AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysupdate getTexParameter for WebGL
4 daysSimplify WTF::PrintStream using variadic
5 daysRemove PeerConnection runtime flag for
6 daysVariadic template parameters names at WTF
6 daysImprovements at WTF Functional
7 daysTestExpectations
11 daysFixup reftest failures after switching to HarfBuzz on
11 daysUpdate vertexAttribIPointer for
12 daysRebaseline test with smallcaps
12 daysImprove SVG transforms gradient
12 daysFixup reftest failures after switching to HarfBuzz on
12 daysAdd a media query "display-mode" features layout
12 daysWiden failure expectatation for
2015-04-13Fix pixel snapping issue when
2015-04-11Advance document lifecycle to CompositingClean prior to hit
2015-04-10update vertexAttribI* and getVertexAttrib for
2015-04-09Fix Mac x-height
2015-04-09update getVertexAttrib for WebGL
2015-04-08update getProgramParameter for WebGL
2015-04-07[DeviceLight] Add Layout
2015-04-07update getBufferParameter for WebGL
2015-04-03Replace layout with updateLayout during dumping
2015-04-03Remove Beacon runtime flag for
2015-04-03canvas: Support nonstandard "darker" until
2015-03-26Remove BatteryStatus runtime flag [status=stable] for
2015-03-25Decrease binary size by dropping WTF::HashTableAddResult
2015-03-25Cleanup removed and moved files in
2015-03-25Remove Mac native font type members from
2015-03-24Add 'blink::WebDisplayModeLast' enum
2015-03-24Improve 2D Canvas Text Metrics
2015-03-23Revert of The class HashTable contains mixed unsigned and bool bitfields (patchset #1 id:1 of
2015-03-18Fix a x86 contentshell apk build bug for when oilpan
2015-03-13Introduce WTF::ConditionalDestructor policy
2015-03-13Use WTF::IsTriviallyDestructible type trait in
2015-03-12Avoid loosing of the display mode
2015-03-12gpu: remove |level| parameter in copy(Sub)TextureCHROMIUM()
2015-03-12The class HashTable contains mixed unsigned and bool
2015-03-11ServiceWorker: Make "ready" fetches registration from browser process(3/3)
2015-03-10Remove deprecated local and remote attributes from
2015-03-05canvas: remove unnecessary
2015-03-04Changed for loop to c++11 style in
2015-03-04update getRenderbufferParameter for WebGL
2015-03-03ServiceWorker: Make "ready" fetches registration from browser process(1/3)
2015-03-01Remove the warning message to inspector for dpi/dcm
2015-02-27canvas: make CanvasRenderingContext2D inherit from
2015-02-27register and trace extensions for WebGL
2015-02-26small revision to WebGL extensions for
2015-02-17Adhere to Fontconfig
2015-02-17Adding Vertical Layout Performance
2015-02-10Revert "Adding Vertical Layout Performance Text"
2015-02-10[S.P.] Add a drawing recorder for
2015-02-10remove useless APIs in WGC3D -- Blink part.
2015-02-09Adding Vertical Layout Performance
2015-02-09ServiceWorker: add ServiceWorkerClients.claim() support (3/3)
2015-02-06Ensure media control goes to transparent(hide) after seek by
2015-02-06Fix video test timeout in canvas layout
2015-02-06Preserve Mac ascent adjustments for Times, Courier and
2015-02-06very small changes in WebGL: fix typo, remove redundant
2015-02-05[S.P.]Enable fast/forms/
2015-02-02ServiceWorker: add ServiceWorkerClients.claim() support (1/3)
2015-01-30Avoid CoreText hitting sandbox error in
2015-01-29Add mediasource layout test for detaching from a media
2015-01-28Update URI scheme whitelist to include
2015-01-28MSE: Add layout test for 'decode' error via an
2015-01-27This CL enables Slimming paint virtual test cases for fast/scrolling.
