AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 hoursMissing explicit keyword in ctor of
9 hoursUse tighter typing in editing: IndentOutdentCommand /
15 hoursUse tighter typing in editing: InsertParagraphSeparatorCommand /
17 hoursUse tighter typing in editing: htmlediting create
18 hoursUse tighter typing in editing: FormatBlockCommand /
18 hoursUse tighter typing in editing:
19 hoursDrop slower Node::hasTagName(QualifiedName)
19 hoursRemove ContainerNode overload for ElementTraversal::previous()
21 hoursUpdate AssertMatchingEnums.cpp now that everything is in blink
30 hourscalc expressions should support time, angle and frequency
33 hoursInvalid height of column flex children with overflow:
34 hoursCast highestEnclosingNodeOfType() return value to tighter
35 hours[Minor Cleanup] Remove unnecessary constructor from
35 hourstext-align-last only affect to the last line when text-align is
35 hoursMove Node::enclosingBlockFlowElement() to
37 hoursUse tighter typing in editing:
37 hoursUse new Traversal<> API more in the code
38 hoursRemove Traversal<Element> specializations for lastWithin() / previous()
38 hoursRemove some setHasCustomStyleCallbacks
38 hoursMove Node::lastDescendantOrSelf() to NodeTraversal and rename to lastWithinOrSelf()
38 hoursUse ContainerNode::hasChildren() instead of firstChild() in
40 hoursRegression(r178540): Traversal<*Element>::lastWithin() is
41 hoursGet rid of unnecessary isChildNodeList() virtual call in clearChildNodeListCache()
41 hoursRemove ContainerNode overload for NodeTraversal::nextSkippingChildren()
44 hours[Nit] Removing traces of lazy-block implementation from
45 hoursClarify comments for methods added in
45 hoursSupport NumCopies print
47 hoursHide RenderBox::isBox() / RenderText::isText()
2 daysFixing calc() parameter parsing in cubic-bezier
3 daysMinimize RenderObject* casting to RenderText*
4 daysUse tighter typing in editing: Editor /
4 daysRemove convertToSkiaFilterLevel()
4 daysUse tighter typing in editing:
4 daysUse tighter typing in editing: BreakBlockquoteCommand &
5 daysUse tighter typing in editing/
5 daysUse tighter typing in editing/
5 daysInline flexbox width is wrongly calculated when wrapping
5 daysHide isXXX() type checking methods in
5 daysFix a typo in bindings/scripts/ (isoalte -> isolate)
5 daysCursor overlaps the text inside New message body in GMail after
5 daysMigrate all usages of to blink_resources.grd and remove - Part
5 daysDocument.title getter should return text of title element and setter should stop when head
5 daysSet default deep value false in
6 daysDrop slower Node::hasID() / Node::hasClass()
6 daysUse tighter typing in editing/
6 daysRemove null check on refNode in
6 daysRemove check from
6 daysMigrate all usages of to blink_resources.grd and remove - Part
6 daysRange.comparePoint should throw TypeError when refNode is not an
6 daysMake sure that begin time cannot be greater
6 daysOnly allow path as target for
6 daysUse Traversal<>::firstChild() instead of firstWithin() when iterating over
6 daysUse isHTMLPlugInElement to replace checks
7 daysA pointer should be sufficient for
7 daysRemove
7 daysImplement DOMRect of geometry
7 daysImplement DOMPoint of geometry
7 daysDuring editing, merge inline style with overriding other author
7 daysflex shorthand incorrectly accepting 1 auto 1 (i.e. flex-basis in the middle)
7 daysSeparate GeolocationWatchers from
7 daysCursor does not blink on longpress in an
7 daysRemove webkit- prefix from classes used by View
7 daysCleanup
8 daysStop passing dummy ParentDetails to NodeRenderingTraversal::parent()
