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19 hoursRevert of Move Layout Tree Construction code into Element::rebuildLayoutTree() (patchset #12
21 hoursAvoid copying value in ComputedStyle CoW comparions (compareEqual)
24 hours[css-grid] Use order-modified document order for
25 hoursFix null-check in
26 hoursInitial implementation of LayoutNG's block layout algorithm for
26 hoursDevTools: Light blue highlight when hovering in Sources
26 hoursLog to UMA why we would load a third-party
26 hoursDelete more erroneous
27 hoursFix unscrollable scrollers after closing a <dialog>
27 hoursFix undefined shift in
27 hourscc: Remove "SwapBuffers" naming from
27 hoursDevTools: remove unused css in
28 hoursMark a test as
28 hoursAuto-rebaseline for
29 hours[DevTools] Better label for async function call
29 hours[Devtools] Highlight navigation request in network timeline
30 hoursCleanups to remove an unnecessary parameter in
30 hoursFix bad autorebaselines after
30 hoursFix max preferred width for LayoutText when
30 hoursTimeline: promisify paint profiler and Layers panel, part
32 hoursAvoid element id collisions with the visual
32 hoursAdding mojo MediaSessionClient to support media
33 hoursMark test as
33 hoursClean up PerformanceCompositeTiming and
33 hoursSimplify incremental paint
34 hours[DevTools] paint worklet should report context
34 hoursLog web fonts intervention result more
35 hoursReland of Accessibility: Ignore all anonymous blocks (patchset #5 id:360001 of
35 hoursAuto-rebaseline for
35 hoursAuto-rebaseline for
35 hoursUpdate MediaKeySession to keep related code blocks
35 hoursForm submissions opening in a new window don't need special treatment
36 hours[scheduler] Add type to
36 hoursReplace SkAutoTUnref with
36 hoursDisable download for overlay panel
36 hoursPrepare to upgrade ICU to 58 part
37 hoursUse SkColorSpaceXform to handle color conversions in
37 hoursMus+Ash: Towards Unifying CompositorFrameSink
37 hoursMark time-multiple-fields-stepup-stepdown-from-renderer-hour.html
38 hoursMark v/t/fast/compositorworker/basic-plumbing-main-to-worker.html
38 hoursMark virtual/mojo-service-worker/.../foreign-fetch-cors.html
38 hoursrebaseline-cl: Don't trigger new try jobs for builders that already have jobs
38 hoursMerge RTCConfiguration into
38 hoursMark css3/filters/effect-reference-after.html
38 hoursMark fast/forms/select/input-select-after-resize.html
39 hoursMark fast/forms/relayout-shifts-inner-editor.html
39 hoursRefactor PLSA scrollbar existence
43 hoursMark fast/text/line-break-ascii.html as
43 hours[v8] Mark layout test for rebase after enabling
43 hoursRequest new layout test baseline for V8
44 hoursRebase Blink binding tests and fix
44 hoursAdd a timeout to notification icon image
44 hoursUnpoison Oilpan's memory regions before calling
45 hours[wrapper-tracing] Support PerformanceObserver{Callback}
46 hoursAuto-rebaseline for
46 hoursWeb MIDI: use midi_service.mojom for
47 hoursImageResource: Reset the encoded image size after receiving all
47 hoursbindings: Set strong reference from PerformanceObserver to
47 hoursAlways evaluate media features to true without
47 hoursDevTools: Select option background added to fix Dark
2 daysMediaValuesInitialViewport passed to MediaQueryEvaluator as
2 daysReland of Mark layout test
2 daysMake binding scripts use utilities to handle pickle
2 daysReplace internal uses of BlinkMacSystemFont on Mac with
2 daysRevert of Accessibility: Ignore all anonymous blocks (patchset #15 id:280001 of
2 daysRemove unused symbols from
2 daysDevTools: properly restore selected DOMNode in Elements
2 daysDevTools: fix elements panel selection rendering when
2 daysDevTools: Fix scrolling of timeline
2 daysPlumb preferred raster bounds rather than
2 daysPaymentRequest: Add payer name field to payer info editor. (android)
2 days[Devtools] Removed dependency of networkLogView and
2 daysRemove
2 daysReturn "auto" for computed z-index on non-stacking-context
2 daysContinue to use _NSDrawCarbonThemeBezel to draw text field
2 daysDrawingBuffer: Clean up GL state
2 daysGet rid of createVisibleSelection() to take
2 daysDevTools: Fix flickering hint when typing in
2 daysDevTools: Fix
2 daysRevert of Use SkColorSpaceXform to handle color conversions in decoders (patchset #7 id:230001
2 daysCheck for null GrContext in
2 daysIntroduce frame() and selection() getter in EditingTestBase
2 daysRevert "Auto-rebaseline for r426588"
2 daysAdd RenderingTest::layoutView() and other
2 daysRevert of Auto-rebaseline for r426649 (patchset #1 id:1 of
2 daysAuto-rebaseline for