2015-01-27Remove the 'REFERENCED_FROM_ASM' variable
2015-01-26Patch up null SkTypeface
2015-01-26Make it possible to set the display mode from the WebView
2015-01-24Remove the CXX_EXPLICIT_CONVERSIONS compiler
2015-01-24WebGL: clean up DrawingBuffer related to binding
2015-01-24Debug message using WTFLogAlways rather than
2015-01-24WebGL: fix texImage2D(video) for cube
2015-01-23Use SkXfermode::Mode in
2015-01-23Use SkXfermode::Mode in code related to
2015-01-23Add fast/backgrounds to Slimming Paint virtual
2015-01-22Add myself to WATCHLISTS for canvas, paint and
2015-01-22Revert of Modify MediaSource::close() to MediaSource::detachFromElement() (patchset #10
2015-01-21Remove Image::draw(4 args)
2015-01-21Mark the PBKDF2 tests to fail only on Linux before switching to
2015-01-21Replace setCompositeOperation(CompositeOperator, WebBlendMode) with setCompositeOperation(
2015-01-21Fix a typo in
2015-01-21Add support for 'display-mode' MQ defined in Manifest
2015-01-20Modify MediaSource::close() to MediaSource::detachFromElement()
2015-01-19Implement PBKDF2 (blink-side)
2015-01-19Make beginLayer() and CanvasRenderingContext2D use
2015-01-14Revert of "Vertical flow in SimplePath"
2015-01-14Comply Compositing spec [1]; remove 'plus-darker'
2015-01-14Remove the WTF::MallocZoneSupport
2015-01-13CSS Parser : Move parseSystemColor implementation out of
2015-01-13CSS Parser : Move colorFromRGBColorString out of
2015-01-12Fix typo in LayoutTests/crypto/subtle/
2015-01-12CSS Parser : Use the new parser when parsing colors declarations directly (e.g. deprecated body
2015-01-12ServiceWorker: split skip-waiting.html tests to separate
2015-01-10canvas: Use of unitialized value in toDataUrl with accelerated 2d
2015-01-09Animation: Fix the GCC Release build after
2015-01-09ServiceWorker: Add null check of ExecutionContext in
2015-01-09Use nullptr in core/inspector where
2015-01-08Rename waitForComposite from waitFrames to match WebGL conformance
2015-01-08WebGL: paintRenderingResultsToImageData() must restore
2015-01-08C++11'ify core/
2015-01-08Fix a bit of C++11 in web/
2014-12-26ServiceWorker: Re-enable http/tests/serviceworker/skip-waiting.html
2014-12-23ServiceWorker: Fix misuse of fetch_tests_from_worker in
2014-12-18Add an interface to prune resources and release memory in MemoryCache,
2014-12-16webgl: Fix crash in HTMLCanvasElement::getContext()
2014-12-16canvas: fix bugs on HTMLCanvasElement::copiedImage()
2014-12-16ServiceWorker: Add support for .skipWaiting and controllerchange event(3/3)
2014-12-15WebGL: accelerated texImage2D and texSubImage2D for
2014-12-12canvas: fix crash in
2014-12-10Fix crash when trying to fill a GlyphPage using a null
2014-12-08WebGL: make the deferred clear logic
2014-12-05Update rebaseline expectations for vertical
2014-12-05Replace ENABLE_OPENTYPE_VERTICAL implementation with
2014-12-05Unify FontPlatformData
2014-12-05webcrypto: Remove check of iv from Blink layer, it is done in Chromium side
2014-12-04Remove Runtime Subpixelfontscaling
2014-12-03Unify FontPlatformData
2014-12-03Added myself to platform_graphics and rendering in
2014-12-03canvas: make a temporary buffer when a context doesn't
2014-12-03ServiceWorker: Add support for .skipWaiting and controllerchange event(1/3)
2014-12-02Use range-based for loops of C++11 in core/
2014-12-01WebGL: remove a temporary FBO in
2014-11-28Move shouldIgnoreRotation character filtering to Character
2014-11-27webcrypto: Support both ArrayBuffer and ArrayBufferView in parameter
