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24 min.Revert of Rendering text to a canvas in a frame-less document. (patchset #4 id:100001 of
69 min.[Layout API] Use ownerLayoutItem in forceLayoutParentViewIfNeeded()
98 min.Make backend destructor
105 min.Introduce
2 hoursAdd support for touch-action:
3 hoursRemoving run-time flag "--enable-2d-canvas-clip-aa"
4 hours[PaymentReqeust] Add error message in PaymentDetails. (in blink side)
5 hoursAdding CSP attribute on
5 hoursFix failing transferToImageBitmap layout tests and commit pixel test on
5 hoursConvert editing/selection/document-mutation.html to use w3c test
5 hoursRevert r403630 which broke parsing on some
6 hoursImplement
6 hoursLazily install origin trial features on V8
7 hoursEnsure valid VisiblePosition input for character{Before,After}
7 hoursbinding: Refactors bindings/templates/
8 hoursUse scrollOrigin instead of minimumScrollPosition to calculate
8 hoursAdd clean up logic to navigator.credentials layout
8 hoursbindings: Support sequence in callback function
8 hoursFix 'strict-dynamic' tests (generateURL / assert mismatch, misplaced parentheses)
9 hoursConvert editing/pasteboard/paste-table-002.html to use w3c test
9 hoursInitialize properly availableHeight in
9 hoursDo not depend on IDL files to detect target
10 hoursSet string-prototype-properties to
10 hoursEnsure valid VisiblePosition input for
10 hoursAvoid SVG viewport bug for CSS length animations that don't use viewport
10 hoursProperly name the timeout callback for update
10 hoursRestore only the collapsed leading space when copy
11 hoursRelax '*' in CSPSourceList to match the protected resource's
11 hoursDisallowed PassRefPtr copies across
11 hoursMissing sibling invalidation across removed
11 hoursUse generated code for
11 hoursSequential focus navigation across frames should clear per-document starting
11 hoursClean up stale FIXMEs and TODOs in core/
12 hoursPrepare DedicatedWorker for per thread
12 hoursUpdate USBConnectionEvent.idl to match the
12 hoursFix FontFaceSet state getting stuck at
12 hoursRevert of Add tests for PaintPropertyTreePrinter, remove path printers (patchset #2 id:20001 of
13 hours[DevTools] Disallow x-scrolling on profiles
13 hoursDon't depend on unregisterProperty in
13 hours[Blink, RemotePlayback] Rename connect() to prompt()
13 hoursRemove unused enum in
13 hoursIntroduce
13 hoursTimeline: support new scheme of local/global ids in
14 hoursDevTools: Move "enter" logic from ConsoleView to
15 hoursSwitch RootLayerScrolls to use root transform and scroll
15 hoursMake DOMWindowProperty::frameDestroyed always get
16 hoursDevTools: ConsoleViewMessage remove _messageElement, _formattedMessage, formattedMessage()
16 hoursDevTools: ConsoleViewMessage replace searchableElement() with contentElement()
16 hoursRemove two lines of comments in
16 hoursAdd VisiblePosition validity checks to
16 hoursMark paragraph-related functions deprecated in
16 hoursPrune some CreateVisiblePositionDeprecated calls from
16 hoursPrune CreateVisiblePositionDeprecated from
16 hoursFix placement of overlay scrollbars on high DPI with box
16 hoursSwitch the RootLayerScrolls codepath to use root effect paint
16 hoursasync/await catch prediction integration
19 hoursMark color-profile-background-clip-text.html
19 hoursUse VLOG instead of DVLOG for
19 hoursBlink: Convert scaled-sprited-background.html to be a pixel
19 hoursDevTools: introduce persistence/
20 hoursHarden LayoutSVGShape::isShapeEmpty to a null
20 hoursMake SVGAnimatedBoolean.h less
20 hours[DevTools] Make empty matched styles section
20 hoursMove setToolTipText from WebViewClient into
20 hoursRemove unneeded thread.h includes and fix
20 hoursRevert of Apply first-line transform-text style (patchset #1 id:1 of
20 hoursDisable WebSockets API in
21 hoursPlzNavigate: inform the WebFrameClient that a form will be
21 hoursRemove NeedsManualRebaseline from async/await stack trace
21 hoursImplement NSAccessibilityScrollToVisibleAction on
21 hourswebgl: Replace query task observer with a posted
21 hoursApply SVG root viewport clips in
21 hoursMake HTMLMetaElement.cpp a regular file
22 hoursAdd tests for PaintPropertyTreePrinter, remove path
22 hoursDevTools: Tests which run without a
22 hoursEnable compositing of scrolling content on low-DPI when LCD text will be
22 hoursbindings generator: Add "clang-format off" comment to
23 hours[DevTools] Implement removeView() in ViewLocation, and use it in
23 hoursPass file names list to in one
23 hoursAdd global objects to constructor mapping of
23 hours[DevTools] Fix left show/hide sidebar button
24 hours[DevTools] Focus sidebar trees in certain panels by
24 hoursReduce includes of some SVG*TearOff
24 hoursRename internal-download-button to
