AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
20 hoursExtract buildAccessibilityTree() from the individual layout
31 hourscheck-webkit-style: Angle Bracket Parsing in
39 hoursFix serialization of background property with multiple
47 hoursAdd vendorid and deviceid to
2 daysSupport aria-dropeffect
3 daysAria table row and column headers are not exposed in
3 daysAccessible name not calculated
3 daysBefore conversion to AXTableCell, isTableCell() should be
3 days[WebCrypto] Renamed rsa-ssa-* tests to rsassa-pkcs1-v1_5-*
3 daysWhen ARIA button contains a link, label text is
4 daysAllow Length::nonNanCalculatedValue to take a
6 daysMake URL constructor failure throw
6 days[WebCrypto] Normalize name of WebCrypto failure layout
6 daysConvert two counter tests into
7 daysAllow Spatial Navigation ignore elements with event
7 daysReland: Move the user agent styles sheets to blink_resources.grd (Part 3)
7 days[CSS Shapes] Properly shrink boxes to avoid
7 daysFix ASSERT in
7 daysHandle null in value list in
8 daysInvalidate CustomScrollbars on having window-inactive
8 daysEnable SVGImage to dispatch events in the
8 daysTake continuation into consideration when calculating
8 daysRemove unused/unneeded code from core/
9 daysTable headers are not retrieved properly by Accessibility
9 days[CSS Masking][CSS Shapes] Large corner radii use with inset() clip-path are not properly
9 daysImplement icon attribute for
9 daysFix template angle bracket syntax in
10 daysfast/text/zero-font-size-2.html no longer fails on
10 daysRemoving unused function BlobData::swapItems()
10 daysRemoving Unused method Region::totalArea()
11 daysspatnav: Allow focus move to a close-by not-fully-aligned node over a distant but fully-aligned
11 daysStricter parsing for rowSpan/ColSpan on th/td
13 daysFix template angle bracket syntax in
2015-01-16ASSERTION FAILED: newStartAngle >= 0 && newStartAngle <
2015-01-15Inherit Presentation role only when elements without a explicit role
2015-01-15[CSS Shapes] Negative raster shape height leads to
2015-01-14Reland Move the user agent styles sheets to blink_resources.grd (Part 3)
2015-01-14ASSERTION FAILED: !node || isElementOfType<const T>(*node)
2015-01-14Fix a crash in
2015-01-14Use rowgroup and columgroup properties to expose table
2015-01-14Use C++11 range-based loop for core/clipboard, core/dom and core/
2015-01-14[CSS Shapes] Implement BasicShapeInset
2015-01-14[CSS Shapes] Simplify LineWidth::wrapNextToShapeOutside()
2015-01-13Use isTableHeaderCell() where
2015-01-13WebSocket layout tests clean
2015-01-13Col width is not honored when dynamically updated and it would not make table
2015-01-13Revert of Relanding 'Always notify the MediaPlayer of any seek' patch (patchset #8 id:180001 of
2015-01-13Removing dead code
2015-01-12Do not calculate the same gradient length for every color
2015-01-12Fix contextmenu event location for menu key in an
2015-01-12Remove PosterWaitingForVideo from DisplayMode which is
2015-01-12Update UseCounter::deprecationMessage() cases to use the replacedBy
2015-01-10Adding stylesheet candidates should not crash when the parser reorders the
2015-01-09Make media query feature values more
2015-01-09Relanding 'Always notify the MediaPlayer of any seek'
2015-01-09Fix resource paths in ManualTests/
2015-01-09Use the unicode value for non ASCII characters (kanji) in
2015-01-08Prefer lengthOfContents over
2015-01-08Reland TableCaptionElement is not exposed to
2015-01-08Fix number handling in
2015-01-08Use C++11 range-based loop for core/xml and core/
2015-01-08Fix assert when interpolating using
2015-01-07Adding isTableHeaderCell
2015-01-07Prepare blink to support testing of icon attribute for <menuitem>
2015-01-07Adding aria-flowto.html, aria-controls.html and
2015-01-07Stricter parsing for span attribute on col
2015-01-07Fix template angle bracket
2015-01-06Assigned ax role for table
2015-01-05At some places Blink is using old style character string
2015-01-05Expose attributes max, min, value for meter html
2015-01-05Support html br element in AX
2015-01-05ARIA role status should have a implici aria-atomic value of
2015-01-05Adding LayoutTest for testing XMLHttpRequest.responseXML returns an
2014-12-30Adding accessibility/table-headers.html
2014-12-30AnimationPolicy setting is applied to SVG
2014-12-30Layout test for validating GLinfo on Webglcontextcreationerror.
