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15 hours[DevTools] Generate separate copies of
18 hoursAuto-rebaseline for
18 hoursDon't apply overflow clips in paint
26 hoursDon't adjust scroll for selection if it's already
29 hoursHoist updateAnimation() calls from
33 hoursAllow multiple type and id selectors in invalidation set
34 hours[DevTools] Add "Save As..." option for
34 hoursImageCapture: wire exposureCompensation retrieval/setting from Blink to
34 hoursUse StringView for v8String()
34 hoursUpdate slimming paint v2
34 hoursImageDocumentParser should stop sending data to ImageResource once decoding
34 hoursDevTools: Fix DOMBreakpointsSidebarPane checkbox
34 hoursConvert LayoutTests/fast/canvas/2d tests to
34 hoursUse nullptr to return class
34 hoursStop supporting legacy keywords in Referrer-Policy
34 hoursDevTools: setting to auto-reveal in
44 hoursDevTools: Turn *Model events into
46 hours[DevTools] Migrate v8_inspector/public from String16 to String{View,Buffer}
46 hoursReduce 'iterate self and instances' helper-count in
46 hours[SPv2] Rasterization
46 hoursOptimize posting of WTF::Closure and improve scheduler test
47 hoursMake WebViewImpl::textInputInfo update layout before working on
47 hoursReland of move content::NotificationPermissionDispatcher. (patchset #1 id:1 of
47 hoursDevTools: Use a Map for modelListeners in
47 hoursFix position of dictionary pop-up for <iframe>
47 hoursFold SMIL animation value application helpers and
47 hoursAvoid making the shared main thread context if we won't use
48 hoursConvert Settings::rootLayerScrolls to
48 hourssvg/animations/use-animate-width-and-height.html no longer time
2 days[layoutng] async layout part 1: Change the API to support
2 daysSplit RootScrollerController into top-document and child-document
2 daysPaint local attachment backgrounds into composited scrolling contents
2 daysAdd histogram to track overhead for scanning external
2 daysMove onclick handler in svg/animations/
2 daysRemove unnecessary includes from
2 daysFixed & refactored mouse event firing at gesture context
2 daysPreload scan external CSS for
2 daysMinor UseCounter
2 daysConvert RTCPeerConnection-ice test from js-test.js to
2 days[LayoutNG] Introduces NGPhysicalConstraintSpace and makes NGConstraintSpace a "view"
2 daysDevTools: Move CodeMirrorTextEditor into text_editor
2 daysFix clip-path reference box/coordinate space setup for
2 daysAdded counters for pointer boundary events
2 daysUse Node stream printer in Node::showNode()
2 daysDevTools: merge devtools target with devtools host, part
2 daysMark more virtual/threaded/transitions tests
2 daysEvict resources from memory cache after running rendering
2 daysMark virtual/threaded/animations/display-inline-style-adjust.html
2 daysMake toV8(ScriptValue) never return an empty
2 daysReject createImageBitmap promise when the cropRect or resize is too
2 daysMake SECURITY_CHECK and SECURITY_DCHECK to print different
2 daysUse AnalyzedStyleUpdate for non-blocking
2 daysFix selectionEnd value in a case of dragging out from an INPUT
2 daysFix selectionDirection attribute value of INPUT/TEXTAREA just after
2 daysRevert "Stop SpellChecker::chunkAndMarkAllMisspellingsAndBadGrammar from using TextCheckingParagrah"
3 daysRemove seemingly unused method declaration on
3 daysAdd suzyh to core/animation
3 days[InputEvent] Support |deleteByCut|&|insertFromPaste| with |dataTransfer|
3 days[layoutng] Move and rename NGBoxMargins to
3 daysRemove CSSVariables RuntimeEnabledFeatures flag (status=stable)
3 daysAdd dataset property to SVGElement
