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34 hoursUniformMatrix* supports transpose is true in ES3 semantic<>
7 daysRevert of Introduce EditingState for propagating DOM mutation operation failure (patchset #2 id:2...<>
8 daysFix wrong depth for 2d array texture<>
10 daysFix GN warning in blink websockets<>
2016-01-22Relates to issue [1] - with long (e.g. 100 frames) gif animations causes glitches<>
2016-01-16GIF Animations "clear from cache related glitch" fix<>
2016-01-16Support GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8 format for null pixels in TexImage<>
2016-01-15add validation for LinkProgram and ResumeTransformFeedback functions.<>
2016-01-14WebGL 2: remove incorrect enum value for buffer in clearBuffer<>
2016-01-14Fix depth_stencil attachment for framebuffer<>
2016-01-12Update validations for CopyTex{Sub}Image{2D|3D} in Blink<>
2016-01-11Teach WTF::Deque work with move-only types<>
2016-01-08Generate INVALID_VALUE for TexImage with invalid internalformat<>
2016-01-07WebGL: remove validation code for vertexAttribPointer and vertexAttribIPointer.<>
2016-01-06Add active and paused status for transform feedback.<>
2016-01-06Fix texture format and type missing in TexImage2D GPU path<>
2015-12-31more switching to standard type traits<>
2015-12-31Unify validation for TexSubImage{2D|3D}<>
2015-12-30WebGL 2: generate appropriate error for different dimensions of images attached to fbo.<>
2015-12-30Unify validation for TexImage{2D|3D}<>
2015-12-29WebGL 2: generate appropriate error for different dimensions of images attached to fbo.<>
2015-12-28Teach WTF::Vector to work with move-only types<>
2015-12-27WebGL2: add types to fix bugs for vertexAttribPointer in NegativeVertexArrayAPI.<>
2015-12-23Check value parameter of PixelStorei not negative<>
2015-12-22style checker: Allow '&&' without spaces around<>
2015-12-22WebGL 2: fix the bug in get_query_parameter in negativestateapi.html<>
2015-12-17Use using instead of typedef in core/fetch<>
2015-12-16Disallow null pixels data for CompressedTex{Sub}Image2D<>
2015-12-16(Reland) WebGL 2: Generate INVALID_OPERATION when samples > the max supported samples in renderbu...<>
2015-12-16WebGL 2: add types for vertexAttribPointer against WebGL 2 rendering context. This change also<>
2015-12-15Replace Checked type with CheckedInt to stick with one style<>
2015-12-12WebGL 2: add support to return [any] for getActiveUniforms<>
2015-12-12Add unsized color-renderable formats to getInternalformatParameter<>
2015-12-11Validate pixel data and dimensions for CompressedTex{Sub}Image{2D|3D}<>
2015-12-09WebGL 2: validate varyings number for transformFeedbackVaryings. This change fixed the<>
2015-12-09GPU raster - images upload to GPU performance fix (skip copying encoded data).<>
2015-12-08WebGL 2: generate correct error for incorrect WebGLQueryObject id. This change fixed<>
2015-12-08WebGL 2: generate INVLID_ENUM when pname is not valid in getActiveUniforms.<>
2015-12-08WebGL 2: generate appropriate errors for getTransforFeedbackVarying.<>
2015-12-07validate uniform block index.<>
2015-12-07Generate appropriate GLErrors to fix bugs in negative-buffer-api<>
2015-12-07[webnfc] Add public interfaces.<>
2015-12-07Validate texture dimension for CompressedTexImage3D<>
2015-12-04Generate INVALID_OPERATION when samples is greater than the max supported samples in renderbuffer...<>
2015-12-03Format argument of CompressedTexSubImage2D should match format of texture being modified<>
2015-12-02Update CompressedTexImage2D to support ETC2/EAC formats in ES3<>
2015-12-02Validate target for CompressedTex{Sub}Image<>
2015-11-30Universal RefPtr assignment operator<>
2015-11-25Removes the WTF 'remove_<cv>' type traits<>
2015-11-25Use std::move instead of static casting to T&&<>
2015-11-24Check framebuffer texture attachments are cube complete<>
2015-11-24Revert of webgl: use immutable texture for the default FBO. (patchset #2 id:20001 of https://code...<>
2015-11-24webgl: use immutable texture for the default FBO.<>
2015-11-23Fix TexStorage3D with compressed ETC2/EAC formats<>
2015-11-23[webnfc] Align NFC interface with latest specification.<>
2015-11-23WebGL 2: fix the bug in invalidate-framebuffer.html<>
2015-11-21Validate pixel data array is enough for request by texImage3D and texSubImage3D<>