2014-11-26WebGL: clarify which Front or Back buffer is used by each
2014-11-26ServiceWorker: Raise exception when waitUntil called
2014-11-25Use C++11 features in svg/
2014-11-25canvas: calling toDataURL without context doesn't create a buffer of canvas
2014-11-24canvas 2d: simplify the code for resizing canvas
2014-11-21webcrypto: Express everything in SubtleCrypto.idl using union type
2014-11-20Mark virtual/gpu/fast/canvas/canvas-composite-image.html
2014-11-20Enable canvas-composite-image.html because flaky reason is
2014-11-20WebGL: non-accelerated Blink paints front buffer of
2014-11-19Fix FontCache key
2014-11-17Add source line info for JS Profiler ticks to debug
2014-11-13Remove multi-frame image decoder when the image is completely
2014-11-12Make DOMArrayBuffer()::byteLength() return unsigned int to match the type of its backing
2014-11-06Drop the CXX_RVALUE_REFERENCES compiler
2014-11-06Enable anti-alias in WebGL if only GL_EXT_multisampled_render_to_texture is
2014-11-05Add Layouttest for importing keys with invalid
2014-11-04Improves code readability in in core/html
2014-11-01WebGL: optimize to draw WebGL on external destination. e.g. 2D
2014-10-30Use C++11 features in core/
2014-10-30Use C++11 range-based loop in core/
2014-10-30WebGL: remove redundant contentChanged callback when
2014-10-29Widen GPU trigger
2014-10-28Canvas 2D: add use counter for "darker" non-standard composite
2014-10-28Use C++11 enum class in
2014-10-27Use C++11 features in core/
2014-10-23Use C++11 features in core/
2014-10-23Move parts of core/dom to
2014-10-23Make parseCompositeAndBlendOperator() take care of "normal"
2014-10-222D canvas: fix shadow rendering with "copy" compositing
2014-10-22Move parts of core/dom to
2014-10-22Use C++11 features in core/
2014-10-212D canvas: fix shadow rendering of image and text with compositing modes that require temp
2014-10-21Remove the wrongly-named
2014-10-21Add a layout test for potential bug on drawing video on
2014-10-21Move core/animation to
2014-10-20Improve C++11 in /
2014-10-17Use C++11 range-based loop in core/
2014-10-17Clarify GraphicsContext::beginLayer()/endLayer() have unexpected
2014-10-17Add WebRuntimeFeatures::enableCSSViewport()
2014-10-17Use C++11 range-based loop in core/
2014-10-17Make the geolocation code use C++11
2014-10-17Use C++11 features in
2014-10-16[webcrypto] Interpret empty BigInteger as 0 according to the
2014-10-16Fix a broken WebGL layout test by using testRunner.displayAsyncThen()
2014-10-16Use C++11 range-based loop in core/
2014-10-16WebGL: Fix not-clear of
2014-10-16Use variadic templates in WTF::dataLog()
2014-10-15JS binding: remove redundant type check in attr setter for TypeChecking
2014-10-14Canvas 2D: Remove CompositeOperator and WebBlendMode parameters in drawImageInternal()
2014-10-13Introduce WebRuntimeFeatures::setCSSViewportEnabled() so that it can be called from
2014-10-10canvas2d.drawImage(video) doesn't composite
2014-10-10Canvas2D Performance: fix the bottleneck of hasInstance in JS binding -- TypeChecking
2014-10-08Do not use real URLs in the
2014-10-08Do not use real URLs in the
2014-10-07Carry advances between runs in
2014-10-07Implement CSP check for manifest
2014-10-04Leverage glDiscardFramebuffer for tiled-based GPU to improve preserveDrawingBuffer=false
2014-10-03Replace OVERRIDE and FINAL with their C++11 counterparts in
2014-10-02Simplify blink::createSameThreadTask using variadic
2014-10-02Get rid of WTF::IsSubclassOfTemplate<N>
2014-10-01Remove home-brewed std::nullptr_t
