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2 hoursFloating legend should be added to the fieldset's anonymous
6 hoursUnbreak
8 hoursRemove now-incorrect assert in
10 hoursRevert of Reland "Fix HTML5 video blurry" (patchset #3 id:40001 of
11 hoursFix WebBluetooth generator to distinguish between different
11 hoursblink: Cleanup class/struct forward
11 hoursDetect change on the intersection of video and
28 hours[Devtools] Template fromTarget() function calls to
29 hours[DevTools] Remove obsolete experiment
29 hours[DevTools] Mark inspector/sources/debugger-pause/debugger-pause-in-internal.html as
29 hoursImplement collection of out-of-flow
29 hours[css-grid] Use child's marginLogicalWidth to compute content-sized
30 hoursSort headers for
30 hoursDevTools Accessibility pane: fix crash when inspecting shadow
30 hoursPrevent repeated VRDisplay.requestPresent calls from spamming the
31 hours[DevTools] fixed
31 hoursPerformanceMonitor: do not maintain a vector of frames in the monitor, single ExecutionContext
31 hoursUpdate expectations for
31 hoursRe-arrange API orders in
31 hoursReland "Fix HTML5 video blurry"
31 hoursAdded MojoCompositorFrameSink::EvictFrame() and MojoCompositorFrameSinkClient::WillDrawSurface()
31 hoursAdd 13 Windows random order flaky
32 hoursWeb MIDI: Add TEAM and COMPONENT to OWNERS
32 hoursProvide simple wrappers for base/time types in
32 hours[DevTools] Remove layout editor
32 hoursRemove WebGLObject maps from WebGLRenderingContextBase and
32 hoursRename canMakeActivePayment to
33 hourssetNeedsPaintPropertyUpdate on FrameView contents size
33 hoursRoll third_party/inspector_protocol to
33 hoursW3C Importer: Consolidate and simplify logic for deciding what not to
33 hoursMove all descendant-dependent flags into the same tree
33 hoursFix spelling in LayoutTests/fast/
34 hoursDelete some dead compositing code, and update a comment about interest
34 hoursDrop SVGElement::accessDocumentSVGExtensions()
34 hoursManually rebaseline some paint/invalidation
34 hoursGeneralize visible descendant dirty bits to prepare for more
34 hours[DevTools] Ship inline
34 hoursManually rebaseline NeedsRebaselines on or before 12/
34 hoursDevTools: rebaseline tests after V8
35 hoursReturned MediaQuerySet should be
35 hoursPrevent inlining of FontDescription copying and comparison
35 hoursMark virtual/mojo-loading/http/tests/xmlhttprequest/workers/
36 hoursDevTools: eslint ignore generated metadata
36 hoursInvalidate scrollbar part when it's created or
37 hoursThrow RangeError for invalid refDistance/
37 hoursRevert of Display content_shell error messages. (patchset #2 id:20001 of
37 hoursRevert of Invalidate scrollbar part when it's created or destroyed (patchset #2 id:20001 of
38 hoursMerge LayoutTests fast/transforms in
38 hoursImprove property under-invalidation DCHECKs in
39 hoursRename referrerPolicy() methods to getReferrerPolicy()
39 hoursPart 3.4: Is policy list subsumed under subsuming policy?
39 hoursRename scrollOffset() method to getScrollOffset()
39 hoursDisplay content_shell error
39 hoursImport
39 hoursObserve the container size when dragging scaled SVG
40 hoursPaymentApp: Blink side of payment request event dispatching in service
40 hoursFIELDSET element: |elements| IDL attribute should return an HTMLCollection, not
40 hoursrewrite spec links with http: to https: and fix known Javascript redirected
41 hoursRemove/correct erroneous expected png and
42 hoursTest exiting from nested fullscreen (without fixing it)
43 hoursPart 3.3: Is policy list subsumed under subsuming policy?
43 hoursDon't include ComputedStyle.h where not
43 hoursPart 4.1: Is policy list subsumed under subsuming policy?
43 hours[css-grid] Avoid layout positioned items that don't need
43 hoursDon't include CachedUAStyle.h from
44 hoursMake updateStyleInvalidationIfNeeded()
44 hoursRemove
44 hoursMargins that start at fragmentainer boundaries should be collapsed
44 hoursRemove RefPtr<ScriptState> from
45 hoursselection.setBaseAndExtent with null should not
45 hoursWorker: Use per-frame task runners for
45 hoursRevert of Place CHECKs to check FontResource::startLoadLimiTimers is called appropriately (
45 hoursRemove the wrong optimization in replacing a text node with
46 hoursFix constness of certificate argument in
46 hoursRefactor TextFinder::scopeStringMatches()
46 hoursIntroduce didChangeChildren() to
46 hoursAdd TaskType parameter to
46 hoursFix break-all/word-break are applied to inline
46 hoursIntroduce 'TextCompositionCancel' for
47 hoursRemove [ConstructorCallWith=ScriptState] from
47 hoursMove InspectorTask handling from MainThreadTaskRunner to
47 hoursFlush HTMLViewSourceParser on the end of
47 hoursChange ShadowPiercingDescendantCombinator flag to
48 hoursReload Reloaded: Use ReloadMainResource even on recovering from
48 hoursLoading: move TextResource to core/loader/
48 hoursRemove RefPtr<ScriptState> from
48 hoursPart 3.2: Is policy list subsumed under subsuming policy?
