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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 hoursInvestigated cause of failing tests for non-standard-scheme
3 hoursPart 1 Of Renaming FrameLoaderClient to
3 hoursUpstream Blink's 'securitypolicyviolation'
6 hoursRemoved FrameHost::settings()
6 hoursRemove ApplePasteAsQuotation class
7 hoursAdd
7 hoursINPUT element: Implicit form submission should reset
7 hours[WebAgentsAPI]: Split overload set functions into their own
7 hoursFix precedence of relative position in vertical
7 hoursRemove inactive Source/core/layout
8 hoursRevert of DevTools: Add icons to performance pane tabs. (patchset #1 id:1 of
8 hours[Typed CSSOM] Add comments to computed style code, including class
8 hoursConvert SpinButtonElement timer to UnspecedTimer frame-specific
9 hoursAdd constructors for the USB transfer result
9 hoursFlip "PresentationReceiver" flag to
9 hoursNotify listeners on bitmaprenderer context
9 hoursShip IndexedDB
9 hoursMove the FontFaceCache stored in CSSFontSelector to be stored in
10 hoursDo not call markAndReplaceFor if no marker is
10 hoursStop SpellChecker from adding marker when checking range is
10 hoursFix BlobBytesConsumer
11 hoursExpand FrameSeleciton::extent() to increase chances of hoisting update
11 hoursPrevent browser crash resulting from misbehaving WebVR renderer requesting multiple
11 hours[DevTools] Simplify Popover
12 hoursAdd UMAs for numerical approximation of table-based transfer
12 hoursDevTools: Do not show radio buttons on CPU profiler
12 hours[SPv2] Mark newly added tests as expected
12 hoursOutput correct types from CSSKeywordValue for css-wide
12 hours[DevTools] Support multiple targets in heap profiler (properly)
13 hours[DevTools] disable debugger-reload-breakpoints-with-source-maps.html
13 hoursExpand FrameSeleciton::hasEditableStyle() to increase chances of hoisting update
13 hoursDevTools: rename CSSTracker to
13 hours[DevTools] prepare getPossibleBreakpoints before rolling
13 hoursSome cleanup of
13 hoursDevTools: do not use RAII for sync native breakpoints, reuse AsyncTask where
15 hoursCleanup the SVGTreeScopeResources
15 hours[DirectoryOwnership] Add TEAM/COMPONENT into OWNERS
15 hoursAdded spec link to
16 hoursRename SurfaceIdAllocator to
16 hoursTidy ScriptRunner pending script
16 hoursAdded spec link to window.orientation
16 hoursMove oom.h into
16 hoursChange security checks on scheduled actions to
16 hoursWPT tests for allow-top-navigation-by-user-activation for
16 hours[DevTools] Do not access heapProfilerAgent
17 hours[DevTools] Move Popover to shadow
17 hoursStop RenderFrameImpl from Clearing Selection During Frame
17 hoursCache canContainFixedPositionObjects for
17 hoursAvoid negative content box
17 hoursFix repeat background position
17 hoursUse HTTPS URL for GitHub web-platform-tests
18 hours[DevTools] Use a single CookieItemsView
18 hoursAdded spec link to
18 hours[PNGImageDecoder] Clean up readColorSpace, TODOs,
18 hoursCleanup virtual test suites for origin
19 hoursAuto-rebaseline for
19 hoursMerge overflowRectForFlowThreadPortion() into flowThreadPortionOverflowRectAt()
19 hoursMark overlays-persist-on-navigation.html as crashing on
20 hoursClean up
20 hoursFix PendingScript::errorOccurred() to be consistent with getSource()
20 hourscc: Add layout test cases for mask
20 hoursCheck that PendingScript::m_streamer is always null when resource() is
20 hoursRemove Page dependency from
21 hoursMigrate WTF::HashMap::get() to ::at()
21 hoursUse ExecutionContext instead of Document in PaymentRequest
25 hoursMark elements as viewport constrained when they become sticky
25 hoursConvert LayoutTests/svg/dom/SVGAnimated*.html js-tests.js to testharness.js based
25 hoursWorkerLoaderProxy: stop accessing cross-thread execution
26 hoursAvoid needless InstanceCounter.h
26 hoursFrameView: Remove redundant tree walk when unthrottling display:none
27 hoursWTF::Vector: Add detailed explanation as class-level
28 hoursExpand FrameSeleciton::isNone() to increase chances of hoisting update
28 hoursRevert of Rename platform/wtf/ to platform/newwtf/. (patchset #1 id:1 of
29 hoursAdd mgiuca and sammc to webshare OWNERS in
29 hoursEnsure spell checking is enabled in
30 hoursDevTools: Show docs link on empty manifest landing
31 hoursEnforce FirstContentfulPaint <=
31 hoursDevTools: turn the CSS tracker tree view into the list
31 hoursMove tests for sendBeacon to a separate dedicated directory for clearer
31 hourscolor: Remove implied color
31 hoursParsedContentType parameter name matching should be case
31 hoursSelection API: Correct rangeCount for
32 hoursRemove leftover from
33 hours[DevTools] Full-size screenshots in device
33 hoursExplicitly set charset to Blink perf resource
33 hoursAdd sequence number to undo
33 hoursFix undo stack ordering with
33 hoursEarly return from layoutUpdated should depend on
33 hoursRename the flag of 'allow-top-navigation-with-user-activation' to '
33 hoursRevert of DevTools: do not use RAII for sync native breakpoints, reuse AsyncTask where possible.