2015-11-20Use the standard 'is_<type>' type traits<>
2015-11-20Fix TexStorage3D with compressed ETC2/EAC formats<>
2015-11-20Fix cube complete check for cube map texture<>
2015-11-19bindings: Pass dictionaries to callback methods by const reference<>
2015-11-18Map GL_UNSIGNED_INT_10F_11F_11F_REV type to GL_FLOAT for 3D texture<>
2015-11-15Using smaller images with appropriate characteristics, and<>
2015-11-13[webnfc] NFC is not required to be ActiveDOMObject.<>
2015-11-13Validate 3D texture dimension for texImage3D<>
2015-11-09[qcms] Reduce RMS color error for qcms_transform_data_rgb(a)_out_lut<>
2015-11-05canvas: Remove darker composite operator<>
2015-10-30Reland of "webgl: optimize webgl.texSubImage2D(video) path."<>
2015-10-30Set attachment for bound framebuffer in FramebufferTextureLayer<>
2015-10-28Improve sampler support for WebGL2<>
2015-10-27webgl: optimize webgl.texSubImage2D(video) path.<>
2015-10-27Add GPU fast path for texSubImage3D<>
2015-10-27Fix WebGL video test flakiness on Android<>
2015-10-18Update texImage2DCanvasByGPU path in texImage2D/texSubImage2D for WebGL 2.0<>
2015-10-16Drop HashTableCapacityForSize and friends<>
2015-10-14matchMedia('(display-mode: <notValid>)').matches should not evaluate true<>
2015-10-14ASCIICaseFoldTable should be defined in a .cc file<>
2015-10-13[webnfc] : Dictionaries in IDL are not Web exposed, so remove RuntimeEnabled= .<>
2015-10-13[webnfc] Step 2.<>
2015-10-13matchMedia('(display-mode)').matches should always report true as<>
2015-10-03a small fix for bufferSubData<>
2015-10-01HashTable::reserveCapacityForSize() should consider 'minimumTableSize'<>
2015-09-30Reserve capacity for static strings HashMap.<>
2015-09-22SSE2 Optimization for ParamEvent::SetValueCurve<>
2015-09-18[Bug 532910] Mark various tests that will need later rebaselines<>
2015-09-18Fix texImage2DCanvasByGPU path for texImage2D/texSubImage2D<>
2015-09-17bufferData should succeed when buffer size is zero.<>
2015-09-16SSE2 Optimization for ParamEvent::LinearRampToValue<>
2015-09-16Improve vertexAttribI4[ui]v functions for WebGL2<>
2015-09-16Validate internalformat for texStorage2D/3D<>
2015-09-16Add const qualifier for vertexAttrib[1234]fv functions<>
2015-09-15Avoid integer overflow when subtracting 1 from unsigned integer<>
2015-09-14Add GL_CHROMIUM_screen_space_antialiasing to support alternative AA<>
2015-09-11More validations for texImage3D and texSubImage3D<>
2015-09-11fix failures in conformance2/buffers/buffer-type-restrictions.html<>
2015-09-10Validate texture array has been defined before texSubImage3D<>
2015-09-09Fix base level for generateMipmap in blink<>
2015-09-08WebGL Code Refactoring: remove redundant validations for texImage2D and texSubImage2D.<>
2015-09-06WebGL: validations and fixes to avoid buffer/texture overflow<>
2015-09-02Remove duplicate validateTexFuncLevel<>
2015-09-02WebGL 2: add readPixels API to read pixels into pixel pack buffer<>
2015-09-01Remove duplicate formats and types validation<>
2015-08-27add SVG zoom/scroll case to perf test<>
2015-08-26Fix leaks in DrawingBufferTest<>
2015-08-22move KeyUsageAllows to more logical place(part1)<>
2015-08-22Calculate correct clip foregroundBound and backgroundBound<>
2015-08-21[webnfc]: Step 1: Add NavigatorNfc, Nfc and Layout tests.<>
2015-08-19Improve samplerParameter[if] in WebGL2<>
2015-08-18SSE2 Optimization for ParamEvent::SetTarget<>
2015-08-15WebGL 2: add types into glReadPixels<>
2015-08-13WebGL 2: MIN and MAX blend modes have been promoted into WebGL 2 core feature<>
2015-08-12video: add copyVideoSubTextureToPlatformTexture() to copy sub video frame to texture.<>
2015-08-11Expose WebDisplayMode to Java<>
2015-08-11Expose WebDisplayMode to Java<>
2015-08-10Revert of Reland: Avoid argument copying in WTF hash-based containers (patchset #1 id:1 of https:...<>
2015-08-08WebGL 2: a small fix to return null for object type.<>
2015-08-08WebGL 2: max length of vertex and uniform location is 1024.<>
2015-08-07Generate GL_INVALID_OPERATION for texSubImage2D if no previously defined texture image<>
2015-08-05canvas: Fix MSan error (uninitialized-memory-read)<>
2015-08-05Don't do format settable validation for WebGL 2.0<>
2015-08-04Reserve capacity API for hash table based containers<>