48 hoursRemove RefPtr<ScriptState> from
48 hoursReload Reloaded: remove experimental flag that has been enabled by
2 daysUpdate documentation for [CallWith] and [ConstructorCallWith]
2 daysRemove acceptDataFromThreadedReceiver() method from DocumentLoader and
2 daysReland Script blocking resources tracking should be only done by Document::isScriptExecutionReady"
2 daysRemove [ConstructorCallWith=ScriptState] from
2 daysWebVR: Add sanity checks for decoded pose index
2 daysMake ifdefs consistent in WebKit/Source/core/
2 days[wrapper-tracing] Fixed confusing typo in DEFINE_TRACE_WRAPPERS in example
2 daysDevTools: [Persistence] sync working copies of
2 days[DevTools] Fixed breakpoint
2 days[PaymentRequest] Replace '' with 'unknown' in
2 days[DevTools] Remove unnecessary checks for project
2 daysPrevent implicit framebuffer clear from clobbering alpha in emulated
2 days[Devtools] Fixed frontend to properly support optional
2 daysDevTools: remove transform hack on
2 days[DevTools] Don't expand CallStackSidebarPane on pause if it was
2 days[Devtools] Rename logEntries to node in
2 daysEdit comments in and
2 daysFix under-invalidation of multicol with
2 daysWebVR: avoid race conditions for partially-initialized
2 daysClear PendingScript::m_streamer when it is
2 daysReset the default value of touch event flag back to "Auto"
2 daysDevTools: separate array formatter from object
2 daysRemove attributes that contain javascript from
2 daysMinor simplification in webkitpy/w3c/
2 daysImport
2 daysMinor clean up in webkitpy/e3c/
2 daysRevert "CSS Motion Path: report use of deprecated motion* properties"
2 daysTest expectations for virtual/mojo-loading and --site-per-process
2 daysRemove dead code processing wheel gesture
2 daysAdd data parameter to payment details
2 daysDevTools: Convert inspector-unit tests to use reusable test
2 daysAdd DocumentLifecycle::toString() to ease lifecycle-related
2 daysgenerate GL_INVALID_VALUE for CheckedNumeric invalid
2 daysFix TestExpectations in preparation for a V8
2 daysScreen Orientation: add ScreenOrientationController in core/ with Impl in modules/
2 daysDevTools: bail out presubmit early if error after node.js or formatting
2 daysFix crash when calling convertToBlob on an OffscreenCanvas with no
2 daysFix under-invalidation of frameset on
2 daysFix a minor issue in
2 daysAvoid repeating ourselves in
2 daysDeprecate
2 daysReland: Notifications: Split up image loading histograms by image
2 days[DevTools] rebased inspector/console/
2 daysDecouple VR Shell DPR and CSS size from Physical
2 days[DevTools] fix minor issue with inline
2 daysDevTools: Sources: Remove unused properties on
2 daysDevTools: Elements: Only lookup most used properties for
2 daysOnly communicate CSSPrimitiveValue references from
2 daysDelete bogus Android expectations added in
2 daysUpdate layout location documentation to reflect
3 daysEarly-out from the prepaint tree
3 daysRevert of Don't expand empty rect during rect mapping (patchset #4 id:60001 of
3 daysRemove bad Mac10.10 baseline for svg/filters/
3 daysMark http/tests/media/video-buffered-range-contains-currentTime.html as [ Failure Timeout ] on
3 daysMark virtual/mojo-loading/http/tests/xmlhttprequest/workers/
3 daysAdding back Mouse Focus on |sendContextMenuEventForGesture|
3 daysCarry MediaStreamComponent properties on
3 daysEnsure CSS scanner does not mark preloads as
3 daysPull up clearCacheExceptFrame to
3 daysMake OffscreenCanvas 2D context support
3 daysMark fast/speech/scripted/speechrecognition-restart-onend.html as flakily leaking an
3 daysMark virtual/mojo-loading/http/tests/xmlhttprequest/workers/
3 daysRemove failing expectation for http/tests/preload/
3 daysRevert "Notifications: Split up image loading histograms by image type"
3 daysUpdate Win10 expectation for fast/forms/search/search-rtl.html to match Win7
3 daysCleanup multiple URLSchemesSet static
3 daysSkip virtual/threaded/http/tests/worklet/
3 daysscheduler: Detect load RAIL
3 daysMark virtual/mojo-loading/http/tests/preload/external_css_import_preload.html as
3 daysEnable Analytic AA
3 daysNotifications: Split up image loading histograms by image
3 daysNeuter the "screen scale factor" computation for SVG <text>
3 daysPlace CHECKs to check FontResource::startLoadLimiTimers is called
3 days[Editing] Use VisiblePosition stardOfWord for textarea in spell
3 days[DevTools] Added inline
3 daysSuspend frame schedulers on a page
3 daysDocument FetchRequest
3 daysAdd comments to wtf/
3 daysEnable per thread heap on parser
3 daysAdd virtual/mojo-loading/http/
