AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysRemove BatteryStatus runtime flag [status=stable] for
7 daysDecrease binary size by dropping WTF::HashTableAddResult
7 daysCleanup removed and moved files in
7 daysRemove Mac native font type members from
8 daysAdd 'blink::WebDisplayModeLast' enum
8 daysImprove 2D Canvas Text Metrics
9 daysRevert of The class HashTable contains mixed unsigned and bool bitfields (patchset #1 id:1 of
2015-03-18Fix a x86 contentshell apk build bug for when oilpan
2015-03-13Introduce WTF::ConditionalDestructor policy
2015-03-13Use WTF::IsTriviallyDestructible type trait in
2015-03-12Avoid loosing of the display mode
2015-03-12gpu: remove |level| parameter in copy(Sub)TextureCHROMIUM()
2015-03-12The class HashTable contains mixed unsigned and bool
2015-03-11ServiceWorker: Make "ready" fetches registration from browser process(3/3)
2015-03-10Remove deprecated local and remote attributes from
2015-03-05canvas: remove unnecessary
2015-03-04Changed for loop to c++11 style in
2015-03-04update getRenderbufferParameter for WebGL
2015-03-03ServiceWorker: Make "ready" fetches registration from browser process(1/3)
2015-03-01Remove the warning message to inspector for dpi/dcm
2015-02-27canvas: make CanvasRenderingContext2D inherit from
2015-02-27register and trace extensions for WebGL
2015-02-26small revision to WebGL extensions for
2015-02-17Adhere to Fontconfig
2015-02-17Adding Vertical Layout Performance
2015-02-10Revert "Adding Vertical Layout Performance Text"
2015-02-10[S.P.] Add a drawing recorder for
2015-02-10remove useless APIs in WGC3D -- Blink part.
2015-02-09Adding Vertical Layout Performance
2015-02-09ServiceWorker: add ServiceWorkerClients.claim() support (3/3)
2015-02-06Ensure media control goes to transparent(hide) after seek by
2015-02-06Fix video test timeout in canvas layout
2015-02-06Preserve Mac ascent adjustments for Times, Courier and
2015-02-06very small changes in WebGL: fix typo, remove redundant
2015-02-05[S.P.]Enable fast/forms/
2015-02-02ServiceWorker: add ServiceWorkerClients.claim() support (1/3)
2015-01-30Avoid CoreText hitting sandbox error in
2015-01-29Add mediasource layout test for detaching from a media
2015-01-28Update URI scheme whitelist to include
2015-01-28MSE: Add layout test for 'decode' error via an
2015-01-27This CL enables Slimming paint virtual test cases for fast/scrolling.
2015-01-27Remove the 'REFERENCED_FROM_ASM' variable
2015-01-26Patch up null SkTypeface
2015-01-26Make it possible to set the display mode from the WebView
2015-01-24Remove the CXX_EXPLICIT_CONVERSIONS compiler
2015-01-24WebGL: clean up DrawingBuffer related to binding
2015-01-24Debug message using WTFLogAlways rather than
2015-01-24WebGL: fix texImage2D(video) for cube
2015-01-23Use SkXfermode::Mode in
2015-01-23Use SkXfermode::Mode in code related to
2015-01-23Add fast/backgrounds to Slimming Paint virtual
2015-01-22Add myself to WATCHLISTS for canvas, paint and
2015-01-22Revert of Modify MediaSource::close() to MediaSource::detachFromElement() (patchset #10
2015-01-21Remove Image::draw(4 args)
2015-01-21Mark the PBKDF2 tests to fail only on Linux before switching to
2015-01-21Replace setCompositeOperation(CompositeOperator, WebBlendMode) with setCompositeOperation(
2015-01-21Fix a typo in
2015-01-21Add support for 'display-mode' MQ defined in Manifest
2015-01-20Modify MediaSource::close() to MediaSource::detachFromElement()
2015-01-19Implement PBKDF2 (blink-side)
2015-01-19Make beginLayer() and CanvasRenderingContext2D use
2015-01-14Revert of "Vertical flow in SimplePath"
2015-01-14Comply Compositing spec [1]; remove 'plus-darker'
2015-01-14Remove the WTF::MallocZoneSupport
