AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 hoursClean up forward declarations in Source/
8 hoursEnsure that conversions from/to 8bit and 16bit never return null
9 hoursRemove dead content sniffing
10 hoursClean up forward declarations in Source/
10 hoursRemove unused macro
28 hoursRemoving "using" declarations that import names in the C++ Standard library.(Source/platform/[m*
32 hoursAdds accessibility role for figure tag and handles its children as a
34 hoursClean up code duplication of isAtShadowBoundary()
41 hoursExtend functionality of MockFileSystem.move()
45 hoursFix runtime error in copytree()
45 hoursUse character names defined in
2 daysAdd use counter for the firefox extension containsNode()
2 daysUse optional default value syntax in
3 daysCleanup redundant namespace usage in Source/
4 daysRemoving "using" declarations that import names in the C++ Standard library.(Source/platform/audio)
4 daysRemoving "using" declarations that import names in the C++ Standard library.(Source/platform/[
5 daysOilpan: chrome://tracing info
5 daysRemoving "using" declarations that import names in the C++ Standard library.(Source/platform/[
6 daysCorrect test for WinXP for CL
6 daysRename didEnterDocument and
6 daysOilpan: Compile error with GYP_DEFINES='gc_profile_heap=1'
6 daysAppend "Callback" to each value of enum
6 daysFlexbox flex: 1 incorrectly sets flex-basis to
6 daysCursor to be centrally aligned instead of top
7 daysWebkitpy's version check should not throw any
7 daysImplement canvas2d direction
7 daysRemoving duplicate 'using namespace blink' in platform and
7 daysContext menu should skip any menu construct whose submenu label is the empty
7 daysSimplify SMILTime
8 daysAdd support to populate custom context menu
8 daysMove PopupMenu Tests from Source/web/tests to Source/
8 daysEliminating FIXME from
8 daysUse resources/testharness.js for geometry-interfaces-dom-matrix
9 daysRemove blank items from
9 daysUse testharnessreport.js for geometry-interfaces-dom-matrix-*
9 daysImplement *multiply*() methods in
9 daysRemove unused enum declaration ContextWebkit3d from HTMLCanvasElement::getContext()
9 daysCheck for type registeration of Custom element before validating
10 daysAdd toFloat*Array() methods and use them in layout
10 daysUse NaN/Inf to represent unresolved/indefinite
10 daysCleanup namespace usage in Source/binding and Source/
10 daysRemoving duplicate 'using namespace blink' from Source/
10 days[CSS Grid Layout] Test coverage for column-*
10 daysAdd checking queue size when calling handleSpeakingCompleted()
10 daysMake |extends| option in custom element behave
12 daysMulti-column properties in a flexbox hide its
12 daysFix diff generation by difflib to report missing end of file
12 daysRemove SpeechSynthesis runtime flag (status=stable)
12 daysRemove WebAnimationsElementAnimate runtime flag (status=stable)
13 daysMinor change - Rename autofill layout test
13 daysStep down as OWNER for screen_orientation
13 daysStep down as OWNER for bindings/
13 daysMake it obvious an HTMLFormControlsCollection can only contain
14 daysUse NodeTraversal instead of ElementTraversal in
14 daysMake it obvious an HTMLOptionsCollection can only contain
14 daysIntroduce HTMLDataListOptionsCollection subclass for
14 daysSimplify TypingCommand::makeEditableRootEmpty() a
14 daysStep down as core/
14 daysRemove Path2D runtime flag (status=stable)
14 daysAutosizing storage doesnot belong on
14 daysMake it clear a DocumentNameCollection can only contain
14 daysMake SpaceSplitStringData private and rename to
14 daysRemove HTMLImports runtime flag (status=stable)