2 daysDon't apply clips to children of composited-scrolling elements for overlap
2 daysRevert of Auto-rebaseline for r426588 (patchset #1 id:1 of
2 daysAuto-rebaseline for
2 daysDevTools: New snippet button and
2 daysRefine variable's name in
2 daysMigrate to SkImageDeserializer
2 daysAuto-rebaseline for
2 daysExpose setSequentialFocusNavigationStartingPoint to
2 daysFix CFI errors in
2 daysDevTools: Add CSS contain property to widget
2 daysSkip new directory wpt/mathml (as there are no owners)
2 daysPay attention to tall rowspanned cells in the first layout
2 daysUse SkColorSpaceXform to handle color conversions in
2 daysFix crash in
2 daysReland Turn on CompositeOpaqueFixedPosition for test and rebase tests. (patchset #7 id:120001 of
2 daysDevTools: So autocomplete on deleting a
2 daysRevert of DevTools: properly restore selected DOMNode in Elements panel. (patchset #6 id:100001
2 daysUpdate expectations for tests that are slow due to incremental
3 daysDon't allocate unreasonably large bitmaps for box-reflect
3 daysFix the linear-rgb canvas color space so that it
3 daysClean up LayoutTableSection::calcRowLogicalHeight() a
3 days[Devtools] Added simplified/latency view to network timeline
3 daysDevTools: compile closure jars with JDK
3 days[wrapper-tracing] Fix handling of
3 daysFix
3 daysDevTools: Flesh out AccessibilityModel and use SDK objects instead of protocol
3 daysIgnore shipping options if
3 daysUpdated fast/canvas/
3 days[wrapper-tracing] Adjust expectations for
3 daysDevTools: properly restore selected DOMNode in Elements
3 days[Blink, RemotePlayback] Handle disabling remote
3 daysDon't update height in
3 daysiframes with allowpaymentrequest attribute are allowed to make payment
3 daysRemove last-minute row height stretching for
3 daysUpdate all non-generic test expectations files for removed tests when updating w3c
3 dayswptserve: Document how to re-generate keys and
3 daysUse emptyString() for String fields in
3 daysMention withCredentials attribute in the error message about CORS check
3 daysPlzNavigate: Classify untriaged failling
3 daysMake CompositeOpaqueScrollers experimental until is
3 daysAvoiding going through RenderFrameProxy when targeting a *new*
3 daysAdd metrics to measure localhost resources in non-secure
3 daysSupport serializable DOMFileSystem on the V8-based structured clone
3 days[wrapper-tracing] Add NodeList write
3 daysUse net::HttpResponseHeaders::IsRedirectResponseCode() from
3 days[Reland] Optimize blink scheduler with an intrusive
3 days[css-grid] Computing free space on indefinite sized
3 daysRevert "Log to UMA why we would load a third-party frame"
3 daysPerformance test for deeply nested tables inside
3 daysVerify that a document is attached before firing an
3 days[wrapper-tracing] WebGL and friends: Add write
3 daysFix ReadableStream getReader({mode: 'byob'})
3 daysMedia Controls: don't activate buttons when tapping on hidden
3 days[wrapper-tracing] Bring remoteplayback up to
3 daysAlign drag threshold across content
3 daysFixing allow_csp_from.html test and enabling it back in
3 daysSpecified row height should be applied during initial section
3 daysGet rid of VisibleSelection::selectionFromContentsOfNode()
3 daysRemove first-line-in-cell strut subtraction
3 daysGet rid of two parameters version of FrameSelection::setSelection()
3 daysGet rid of flat tree version of createVisibleSelection() taking two
3 daysGet rid of createVisibleSelection() to take
3 daysSimplify SVGAnimated*
3 daysUse table as display item client for painting composited collapsed table cell
3 daysCollect @viewport before constructing
3 daysRemove the redundant layout update from
3 daysInitial viewport is not the same as FrameView
3 daysMove InstanceCounters to platform/
3 daysInvalidate properties registered as non-inherited for custom
3 daysAdd a nbsp at the the end of the text when the next text has a leading
3 daysGet rid of flat tree version of createVisibleSelection() taking two
3 daysIntroduce FrameSelection::moveCaretSelection() as replacement of moveTo()
3 daysDo not use boolean bitfields in
3 days[Devtools] Added popover support to network timeline canvas
3 daysBindings: Rebaseline run-bindings-tests
3 daysPort messages sent by WebIDBFactoryImpl to
3 daysINPUT element: Drop updateValueIfNeeded() call on maxlength
3 daysImport w3c tests for the service
3 daysFix calls to element.animate() with positive delays not being
3 daysGet rid of createVisibleSelection() taking
3 daysRemove unused functions in
3 daysIntroduce ServiceWorkerNavigationPreload feature