2014-12-29[bindings] Eliminate remaining traces of Handle<> from the generated binding
2014-12-29Provides an API to cope with table headers in
2014-12-29[bindings] Remove all the usages of Handle<> from binding
2014-12-29[Nit] Removing FIXME comment in
2014-12-24[bindings] Make v8_class[Constructor]::domTemplate use Local<> instead of Handle<>
2014-12-24[bindings] Eliminate usage of Handle<> from interface_base.cpp from bindings
2014-12-24[bindings] Let getShadowObjectTemplate return Local<>
2014-12-24[bindings] Make v8_class::install[v8_class]Template use Local<>
2014-12-23[bindings] Interface functions installConditionallyEnabled[Methods/Properties] should use Local<>
2014-12-23TableCaptionElement is not exposed to
2014-12-23Invalidate Custom Scrollbars irrespective of focused
2014-12-22Introducing new API placeHolder() to expose placeholder attribute on
2014-12-22Update some logic to check mixed state of ARIA
2014-12-22[bindings] Translate all assignments in bindings/templates to use Local<> in place of Handle<>
2014-12-22TableCaptionElement is not exposed to
2014-12-21[WebCrypto] Move LayoutTests from crypto to crypto/
2014-12-19[WebCrypto] TestExpectations
2014-12-19Remove code duplication from the customCSSText() methods of gradient
2014-12-19Use C++11 range-based for loop in Source/core/
2014-12-19Do not expose auto as value of
2014-12-19[WebCrypto] Test update of RSA Key Generation when publicExponent is not in supported
2014-12-19[WebCrypto] Test updates to not use keyUsage
2014-12-19Support consecutive slash operators for border-image
2014-12-19[WebCrypto] Check for OperationError instead of
2014-12-18[WebCrypto] Crypto tests updated to use
2014-12-18Tables with specific merge cell configuration render with extra height to tr
2014-12-18Fixing mapping conflicts for required html attribute and
2014-12-18Clean up forward declarations in WebKit/
2014-12-17Remove dead
2014-12-17Correct font not selected to calculate text run
2014-12-17Use viewportConstrainedVisibleContentRect() to get the scrolling
2014-12-17Clean up
2014-12-17Early return when the value of test-justify is distribute, and the length of line is 0
2014-12-17Ignore text elements for menu item related
2014-12-17A link inside a <label> element is not
2014-12-17Make adjustStyleForTagName take a HTMLElement
2014-12-16Remove unused shape test
2014-12-16Stricter parsing for rows/cols attribute on
2014-12-16Improve LayoutTest output for
2014-12-16[bindings] Use Local<> in lieu of Handle<> for the union.h/cpp in
2014-12-15Restore RuntimeEnabled=PrefixedEncryptedMedia to MediaKeyError.idl
2014-12-15[bindings] Use Local<> in lieu of Handle<> for the callback_interface.h/cpp in
2014-12-15An align attribute should not be applied for wider
2014-12-15[bindings] Use Local<> in lieu of Handle<> for the dictionary_v8.h/cpp in
2014-12-15The ASSERT in appendNode() should not fire when OBJECTS are
2014-12-15Return boolean value for bool return type
2014-12-15[bindings] Make Crypto.getRandomValues use generated binding rather than using custom
2014-12-13Should set the modifiers for web mouse event on
2014-12-13Turn DocumentParser::pinToMainThread into a cleaner
2014-12-13[bindings] Avoid using custom bindings for handling clipboardData on Event idl
2014-12-12Stricter parsing for size attribute on
2014-12-12[binding] Migrate XSLTProcessor.idl away from using custom V8
2014-12-12Add test to verify durationchange event if the actual duration is
2014-12-11Introduce new API ariaAutoComplete() to expose correct state and object
2014-12-11bgsound must use the HTMLUnknownElement
2014-12-10Removing border attribute should remove the visual
2014-12-10Added test to check the state of ARIA
2014-12-10Implement type=radio and radiogroup attribute for
2014-12-10Trigger style recalc when the window's active state
2014-12-10After r176154, a block with dir=rtl inside a block with align=right is aligned left,
2014-12-10Use the showContextMenuOnMouseUp setting instead of
2014-12-09Remove Node Document friend
2014-12-09Propose Layout Test accessibility/
2014-12-09ARIA state/property aria-pressed is not exposed(Blink)
2014-12-09[Inspector] Deprecate usage of v8::Handle with v8::Local as
2014-12-09Fix listbox selections with only disabled
2014-12-09CustomScrollbar of IFrame elements style needs to be
2014-12-08Fix the rightOf and below conditions for overlapping
2014-12-08Do the early return when role is different than
2014-12-08Remove code in
2014-12-08Reset animation state when animation policy is
2014-12-06text-align-last is no longer depend on
2014-12-06Introduce new accessibility API, language()
2014-12-05Be more strict about multiple
2014-12-05spatnav: Change the data type of distance from long long to
2014-12-05Implement unset value
2014-12-05Consistently use isSpatialNavigationEnabled(...)