2014-08-20Oilpan: Compile error with GYP_DEFINES='gc_profile_marking=1'
2014-08-20Fix getComputedStyle() for area
2014-08-19[Cleanup] Removing dead code in
2014-08-19Account for MathML tags / attributes in
2014-08-19Rename TouchList::create() to TouchList::adopt() for
2014-08-19Get rid of loops looking for the first Element
2014-08-19Add contextmenu attribute for
2014-08-19Adjust autofilled property for <search> input and <select>
2014-08-18Use StringBuilder::appendLiteral() / StringBuilder::append(char) when
2014-08-18Remove unnecessary NodeFilterCondition.cpp
2014-08-18Simplify NodeRenderingTraversal::parentElement() a
2014-08-18Remove HighResolutionTimeInWorkers runtime flag (status=stable)
2014-08-18Simplify DOMTokenList::validateToken()
2014-08-18Remove FIXME in
2014-08-18Cleanup namespace usage in Source/web/Web[A-H]*
2014-08-18Remove CSSWillChange runtime flag (status=stable)
2014-08-18Oilpan: When copyStackUntilSafePointScope, allow more stack copying for ASan/LSan
2014-08-17Implement scale*() methods in
2014-08-17Implement translate() and translateSelf() in
2014-08-17ASSERTION FAILED: !extraRowSpanningHeight in
2014-08-17getElementsByClassName should include non styled
2014-08-16Use tighter typing for Document::ownerElement() return
2014-08-16DOMMatrix should use TransformationMatrix
2014-08-16Use Traversal<>::firstAncestor() API more in the code
2014-08-15Fix keyTimes list length of from/to/by
2014-08-15Fix typo in Path class
2014-08-15Do not fire a DOMSubtreeModified event when Attr.value attribute is
2014-08-15Drop unnecessary RadioNodeList::m_onlyMatchImgElements
2014-08-15Rename CollectionIndexCache API to not use 'Element'
2014-08-15Use tighter typing in RadioNodeList::elementMatches()
2014-08-15Use an AtomicString as key in
2014-08-15Introduce HasHTMLTagName functor and use it with
2014-08-15Remove CSSTouchAction runtime flag (status=stable)
2014-08-14Change WebCore namespace to
2014-08-14Use new match Functor ElementTraversal API in
2014-08-14Cleanup blink:: prefix usage in Source/core/modules/[battery/*.cpp to indexeddb/*.cpp]
2014-08-14Cleanup namespace usage in platform/graphics/[G-S]*
2014-08-14Creating custom element should not be case
2014-08-14Cleanup namespace usage in Source/web/Web[I-Z]*
2014-08-14Cleanup namespace usage in platform/graphics/[filters/* to skia/*] and platform/graphics/[B-D]*
2014-08-14Initial patch for FontVariant, this is to support HalfWidth,
2014-08-14Clean up
2014-08-14Cleanup namespace usage in Source/web[A-V]*
2014-08-14Move matching Element traversal functions from LiveNodeListBase to
2014-08-14Cleanup namespace usage in platform/fonts/
2014-08-14Cleanup namespace usage in Source/core/
2014-08-14Cleanup namespace usage in Source/core/platform/[A-Z]*
2014-08-13Cleanup blink:: prefix usage in Source/core/modules/[mediasource/*.cpp to websockets/*.cpp]
2014-08-13Cleanup namespace usage in Source/core/{dom/* and fileapi/*}
2014-08-13Range.deleteContents shouldn't throw HierarchyRequestError on
2014-08-13Remove unused
2014-08-13Remove some SVG equality
2014-08-13Cleanup namespace usage in Source/web/Web*
2014-08-12Cleanup namespace usage in Source/core/modules/[battery/* to indexeddb/*]
2014-08-12Cleanup namespace usage in Source/core/modules/[mediasource/* to websockets/*]
2014-08-12Merge NamedNodesCollection and StaticNodeList
2014-08-12Use tighter typing in editing:
2014-08-12Custom validation message to take into account text
2014-08-12Cleanup namespace usage from animation to exported in platform/
2014-08-12Power profiler should check for the capability
2014-08-12Move DOMSelection.[cpp/h] from core/page to core/
2014-08-12Cleanup duplicated namespace in