3 daysFix memory corruption related to load blocking resource
3 daysAdd COMPONENT field to third_party/WebKit/
3 daysAdd a property test generator for testing the inline
3 daysRevert of binding: Removes Document::wrap that must be equivalent to Node::wrap. (patchset #5
3 daysUpdate LayoutTests/fast/forms/search/search-rtl.html for gender neutral code
3 daysReplace text in a LayoutTest for gender-neutral code
3 daysfix typo va =>
3 daysReplace text in LayoutTest with something more gender
3 daysMade CSS white-space property use
3 daysFix and refactor downloaded file handling in the loading
3 daysAdded initial_keyword flag to
3 daysUse a create-or-update pattern for faster local border box property
3 daysDevTools: [SuggestBox] follow-up to migration icons to
3 daysAdded ordering warnings back for
3 daysRemove TestExpectation lines added when removing Precise
3 daysHave all overloads of webcrypto::AlgorithmImplementation::DeserializeKeyForClone check the
3 days[LayoutNG] Fix enum values to conform to kEnumName in style
3 daysRemove gendered
3 daysChange slimmingPaintV2Enabled to slimmingPaintInvalidationEnabled where
3 daysAdd Prerender type to NavigationType for nav timing
3 daysFix V8 bindings for LongTaskObserver origin
3 daysLoading: move *StyleSheetResource to core/loader/
3 days[RemotePlayback] Don't expose Remote Playback API for
3 daysDon't dispatch vrdisplayactivate event if the page that listens for it is
3 daysDetect floats to avoid or clear due to negative margin
3 daysReplace gender pronoun "He" with neutral
3 daysDevTools: rename Timeline to Performance, Profiles to
3 daysTest expectation for
3 daysCleanup after removal of the SVGViewSpec
3 daysBarcode/Face detection: reject requests in platforms where not
3 daysDeflake storage/domstorage/events tests when run in random
3 daysDevTools: make network part of timeline
3 daysUse touch events to report stylus
3 daysThis is towards removing the global variable that specifies the
3 daysIntroduce resetLayout(), to offload layoutBlockFlow()
3 days[Devtools] Removed columns-sorted from ignored test
3 daysFix ImageFrame's blendRGBAPremultiply and
3 daysDevTools: Editing of node.js should not add a new line after
3 daysDisable flaky virtual/threaded/fast/scroll-behavior/smooth-scroll/
3 daysDevTools: add JavaScript profiling preset, fix multiple listener registration bug, add network
3 daysmove blink::StyleBuilderConverter::convertPositionLength into header
3 daysDeflake tests in http/tests/appcache/ when run in random
3 days[LayoutNG] Fix remaining camelCase variable names in
3 daysDevTools: enable timelineRecordingPerspectives experiment by
3 daysAvoid rogue line float
3 daysForces stacking context for computed value of
3 days[Video] Add dummy video/audio tracks inactive to select them
3 daysInvalidate scrollbar part when it's created or
3 daysIssue paint offset for SVGText,
3 daysDevTools: [SuggestBox] migrate suggestbox icons onto
3 daysDevTools: remove custom CPU throttling
3 daysDeprecating
3 daysEnable RemotePlayback API by
3 daysImplement
3 daysMake Oilpan's Persistent handle work with const
3 daysDevTools: swap sampling profiler and tracking profiler in the profilers
3 daysReset interface state when USBDevice.close is
3 daysDevTools: rename 'No throttling' to 'no network throttling' to disambiguate from the CPU
3 daysDevTools: do not aggregate by category in timeline trees by
3 daysRevert of [wrapper-tracing] Fix WebGL extension and attachment handling (patchset #1 id:1 of
3 days[Presentation API] Throw NotAllowedError instead of AbortError when user closes MR
3 days[Devtools] Fixed selection removal in FilterBar on
4 days[Devtools] Fixed flakey network-columns-sorted.html
4 daysSimplify
4 daysRemove 2 http/tests/cache tests from
4 daysEarly terminate WebGL markContextChanged calls when
4 daysAdd 2 Mac flaky tests to
4 daysAttempt to deflake
4 daysIdleDeadlineTest: Clean up test time functions at
4 daysReturn value of |setCaretAtHitTestResult()| never used so making
4 daysRemove wasCanceled() check in
4 daysMandate unique_ptr for base::IDMap in IDMapOwnPointer
4 daysCSSSelectorWatch: avoid unnecessary hash table
4 daysMove EventHandler timers to per-frame task
4 daysChange StyleFetchedImageSet from ResourceClient to
4 days[css-ui] Add support for caret-color
4 daysLet SVGForeignObject's local SVG coordinates mean what it
4 days[WeakMemoryCache] Remove dead/live distinction of Resource outside core/
4 daysIn test_parser, skip files with non-ascii tags, and emit an
4 days[wrapper-tracing] Fix expecations on TraceWrappables
4 daysAdd UseCounter for Flexbox and