2014-12-05Implement checked attribute for
2014-12-05Limit the heading level to 1 -
2014-12-05Clean forward declaration in
2014-12-04Change rendering code to use
2014-12-04Do the early return when role is different than
2014-12-04Adding a11y support for HTML5 <datalist>
2014-12-04Removing unused(EditableText, SplitGroup, GrowArea) defined role from
2014-12-04Correcting Typo error for "qwid" OTF
2014-12-04Implement MouseEvent buttons
2014-12-04Use the setting to determine whether showing context menu on mouse
2014-12-04Add a setting to determine whether showing context menu on mouse
2014-12-03Make currentColor keyword in linear-gradient
2014-12-03Removing explicit include dir, bindings/core/v8, for the webcore_testing
2014-12-03Move the v8::Isolate* parameter to the first parameter of various binding methods in third_party/
2014-12-03[DevTools] Resizing DevTools window should clear autocomplete text from console
2014-12-03[DevTools] Console view should hide the suggestion box upon console clear (Ctrl/Cmd+L)
2014-12-03Delete SVG font tests after SVG fonts were
2014-12-03[Blink-in-JS] 'Import' function to load sub-modules and other resources for private scripts (Part-3)
2014-12-02ObjectPainter should have its methods
2014-12-02[Blink-in-JS] 'Import' function to load sub-modules and other resources for private scripts (Part-1)
2014-12-01Improve logic in
2014-12-01Remove PlatformMouseEvent::m_modifierFlags
2014-12-01Clean up
2014-12-01Remove unused functions from
2014-12-01Expose setting API to set ImageAnimationPolicy(Allowed, Once, None)
2014-12-01Removing unused function isVertical()
2014-11-29aria-level is not exposed correctly for html header(h1...h6)
2014-11-28Reland of Different fonts selected for width calculation
2014-11-27Use references in RenderBlock and RenderBlockFlow
2014-11-27Removing unused roles(7) from
2014-11-27Introduce new API orientation() to expose aria-orientation
2014-11-27Rendering text-justify:distribute for 8 bit
2014-11-27Implement disabled attribute for
2014-11-26Adding SpinButtonRole in isClickable()
2014-11-26The caseConvert function should not truncate strings with zero
2014-11-26[Blink-in-JS] Migrate the PrivateScript specific methods/attributes to
2014-11-26Add scrollbar logical width while computing intrinsic logical
2014-11-26Make getComputedStyle throw for incorrect first
2014-11-25DOMWebSocket::bufferedAmount() should not return an "unsigned long"
2014-11-25Revert of HTML select element should return ComboBoxRole when multiple attr is not present. (
2014-11-25Avoid drawing emphasis marks over ellipsis
2014-11-25Input type file should return
2014-11-25Ignore changing value of m_textAsOfLastFormControlChangeEvent during
2014-11-24HTML select element should return ComboBoxRole when multiple attr is not
2014-11-24Do the early return when role is different than
2014-11-24remove AXMediaSliderHelp(Unused)
2014-11-24Make ensureCompositedMappingLayer() to be a void
2014-11-21Ignore pos argument if the first render object is not the current
2014-11-21Replace Dictionary with PositionOptions in geolocation/
2014-11-20Make textContent trigger single DOMSubtreeModified
2014-11-20Add missing reset calls after continue in layoutRunsAndFloatsInRange()
2014-11-20Support for [Clamp] and [EnforceRange] to IDL
2014-11-20Fix stroke color definition of canvas
2014-11-20Support aria-grabbed
2014-11-19Input type number should return Spinbuttonrole from
2014-11-19Remove deprecated updateBackingStoreAndCheckValidity from
2014-11-19Move the v8::Isolate* parameter to the first parameter of various binding methods in third_party/
2014-11-19Remove an unneeded platform check in
2014-11-19Labels with user-select: none should pass events to control
2014-11-18Handle AX help-Text for media time
2014-11-18Custom Elements in template should not be
2014-11-18Using sequence<KeyUsage> in WebCrypto IDL files rather than KeyUsage[]
2014-11-18Remove unused
2014-11-17Clean up virtual function in Source/
2014-11-17Default orientation for aria scrollbars should be
2014-11-15Clean up forward declarations in Source/
2014-11-14RLSA needsLayout on CustomScrollbar thickness
2014-11-14Remove EncodingAPI runtime flag(status=stable)
2014-11-13Support print preset options for pdf
2014-11-13Rebaseline accessibility/
2014-11-13[Webgl-blink] Add test function to force fail the
2014-11-13Removing unused role IncrementorRole from
2014-11-13Add textUnderElement of figcaption for figure in
2014-11-13Math tag is not exposed in
2014-11-12Clean up virtual functions in css/
2014-11-12Background image should clamp to minimum size(1, 1) after
2014-11-12Remove unused feature
2014-11-12If an element A has a parent element, then A's assigned context menu is the assigned context
2014-11-12Remove incorrect RenderTableCell
2014-11-12Adding Element.closest() API
2014-11-12Make SVGTextPositioningElement::elementFromRenderer take a
2014-11-11Use InputTypeNames more in
2014-11-11Set relayoutChildren to 'true' only if size change happens in
2014-11-11Rename HTMLInputElement::imageLoader() to ensureImageLoader()
2014-11-11Use ContainerNode more in
2014-11-11Move the v8::Isolate* parameter to the first parameter of various binding methods in third_party/
2014-11-11Move the v8::Isolate* parameter to the first parameter of various binding methods in third_party/
2014-11-11Move logic that sets variable m_isInitialized to false before stop
2014-11-11The name attribute can be from contents for listitem
2014-11-10Input type number should return SpinButtonRole from blink to chromium side to expose w correct
2014-11-10hr tag should return