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21 min.Added CSSPropertyCounterUtils which holds shared counter parsing
67 min.Remove Frame::host()
102 min.Update comments in WindowProxy to match current
2 hoursDevTools: polish what's new - add date to
3 hoursDevTools: perfectly center shevron
3 hours[Typed OM] Remove
3 hoursAdd detailed use counters for document.registerElement
4 hoursRevert of Enable -Wdeprecated-register. (patchset #5 id:80001 of
4 hoursReplace ASSERT with DCHECK in core/layout/<sub dirs>
4 hoursImprove run-webkit-tests error reporting when ref tests have missing
4 hoursMade Frame constructors (and subclasses) take Page& instead of Page*
4 hoursDo not send redundant selectionchange-events (decouple focus)
4 hours[DevTools] Allow hide timeout in popover be longer than show
4 hoursRemove the final methods from
4 hoursAlphabetically sort
5 hoursEnable
5 hoursSplit visible selection cache in SelectionEditor into DOM tree and flat
5 hours[Devtools] DataGrid & ViewportDataGrid now should resetNode for
5 hoursDevTools: use chess-like icon
5 hours[DevTools] Remove typed
5 hoursAdd support for shaper-driven line breaking to
6 hours[DevTools] Migrate SoftContextMenu to use
7 hoursUse ScreenOrientationController and not the implementation to break modules/
7 hoursFix testharness result parsing, make "Harness error" count as
7 hoursDevTools: normalize medium
7 hours[DevTools] Remove
7 hours[rls] Update test expectations for root layer
7 hours[DevTools] Mark some SDKModels as autostart and create them on target
8 hoursApply CSS clip to foreground and background clip
8 hoursHook up BackgroundFetchServiceImpl::Fetch() to start a
8 hourscc/paint: Remove
8 hoursTreat Non-secure Form Action as its own type of mixed
9 hoursDevTools: add bindings tests to fixate shadowDOM
9 hoursAuto-rebaseline for
9 hoursRevert of Mark mojo/union.html layout test as timing out. (patchset #1 id:1 of
9 hoursUse finer-grained checking in cold
10 hoursRemove TestExpectations lines for tests which appear to be non-flaky
10 hoursFix ImageDataTest.CreateImageDataTooBig failing on
10 hourscc : Make visible rect independant of render surface's is_clipped
11 hoursRemove/mark obsolete VRPresent
11 hoursAuto-rebaseline for
11 hoursUse new override mechanism for wasm
11 hoursAuto-rebaseline for
11 hoursWalk the container chain to correctly find nested inline sticky
11 hoursv8binding: Adds a use counter for named access on
12 hoursFix caret visual rect on compositing
12 hoursSynchronize commits at end of JS
12 hoursRevert of Add StyleDifference::needsVisualRectUpdate (patchset #5 id:80001 of
14 hoursRevert "Move files in wtf/ to platform/wtf/"
14 hoursDrop an unused method from
14 hoursDo not include Cocoa.h in webkit when
14 hours[LayoutNG] Add NGInlineBreakToken and back of
14 hours[scheduler] Add suspendable task
14 hoursImport csswg-test@f9ba2271263c38d4e2091af0711c95796ec0cca1refs/changes/41/459041/
15 hoursDestroy WebRTCStatsReportCallbackResolver on main thread, fixes
15 hoursEnable blocking of subresource requests whose URLs include
16 hours[Devtools] Product registry to support prefix & import of
16 hoursRename enum values accodring to the blink
17 hoursReplace subpixel font size heuristics with using OpenType gasp tablerefs/changes/77/458377/
17 hoursFix for performance regression on high dpi
17 hoursMake WebMessagePortChannel's ownership a bit
18 hours[Sensors] Implement bindings for
19 hoursMake SelectionController::setCaretAtHitTestResult() to handle null
19 hoursFixed external wpt csp img-src/*
19 hoursRevert of Add operator<< to StyleDifference for debug logging. (patchset #5 id:80001 of
19 hoursRevert of Mojo JS bindings: change module loading solution. (patchset #7 id:120001 of
19 hoursRename
19 hoursAdd a file to Source/modules/
20 hoursReturn const references in the Blink SW API where
20 hoursBlock subresource requests whose URLs include
20 hoursRemove isTreeScopeRoot and just rely on isDescendantOf
20 hoursUpdate :in-range/:out-of-range when steppable min/max/value
21 hoursMove EditingUtilities::isNodeVisiblyContainedWithin() to
21 hoursAdd an OWNERS file to Source/modules/
21 hoursStop having separate timeout timers for the preflight and the actual
21 hoursMake {Character,Directional}GranularityStrategy::updateExtent() to handle null
21 hoursRevert of Mojo JS bindings: support auto-loading mojom.js deps. (patchset #3 id:40001 of
22 hoursMove wtf_unittests to platform/wtf/
23 hoursExpand FrameSelection/SelectionEditor::firstRange()
23 hoursDocument why ComputedStyle constructor and destructor are
23 hoursChange WebFrameImplBase::initializeCoreFrame to take a Page&