3 days[DevTools] Switch remote locations to Target
3 daysDevTools: Remove unused code for common prefix in
3 daysDevTools: Remove unused dividerOffsets from FlameChart data
3 daysOnly automatically promote scrollers which are untransformed and
3 daysMake SpellChecker::respondToChangedSelection() to take Position instead of
3 daysBuffer logs to avoid logging affect perf
3 daysDevTools: allow passing undefined for optional parameters in protocol jsdoc
3 daysRemove stale comment regarding StringKeyframe being eagerly
3 daysLog to UMA why we would load a third-party
3 daysReturn early in RemoteFontFaceSource load limit callbacks if FontResource loading is
3 daysbluetooth: Add script to generate tests based on
3 days[Devtools] Fixed bug with _visibleColumns not
3 daysDevTools: remove scroller from timeline details
3 daysDe-dupe
3 daysMinor refactor: in deps_updater_unittest, re-use existing
3 daysDevTools: Support reading updated version of CPU
3 daysDevTools: run
3 daysMove Layout Tree Construction code into Element::rebuildLayoutTree()
3 daysDevTools: Make Timeline navigation keyboard layout agnostic (WASD/ZQSD)
3 daysDevTools: popovers use padding instead of
3 daysUpdate WPTServeExpectations for most new failures on wptserve FYI
3 daysEnable scroll
3 daysImplement a prototype for the proposed getBufferSubDataAsync entry point specified in this WebGL
3 daysIndexed DB: Remove experimental delete-returns-count
3 daysTimeline: move most logic of TimelineFrameModel.requestRasterTile() to TracingLayerTree and
3 daysDevTools: [Sources] sourcesNavigator should not rely on existance of main
3 daysFix crash when calling ScrollAnchor::clear from PaintLayer's
3 daysMake FuzzedDataProvider vend
3 daysClean up use of LayoutPoint::move() in paintRepeatingHeaderGroup()
3 days[Layout API] Use ownerLayoutItem in convertFromContainingWidget()
3 daysAdd coalesced KeyDown handling for arrow key
3 daysPreserving extra http request headers in OpenURL navigation path [relanding]
3 daysReplaced PassRefPtr copies with moves in unit
3 days[wasm] support for recompilation if deserialization
3 daysMove table row pagination strut insertion to the first layout
3 daysRefactor: make builder methods class methods and make non-nullable things
3 daysDevTools: prefix node.js scripts's sourceURL with "file://" to make them a valid
4 daysWIP: plumb preferred raster scale for background images from Blink to cc
4 daysDevTools: fix and cleanup
4 daysDisallow frame swap during frame
4 daysRepeating header groups should align properly when captions are
4 days[DevTools] Implement Target.setDiscoverTargets
4 dayscc: Compute draw transforms
4 daysAdd serializers
4 daysDon't overwrite
4 daysRemove the trailing whitespace in
4 daysExtract TextSearcherICU class from
4 daysFix <object data=> YouTube Flash
4 daysAuto-rebaseline for
4 daysAdd media controls to MediaSession in
4 daysEnsure ICU initialization for blink
4 daysAdd performance tests for full frame
4 dayswptserve: Fix Python process leak on
4 daysMove toEncodingMimeType function to platform/
4 daysCheck the root pointer events as well for
4 daysFix Unaccelerated2DGpuCompositing gpu test
4 daysMark layout test
4 daysChange Aura overlay scrollbars from solid color to painted
4 daysCSS.getLayoutTreeAndStyles will also return whitelisted computed
4 daysExpose callback functions for methods in bindings generated
4 daysRefactor LinkStyle out of
4 days[css-flexbox] Remove now-unnecessary
4 daysPlzNavigate: update filter for
4 daysSplit a routine to generate Jinja contexts for methods
4 days[wrapper-tracing] Add check for missing
4 daysbinding: Creates a reject promise always in the current
4 daysInput element: changing the type to "file" should discard a dirty value of the previous
4 daysRemove layout updates from Editor::{applied,unapplied,reapplied}
4 daysSimplifiying the firstInFlowChildBox
4 days[wrapper-tracing] Add write barriers to
4 daysServiceWorker: Modernize postMessage tests for
4 daysUpdate core/streams/
4 daysAccessibility: Ignore all anonymous
4 daysMake an inner class "UnitData" that holds the guts of
4 daysWorker: Remove an outdated TODO comment from
4 daysSwitch to shorter names for property tree storage and
4 days[css-flexbox] Code cleanup: Don't create FlexItems for
4 daysRemove DocumentLoader::endWriter
4 daysGet rid of FrameSelection::validateSelection()
4 daysGet rid of unused function createVisibleSelection() taking
4 daysRefactor FrameView property updates to work like LayouObject
4 daysMove global objects component file to an