34 hoursDevTools: do not use RAII for sync native breakpoints, reuse AsyncTask where
34 hoursMove tests in fast/dom/Selection/ to editing/selection/
34 hoursMove selection-exceptions.html from fast/text/ to editing/selection/
35 hoursInline crashIfIsolateIsDead into
35 hoursMove PreviousBoxGeometries from BoxPaintInvalidator into
35 hours[LayoutNG] Introduce block child
35 hoursRemove MiddleClickAutoscroll from chrome://
35 hours[DevTools]: Reuse DOM storage view
36 hours[DevTools] Fix Dialog's close button to properly close
36 hoursRemove the text blob
36 hoursFix up pylint warnings in
36 hoursDevTools: infer frameId from an initiator
36 hoursConvert FrameView timer to UnspecedTimer frame-specific
36 hours[DevTools] Prepare to move Popover to shadow
36 hoursRevert "CSS: Retire isAlive flag from style invalidation classes"
36 hours[InputEvent] Make typing and IME related input types
36 hours[layoutng] Split NGLayoutResult out of
37 hours[DevTools] prepare layout tests for more inline
37 hoursUpdate references to spec (mostly 4.8.10 -> 4.8.12)
37 hoursRemove unused tags from
37 hoursLet padding change always trigger layout and full paint
37 hoursChange all relative imports in webkitpy to absolute
37 hoursMark http/tests/security/frameNavigation/xss-ALLOWED-top-navigation-after-postMessage.html as
38 hoursMake the navigator.usb attribute accessible only in secure
38 hoursGet rid of redundant function SelectionEditor::visibleSelection<Strategy>()
38 hoursDevTools: do not search in anonymous scripts unless specifically asked
38 hoursGet rid of unused functions VisibleSelection::setBase and setExtent taking
38 hoursGet rid of unused class SelectionControllerTest from
38 hoursConvert dom-exceptions test to
38 hoursDevTools: Fix overlapped text in memory statistics
38 hoursVarious MimeUtil
38 hoursExpect compositing/reflections/nested-reflection-transition.html to
39 hoursFix missing finalizeFrame barriers in WebGL
39 hours[DirectoryOwnership] Add TEAM/COMPONENT into OWNERS
39 hours[Presentation API] return valid WebPresentationConnection object in
39 hoursDevTools: fix NavigatorView
40 hoursConvert window-audioworklet.html with new
40 hoursShould not skip link element that could appear within
40 hoursConvert WaveShaper tests to
40 hoursFix incorrectly painted right floats in
40 hoursMove SVGElement::buildPendingResourcesIfNeeded to
40 hoursConvert Panner distance model tests to
41 hoursExplicitly invalidate LayoutView when overflow is
41 hours[wasm] bump version of binary incrementer.wasm to
42 hoursFixed Android text selection by redefining |button|
42 hoursDisplayItemClient: avoid hash table temporaries when
42 hoursConvert StereoPanner tests to
42 hoursrebaseline-cl: Only support local branches, drop Rietveld
42 hoursRemove [NoInterfaceObject] from the USB
42 hoursRevert of Make float-should-dirty-line-when-adjacent-* tests more robust (patchset #1 id:1 of
42 hoursPlzNavigate: Cancel document parsing when the renderer decides to let the browser handles the
42 hours[DirectoryOwnership] Add TEAM/COMPONENT into OWNERS
42 hoursblink: clear tooltips on frame
42 hoursNotify listeners on OffScreenCanvas
43 hours[DevTools] Introduce a cookie
43 hoursDevTools: normalize native breakpoint
43 hoursdevtools: Make it possible to override the navigation
43 hours[IntersectionObserver] Get rid of spurious console
43 hoursSilently return to avoid crash in
44 hoursFix undo stack ordering for all-but-typing
44 hoursPlzNavigate: update the layout test
44 hoursInitial Implementation of Iframe Attribute for Feature Policy (Part 2)
44 hoursUse testharness.js instead of js-test.js in LayoutTests/fast/canvas
44 hoursUse testharness.js instead of js-test.js in LayoutTests/fast/canvas
44 hoursMake sure that the pressure is always 0 for pointerup
44 hoursClear opener when frame is
44 hoursRemove several unnecessary selection-related layout
45 hoursPrint out label and description on task entry in Audit task
45 hoursSimplify rate limiter logic in
45 hoursDisable the DCHECK on id because of some flaky
45 hoursAvoid unnecessary HashTable resizing during copy
46 hoursMove LayoutSVGResourceContainer registration to
46 hoursMake ParsedContentType more conformant to the
46 hoursParsedContentType
46 hoursAuto-rebaseline for
46 hoursConvert LayoutTests/svg/dom/SVGAnimated*.html js-tests.js to testharness.js based
46 hoursExpand FrameSeleciton::getSelectionType() to increase chances of hoisting update
47 hoursRemove unnecessary PagePool
48 hoursUpdate HTTP-references to test-results to use