8 daysSimplify
8 daysIntroduce DEFINE_CONTENT_DATA_TYPE_CASTS, and use
8 daysRemove
8 daysRemove unnecessary includes from collection / nodelist
8 daysHave HTMLTableRowsCollection::item() return an HTMLTableRowElement*
8 daysAdding use counters for non-standard
8 daysFix assert on unknown rule type in the
8 daysIntroduce DEFINE_ELEMENT_DATA_TYPE_CASTS, and use
8 daysFix for input/datalist failure when datalist is created outside
8 daysImprove the find word boundary
8 daysRange.compareBoundaryPoints should throw a NotSupportedError when how has not expected
9 daysMove HTMLLabelElement-related complexity out of
9 daysMove handle of HRTFDatabaseLoader to
9 daysOptimize / clean up hasTagName() call
9 daysMake manual isSVG*Element() helpers as efficient as the generated
9 daysRename DOMPoint to WebKitPoint in C++
9 daysRemove redundant forward declaration and header
9 daysOptimize hasTagName when called on an HTMLElement /
10 days[Blink] XMLTreeViewer should load resources from blink_resources.grd instead of relying upon
11 daysDelete reduntdant 19 header files in ui/gfx of chromium (blink side)
11 daysadded prevent check for m_player in duration()
11 daysFix copyImage for WebGL
12 daysAdd Traversal<>::firstAncestorOrSelf() overload taking a const reference in
12 daysUse pass by reference in
12 daysflex shorthand incorrectly accepting 1 0% 1 (i.e. flex-basis in the middle)
12 daysCSS Shape renders incorrectly when
12 daysMove Shadow DOM renderers into rendering/
12 daysadd blink_disable_partition_allocator for memory
12 days[Blink] XMLTreeViewer should load resources from blink_resources.grd instead of relying upon
13 daysAdd intentional optimization comment in
13 daysRemove unneeded break in
13 daysAdd routine for checking startTime when start the next utterance in handleSpeakingCompleted()
13 daysImplement sequence<MediaStreamTrack> getTracks () This is to conform to the new spec-
13 daysRemove unneeded ASSERT in
13 daysIntroduce DEFINE_FONT_DATA_TYPE_CASTS, and use
13 daysRemove never reached area in
13 daysRemoving webmediaplayer check in createImageBitmap()
13 daysFix unsigned comparison in
13 daysCleanup SVG color parsing
13 daysRemove unused
14 daysDefault caret size of the empty element should match the font
2014-07-16Apply toFoo generation macro to TrackBase
2014-07-16Refactor verifyProtocolHandlerScheme() in
2014-07-16Use NavigatorContentUtils guard for unregisterProtocolHandler()
2014-07-16Separate GeoNotifier class from
2014-07-16Fix possible crash in Element::normalizeAttributes()
2014-07-15[Blink] XMLTreeViewer should load resources from blink_resources.grd instead of relying upon
2014-07-15Pass named argument 'default_parameters' to fix test_with_parameters
2014-07-15InFile.load_from_files should try to load only '.in'
2014-07-15Use Dequeue::removeLast() in StyleResolver::addToStyleSharingList()
2014-07-15Autorebaseline for
2014-07-15Eliminate MediaPlayer abstraction(seek, duration, poster APIs)
2014-07-14Drop findAttribute*ByName() API from
2014-07-14[DevTools] Color values should be case insensitive while suggestions should be case
2014-07-14Move NodeListsNodeData class out of
2014-07-14Remove attributeCount() / attributeAt() API from
2014-07-14Rename variables in ContainerNode::checkForSiblingStyleChanges() for
2014-07-14Document.body should check interface type and be
2014-07-14Adopt unsigned long constant type into
2014-07-13According to CSSOM-View, interface HTMLImageElement,
2014-07-13Eliminate MediaPlayer abstraction(network state)