3 daysMake Document::styleForElementIgnoringPendingStyleSheets() be aware of a flat tree
3 daysMake W3CTestExpectationsTest not subclass
3 daysForce expandEnd/RangeToSentenceBoundary to return a valid
3 days[Layout API] Use ownerLayoutItem() in
3 daysRemove NeedToDispatchSelectEvent argument of HTMLTextFormControlElement::setSelectedRange()
3 daysFix spelling in fast/canvas/webgl layout
3 daysEnable the WebUSB Origin
3 daysFixed the behaviour of form submit to match the standard: no submit is taken place when the form
3 daysDisable navigations in the unload
3 daysType->String helper function added to
3 daysFramework and tests for
3 daysBlink Animation: Limit maximum accuracy to avoid hanging for long
3 daysDevTools: Box-shadow editor initial
3 daysA CL landed recently has resolved this
3 daysRepaint when background switches painting from/to scrolling contents
3 daysGN fixup for windows official component
3 daysRefactor
3 daysMove animVal invalidation from SVGAnimateElement to
3 daysChange svg/animations/use-animate-width-and-height.html to Timeout instead of
3 days[worklets] Introduce AnimationWorkletGlobalScope and
3 days[DevTools] Remove a small part of
3 daysDevTools: make self and total time columns to have fixed widths in CPU
3 daysConvert OffscreenCanvas-getContext tests to
3 daysConvert LayoutTests/fast/canvas/2d tests to
3 daysDevTools: Add test to make sure breakpoints
3 daysDevTools: Use stableSort for async
3 daysRemove redundant definition of Spatializer abstract
3 daysIn update-w3c-test-expectations, handle failure to fetch
3 daysLoop instead of tail-recursion in
3 daysCleanup and refactor root scroller
3 daysRe-enable some virtual/gpu-rasterization color profile
3 days[layoutng] Rename struct members to match style
3 daysDeliver change notifications to SourceBuffer track
3 days[layoutng] Fix header guard for
3 daysDo not call check-webkit-style with empty affected file list as it tries to check all edited
3 daysClarify devtools console log when a passive event listener is
3 daysRebaseline two failing tests on
3 daysRevert "Move WebSocketHandleImpl into Blink"
3 daysWhen autoplay of muted videos is disabled, record the reason
3 daysFix selectionDirection after setting value of TEXTAREA/
3 daysMove WebSocketHandleImpl into
3 days[css-grid] Do not recursively call layout during auto repeat
3 daysRevert of Fix ImageLoader::m_hasPendingLoadEvent/m_imageComplete in ImageDocument (patchset #4
3 daysFix ScriptCustomElementDefinition::createElementSync to use the given
3 daysMake Resource
3 daysMark ResourceClient/ImageResourceObserver finished just before
3 daysRevert of Rebaseline: Mark png-partial-load-as-document.html as leaky (patchset #1 id:1 of
3 daysMark virtual/threaded/animations/display-inline-style-adjust.html
3 daysMark http/tests/serviceworker/foreign-fetch-cors.html flaky on
3 daysPlzNavigate: Triage renderer-initiated failed navigation
3 daysRenderer-side changes for NoState
3 daysCSS: Make ~InvalidationSet
3 daysMake PendingScript
3 daysFix two crashes caused by
3 daysMark pixel-crack-image-background-webkit-transform-scale failing on
3 daysTrigger Blink GC on
3 daysShip Custom Elements
3 daysMove createCrossThreadTask to
3 daysUse LocalStyleChange for insertion point inheritance
3 daysPlzNavigate: Support renderer-side failed
3 daysReplace two ASSERT()s for HashMap iterators with DCHECK_NE()
3 daysIntroduce DragController::hasCaretIn()
3 daysRemove a redundant frame check in
3 daysAdd a caution to
3 daysAdd an UMA histogram for WebUSB function
