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29 hoursMake ExecutionContext aware about how it can return
33 hoursRemove non-existing headers from the
34 hoursRefactor WebView resize and update-after-layout
35 hoursRemove
40 hours[Media] Added feature flag for new remote playback
40 hoursRemove the explicit dependency between HTMLMediaElement and
42 hoursUse FindIgnoring{ASCIICase,Case} instead of using Find()'s third argumentrefs/changes/42/489642/
43 hoursIntroduce FragmentData, and put ObjectPaintProperties into
43 hoursImage Capture: two small
43 hours[Devtools] New structure and colorize rows for network
44 hoursPlumb PaintImage to the
44 hoursAdd missing header files to GN files (4 of N)
44 hoursDisallow Atomics.wait in ServiceWorker, allow in
44 hours[Devtools][Regression] Fixed websocket frame selection loss on frame
44 hoursSpeculative fix for crash in
45 hoursMove auxclick wpt test and add
45 hoursOptimize collapsed border calculation (step 1)
45 hoursAdd UMA for popup overlays removed from saved MHTML
46 hoursWebVR: fix initial
46 hours[System-Keyboard-Lock] Forward navigator functions to
46 hoursDevTools: Don't focus layers panel when it is
47 hoursMark some layout tests failing on
47 hoursWebVR: fix focus while
47 hoursConvert mediastreamaudiodestination to new
47 hours[Media controls] Add rotate-to-fullscreen gesture behind
47 hoursConvert mediastreamaudiosource to new
47 hoursConvert constructor/waveshaper.html to use new
48 hoursRecord non-stacking-context as main thread scrolling
48 hoursSkip paint chunks with effectively invisible
48 hoursReland of DevTools: fix aggregated donut chart cache population (patchset #1 id:1 of
48 hoursRevert of DevTools: Show screenshots on the main flamechart (patchset #3 id:40001 of
48 hoursAdd more Feature Policy tests to be disabled on Site Isolation FYI
2 daysProtect against lifecycle updates that delete a layout object for
2 days[DevTools] Host paint profiles in
2 daysCleanup verifyKeyStatuses() to take KeyId/status
2 daysFix suborigin dom storage test to wrap all asserts in test
2 daysRe-enable UseCounterTests on
2 daysReplace ASSERT_NOT_REACHED with NOTREACHED in core/
2 daysAbort the SVG filter content recording if the FilterData was
2 daysSupport Inline module
2 daysRefactor FilterData::state_ handling in
2 daysReland of SharedArrayBuffer throws serializing to indexeddb (patchset #1 id:1 of
2 daysOptimize offscreen animation: don't update paint properties/visual
2 daysMake InsertTextCommand not to apply typing style for empty
2 daysAdd DCHECK() to check ApplyStyleCommand::DoApply() to work on non-null
2 daysReplace ASSERT_NOT_REACHED with NOTREACHED in core/
2 daysAdd
2 days[RootLayerScrolls] Add convenience methods for PLSA visible client
2 daysReplace ASSERT_NOT_REACHED with NOTREACHED in core/
2 daysImplement screen orientation for out-of-process
2 daysInvalidate row/section for backgrounds when cell's geometry
2 daysDon't truncate the border-spacing before the table-header-group when
2 daysMove more files to platform/
2 daysIntroduce PaintPropertyTreeBuilderFragmentContext and use it
2 daysCleanup determining ibeam for
2 daysReland "Move most of FrameLoader::CheckCompleted() to Document"
2 daysRemove Headers.prototype.getAll()
2 daysAdjust OffscreenCanvas throttling to allow two frames of
2 daysAdd trace events corresponding to OffscreenCanvas
2 daysDevTools: clicking in console messages should not jump to
2 daysFix and
2 daysWorker: Stop disposing of the global scope scheduler in WorkerThread::WillProcessTask()
2 daysWorklet: Add step comments in MainThreadWorklet::addModule()