2015-01-13CSS Parser : Move parseSystemColor implementation out of
2015-01-13CSS Parser : Move colorFromRGBColorString out of
2015-01-12Fix typo in LayoutTests/crypto/subtle/
2015-01-12CSS Parser : Use the new parser when parsing colors declarations directly (e.g. deprecated body
2015-01-12ServiceWorker: split skip-waiting.html tests to separate
2015-01-10canvas: Use of unitialized value in toDataUrl with accelerated 2d
2015-01-09Animation: Fix the GCC Release build after
2015-01-09ServiceWorker: Add null check of ExecutionContext in
2015-01-09Use nullptr in core/inspector where
2015-01-08Rename waitForComposite from waitFrames to match WebGL conformance
2015-01-08WebGL: paintRenderingResultsToImageData() must restore
2015-01-08C++11'ify core/
2015-01-08Fix a bit of C++11 in web/
2014-12-26ServiceWorker: Re-enable http/tests/serviceworker/skip-waiting.html
2014-12-23ServiceWorker: Fix misuse of fetch_tests_from_worker in
2014-12-18Add an interface to prune resources and release memory in MemoryCache,
2014-12-16webgl: Fix crash in HTMLCanvasElement::getContext()
2014-12-16canvas: fix bugs on HTMLCanvasElement::copiedImage()
2014-12-16ServiceWorker: Add support for .skipWaiting and controllerchange event(3/3)
2014-12-15WebGL: accelerated texImage2D and texSubImage2D for
2014-12-12canvas: fix crash in
2014-12-10Fix crash when trying to fill a GlyphPage using a null
2014-12-08WebGL: make the deferred clear logic
2014-12-05Update rebaseline expectations for vertical
2014-12-05Replace ENABLE_OPENTYPE_VERTICAL implementation with
2014-12-05Unify FontPlatformData
2014-12-05webcrypto: Remove check of iv from Blink layer, it is done in Chromium side
2014-12-04Remove Runtime Subpixelfontscaling
2014-12-03Unify FontPlatformData
2014-12-03Added myself to platform_graphics and rendering in
2014-12-03canvas: make a temporary buffer when a context doesn't
2014-12-03ServiceWorker: Add support for .skipWaiting and controllerchange event(1/3)
2014-12-02Use range-based for loops of C++11 in core/
2014-12-01WebGL: remove a temporary FBO in
2014-11-28Move shouldIgnoreRotation character filtering to Character
2014-11-27webcrypto: Support both ArrayBuffer and ArrayBufferView in parameter
2014-11-26WebGL: clarify which Front or Back buffer is used by each
2014-11-26ServiceWorker: Raise exception when waitUntil called
2014-11-25Use C++11 features in svg/
2014-11-25canvas: calling toDataURL without context doesn't create a buffer of canvas
2014-11-24canvas 2d: simplify the code for resizing canvas
2014-11-21webcrypto: Express everything in SubtleCrypto.idl using union type
2014-11-20Mark virtual/gpu/fast/canvas/canvas-composite-image.html
2014-11-20Enable canvas-composite-image.html because flaky reason is
2014-11-20WebGL: non-accelerated Blink paints front buffer of
2014-11-19Fix FontCache key
2014-11-17Add source line info for JS Profiler ticks to debug
2014-11-13Remove multi-frame image decoder when the image is completely
2014-11-12Make DOMArrayBuffer()::byteLength() return unsigned int to match the type of its backing
2014-11-06Drop the CXX_RVALUE_REFERENCES compiler
2014-11-06Enable anti-alias in WebGL if only GL_EXT_multisampled_render_to_texture is
2014-11-05Add Layouttest for importing keys with invalid
2014-11-04Improves code readability in in core/html
2014-11-01WebGL: optimize to draw WebGL on external destination. e.g. 2D
2014-10-30Use C++11 features in core/
2014-10-30Use C++11 range-based loop in core/
2014-10-30WebGL: remove redundant contentChanged callback when
2014-10-29Widen GPU trigger
2014-10-28Canvas 2D: add use counter for "darker" non-standard composite
2014-10-28Use C++11 enum class in
2014-10-27Use C++11 features in core/