3 daysRefactor SMIL animation value
4 daysConvert editing/insert-3778059-fix.html to use w3c test
4 daysFix typos in custom element + imports layout
4 daysConvert editing/before-after-input-element.html to use w3c test
4 daysSimplify SMIL animation CSS property
4 daysidl_compiler: Remove __getstate__ and __setstate__ from
4 daysRemove NeedToDispatchSelectEvent argument of HTMLTextFormControlElement::select()
4 daysConvert editing/deleting/delete-all-text-in-text-field-assertion.html to use w3c test
4 daysConvert editing/deleting/delete-at-paragraph-boundaries-008.html to use w3c test
4 daysRemove an unused PassRefPtr
4 daysExpose TLS settings in the Security panel overview, and call out individual obsolete
4 daysConvert editing/execCommand/format-block-multiple-paragraphs-in-pre.html to use w3c test
4 daysRebaseline: Mark png-partial-load-as-document.html as
4 daysWorker: Refine state management of
4 daysCleanup overloads of
4 daysRemove redundant size member from
4 daysStop SpellChecker::chunkAndMarkAllMisspellingsAndBadGrammar from using
4 daysConvert editing/execCommand/indent-empty-root.html to use w3c test
4 daysRename CustomElementsRegistry to
4 daysImplement tex{Sub}Image{2|3}D with ArrayBufferView sub
4 days[DevTools] Extract small-bubble
4 daysConvert editing/execCommand/4641880-2.html to use w3c test
4 daysRemove a graceful shutdown sequence from
4 dayssetSelectionRange() for INPUT and TEXTAREA should not set "none" direction on non-macOS
4 daysSync XHR on Worker should not crash when response arrives
4 daysframe()->host() may be null in
4 daysMake sure that Apache for HTTP layout tests not to emit Content-Type by
4 daysAdd trace event for FirstMeaningfulPaint
4 daysRemove stale comments for blink::decodeURLEscapeSequences()
4 daysConvert editing/execCommand/remove-list-item-1.html to use w3c test
4 daysEME: Fix nits for encrypted media layout
4 daysGet rid of FrameSelection::moveTo() taking two VisiblePosition
4 daysAdded
4 daysMake custom elements work in HTML
4 daysConvert editing/execCommand/hilitecolor.html to use w3c test
4 daysLongTaskTiming: add idl, Experiment flag, PerformanceEntry and basic
4 daysRevert CL
4 daysConvert editing/execCommand/switch-list-type-with-orphaned-li.html to use w3c test
4 daysImageCapture: support exposure mode
4 daysConvert editing/execCommand/format-block-with-braces.html to use w3c test
4 daysRevert of DevTools: merge devtools target with devtools host, part 1 (patchset #11 id:200001 of
4 days[DevTools] Protocol version
4 daysRemove Platform::current checks from Mojo's error handlers in
4 daysImplement toString() funtion in
4 daysDevTools: [shadow-editor] Make color swatches clickable for shadow
4 daysConsider pseudo classes as matching for shared style
4 daysDevTools: Simplify DOMBreakpointsSidebarPane inspected
4 daysIntroduce ServiceWorker.EventDispatchingDelay
4 daysDevTools: merge devtools target with devtools host, part
4 daysRemove unused method crackFileSystemURL() from
4 daysDevTools: make hitCount optional & experimental in Profiler
4 daysDevTools: Remove stray event handlers from
4 daysAdd Notification images (Blink + desktop implementation)
4 daysPunt touch UGI deprecation to
4 daysAdding nullability support for the ImageBitmap parameter passed to
4 daysDevTools: Merge CodeMirrorTextEditor's copyRange into
4 daysIndexedDB: Avoid side effects by evaluating key paths w/
4 daysUse copyToVector in
4 daysRe-enable LayoutTable{Cell,Row}DeathTest.* on
4 daysAdding WebVR temporary presentation handling on
4 daysRemove
4 dayscc : Add OnTransformAnimated to transform