24 hoursRemove
24 hoursAdjust CSS property maximum tracking to be more clang-format
25 hoursRename bindings jinja2 templates to end with
25 hoursFormData should not drop ignorable code
26 hoursAdd usage counters to
27 hoursPlzNavigate: triage failing
27 hoursrebaseline missed conic-related layout
29 hoursPlzNavigate: update test filters following ServiceWorker
31 hoursGet rid of editing callback verification from fast/events/
31 hoursConvert editing/pasteboard/prevent-block-nesting-01.html to use w3c test
31 hoursImport
31 hoursFix use-after-scope in
31 hoursConvert editing/pasteboard/undoable-fragment-removes.html to use w3c test
31 hoursConvert editing/pasteboard/emacs-ctrl-a-k-y.html to use w3c test
31 hoursConvert editing/pasteboard/nested-blocks-with-text-{area,field}.html to use w3c test
36 hoursRemove redundant IsTriviallyMoveAssignable<CSSParserToken>
39 hoursPrune CreateVisiblePositionDeprecated from VisibleSelection::visibleBase/
2 daysPreformat UseCounter.h to avoid clang-format confusing the UMA
2 daysassert_*d_matrix_equals fuction can accept array as expected
3 daysSupport Blob on the V8-based structured clone
3 daysService worker creation from <link> leads to nullptr
3 days[GeometryInterface] Fix a
3 daysRemove unused IndexedDB IPC
3 daysMove buildFilterOperations to
3 days[scheduler] Implement time-based cpu
3 daysQueue a close event for
3 daysWebRTCPeerConnectionHandler::getStats for the new stats collector
3 daysInvalidate device-dependent media queries on device
3 daysConvert LayoutTests/svg/dom/SVGTransform*.html js-tests.js to testharness.js based
3 daysUpdated suborigin serialization to latest spec
4 days[DevTools] Added test for Runtime.evaluate with non serialable
4 daysSwitch the Root Layer Scrolls codepath to use root clip paint
4 daysRemove layout tests for OffscreenCanvas's
4 daysDelete FrameViewSlimmingPaintV2Test unit test setup
4 daysMinor IndexedDB
4 daysCommand buffer should not report depth_texture on pure ES3 without depth_texture
4 daysMake hspace/vspace unsigned long in
4 daysinput[type=range]: Updating step attribute should align the value to
4 daysDisabling a few Layout Tests that consistently fail on Win 7 and Win
4 daysImplement OffscreenCanvas Accelerated 2D commit()
4 daysNew test expectations for async function callstack
4 daysRevert of Handling new frames and frame navigations with find-in-page during a find session. (
4 daysDon't attempt to revalidate a Resource with a 304
4 daysReplace hide-scrollbars flag with a web
4 daysFix scroll chaining for non-descendants of root
4 daysDevTools: discover default port node servers for debugging (behind experiment)
4 daysInvalidate paint of FrameView before invalidating the layout
4 daysHandling new frames and frame navigations with find-in-page during a find
4 daysFix
4 daysPrevent redundant DoWorks due to canceled delayed tasks (v2)
4 daysRemove obsolete getBufferSubData compatibility entry
4 daysStarted adding links for Canvas and its 2D and WebGL
4 dayswtf: Implement StringView specialization of string
4 daysPaymentRequest: Deprecate careOf attribute in
4 daysNext attempt at defining browsing
4 daysImplement Mac Pop-up Dictionary for
4 daysPaymentRequest: Add support for shipping type. (in blink side)
4 daysDevTools: ConsoleViewFormatter rename _element to _contentElement, _wrapperElement to
4 daysMake Emulation.setVisibleSize experimental
4 daysDevTools: untangle device discovery request from the devtools android
4 daysBudget API calls should only succeed on secure
4 daysMake toDataURL robust with respect to allocation
4 daysReland of HTMLImageElement: do not use fallback content for ImageDocument (patchset #1 id:1 of
4 daysMake SVG*StringList and SVGStringListTearOff
4 daysMore rebaseline of
4 daysReland of Clear LifecycleObserver::m_context when LifecycleObserver::contextDestroyed gets
4 daysRe-enable tests under
4 daysFix pattern attribute handling for invalid regular
4 daysPrune CreateVisiblePositionDeprecated from
4 daysAdd WTF::Vector::emplaceAppend()
4 daysExtended implementation to use interface as
4 daysCSS Motion Path: report use of deprecated motion*
4 daysWorker: Unify worker thread shutdown
4 daysAdd a missing null check for FontFaceSet::document()
4 daysClear Document::m_frame after dispatching
4 daysApply SELECT's style on calculating intrinsic width of menulist
4 daysUse approximation when comparing Length floats in
4 daysRemove
4 daysSupport OffscreenCanvas transfer with V8-based structured
5 daysCSS Motion Path: animate offset-anchor and
5 daysDo follow-up refactoring in in _run_in_parallel and
5 daysCSS Properties and Values API: Use initial value where appropriate for var()
5 daysAdd static root property tree nodes [spv2]
