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2014-12-18Import CSSWG Shapes tests<>
2014-12-15Hide extra output in imported testharness.js tests<>
2014-12-05Allow the embedders of SVG content to isolate blending when it is<>
2014-12-03Move CSS Compositing to 'stable'.<>
2014-11-12Add performance tests for accelerated elements with CSS Blending.<>
2014-11-03[CSS Blending] Apply filters before blending.<>
2014-10-30escape attribute values in test converter that can possibly have regex chars in them<>
2014-10-16hasDescendantWithBlendMode should not be propagated outside<>
2014-10-09update paths to ref file support files when its location changes relative to the test file<>
2014-10-09Adding support for color interpolation hints to CSS gradients.<>
2014-09-22Disallow squashing for blending layers.<>
2014-09-18Moving blending tests from css3/compositing to css3/blending<>
2014-09-04be more explicit about which mimetypes to skip so svg support files aren't skipped<>
2014-09-03Paint the base background color on root before other bgLayers.<>
2014-08-19skip support directories when search for runnable tests<>
2014-08-18Refactor ShapeOutsideInfo so it isn't mutated for each line<>
2014-08-12updated w3c import script to align with the new css test repo structure as<>
2014-08-08Refactor getExcludedIntervals since only one LineSegment is ever returned<>
2014-08-06Properly handle zero height lines with image shape-outside<>
2014-06-09Bound RasterShapeInterval size to int<>
2014-06-04Simplify createShapeForImage handling of image pointers<>
2014-06-04Fix off by one in creating a RasterShape<>
2014-05-31Heap-use-after-free in WebCore::GraphicsContext::drawImage<>
2014-05-01Removing myself from rendering watchlist<>
2014-04-15Heap-use-after-free in WebCore::Resource::checkNotify<>
2014-04-10[CSS Shapes] shape-outside from image doesn't load properly<>
2014-04-08[CSS Blending] Adding to RenderTreeAsText information about blending<>
2014-04-07Merge ShapeInfo & ShapeOutsideInfo now that ShapeInsideInfo is no more<>
2014-03-11shape-outside does not properly handle different writing modes<>
2014-03-10[CSS Shapes] Image valued shape can fail<>
2014-03-07[CSS Shapes] SVG Image valued shape fails if root element's size is relative<>
2014-03-05Preserve shape-box order in non-computed values<>
2014-03-04Rename shapeSize and others to make ShapeInfo and friends easier to understand<>
2014-02-28Stacked floats with shape-outside should allow inline content to interact with the non-outermost ...<>
2014-02-28Clear m_logicallyLastRun when the runs are deleted<>
2014-02-27Multiple segment shape-inside polygon causes assertion failed with shape-outside iframe<>
2014-02-27[CSS Shapes] Adjust lineTop position to the next available wrapping location at shape-outsides<>
2014-02-22Expose the CSS background-blend-mode property,<>
2014-02-20inset and inset-rectangle trigger assert with iframe and large percentage width<>
2014-02-13[CSS Shapes] Dynamically created element with image valued shape-outside doesn't update<>
2014-02-13Do not copy m_originatingLine in FloatingObject::unsafeClone<>
2014-02-12[CSS Shapes] Rounded Insets Let Content Overlap Shape<>
2014-02-10clip-path swaps bottom radii for the inset shape<>
2014-02-01[CSS Shapes] Adjust inset sizing syntax to the latest specification<>
2014-01-29[CSS Shapes] Support inset for shape-outside<>
2014-01-28[CSS Shapes] Support inset parsing<>
2014-01-23[CSS Shapes] Image valued shape size and position should conform to the spec<>
2014-01-23[CSS Blending] background-blend-mode fails for certain SVG files.<>
2014-01-22Separate LineBreaker from RenderBlockLineLayout<>
2014-01-17Move TrailingObjets class into its own file<>
2014-01-16Refactor MidpointState<>
2014-01-15Move LineLayoutState class into rendering/line<>