2 daysMake sure PointerEvents's isPrimary set correctly for
2 daysRefactor scroll updates after
2 daysDraw the text area resizer with drawing
2 daysProactively dispose image filters for SVG filter
2 daysSupport PerformanceResourceTiming for Service Worker Navigation
2 daysUse net::HttpContentTypeDisposition in
2 daysDisable tests to fix contextual property
2 daysMake NodeFilter a legacy callback
2 daysRestore one millisecond minimum timeout for
2 daysRemove explicit v8::DEFAULT argument to SetAccessorProperty and
2 days[scheduler] Always run task queue observer callback for delayed
2 daysCSS Motion Path: delete implementation of motion-rotation
2 daysForm validation: Do not show validation bubble during
2 days[DevTools] Move the rest of emulation to
2 dayscreateElementNS() should now throw only InvalidCharacterError, not
2 daysTrace CustomEvent.detail instead of keeping ScriptValuerefs/changes/62/484162/
3 daysUpdate the spec link in
3 days[DevTools] Cleanup overlay resources in
3 days16-bit video upload to float: intermediate R16_EXT and copy to
3 daysWTF::HashTraits: Remove unnecessary Peek()
3 daysAdded [SecureContext] to the subtle
3 daysAvoid to resolve CMAA for read and draw without content changed or with content
3 daysRename InvalidatePaintIfNeeded to drop deprecated IfNeeded
3 daysRemoved local RefPtr created from PassRefPtr arg in generated
3 daysWorklet: Introduce "pending tasks struct" concept defined in the Worklet
3 daysMove a RegisterModuleScript() call to ModuleScript::CreateInternal()
3 daysRemove Resource::CurrentAge and
3 daysIntroduce the abstract class WebViewBase, to decouple
3 daysRemove unused AttachContext
3 daysRemove DeviceLightEvent
3 daysIntroduce ModuleScript::CreateInternal()
3 daysPrune layout update calls from Editor::*
3 daysPrune ComputeVisibleSelectionInDOMTreeDeprecated from
3 daysMake EBoxDecorationBreak an enum
3 daysSplit up DocumentMarkerListEditor::AddMarker() into two
3 days[ES6 modules] Return previous error when an instantiation is
3 daysRoll third_party/inspector_protocol to
3 daysCheck if fragment's block size fits into a layout
3 daysUse generated copy and compare for VerticalAlign in
3 daysMove "create a module script" from ModuleScriptLoader to
3 daysUse STL style naming for some WTF::AtomicString::find() overloads.refs/changes/68/489368/
3 daysDevTools: linkifier incorrectly matches port numbers in urls as line
3 daysEnable module scripts in
3 daysCall SAC::DidScrollUpdate only for compositor-triggered
3 daysImplement request id in
3 daysAllow RecordingImageBufferSurface to prevent
3 days[IndexedDB] Hold referenced to IDB::put blobs in the
3 dayswpt-import: Work on third_party/WebKit/LayoutTests instead of third_party/
3 dayswebkitpy: Change paths in lint-test-expectations
3 daysAdd WebThread in AudioDestination to support
3 daysUse generated copy and compare for OriginalDisplay in
3 daysDevTools: render continue to location as execution line instead of green
3 daysDevTools: add entry points for command
3 daysInsert CHECK()s to ensure module-related code are not executed without the
3 daysDisable failing/crashing layout tests on Site Isolation
3 daysReplace uses of hash_map in //
3 daysSend the decoded size when response completed and stop summing in ResourceLoader::DidReceiveData()
3 daysTreat zero-width collapsed borders as
3 daysImport HTML Media Capture
3 daysSerializedScriptValue: Add a warning about making wire format changes near
3 daysRevert of [blink] Unique pointers in Platform.h (patchset #6 id:100001 of
3 daysMove ScriptWrappable and dependencies to platform/