2014-08-12Add <menuitem>, new HTMLMenuElement IDL
2014-08-12Have DocumentOrderedMap API deal with AtomicString type instead of StringImpl*
2014-08-11Hiding cast of WebCore WindRule to
2014-08-11Cleanup namespace usage in Source/web/[A-V]*
2014-08-11Oilpan: blink_heap_unittests: Test case have memory leak checked by
2014-08-11Remove children of <shadow> element added by
2014-08-11Introduce DEFINE_CUSTOM_FONT_DATA_TYPE_CASTS, and use
2014-08-09Change variable name for 'border-image-width'
2014-08-09Fixing UnboundLocalError: local variable 'timestamp' in
2014-08-08Get rid of
2014-08-08flexbox: incorrect flexbox height with overflow:auto on flex
2014-08-08Uninline HTMLCollection / LiveNodeList's item() and length() member
2014-08-08Removing WindRule.h
2014-08-08Range.insertNode should verify parent before setting end to
2014-08-08InvalidStateError should be thrown firstly in
2014-08-08Removal of the no longer flaky test from the
2014-08-08Limit the number of archived results in Layout
2014-08-08The patch skips showing <option> elements in popupmenu
2014-08-08Form submitted from JS should not submit double
2014-08-07Drop const_iterator for
2014-08-07Make Element::synchronizeAllAttributes()
2014-08-07Make Element::elementData() / ensureUniqueElementData()
2014-08-07Avoid passing uninitialized value to
2014-08-07Autocomplete confused about direction if inline style and inherited dir attribute are
2014-08-07Update LayoutTests by removing child elements of <shadow>
2014-08-06Remove support for anonymous deprecated
2014-08-06Added code to fix visibility of select all option in context
2014-08-06Publish the location of archived results dashboard.html to
2014-08-06Add support for
2014-08-06The generated archived_results.json must have relative link to the results.html in the same
2014-08-06Implement basic interfaces and attributes for
2014-08-06Set autofilled property to false when edit the autofilled text in
2014-08-06Use a consistent scheme name in navigatorcontentutils
2014-08-06Add a RuntimeEnabledFeatures flag to implement contextmenu
2014-08-06Use tighter typing in Editing:
2014-08-05Use tighter typing in editing: VisiblePosition &
2014-08-05Make Element::attributes() less error-prone and simplify call
2014-08-05Use tighter typing in editing: SimplifyMarkupCommand &
2014-08-05Call style directly in
2014-08-05Use SVGElement as parameter for
2014-08-05Move the user agent styles sheets to blink_resources.grd (Part 1) with conditional
2014-08-04Use tighter typing in editing:
2014-08-04wtf/Vector.h included more than
2014-08-02Move the user agent styles sheets to blink_resources.grd (Part 1)
2014-08-01Support for :enabled selector on Anchor & Area
2014-08-01Move attributes-related API from UniqueElementData to
2014-08-01Fix crash in
2014-08-01wtf/Vector.h included more than
2014-08-01Call ContainerNode::checkForSiblingStyleChanges() for Element insertion / removal
2014-08-01Simplify SelectorChecker's parentElement()
2014-08-01Fix crash in
2014-08-01Move Node/ContainerNode's traverseToChildAt() to
2014-08-01Have getChildNodes() take a ContainerNode in
2014-07-31Always notify the MediaPlayer of any
2014-07-31Added support for versioning of layout test results of run-webkit-tests
2014-07-31[Nit] Updating the comment in results-test.js the file json_results.html was renamed as
2014-07-31Use tighter typing in editing: PlainTextRange /
2014-07-31Have Node::enclosingLinkEventParentOrSelf() return an
2014-07-31document.lastModified should consider user's local time
2014-07-31Move Node::isBlockFlowElement() to
2014-07-30Make collection caching code more