5 daysUpdate createContextualFragment behavior to latest
5 daysReuse cc::PictureLayers when possible for
5 daysAdjust paint invalidation rects to match the actual radius of rastered
5 daysDevTools: extract a component for layer
5 daysRemove window.moveTo calls from
5 daysDevTools: Preserve the text when doing a line-by-line
5 days[DevTools] Fix search results hover and click
5 daysWorker: Introduce WorkerReportingProxy::willEvaluateWorkerScript()
5 daysRenamed EFloat members to match
5 daysChanged EFloat to an enum
5 daysUpdate some expectation files of imported/wpt/html/
5 daysSupport ImageBitmap transfer with V8-based structured
5 daysClean up SPv2 layout
5 daysAdding unit test for DrawingBuffer's bitmap recycling
5 daysAdd a generated ComputedStyleBase class that ComputedStyle
5 daysmedia: Change MediaKeyMessageEventInit to require both
5 daysRevert of HTMLImageElement: do not use fallback content for ImageDocument (patchset #2 id:20001
5 daysRevert of Clear LifecycleObserver::m_context when LifecycleObserver::contextDestroyed gets
5 daysSecurity fix while computing dropdown menu arrow
5 days[layoutng] Add border and padding when setting the override
5 daysUse SkData oriented picture serialize api, allowing us to deprecate the older api behind the
5 daysFix assertions related to floats and z-order lists when compositing opaque
5 days[DevTools]: Update file names in
5 daysrebaseline conic
5 daysIn, update SCM and expectations all at once after all
5 daysUpdate slimmingPaintInvalidation test
5 daysWebSocket Mojo API: set reason when disconnecting a WebSocket interface because of insufficient
5 daysAllows inline style in User-Agent shadow trees under
5 days[DevTools] Use selected target for console
5 days(re-land) Disallow navigations to blob URLs with non-canonical
5 daysHTMLImageElement: do not use fallback content for
5 daysImport
5 daysMojo Java bindings: org.chromium.mojom ->
5 daysImplement the MediaStreamTrackEvent
5 daysUnassociating MediaSession from media players (in blink & content)
5 daysFold DisplayItem creation into paintFilteredContent in
5 daysFix effect mapping computation for displacement-map w/ negative
5 daysAuto-rebaseline for
5 daysDon't write to an arbitrary address before crashing in blink's CRASH
5 daysRemove equalIgnoringCase in core/timing/
5 daysdisable changed conic
5 daysMHTML: Allows 'data:' URLs to be processed using normal request
5 daysDon't round the paint offset when painting
5 daysUpdate TestExpectations for removed/renamed tests when updating w3c
5 daysContent that starts before the first fragmentainer should stay where it
5 daysImport
5 daysSupport (non-transfer) ImageBitmap cloning in the V8-based structured cloning
5 daysSync the MediaStream API with the
5 daysCorrect a small mistake in a comment line in
5 daysOnly anchor along the scroller's block layout
5 daysCSS Properties and Values API: Implement computation / computational
5 daysStart an explainer doc that maps spec language to actual classes in the
5 days[css-grid] ASSERT when sizing tracks with percentages inside calc()
5 daysDocument* -> Document& for loadSubimages and
5 daysWebRTCStatsReport::copyHandle and getStats
5 daysAdds DevTools commands for forced viewport override to the Emulation
5 daysMake hbos OWNER of third_party/WebKit/Source/modules/peerconnection/
5 daysRemove unused
5 days[css-grid] Remove redundant setNeedsLayout()
5 daysAdapt ScriptStreamer to recent changes in v8
5 daysHarmonize FilterEffect::mapRect and
5 daysReplace Manual test with a
5 daysMake required dictionary members non-nullable
5 daysRemove SVGSVGElement dependency from
5 daysRemove ExceptionState argument from length arithmetic operations where it is not
5 daysImplement WEBGL_compressed_texture_es3_0 extension for WebGL 1/
5 daysChanged VRLayer's left/rightBounds to match the
5 daysRevert of Support (non-transfer) ImageBitmap cloning in the V8-based structured cloning path. (
6 daysEnforce capability spec renderer <-->
6 daysPaymentRequest: Add support for payerName. (in blink side)
6 daysSupport (non-transfer) ImageBitmap cloning in the V8-based structured cloning
6 days[Devtools] FlameChart now is 16bit space for
6 daysFix the scale of Drag and Drop shadow
6 daysCSS Motion Path: offset-anchor and
6 daysDevTools: Remove sdk dependency from
6 daysSplit the transfer process into two parts in the V8-based structured clone
6 daysStop serializing OffscreenCanvas
6 daysDevTools: Move Runtime helper functions into Runtime
6 daysbluetooth: Move UUID to bluetoooth.mojom module, previously
6 daysReland remove viewport test from
6 daysAuto-rebaseline for
6 daysDevTools: Fix Up/Down in the console prompt suggest
6 days[css-tables] Set needsLayout on cells when table border width