2014-10-23Use C++11 features in core/
2014-10-23Move parts of core/dom to
2014-10-23Make parseCompositeAndBlendOperator() take care of "normal"
2014-10-222D canvas: fix shadow rendering with "copy" compositing
2014-10-22Move parts of core/dom to
2014-10-22Use C++11 features in core/
2014-10-212D canvas: fix shadow rendering of image and text with compositing modes that require temp
2014-10-21Remove the wrongly-named
2014-10-21Add a layout test for potential bug on drawing video on
2014-10-21Move core/animation to
2014-10-20Improve C++11 in /
2014-10-17Use C++11 range-based loop in core/
2014-10-17Clarify GraphicsContext::beginLayer()/endLayer() have unexpected
2014-10-17Add WebRuntimeFeatures::enableCSSViewport()
2014-10-17Use C++11 range-based loop in core/
2014-10-17Make the geolocation code use C++11
2014-10-17Use C++11 features in
2014-10-16[webcrypto] Interpret empty BigInteger as 0 according to the
2014-10-16Fix a broken WebGL layout test by using testRunner.displayAsyncThen()
2014-10-16Use C++11 range-based loop in core/
2014-10-16WebGL: Fix not-clear of
2014-10-16Use variadic templates in WTF::dataLog()
2014-10-15JS binding: remove redundant type check in attr setter for TypeChecking
2014-10-14Canvas 2D: Remove CompositeOperator and WebBlendMode parameters in drawImageInternal()
2014-10-13Introduce WebRuntimeFeatures::setCSSViewportEnabled() so that it can be called from
2014-10-10canvas2d.drawImage(video) doesn't composite
2014-10-10Canvas2D Performance: fix the bottleneck of hasInstance in JS binding -- TypeChecking
2014-10-08Do not use real URLs in the
2014-10-08Do not use real URLs in the
2014-10-07Carry advances between runs in
2014-10-07Implement CSP check for manifest
2014-10-04Leverage glDiscardFramebuffer for tiled-based GPU to improve preserveDrawingBuffer=false
2014-10-03Replace OVERRIDE and FINAL with their C++11 counterparts in
2014-10-02Simplify blink::createSameThreadTask using variadic
2014-10-02Get rid of WTF::IsSubclassOfTemplate<N>
2014-10-01Remove home-brewed std::nullptr_t
2014-10-01Remove CXX_VARIADIC_TEMPLATES compiler feature
2014-09-30Switch to HarfBuzz on Mac and remove CoreText
2014-09-30Simplify WTF Functional.h classes using variadic
2014-09-29Fix quarter width variant usage and update test
2014-09-26Improve robustness of RenderCombine emphasis mark replacement
2014-09-26Avoid null cgFont crash in
2014-09-26Replace OVERRIDE and FINAL with their C++11 counterparts in
2014-09-24ServiceWorker: Change worker script fetch error
2014-09-23Specify FontDesciption's locale information for font fallback on
2014-09-22ServiceWorker: Change worker script fetch error
2014-09-20Update hover state after entering and leaving
2014-09-18Remove the WTF::KeyValuePair default
2014-09-16Merge FontPlatformDataHarfBuzz into
2014-09-10Merge FontPlatformDataHarfBuzz into
2014-09-09Remove debug output formatting from GlyphPageTreeNode and
2014-09-09Merge FontPlatformDataHarfBuzz and FontPlatformData
2014-09-08Merge FontPlatformDataHarfBuzz and FontPlatformData
2014-09-05Don't update MemoryCache during drawImage if the image is decoded into
2014-09-03Enable HarfBuzz to report used fallback
2014-09-03Merge FontPlatformDataHarfBuzz and FontPlatformData
2014-09-03Reland r178541. Remove user-defined move constructor and assignment operator from
2014-09-03small typos in
2014-09-03Speculative fix to the crash when calling
2014-09-01Canvas: composite video on canvas
2014-09-01Optimized dom search performance by caching all the elements in HTMLCollection when counting the
2014-08-29gpu: Remove WebGraphicsContext3D::makeContextCurrent() at
2014-08-29Re-land "WebGL: Refactor active context management."