4 daysIn rebaseline-cl, trigger try jobs with builder per invocation of git cl
4 days[CacheStorage] Don't store open caches in
4 days[layoutng] Add an
4 daysMove slow virtual/gpu-rasterization/fast/images/
4 daysFix method generate_email_list in w3c updater
4 daysRevert an incorrect TestExpectations
4 daysUse LayoutUnit where previously LayoutUnits were implicitly converted to
4 daysinspector: Remove inefficient rect
4 daysMove get_issue_number from Git to
4 daysUse border-box as the reference box for (-webkit-)
4 daysRebaseline compositing/overflow/
4 daysAdd some plumbing for the color management of
4 daysRemove myself from and refactor some storage
4 days[layoutng] Correctly resolve indefinite
4 daysEdit messages from printed from webkit-patch
4 daysFix git cl upload invocation in
4 daysUpdate fixed-right-in-page-scale.html in an attempt to make it
4 daysAdd Tex{Sub}Image function overloads with sub
4 daysRewrite some of the webgl/ ImageBitmap layout
4 daysParentFrameTaskRunners should inherit from
4 daysAn "alive" bit has been added to InvalidationSet and
4 daysRevert of Streams: Remove isTerminating() calls (patchset #3 id:40001 of
4 days[scheduler] Fix trace counter for renderer main thread
4 daysRemove call to
4 daysPass a SecurityOrigin as a PassRefPtr to handleRedirect()
4 daysStop SpellCheckRequest from checking canCheckAsynchronously()
4 daysFix compile error when AUTOSIZING_DOM_DEBUG_INFO is
4 daysclean up encrypted-media
4 daysAdd a switch to TestRunner to enable/disable mock spell
4 daysWebSocket: Stop Bridge::disconnect() from waiting until Peer::disconnect() is
4 daysRemove redundant IsEmpty() checks for toV8()
4 daysRemove LocalFrameLifecycleObserver from
4 daysConvert editing/execCommand/crash-indenting-list-item to use w3c test
4 daysRemove WTF::isShutdown()
5 daysSuppress cancellation notification in
5 daysConvert editing/execCommand/4920488.html to use w3c test
5 daysAdd DCHECKs to check that toV8 never returns an empty
5 daysCSS: Reliable style invalidation for custom
5 daysAuto-rebaseline for
5 daysReplace ASSERT*() with DCHECK*() in core/events/
5 daysConvert editing/execCommand/4641880-1.html to use w3c test
5 daysConvert editing/deleting/delete-at-paragraph-boundaries-007.html to use w3c test
5 daysFix ImageLoader::m_hasPendingLoadEvent/m_imageComplete in
5 daysAdd a comment to caution that timer::stop() should not be called too
5 daysCSS: <position> parser consumes only potentially valid
5 daysRemove SharedBuffer::unlock() and keep Resource's SharedBuffer always
5 daysRemove SelectionOption argument of HTMLTextFormControlElement::setSelectionRange()
5 daysSelect mixed rtl-ltr correctly when an ellipsis is
5 daysWebSocket: Consolidate inter-thread synchronous function
5 daysAdd UseCounter to count InvalidStateError by input.selectionStart, selectionEnd, and
5 daysVerify the order of RawResourceClient callbacks in
5 days[Typed OM] Add CSSValue -> CSSNumberValue
5 daysReplace ASSERT*() with DCHECK*() in core/xml/
5 days[DevTools] Improve ConsoleAPI functions string
5 daysbinding: Moves hasPendingActivity from ActiveScriptWrappable to
5 daysConverts editing/deleting/merge-paragraph-into-h1*.html to use w3c test
5 daysConvert editing/deleting/pruning-after-merge-[12].html to use w3c test
5 daysDevTools: Make sure TargetManager fires its own
5 daysAuto-rebaseline for
5 daysForce expandToParagraphBoundary to return a valid
5 daysDon't skip column set interval tree search for flow thread offset ==
5 daysConvert editing/deleting/non-smart-delete.html to use w3c test