
2014-06-24Redraw only dirty area for accelerated 2D
2014-06-24Move ENABLE_MEDIA_CAPTURE to a runtime
2014-06-23context.addHitRegion should return if the DOMException
2014-06-23Notify the browser when the page lost interest about
2014-06-23Removing usused smartclip
2014-06-23Should call clear() for controls when calling removeAllHitRegions()
2014-06-23The bounding check is
2014-06-23Generate web, devtools files into their own
2014-06-23Remove unused functions in
2014-06-23Move invodeCallback from V8Callback to
2014-06-23Renaming didNavigate to
2014-06-23Remove useless function and typs in the
2014-06-23Use "Dictionary" for PositionOptions instead of Custom
2014-06-21[IndexedDB] Removed FIXMEs as consistent enums being used on both sides of
2014-06-21Implement basic parts of hit regions on
2014-06-20Remove an unneccessary FIXME comment for
2014-06-20Fix to remove customised String over IPC for
2014-06-20Remove gen/blink/modules from build files since all includes have been
2014-06-20Notify the browser when the page lost interest about
2014-06-20[Regression] Fix Draggable is float:left and container is
2014-06-20Removing using declarations that import names in the C++ Standard
2014-06-20Reduce size of HTMLCollection / LiveNodeList / ChildNodeList by 1
2014-06-20XMLHttpRequest must build a request using the given method as-is for non-standard
2014-06-20Remove gen/blink/core from build files since all includes have been
2014-06-20setData() of DataTransfer has a void return
2014-06-20Use suggested filename for "Save Link As"
2014-06-19Fix handling of Ligature when letter-spacing is
2014-06-19Deprecate support for xhr.withCredentials for synchronous
2014-06-19Enable ASSERT(attribute.nameRange.start) in
2014-06-19Disabled form control elements should not be
2014-06-19Deduplicate DeviceEvent*
2014-06-19Qualify core include file in web and bindings,
2014-06-18Reduce forward declarations in core/
2014-06-18Reduce forward declarations in core/
2014-06-18Update XMLHttpRequest use counter to count
2014-06-18Qualify RuntimeEnabledFeatures.h and remove unnecessary include
2014-06-18Removing using declarations that import names in the C++ Standard
2014-06-18Make iterator for Element's attributes more
2014-06-18Use stricter typing for NodeLists throughout the code
2014-06-18Remove unneeded checks in
2014-06-18Word spacing in RTL for
2014-06-18Minor Refactor in
2014-06-18Fix for RenderListBox not showing vertical scrollbar with overlay-scrollbar
2014-06-18Tidy up dependencies for platform/
2014-06-18Remove SVG paint order runtime
2014-06-18Manually commit changes that cause false-alarm on
2014-06-17Reland 176261: Fix for select PopupMenuList appearance in rtl mode with overlay-scrollbar
2014-06-17Remove WTF_USE_NATIVE_FULLSCREEN_VIDEO as it is no longer
2014-06-17Add UseCounter for synchronous
2014-06-17Take over the gamepad module
2014-06-17Reduce SVG
2014-06-17Remove an extra include from
2014-06-17NavigatorContentUtilsClientImpl has own
2014-06-17Remove special touch-action hit test
2014-06-17Types for m_maximumAge and m_timeout in PositionOptions class should be
2014-06-17Fix for select PopupMenuList appearance in rtl mode with overlay-scrollbar
2014-06-17Qualify the generated includes in core (part 7)
2014-06-16Drop traverseNextElement() method from HTMLCollection
2014-06-16Add support in generate scripts to handle
2014-06-16Remove inefficiency from HTMLCollection::namedItems()
2014-06-16Have NodeList::item() overrides return an Element* when
2014-06-16Qualify the generated includes in core (part 6)
2014-06-16Qualify the generated includes in core (part 5)
2014-06-16Qualify the generated includes in core (part 4)
2014-06-16Remove unnecessary mutable keyword for
2014-06-16Minor change: use single quote for JavaScript code in layout
2014-06-16Removing using declarations that import names in the C++ Standard
2014-06-15Remove useless override of executionContext() in
2014-06-14Qualify the generated includes in core (part 3)
2014-06-14Use correct offset when attribute auto is
2014-06-13Add missing null check in PageSerializer::serializeCSSStyleSheet()
2014-06-13Update SelectorQuery constructor to adopt CSSSelectorList
2014-06-13Move navigatorcontentutils directory to top of
2014-06-13Use ScriptWrappable::init
2014-06-13Removing using declarations that import names in the C++ Standard
2014-06-13Qualify the generated includes in core (partial)
2014-06-13Don't expose the user agent shadow