2014-08-28gpu: Remove WebGraphicsContext3D::makeContextCurrent() in
2014-08-28remove more redundant calls to
2014-08-28ServiceWorker: Add layout test for worker script MIME
2014-08-27remove more redundant calls to
2014-08-27Re-land "WebGL: Free temporary GPU resources held by inactive or hidden WebGL."
2014-08-26Remove default parameter in
2014-08-25Use SkXfermode::Mode enum instead of RefPtr<SkXfermode>
2014-08-25remove redundant call to drawingContext in CanvasRenderingContext2D::drawImage.
2014-08-24Remove deleteAllValues(const Deque&)
2014-08-20Add layout tests for background image
2014-08-15Fix ttcIndex value checking logic and intialize
2014-08-14Fix font instantiation assertion failure on session
2014-08-13Animations: Make perf tests for web animations animate
2014-08-11Web Animations: guard testRunner
2014-08-08Fix crash caused by
2014-08-05Enable disabled animaition
2014-07-30Remove the user-defined empty WTF::String
2014-07-29If the client code reports the resource is lost, the mailbox should
2014-07-25ServiceWorker: Add force-refreshed page registration layout
2014-07-25Code refactoring, use renderView() method of FrameView instead of indirect
2014-07-23Let canvas 2D decide how to handle the case of resource lost reported by
2014-07-22Unsupported variant selector should return false in
2014-07-21Revert of Remove user-defined move constructor and assignment operator from WTF::String (
2014-07-21Remove user-defined move constructor and assignment operator from
2014-07-18Cache character fallback information in
2014-07-17Do not specify language for font
2014-07-17Remove unused class/includes for DeviceLight after
2014-07-14Removing GardinerMod font after it got merged in Chromium's
2014-07-14ServiceWorker: Remove redundant state
2014-07-10WebGL: Refactor active context
2014-07-10WebGL: Never have more than one mailbox in the released
2014-07-10WebGL: Free temporary GPU resources held by inactive or hidden
2014-07-09Enable layout test for font fallback with identical family
2014-07-09Making use of bindless variants mailbox produce/consume on
2014-07-03Add ServiceWorker InstallPhaseEvent.waitUntil() layout
2014-07-02Enable Canvas/
2014-07-01Adding a performance test for font
2014-06-26Fix fallback font instantiation for non-sandboxed
2014-06-25Enable exception console logging for
2014-06-23Fix font family based fallback font
2014-06-19Fix serviceworker default registration
2014-06-19Extend WebFallbackFont by
2014-06-17Fix V8 callback binding for "CallWith=ThisValue"
2014-06-16Remove old functions in the process of renaming WebFontFamily to
2014-06-12Fix for magnifying glass to magnify/shrink images when the zoom is not at
2014-06-10Adding WebFallbackFont and renaming
2014-06-06Make the destructor of WebFrameClient
2014-06-03Use ExceptionState::indexExceedsMinimumBound() to throw DOMException for
2014-05-31Gate subpixel scaling by RuntimeEnabledFeatures::subpixelFontScalingEnabled() on
2014-05-31Simplify & optimize StringImpl::replace(UChar, UChar)
2014-05-28Remove usePrinterFont() property of
2014-05-27[clean up] Remove unnecessary "#include wtf/Forward.h"
2014-05-24Return has value, in function returning