2014-07-30Move highestAncestorOrSelf() from Node to
2014-07-30Simplify code for finding body in FrameSelection::setSelectionFromNone()
2014-07-30Use tighter typing in editing:
2014-07-30Have HTMLConstructionSite::createHTMLElement() return an
2014-07-30Eliminate MediaPlayer abstraction(paint APIs)
2014-07-30Drop editing's createFullMarkup()
2014-07-30Missing explicit keyword in ctor of
2014-07-30Use tighter typing in editing: IndentOutdentCommand /
2014-07-29Use tighter typing in editing: InsertParagraphSeparatorCommand /
2014-07-29Use tighter typing in editing: htmlediting create
2014-07-29Use tighter typing in editing: FormatBlockCommand /
2014-07-29Use tighter typing in editing:
2014-07-29Drop slower Node::hasTagName(QualifiedName)
2014-07-29Remove ContainerNode overload for ElementTraversal::previous()
2014-07-29Update AssertMatchingEnums.cpp now that everything is in blink
2014-07-29calc expressions should support time, angle and frequency
2014-07-29Invalid height of column flex children with overflow:
2014-07-29Cast highestEnclosingNodeOfType() return value to tighter
2014-07-29[Minor Cleanup] Remove unnecessary constructor from
2014-07-29text-align-last only affect to the last line when text-align is
2014-07-29Move Node::enclosingBlockFlowElement() to
2014-07-29Use tighter typing in editing:
2014-07-28Use new Traversal<> API more in the code
2014-07-28Remove Traversal<Element> specializations for lastWithin() / previous()
2014-07-28Remove some setHasCustomStyleCallbacks
2014-07-28Move Node::lastDescendantOrSelf() to NodeTraversal and rename to lastWithinOrSelf()
2014-07-28Use ContainerNode::hasChildren() instead of firstChild() in
2014-07-28Regression(r178540): Traversal<*Element>::lastWithin() is
2014-07-28Get rid of unnecessary isChildNodeList() virtual call in clearChildNodeListCache()
2014-07-28Remove ContainerNode overload for NodeTraversal::nextSkippingChildren()
2014-07-28[Nit] Removing traces of lazy-block implementation from
2014-07-28Clarify comments for methods added in
2014-07-28Support NumCopies print
2014-07-28Hide RenderBox::isBox() / RenderText::isText()
2014-07-28Fixing calc() parameter parsing in cubic-bezier
2014-07-27Minimize RenderObject* casting to RenderText*
2014-07-26Use tighter typing in editing: Editor /
2014-07-26Remove convertToSkiaFilterLevel()
2014-07-26Use tighter typing in editing:
2014-07-26Use tighter typing in editing: BreakBlockquoteCommand &
2014-07-25Use tighter typing in editing/
2014-07-25Use tighter typing in editing/
2014-07-25Inline flexbox width is wrongly calculated when wrapping
2014-07-25Hide isXXX() type checking methods in
2014-07-25Fix a typo in bindings/scripts/ (isoalte -> isolate)
2014-07-25Cursor overlaps the text inside New message body in GMail after
2014-07-25Migrate all usages of to blink_resources.grd and remove - Part
2014-07-25Document.title getter should return text of title element and setter should stop when head
2014-07-25Set default deep value false in
2014-07-25Drop slower Node::hasID() / Node::hasClass()
2014-07-24Use tighter typing in editing/
2014-07-24Remove null check on refNode in
2014-07-24Remove check from
2014-07-24Migrate all usages of to blink_resources.grd and remove - Part
2014-07-24Range.comparePoint should throw TypeError when refNode is not an
2014-07-24Make sure that begin time cannot be greater
2014-07-24Only allow path as target for
2014-07-24Use Traversal<>::firstChild() instead of firstWithin() when iterating over
2014-07-24Use isHTMLPlugInElement to replace checks
2014-07-24A pointer should be sufficient for
2014-07-23Implement DOMRect of geometry
2014-07-23Implement DOMPoint of geometry