2014-10-01Remove CXX_VARIADIC_TEMPLATES compiler feature
2014-09-30Switch to HarfBuzz on Mac and remove CoreText
2014-09-30Simplify WTF Functional.h classes using variadic
2014-09-29Fix quarter width variant usage and update test
2014-09-26Improve robustness of RenderCombine emphasis mark replacement
2014-09-26Avoid null cgFont crash in
2014-09-26Replace OVERRIDE and FINAL with their C++11 counterparts in
2014-09-24ServiceWorker: Change worker script fetch error
2014-09-23Specify FontDesciption's locale information for font fallback on
2014-09-22ServiceWorker: Change worker script fetch error
2014-09-20Update hover state after entering and leaving
2014-09-18Remove the WTF::KeyValuePair default
2014-09-16Merge FontPlatformDataHarfBuzz into
2014-09-10Merge FontPlatformDataHarfBuzz into
2014-09-09Remove debug output formatting from GlyphPageTreeNode and
2014-09-09Merge FontPlatformDataHarfBuzz and FontPlatformData
2014-09-08Merge FontPlatformDataHarfBuzz and FontPlatformData
2014-09-05Don't update MemoryCache during drawImage if the image is decoded into
2014-09-03Enable HarfBuzz to report used fallback
2014-09-03Merge FontPlatformDataHarfBuzz and FontPlatformData
2014-09-03Reland r178541. Remove user-defined move constructor and assignment operator from
2014-09-03small typos in
2014-09-03Speculative fix to the crash when calling
2014-09-01Canvas: composite video on canvas
2014-09-01Optimized dom search performance by caching all the elements in HTMLCollection when counting the
2014-08-29gpu: Remove WebGraphicsContext3D::makeContextCurrent() at
2014-08-29Re-land "WebGL: Refactor active context management."
2014-08-28gpu: Remove WebGraphicsContext3D::makeContextCurrent() in
2014-08-28remove more redundant calls to
2014-08-28ServiceWorker: Add layout test for worker script MIME
2014-08-27remove more redundant calls to
2014-08-27Re-land "WebGL: Free temporary GPU resources held by inactive or hidden WebGL."
2014-08-26Remove default parameter in
2014-08-25Use SkXfermode::Mode enum instead of RefPtr<SkXfermode>
2014-08-25remove redundant call to drawingContext in CanvasRenderingContext2D::drawImage.
2014-08-24Remove deleteAllValues(const Deque&)
2014-08-20Add layout tests for background image
2014-08-15Fix ttcIndex value checking logic and intialize
2014-08-14Fix font instantiation assertion failure on session
2014-08-13Animations: Make perf tests for web animations animate
2014-08-11Web Animations: guard testRunner
2014-08-08Fix crash caused by
2014-08-05Enable disabled animaition
2014-07-30Remove the user-defined empty WTF::String
2014-07-29If the client code reports the resource is lost, the mailbox should
2014-07-25ServiceWorker: Add force-refreshed page registration layout
2014-07-25Code refactoring, use renderView() method of FrameView instead of indirect
2014-07-23Let canvas 2D decide how to handle the case of resource lost reported by
2014-07-22Unsupported variant selector should return false in
2014-07-21Revert of Remove user-defined move constructor and assignment operator from WTF::String (
2014-07-21Remove user-defined move constructor and assignment operator from
2014-07-18Cache character fallback information in
2014-07-17Do not specify language for font
2014-07-17Remove unused class/includes for DeviceLight after
2014-07-14Removing GardinerMod font after it got merged in Chromium's
2014-07-14ServiceWorker: Remove redundant state
2014-07-10WebGL: Refactor active context
2014-07-10WebGL: Never have more than one mailbox in the released