2014-01-14Update default shape property value to 'none'<>
2014-01-13Track intruding and overhanging floats<>
2014-01-13[CSS Shapes] Shape images are now image types, not just URIs<>
2014-01-11[CSS Regions][CSS Shapes] ASSERTION FAILED: m_segmentRanges.size() < m_segments.size()<>
2014-01-11[CSS Shapes] First line gets incorrectly adjusted in shape-inside due to rounding<>
2014-01-10Remove CSS Custom Filters code and LayoutTests.<>
2014-01-10If an element's layer with accelerated children and border-radius reaches the compositing state o...<>
2014-01-09Use supplied reference box for layout using CSS Shapes<>
2014-01-08Shape-inside should not be shared to descendants of non-blocks<>
2014-01-07Make lldb pretty print LayoutUnit, LayoutSize, and LayoutPoint<>
2014-01-07[CSS Shapes] shape-outside layout incorrect when line spans rounded box rounded corners<>
2014-01-07Transition Between Shape Properties<>
2014-01-06[CSS Shapes] Add support for the computing the included intervals for a BoxShape<>
2014-01-06[CSS Blending] SVG overlapping elements within a group don't blend together.<>
2013-12-19[CSS Shapes] When the box value is set, derive radii from border-radius<>
2013-12-19[CSS Shapes] Add FloatPolygon unit tests<>
2013-12-19Move LineWidth.{h,cpp} into rendering/line<>
2013-12-18Shape-Inside Should Not Be Shared To Descendants of Inline or Floating Elements<>
2013-12-18Parse new <shape> <box> syntax for shape properties<>
2013-12-18[CSS Shapes] Add FloatPolygon unit tests<>
2013-12-17[CSS Blending] Implement the isolation property for SVG.<>
2013-12-17[CSS Blending] When applying mix-blend-mode on an element,<>
2013-12-15Makes blending methods in WebLayer.h pure virtuals. Adds a layout test.<>
2013-12-13[CSS Shapes] Add BoxShape unit tests<>
2013-12-13[CSS Shapes] Add FloatRoundedRect unit tests<>
2013-12-12[CSS Shapes] Simplify RectangleShape implementation<>
2013-12-12[CSS Shapes] Simplify the BoxShape implementation<>
2013-12-09[CSS Shapes] Add BoxShape and FloatRoundingRect classes<>
2013-12-05[CSS Shapes] shape-inside rectangle layout can fail<>
2013-12-04Accept the new <box> value for CSS Shapes<>
2013-12-04Makes blending methods in WebLayer.h pure virtuals. Adds a layout test.<>
2013-12-03Added setters and getters in WebLayer.h / GraphicsLayer.h for:<>
2013-12-02Shape-inside should default to 'auto'<>
2013-11-27[CSS Blending] Fix blending when mix-blend-mode is set from javascript<>
2013-11-27Moving WebCore::BlendMode to blink::WebBlendMode<>
2013-11-26Enable animation for the shape-image-threshold property<>
2013-11-25Display anonymous regions in DRT<>
2013-11-21Clip accelerated descendants of an accelerated layer having border radius and clip overflow<>
2013-11-20[CSS Blending] Fix isolation for the hardware path.<>
2013-11-19[CSSRegions] Convert some overflow regions tests into reftests.<>
2013-11-19[CSSRegions] Model regions functionality using anonymous regions<>
2013-11-18[CSS Shapes] Refactor RectangleShape<>
2013-11-18[Blending and compositing] Implement the isolation CSS property in software<>
2013-11-18Move CustomFilterMeshGenerator from core/platform/... to platform/...<>
2013-11-15RenderBlockFlow::nextFloatLogicalBottomBelow should not use ShapeOutsideFloatOffsetMode<>
2013-11-14The ShapeInfo::lineOverlapsShapeBounds() methods now delegate to the Shape object. The logic for ...<>
2013-11-14[CSS Shapes] Empty polygons with non-zero shape-padding cause an ASSERT crash<>
2013-11-13[CSSRegions] Move cssom/cssom-view regions tests into fast/regions/cssom<>
2013-11-12Separate BreakingContext from RenderBlockLineLayout.cpp<>
2013-11-08Refactor logical left/right offset for line methods<>
2013-11-08[CSS Shapes] Image valued shape-outside that extends vertically into the margin-box is top-clipped<>