23 hoursRemove unused LayoutView::selectionStatrt/End
23 hoursAdd a lifecycle state machine for
23 hoursRefactored out need to use CSSPropertyID to parse counter
24 hoursChange FrameLoadTypeReload to take FrameLoadTypeReloadMainResource's
25 hoursSplit user metrics for window proxy
26 hoursForm validation: Validation bubble should be closed on document unload
26 hoursMake Selection#modify() with word granularity not to skip
26 hours[Devtools] Add SHA-1 hash function in prep for URL
27 hoursCS of out-of-flow positioned objects should have is_new_fc ==
27 hoursMojo JS bindings: support auto-loading mojom.js
27 hoursinput[type=date]: Enlarge day fields if touch-enabled input devices are
29 hoursPut SVGResourceContainer subtypes into their own property
30 hoursMoved display property to be generated in
37 hoursRemove no-op blink-gc-plugin
2 daysAdd most missing blink files to .gn
2 daysRemove unused
2 daysRemove dead Node::isTreeScopeInitialized()
2 daysMove Node::lengthOfContents into Range, its only
2 daysDevTools: re-arrange icons into spritesheets by their
2 daysRemove redundant
3 daysMojo JS bindings: change module loading
3 daysConvert extend-selection-enclosing-block-win.html to use assert_selection()
3 daysGet rid of ownStyle in
3 daysDevTools: produce javascript outline for javascript
3 daysUnskip working referrer policy
3 days[DevTools] Keep a margin between cursor and timeline
3 daysSet default document urls to 'about:blank'
3 daysFix DCHECK crash failed: object->isLayoutNGBlockFlow() in Inline
3 daysEnsure correctness for interleaved IndexedDB cursor
3 daysReland "Move geometry interface files to geometry directory."
3 daysRemove top controls clipping adjustment for
3 daysRemove LayoutNGInline from LayoutNG virtual test suites
3 daysAdd origins to the Background Fetch Mojo
3 daysAdd operator<< to StyleDifference for debug
3 days[DirectoryOwnership] Add TEAM/COMPONENT into OWNERS
3 daysImport csswg-test@e2e5b0c45f0a085c873f34262c9082928f811c90refs/changes/42/459142/
3 daysFix the compositing of placeholder canvas
3 daysUpdate DeviceMotionEvent IDL to match the
3 daysChange rebaseline-test-internal to take port name
3 daysDevTools: add support for polling for coverage data in CSS
3 daysBuffer 2 seconds of data in the ffmpeg
3 daysClarify Beacon transmission limit
3 daysFix decode-audio-data-basic.html to test decoding on close
3 daysRename SecurityStyleExplanations and WebSecurityStyle
3 daysRemove setMayNeedPaintInvalidation call from setNeedsOverflowRecalcAfterStyleChange()
3 daysFix position:sticky location bug when scroller is not a stacking
3 should gate new tab/new popup based on toolbar
3 daysUpstream service worker `claim` tests to
3 daysRemove referrer setter from
3 daysMake resource lookup more uniform in
3 daysAdd SVGFitToViewBox::hasValidViewBox
3 daysRemove referrer setter from
3 daysRemove base URL, referrer, and charset setters from
3 daysFix block offset used by absolute-positioned
3 daysAvoid inline capacity of
3 daysFix overflow rect calculation for float in rtl
3 daysImport csswg-test@3033434720a4204a72185b09aba0a736625320bcrefs/changes/80/459380/
4 daysRemove realtimeanalyser-freq-data.html from
4 daysImplement the BackgroundFetch{Fail,ed} Service Worker
4 daysConvert Background Fetch' input to a WebServiceWorkerRequest
4 days[DevTools] removed willExecuteScript and didExecuteScript
4 days[DevTools] reenable stepping tests after V8
4 daysDevTools: minor cleanup for the
4 days[DevTools] fixed some breakpoints-related
4 days[cc] Fix CompositorFrameSinkSupport BeginFrameAck
4 daysAXObject::performDefaultAction() should focus if it can't
4 days[LayoutNG] Add
4 daysAdjust insertion point when listifying unordered list
4 daysImport wpt@079f031924c84818c689349d0c45fbf3c7833ba8refs/changes/21/459021/
4 daysAdd a ShapeResultBloberizer test for mixed
4 daysShare precompiled header setup for blink between Windows and
4 daysAuto-rebaseline for
4 daysRemove rtree construction for display list
4 days[InputEvent] Allow transpose and yank in plain-text
4 daysOptimize the speed of array iteration in
4 daysBlock 'ftp:' subresource requests from non-'ftp:'
4 daysHandle nested position:sticky elements correctly (compositor)
4 daysImplement BackgroundFetchManager.fetch() and struct
4 days[LayoutNG] Fix NGInlineNode::Text() to pass length, not
4 daysInclude control clip in list of clip-related
4 daysRevert of Move geometry interface files to geometry directory. (patchset #7 id:120001 of
4 days[selectors-4] Import W3C Test
4 daysFixed and improved content-security-policy/media-src
4 daysMove geometry interface files to geometry