3 daysPerform layout when viewport size is
3 days[blink] Unique pointers in
3 days[Sensors] Error handler in Senor class should stop the platform
3 daysIntroduce ComputeTextBounds template in
3 daysNuked WebFrameImplBase to make Frame access more
3 daysPaymentHandler: Implement PaymentInstruments.has()
3 daysInitial Implementation of Iframe Attribute for Feature Policy (Part 4)
3 daysDon't always invalidate collapsed borders during table
3 daysCopy the {credentials,cache,redirect,} modes for Fetch
3 daysMerge two IsInDocument
3 daysStop flat tree selection canonicalization from using invalid
3 daysDo not convert mouse move events to mouse leave events in
3 daysDon't lower priority for scripts inserted by
3 days[modules] Add simple test concerning instantiation
3 daysRelocate GC::DrawLineForDocumentMarker()
3 daysAdd P3 and Rec2020 to ImageBitmap colorSpaceConversion
3 daysRemove unused "using" statements in WebKit/Source/
3 days[selectors4] Ship ":focus-within"
3 daysSupport tracing metrics for measureTime & measureFrameTime methods in blink_perf (Reland)
3 daysFix BaseRenderingContext2D create/put/get-ImageData() for color managed
3 days[scheduler] Move some task types to suspendable task
3 daysReenable heap compaction after
3 daysFix TouchActionTest so that it doesn't use /deep/
3 daysRevert of binding: Changes the association among global-proxy/global/window-instance (2nd
3 daysDOM: Remove
3 daysTest OpenType rvrn Required Variation
4 daysMove CompositionUnderlineVectorBuilder.* from web/ -> core/editing/
4 daysRemove unused includes of
4 daysBetter overflow handling for aspect-ratio
4 daysAdd ResetWithReason for
4 daysPrune ComputeVisibleSelectionInDOMTreeDeprecated from
4 daysPrepare DocumentMarkerController for using different DocumentMarkerList
4 daysRemove public methods on StyleBoxData and rename
4 daysCSS Motion Path: delete implementation of motion-path
4 daysSplit initial methods of (/max/min)(width/height) on
4 daysDOM: NodeIterator.filter and TreeWalker.filter should return values which were specified to
4 daysAdd two large table collapsed border performance
4 days[InputEvent] Mark InputEvent and StaticRange as
4 days[Idle time spell checker] Correct position passed from undo
4 daysRename StyleInheritedData
4 daysbluetooth: Add usecounter for
4 days[LayoutNG] Add NG-specific DrawText support to
4 daysUse STL style naming for some WTF::String::find() overloads.refs/changes/61/488161/
4 daysUse STL style naming for a WTF::String::replace() overloadrefs/changes/02/487902/
4 daysUse STL style naming for WTF::Vector::resize()refs/changes/70/488170/
4 daysOOPIF: Clear focused frame before advancing to remote
4 daysfix url comment on
4 dayspaint/inline/focus-ring-under-absolute-with-relative-continuation.html is
4 days[RLS] Remove fractional-scroll-offset-fixed-position-*.html from
4 daysBlink Rename follow-up: Rename PrintContext::begin/end to Begin/
4 daysGenerate StyleBackgroundData in
4 dayss/Border/CollapsedBorder/ in method names handling collapsed
4 daysDon't call DirtyStackingContextZOrderLists during document
4 daysScrollAnimatorMac should post contentAreaScrolled only for explicit
4 daysAdd DocumentMarkerList interface and
4 daysRename NodeLayoutData ->
4 days[DevTools] Introduce EmulationModel which will encapsulate
4 daysUse STL style naming for WTF::String::swap().refs/changes/04/487604/
4 daysUse STL-style naming for WTF::String::append().refs/changes/21/488121/
4 daysStore nonAttachedStyle on NodeLayoutData instead of on HashMap in
4 daysDo not count extra trailing space for the last word in a
4 daysRefactor LayoutTableCell::Has(Start|End)BorderAdjoinjingTable() and add