2013-11-07[CSS Shapes] Image shape-outside with vertical gaps is handled incorrectly<>
2013-11-07Rename region line offset methods<>
2013-11-06Remove setCSSExclusionsEnabled(true) from CSS Shapes-Regions tests<>
2013-11-06Removing the -webkit prefix from CSS Regions-Shapes tests<>
2013-11-05[CSS Regions][CSS Shapes] Content in region doesn't respect shape-outside after initial layout pass<>
2013-11-05Move CustomFilterTransformParameter from core/platform/... to platform/...<>
2013-11-05[CSS Shapes] image valued shape element margin can cause an ASSERT fail<>
2013-11-04Fix shape-outside on floats with padding<>
2013-11-01An accelerated RenderLayer should not use blendMode when painting its<>
2013-10-31Move Custom Filter files (with no dependencies on core) from core/... to platform/...<>
2013-10-30[CSS Regions][CSS Shapes] Layout error when the shape has negative top coordinate and it's applie...<>
2013-10-30Tests for shape-outside with negative margins<>
2013-10-30[CSS Regions][CSS Shapes] Update updateShapeAndSegmentsForCurrentLineInFlowThread to deal better ...<>
2013-10-29[CSS Regions][CSS Shapes] Update updateShapeAndSegmentsForCurrentLineInFlowThread to deal better ...<>
2013-10-29[CSS Shapes] CORS-enabled fetch for shape image values - ShapeInfo.cpp cleanups<>
2013-10-28Move BreakingContext out of LineBreaker<>
2013-10-28Removing the -webkit prefix from CSS Shapes tests<>
2013-10-27[CSS Shapes][CSS Regions] Don't apply shape-inside when we have multiple auto-height regions and ...<>
2013-10-25Tests for background-blend-mode with accelerated elements.<>
2013-10-25Clip shape-outside to the float margin box<>
2013-10-25[CSS Shapes] CORS-enabled fetch for shape image values<>
2013-10-24Remove prefixes in imported shape-outside tests<>
2013-10-24Adding myself to the rendering watchlist<>
2013-10-24Improve RenderBlockFlow::adjustLogicalLineTopAndLogicalHeightIfNeeded<>
2013-10-24[CSS Blending] Background color isn't fully painted when having a blended child.<>
2013-10-24[CSSRegions] -webkit-background-clip: text; does not clip the background in regions<>
2013-10-23Move float logical location/dimension methods to RenderBlockFlow<>
2013-10-23Move m_floatingObjects to RenderBlockFlow from RenderBlock<>
2013-10-22[CSSRegions] Move autoheight* tests into fast/regions/auto-size<>
2013-10-22Remove includes from LineWidth.h<>
2013-10-22Enable animation for the shape-margin property<>
2013-10-22Fix failing custom filters tests<>
2013-10-21Remove setupContext() method from BreakingContext<>
2013-10-19Fixes various problems with the widows implementation<>
2013-10-19Add unprefixed CSS Shapes properties and alias the old prefixed names<>
2013-10-17[CSS Shapes] Improve the performance of image valued shapes with large shape-margins<>
2013-10-17Length interpolation does not need to truncate progress to a float<>
2013-10-16Renamed InspectorDOMAgent::loadEventFired to InspectorDOMAgent::invalidateFrameOwnerElement and a...<>
2013-10-16[CSS Shapes] Move RenderBlock::layoutShapeInsideInfo into RenderBlock.cpp<>
2013-10-16Enable animation for the shape-outside property<>
2013-10-15[CSS Shapes] Move shape-inside floats tests into their own subdirectory<>
2013-10-15[CSSRegions] Created style-scoped under fast/regions and move related files<>
2013-10-15[CSSRegions] Create region-styling folder and move related tests<>
2013-10-15shape-outside does not properly handle the container and the float having different writing modes<>
2013-10-15[CSS Shapes] Image valued shape-outside shapes should update the layout after the image has been ...<>
2013-10-14[CSS Shapes] Move ShapeInsideInfo::updateSegmentsForLine implementations into the cpp<>
2013-10-14[CSS Regions] Activate all regions to have layers, as CSS Regions create<>
2013-10-14[CSSRegions] Create auto-size folder and move related regions tests<>