4 daysClear out prefinalizer-allocated vector for conservative GC
4 daysRename CachedAccessorCallback methods in generated
4 daysMove files in wtf/ to platform/wtf/ (Part 12)
4 daysMove files in wtf/ to platform/wtf/ (Part 11)
4 daysSimplify Editor::Command::value()
4 daysSimplify pre+post GC ThreadState
4 daysGet markers back while list items have overflow:hidden
4 days[DeviceService] Port VibrationManager to be hosted in Device
4 daysFix all GN missing headers in WebKit/
4 daysImage Capture: prune Photo{Capabilities/Settings} and add
4 daysShould reset "Save-Data" header on all kinds of
4 daysReplace ASSERT_NOT_REACHED with NOTREACHED in core/layout/
4 daysEncapsulate IdleSpellCheckCallback::coldModeInvocation and its details into a new
4 daysIntroduce
4 daysDevTools: split text_utils out of common
4 daysInspectorTraceAgent does not handle reloading blanket
4 daysAuto-rebaseline for
4 daysAdd UMA to record WorkerThread
4 daysAdd LayoutTests for the fixed multithread GC bug of ServiceWorker Navigation
4 daysMark http/tests/permissions/chromium/test-request-worker.html as timeout on
4 daysFixing run-bindings-tests after
4 days[LayoutNG] Make NGLineBuilder work with inline
4 daysDevTools: copy console tests to /Source/devtools/tests/
4 daysRevert: "Let SVGForeignObject's local SVG coordinates mean what it should"
4 daysList missing header files of platform/text in
4 daysEditing: queryCommandValue("stylewithcss") should always return an empty
4 daysList missing header files in page/
4 daysMove skipWhitespace() to
4 daysImageCapture.idl: s/videoStreamTrack/track/
4 daysMake assert_selection() to work with
4 daysGet rid of unused function computeInlineBox() taking
4 daysPrefix WebFrameClient::relatedAppsFetcher with
4 daysList public/platform/BlameContext.h in
4 daysGenerate inherited nonproperties insideLink and
4 daysDevTools: make dropdown arrow spacing
4 daysDevTools: format generator objects as
4 daysGenerate the storage of pseudoBits and styleType in
4 daysAdds SVGImageElement to
4 daysFix handling of external protocols with
4 daysList missing header files in editing/
4 daysSimplify the SelectorQuery constructor and reuse CSSSelectorList::length()
4 daysRemove redundant checks from third_party/WebKit/
4 daysDetach buffer in
4 daysDevTools: add tests to fixate javascript outline
4 daysAllow DOM.getNodeForLocation to skip to nearest non-shadow
4 daysDevTools: treat all missing coverage data as
4 daysMark a couple of js coverage tests
4 daysUnify logic for properties and nonproperties in
4 daysRemove
4 daysRefactor WebBluetoothServiceClient in the
4 daysDrop hover:on-demand support & let touch-screens report "none"
4 daysFix AutoplayUmaHelper when autoplay is initiated from multiple
4 days[sql] WebSQL xGetLastError() can be called with null
4 daysClean up calls to
4 daysDisable SPInvalidation by
4 daysImprove performance of rebaselining after TestBaselineSet
4 daysUpdate test for toString() on a remote
4 days[instrumentation] Generalize instrumentation to be used beyond the core
4 daysDevTools: add tests for cookies
4 daysAdd iterator for
4 daysRevert of Fixed external wpt csp img-src/* tests. (patchset #3 id:40001 of
4 daysMark LayoutEmbeddedObject and LayoutSliderContainer
4 daysRevert of Set default document urls to 'about:blank'. (patchset #4 id:60001 of
4 daysUse v8::Context::NewRemoteContext in
4 daysRevalidate SMIL animation value after target
4 daysAdd missing .h files to .gn files that have a .cc file next to it in the gn file
5 daysSuppress a layout test for Skia
5 daysFilter out stationary touches from coalesced
5 daysNever fix [ Win7 Debug ] virtual/disable-spinvalidation/compositing/
5 daysUse SVGResources in SVGLayoutTreeAsText
5 daysSync SerializedScriptValue::wireFormatVersion with
5 daysDevTools: make what's new look
5 daysUpstream service worker message event tests to
5 daysRevert of Remove |remote| and |readonly| members of MediaStreamTrack. (patchset #5 id:80001 of
5 daysPort BatteryMonitor into Device
5 daysRevert of [scheduler] Add a CHECK for renderer main thread load metrics. (patchset #2 id:20001
5 daysImport csswg-test@5359761e8492f2fb482794e521ee06c51799e970refs/changes/00/458500/
5 daysPlzNavigate: stop navigations when opening a document for
5 daysChanged sample to script-sample in security policy violation
5 daysRefactor PNGImageDecoder's call to
5 daysWorker: Add missing files in
5 daysRefactor Blink's ServiceConnector and add ability to mock in layout
5 daysWebSQL: Add spec links for WebIDL
5 days[ES6 modules] Introduce
5 daysWhen repeating headers don't use the header offset on the header