4 daysImplement ModuleScript::RunScript()
4 daysRevert of Support tracing metrics for measureTime & measureFrameTime method in blink_perf (
4 daysRevert of Back PaintRecord with PaintOpBuffer instead of SkPicture (patchset #49 id:950001 of
4 daysImplement
4 daysFix button event on mouse
4 daysLet siblings layout if an adjacent float may no longer affect
4 daysLayoutTableCell::OffsetFromContainer() should use the flipped offset of its
4 daysDCHECK for execution context being unsuspended during v8 bindings
4 daysAdd documentation for
4 daysDelete deprecated properties zoom:reset and
4 daysAdd initial capacity to the frame
4 daysAllows MHTM page to open a
4 daysSupport tracing metrics for measureTime & measureFrameTime methods in
4 daysMark more external/wpt tests as
4 daysMake DOMArrayBuffer::Transfer neuter
4 daysPass behavior to the
4 daysRemove GPU support from
4 daysFifo order should be preserved for messages on associated
4 days[DevTools] Use correct type when restoring dom
4 daysComment out the single use of v8::ValueSerializer::GetCurrentDataFormatVersion while it
4 daysMark external/wpt/media-source/mediasource-{remove,activesourcebuffers}.html tests as
4 daysRaise an error when calling WebCrypto's deriveBits() for HKDF
4 days[DevTools] Throttle node decorations update in
4 daysFix a path through run-webkit-tests where we still aren't getting
4 daysDisable fontfaceset-check-platform-fonts.html on
4 daysGracefully handle failed Mojo calls in the
4 daysDevTools: avoid slowdown from unnecessary DOM, style mutations on
4 daysscheduler: Use PLATFORM_EXPORT instead of
4 daysUse dark scrollbar theme for transparent
4 daysIndexed DB: Remove unnecessary defaults for optional
4 daysRemove redundant subtract in setNextFireTime
4 daysFix darkened pixels when rendering using
4 days[scheduler] Use hard-coded tracing
4 daysRemove
4 daysImage Capture: don't set PhotoCapabilities width/height if min/max are both
4 daysRemoving crash tag for
4 daysRemove obsolete FrameLoader::deferred_history_load_ and associated
4 daysConvert constructor/oscillator.html to use new
4 daysBack PaintRecord with PaintOpBuffer instead of
4 daysUpdate DEBUG_AUDIONODE_REFERENCES to new coding
4 daysMove MediaQuery classes off BlinkGC
4 daysRevert of SharedArrayBuffer throws serializing to indexeddb (patchset #4 id:60001 of
4 days[scheduler] Rename member variables from task_runner_ to
4 daysv8binding: Makes Location's wrapper objects alive,
4 days[scheduler] Update header
4 daysRevert of Don't lower priority for scripts inserted by doc.write (patchset #5 id:70001 of https:/
4 daysMake most of CSP code work with non-Document
4 daysUpstream FontFaceSetLoadEvent constructor test to
4 daysDrop SiteBoundCredential in favor of
4 daysPaymentHandler: Implement PaymentInstruments.delete()
4 daysMove methods from FrameViewBase to
4 daysWorklet: Move Worklet::Initialize() into ThreadedWorklet for
4 daysDo not call Dispose() as ClassicPendingScript's
4 daysMatch STL naming for WTF::{Deque,HashCountedSet,HashMap,LinkedHashSet,ListHashSet}refs/changes/61/487861/
4 daysUse web-style naming for TreeScope::getElementByIdrefs/changes/82/487882/
4 daysMatch STL naming for WTF::Vector::swap()refs/changes/01/487901/
4 daysRemove remaining traces of
4 daysAdd Xvfb debugging code to
4 daysUpdate CSSSelectorParserTest so that it doesn't test /deep/ nor
4 days[LayoutNG] Fix empty inlines to influence the used line
4 daysRefactored out need to pass property to
4 days[LayoutNG] Mark already-fixed vertical-align
4 daysDe-duplicate create element code paths in the HTML