2013-10-12Add myself to the rendering watchlist<>
2013-10-12Fix divede-by-zero crash on background-repeat round<>
2013-10-12Simplify the ShapeOutsideInfo and ShapeInfo interfaces<>
2013-10-11[CSS Shapes] Add basic support for shape-inside with inline/block content with floats<>
2013-10-10[CSS Shapes] Use unsigned for the internal representation of shape-margin for image valued shapes<>
2013-10-09Fix heap-use-after-free in GraphicsLayer::setContentsClippingMaskLayer<>
2013-10-09Relayout when shape-outside is modified dynamically<>
2013-10-08[CSS Blending] Implement mix-blend-mode in software.<>
2013-10-04[CSS Shapes] Revise the CSS property parsing tests<>
2013-10-04[CSS Shapes] Support the shape-image-threshold property<>
2013-10-04[CSS Shapes] Implement the shape-image-threshold property<>
2013-10-03[CSSRegions] Regions auto-height and absolute positioning bug<>
2013-10-01[CSSRegions] Add a test to make sure that it is safe to collect a html element in a named flow.<>
2013-10-01Prevent a crash caused by specifying a CSS Shape geometry Length attribute with a calc() expressi...<>
2013-10-01[CSS Shapes] add shape-margin support for image valued shapes<>
2013-09-28More tests for shape-outside on floats with positive margins<>
2013-09-27Fix computation of a percentage radius for circle shape-outside<>
2013-09-25Move logicalHeightForLine out of LineWidth.h<>
2013-09-25Properly handle bottom margin on float with shape-outside<>
2013-09-24Large canvas does not honor containing div's border radius.<>
2013-09-23Move tests to new import location<>
2013-09-20Shape-inside child blocks do not correctly offset inline content from their content box<>
2013-09-20[CSS Compositing] Parse the |isolation| property.<>
2013-09-19Fix handling of top margin on float with shape-outside<>
2013-09-19Fix W3C Test Import script reformatting test HTML<>
2013-09-19[CSS Shapes] - Bad ASSERT() in RasterShapeIntervals::firstIncludedIntervalY()<>
2013-09-19Fix handling of block with left margin next to a float<>
2013-09-19[CSS Shapes] Winding rule polygon issues<>
2013-09-18[CSS Shapes] Improve the performance of image valued shapes<>
2013-09-18[CSS Background Blending] Test background blending with a gif layer over a background color<>
2013-09-18ASSERTION FAILED: !object || object->isBox(), UNKNOWN in WebCore::RenderNamedFlowThread::getRanges<>
2013-09-18Make FloatingObjects own it's FloatingObject instances<>
2013-09-16[CSS Shapes] Turn Shape's logicalwidth/height into a LayoutSize<>
2013-09-15Move LineWidth class and related code into LineWidth.{h,cpp}.<>
2013-09-13Remove unnecessarily complex template from ShapeInfo classes<>
2013-09-06Fix painting order for floats with shape-outside<>
2013-09-05The source of the problem are several assignments like this:<>
2013-09-05[CSSRegions] Pseudo-elements as regions should not be exposed to JS<>
2013-09-04Revised the ShapeIntervals unite, intersect, and subtract operations to improve efficiency and cl...<>
2013-09-03The existing ShapeIntervals class has been converted into a template whose type specifies the typ...<>
2013-09-03Reevaluate compositing requirements after next layout when fixed position elements are marked as ...<>
2013-09-03Moving disabled shape and exclusion style tests to the virtual test suite<>
2013-08-30Treat fit-content/min-content/max-content height as auto when laying out regions.<>
2013-08-21Completed the implementation of RasterShape::firstIncludedIntervalLogicalTop(). The method now co...<>
2013-08-20Add tests to validate background bending with the following properties:<>
2013-08-16Move Floats out of RenderBlock<>
2013-08-15Add a Runtime Flag for CSS Shapes<>
2013-08-15[CSS Shapes] Add support for shape-outside image values<>
2013-08-14[CSS Shapes] Positioning floats inside shape-inside should respect the shape's boundaries<>