2014-07-12Node.replaceChild and Node.removeChild do not use custom binding
2014-07-11Add UseCounter for flex items having intinsic aspect
2014-07-11Node.insertBefore and Node.appendChild do not use custom binding
2014-07-11Remove remaining callers of
2014-07-10Gamepad: make gamepad events play well with page
2014-07-10Content is cropped and shifts to the left in RTL iFrames with
2014-07-10Repaint issues with vertical text which has absolute (or fixed) position specified for
2014-07-10Use Reflect on attributes in xml
2014-07-10Popup open and hide using
2014-07-10Clean up static_cast<const toBasicShapeFoo*> by using toBasicShapeFoo()
2014-07-10maximumAge and timeout should be used after
2014-07-09Remove CSS Shapes runtime
2014-07-09Expose isEmailField() for input
2014-07-09Node.appendChild should throw TypeError when newChild is
2014-07-09Blink does not respect input.selectionStart and input.selectionEnd for some
2014-07-09Node.appendChild should throw TypeError when newChild is not an
2014-07-09Eliminate MediaPlayer abstraction(play/pause, other APIs)
2014-07-08Remove unneeded getters/
2014-07-08Only not take zOffset into account during hit-testing when child layers are in the same 3d
2014-07-08[DevTools] Disable input field highlight upon label hover while timeline recording
2014-07-08Blink does not respect input.selectionStart and input.selectionEnd for some
2014-07-08Remove callers of
2014-07-08Refactor CanvasRenderingContext2D::scrollPathIntoViewInternal()
2014-07-08Use type cast macro for AnimatableLengthPoint|3D instead of manual toFoo()
2014-07-07Removing unused variables for parent in
2014-07-07[DevTools] Upon active timeline recording, label cursor should behave as a default
2014-07-05createTreeWalker and createNodeIterator should deal with null NodeFilter in
2014-07-05Add path option(path2d) for hit regions on
2014-07-05Implement "Copy image" for canvas (blink side)
2014-07-04split MEMORY_TOOL_REPLACES_ALLOCATOR into initial size and
2014-07-04Clean up redundant header files inclusion in
2014-07-04Exception should not be ignored on appendChild in
2014-07-04[Cleanup] No need for extra boolean variable in
2014-07-04Document.adoptNode should not throw an
2014-07-03[DevTools] Start/stop of timeline recording should set UI controls disabled/enabled
2014-07-03context.addHitRegion() is not working when using transform
2014-07-03ASSERTION FAILED: mainAxisExtent - mainAxisBorderAndPaddingExtentForChild(child) >= 0 in
2014-07-03Do not create a temporary string to append the SVGLength's
2014-07-02Remove transform-origin logic in
2014-07-02Make DOMImplementation.createHTMLDocument implementation more spec
2014-07-02WeakNodeMap should have an ASSERT for node in WeakNodeMap::put()
2014-07-02Eliminate MediaPlayer & MediaPlayerClient abstractions(rate, setRate and other APIs)
2014-07-02HTMLMediaElement::webMediaPlayer() should never be null if m_readyState >= HAVE_METADATA (
2014-07-02Pass a struct to ContainerNode::childrenChanged() instead of separate
2014-07-02Removing using declarations that import names in the C++ Standard
2014-07-02Remove unncessary forward declarations from
2014-07-01Remove outdated FIXME comment from Document::decrementActiveParserCount()
2014-07-01Move core/WebCorePrefixMac.h to build/mac/Prefix.h to make it a top level build
2014-07-01Protect against unknown idl
2014-07-01Code clean up, changing bool to Enum type for better code readability and some
2014-07-01Call WTFString::split(UChar, Vector&) when
2014-07-01Do not include FastMalloc.h in config.h as we no longer redefine new and delete in FastMalloc.h.