48 hoursThe security check in document.write should test for
48 hoursAdd security checks to scheduled
48 hoursAuto-rebaseline for
2 days[Blink>Media] Adding rappor metrics to record autoplay muted by attribute
2 days[devtools] Allow transparent base background color
2 daysImprove SECURITY_DCHECK for blink::DOMWindow::frame()
2 days[LayoutNG] Implement
2 daysKeep selection when focus change finishes
2 daysFix potential DCHECK in
2 daysMake disabling 2d canvas GPU acceleration for getImageData less
2 daysPhase II Step 1: Remove updateImage() reentrancy around decodeError()
2 daysFix flaky compositing/reflections/
2 daysRepaint selection when element with ::selection style is
2 daysAuto-rebaseline for
2 daysCall Element::rebuildLayoutTree from Document::updateStyle
2 daysAssert that |resource| is always non-null in requestPendingScript()
2 daysSelection API: deleteFromDocument() should not call setBaseAndExtent()
2 daysDevTools: extract ObjectUI module from
2 daysGardening: Remove external/wpt/service-workers/stub*
2 daysidl_parser: Add support for the record<K, V> WebIDL
2 daysTurn access check in script runner into
2 daysExpand FrameSeleciton::rootEditableElement() to increase chances of hoisting update
2 daysSupport display: contents for elements, first-line and first-letter
2 daysCapture font-related data in minidump when last resort font
2 daysRemove dispatchWillSendRequest from
2 daysRemove blacklist on .innerHTML and
2 daysExpand FrameSeleciton::isContentEditable() to increase chances of hoisting update
2 daysExpand FrameSeleciton::base() to increase chances of hoisting update
2 days[SPv2] Add SVG mask
2 daysRefactor SRI check in PendingScript::notifyFinished()
2 daysSelection API: Fix a null pointer dereference in addRange()
2 daysUse LayoutUnit for positioning
2 daysDevTools: allow embedder handling async remote debugger
2 daysExpand FrameSeleciton::start() to increase chances of hoisting update
2 daysCompute a more correct "screen scope" transform for
2 daysRemove unnecessary layout updates from InsertInto/
2 daysShorten references in PrePaintTreeWalk for
2 daysDisable framebusting
2 daysRange and Selection: Do not accept offsets larger than 2^
2 daysConvert SMILTimeContainer timers to UnspecedTimer frame-specific
2 daysFrameView can be null in addTextMatchMaker() after appendChild(iframe)
2 daysRename some params of InputMethodController::addCompositionUnderlines()
2 daysDon't throw when getting selection(Direction|Start|End) on
2 daysMake SelecitonModifier class not to use VisibleSelection::setBase() and setExtent()
2 daysAdded ARIA roles & states to
2 daysEnsure that mixed content checks preceed HSTS
2 daysChange fast/selectors/style-sharing-shadow.html to make
2 daysAdd addRange performance
2 daysDo not re-initialize PendingScript in
2 daysReduce the requirement for saving
2 daysUpdate comment in
2 daysFix bug on Android causing composition underlines to appear in the wrong
2 daysservice worker: Add console.warn output to enable -expected.txt
2 daysDe-flake
2 daysFix miter clipping of borders with large radius opposite a wide
2 days[LayoutNG] Fix crash with leading
2 daysFeature policy: Add basic algorithm for supporting frame
2 daysUpdate bug number for ES modules WPT
2 daysDevTools: extract a list view out of
2 daysAdd clean layout DCHECK to mostForwardCaretPosition()
2 daysAdd clean layout DCHECK to mostBackwardCaretPosition()
2 daysGet rid of unused enum member DoNotUpdateAppearance from
2 daysRevert of Correctly compute parent of AXMenuListOption (patchset #8 id:160001 of
3 daysMedia Controls: Remove download button for infinite
3 daysswitch to new ImageGenerator
3 daysMedia Capabilities: rename mediacapabilities module to
3 daysEnable display list caching for
3 daysResizes corner rect to match device scale
3 daysClean up the getLayoutSVGResource*ById
3 daysUse testharness.js instead of js-test.js in LayoutTests/fast/canvas
3 daysUse testharness.js instead of js-test.js in LayoutTests/fast/canvas
3 daysMake float-should-dirty-line-when-adjacent-* tests more
3 daysMake LayoutListItem::value to use SaturatedAddition to prevent integer
3 daysMigrate WTF::HashSet::remove() to ::erase() [part 2]
3 daysPrint additional information on failed beCloseToArray
3 days[wasm] Block compile/instantiate of large array
3 daysSplit
3 daysImplement ContentSecurityPolicy on the
3 daysIndexedDB: Move v8::Isolate::GetCurrent() out of
3 days[Script Spec Annotation] Annotate
3 daysTouchmoves should not be suppressed if the touchstart is