2013-08-14Remove Explicit Shapes Enablement in Tests<>
2013-08-14Porting webkit patch from<>
2013-08-13[CSS Exclusions] Minimal support for using an image to define a shape<>
2013-08-13Use the outermost float for shape-outside<>
2013-08-13Renames to make the code easier to read<>
2013-08-13[CSSRegions] Wrong auto-height region computation for nested named flows<>
2013-08-13Remove unneeded const on updateOffsetIfNeeded method.<>
2013-08-08Fix background blending for some cases where it did not work at all. The fix adds the blendMode p...<>
2013-08-08Restored some shape-outside tests.<>
2013-08-06Unreviewed gardening: Set NeedsRebaselines for gradients and blending tests after submitting crbu...<>
2013-08-06-webkit-mask-repeat: round does not work<>
2013-08-05New positioning model: Simple shape-margin tests<>
2013-08-02New positioning model: support for stacked floats with shape-outside<>
2013-08-02CSS Bg Blending fails when specifying background image and color separately<>
2013-08-02New positioning model: support for polygon shape-outside<>
2013-08-01Update location of w3c shapes tests to reflect new import location<>
2013-08-01W3C test import script prefixes some properties that it shouldn't<>
2013-07-31Update percentage rectangle and inset rectangle tests<>
2013-07-31Update tests to no longer use window.internals.<>
2013-07-30New positioning model: support for circle and ellipse shape-outside<>
2013-07-30Remove the use of overrideLogicalContentHeight from the regions'<>
2013-07-29[CSS Shapes] Fix Shapes's polygon tests<>
2013-07-29New positioning model: support for inset rectangle shape-outside<>
2013-07-29[CSS Shapes] Port shape-inside on regions and shape's content overflow from WebKit<>
2013-07-26New positioning model: support for rounded rectangle shape-outside<>
2013-07-26Remove -webkit-svg-shadow<>
2013-07-26New positioning model: Borders<>
2013-07-25Remove the use of overrideLogicalContentHeight from the regions' processing model. This prevents ...<>
2013-07-25New positioning model: Borders<>
2013-07-25Move shapes tests to their own directory<>
2013-07-21First submission for support of blending in SVG + added a number of ref tests that show all blend...<>
2013-07-20[CSS Regions] Mouse over an element does not trigger :hover state for parent when the element is ...<>
2013-07-17Add test to avoid crash/assert when ASSERT(layoutState->m_renderer == this) will be activated aga...<>
2013-07-16With the latest Editor's Draft of the CSS Shapes specification,<>
2013-07-16Rectangle and inset-rectangle do not properly handle rx and ry<>
2013-07-11NamedFlowCollection getters should follow the same pattern as HTMLCollection<>
2013-07-10Implement support for using inset-rectangles in a shape-outside.<>
2013-07-05assertion failed: !node || node->isElementNode() in WebCore::RenderBlock::clone<>
2013-07-02DOM children of a region must not be rendered as children of the region, but can be collected in ...<>
2013-07-02[CSSRegions] No other SVG elements except the SVGRoot must have RegionInfo objects attached<>
2013-06-27Web Inspector: Integrate new regionOversetChange event into inspector<>
2013-06-26[CSS Regions] Move overset compute code from flow thread to named flow thread<>
2013-06-25Removed runtime check for canvas blend modes<>
2013-06-25[CSS Shapes] StyleResolver::loadPendingShapeImage() should check its ShapeValue parameter more ca...<>
2013-06-21[CSS Regions] Add new regionOversetChange event<>
2013-06-21CSS Background Blending doesn't work for svg layers.<>
2013-06-20Fix broken AttachContext from r152289<>
2013-06-20[CSS Shapes] limit shape image values to same origin<>
2013-06-20[CSS Blending] Add test suite to validate Background Layers Blending<>
2013-06-20Rename Shapes Code to Reflect CSS Exclusions / CSS Shapes Split<>