2014-07-01These blink API functions are not used, we should remove
2014-07-01Quota is stable and always on and there is no code in blink that checks this run-time flag so it
2014-07-01Move ENABLE_MEDIA_CAPTURE to a runtime
2014-06-30Fix some nits as a follow-up for issue
2014-06-30Move HTMLTagCollection to its own
2014-06-30Update an Element's ancestor chain at the end of its
2014-06-30Fix RefPtr's move assignment
2014-06-30Remove duplicated provideMediaKeysTo() in
2014-06-29Add fillRule option for hit regions on
2014-06-28Remove CSS Exclusions
2014-06-28Qualify the bindings include files and remove the bindings sub-dirs from build
2014-06-27The length of a TextIterator containing replaced element is at least
2014-06-27In general the project should avoid using OS() guards when
2014-06-27Fix issue with selection being lost when InsertListCommand changes the list
2014-06-27Support radial-gradients with relative
2014-06-27Add move constructor and assignment operator to RefPtr
2014-06-27Move attributes-related methods from ElementData to
2014-06-27Remove an unneccessary special case for the main resource from
2014-06-26HTMLMediaElement::webMediaPlayer() should never be null if m_readyState >= HAVE_METADATA (media
2014-06-26[Blink] [PowerProfiler] Support accuracy level attribute for power data
2014-06-25Ignoring math expressions involving percentages for widths and
2014-06-25The function is now replaced by continueProgram(),hence there is no need of
2014-06-25Added unprefixed version of Touch radius and
2014-06-25Call isValidProtocol() function first in order to remove duplicated protocol checking in
2014-06-25Remove unused method
2014-06-24Reduce forward declarations in core/
2014-06-24[XHR] Move bools to end of class declaration for better
2014-06-24Add invokeCallback functionality to the code
2014-06-24Use ScriptController to call callback in
2014-06-24Redraw only dirty area for accelerated 2D
2014-06-24Move ENABLE_MEDIA_CAPTURE to a runtime
2014-06-23context.addHitRegion should return if the DOMException
2014-06-23Notify the browser when the page lost interest about
2014-06-23Removing usused smartclip
2014-06-23Should call clear() for controls when calling removeAllHitRegions()
2014-06-23The bounding check is
2014-06-23Generate web, devtools files into their own
2014-06-23Remove unused functions in
2014-06-23Move invodeCallback from V8Callback to
2014-06-23Renaming didNavigate to
2014-06-23Remove useless function and typs in the
2014-06-23Use "Dictionary" for PositionOptions instead of Custom
2014-06-21[IndexedDB] Removed FIXMEs as consistent enums being used on both sides of
2014-06-21Implement basic parts of hit regions on
2014-06-20Remove an unneccessary FIXME comment for
2014-06-20Fix to remove customised String over IPC for
2014-06-20Remove gen/blink/modules from build files since all includes have been
2014-06-20Notify the browser when the page lost interest about
2014-06-20[Regression] Fix Draggable is float:left and container is
2014-06-20Removing using declarations that import names in the C++ Standard
2014-06-20Reduce size of HTMLCollection / LiveNodeList / ChildNodeList by 1
2014-06-20XMLHttpRequest must build a request using the given method as-is for non-standard
2014-06-20Remove gen/blink/core from build files since all includes have been
2014-06-20setData() of DataTransfer has a void return
2014-06-20Use suggested filename for "Save Link As"
2014-06-19Fix handling of Ligature when letter-spacing is
2014-06-19Deprecate support for xhr.withCredentials for synchronous
2014-06-19Enable ASSERT(attribute.nameRange.start) in
2014-06-19Disabled form control elements should not be
2014-06-19Deduplicate DeviceEvent*
2014-06-19Qualify core include file in web and bindings,
2014-06-18Reduce forward declarations in core/
2014-06-18Reduce forward declarations in core/
2014-06-18Update XMLHttpRequest use counter to count
2014-06-18Qualify RuntimeEnabledFeatures.h and remove unnecessary include
2014-06-18Removing using declarations that import names in the C++ Standard
2014-06-18Make iterator for Element's attributes more
2014-06-18Use stricter typing for NodeLists throughout the code
2014-06-18Remove unneeded checks in
2014-06-18Word spacing in RTL for