2015-08-04Fix texture data validation for some texture types<>
2015-08-03Reland: Avoid argument copying in WTF hash-based containers<>
2015-07-31Avoid argument copying in WTF hash-based containers<>
2015-07-29Validate internalformat/format/type for TexSubImage3D<>
2015-07-29Update WebGLImageConversion header with new SSE functions.<>
2015-07-23Remove "deleteAllValues" API from WTF containers<>
2015-07-23WebGL 2: call 32bit API for getBufferParameter<>
2015-07-21translate attachment for default Framebuffer when calling getFramebufferAttachmentParameter<>
2015-07-17Add types and formats supported by WebGL 2.0<>
2015-07-08WebGL 2: validate read buffer attachment when reading from FBO<>
2015-07-06ServiceWorker: Introduce ServiceWorkerMessageEvent to replace MessageEvent (3/3).<>
2015-07-02Faster String::contains() for 8-bit symbols<>
2015-06-29ServiceWorker: Introduce ServiceWorkerMessageEvent to replace MessageEvent(1/3).<>
2015-06-26ServiceWorker: Add layout test for ready promise resolve after shift-reload.<>
2015-06-24WebGL 2: add read/write framebuffer binding points to related APIs.<>
2015-06-22Added SSE header for WebGLImageConversion.cpp<>
2015-06-18Improve hash traits for AtomicString<>
2015-06-18WebGL 2: a small fix to support mipmap level in framebufferTexture2D<>
2015-06-18media: remove copyVideoTextureToPlatformTexture() with |level|.<>
2015-06-15Optimize StringImpl::lower() for 8-bit strings<>
2015-06-12Use lambda instead of the 'CSSPropertyIDComparer' class<>
2015-06-12Faster WTF::toASCIILower() implementation for 8-bit strings<>
2015-06-11Optimize MutableStylePropertySet::findPropertyIndex<>
2015-06-08remove |level| in copyVideoTextureToPlatformTexture().<>
2015-06-08Optimize Element::attributeChanged()<>
2015-06-05Call isStyledElement() only once in Element::attributeChanged()<>
2015-06-04Speed up case folding for 8-bit strings<>
2015-06-03Enable Canvas video perf test.<>
2015-06-03Make SpaceSplitString::set() faster<>
2015-05-28Update WebGLVertexArrayObjectOES to WebGLVertexArrayObject for WebGL2<>
2015-05-25Fix comparison between two vectors with different inline capacity<>
2015-05-20WTF::Vector: null pointer check for mem functions parameters<>
2015-05-20Fix issue of localDescription and remoteDescription getter.<>
2015-05-20Update texSubImage2D for WebGL 2.0<>
2015-05-18webgl: Use "webgl" instead of deprecated "experimental-webgl" in LayoutTest<>
2015-05-15Fix blink_perf.canvas failure on chromium.perf<>
2015-05-14Revert of Revert of Fix blink_perf.canvas test very flaky on Nexus One perf bot. (patchset #1 id:...<>
2015-05-14WebGL: fix texImage2D(Canvas, GL_FLOAT)<>
2015-05-13Fix issue of index over boundary in WebGLTexture<>
2015-05-08Merge WTF::Function and WTF::FunctionImpl classes<>
2015-05-08Report 'WebGL GLSL ES 3.0' when querying SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION<>
2015-05-07Fix blink_perf.canvas test very flaky on Nexus One perf bot.<>
2015-05-01update getFramebufferAttachmentParameter for WebGL 2<>
2015-04-30Remove the old versions of the WebDevice{Motion|Orientation} API headers.<>
2015-04-30WebGL: add targets for WebGL 2 when check FBO targets<>
2015-04-28Remove myself from WATCHLISTS file<>
2015-04-28Move WebDevice{Motion|Orientation} related Blink API headers into their own directory.<>
2015-04-28update getUniform for WebGL 2<>
2015-04-28update texParameter for WebGL2<>
2015-04-27Remove LocalStorage runtime flag (status=stable) for blink<>
2015-04-24update getTexParameter for WebGL 2<>
2015-04-23Simplify WTF::PrintStream using variadic templates<>
2015-04-22Remove PeerConnection runtime flag for blink<>
2015-04-21Variadic template parameters names at WTF Functional<>
2015-04-21Improvements at WTF Functional classes<>
2015-04-20TestExpectations cleanup<>
2015-04-16Fixup reftest failures after switching to HarfBuzz on Mac<>
2015-04-16Update vertexAttribIPointer for WebGL2<>
2015-04-15Rebaseline test with smallcaps issues<>
2015-04-15Improve SVG transforms gradient test<>
2015-04-15Fixup reftest failures after switching to HarfBuzz on Mac<>
2015-04-15Add a media query "display-mode" features layout test.<>
2015-04-15Widen failure expectatation for massive-coordinates.svg<>
2015-04-13Fix pixel snapping issue when transforming<>
2015-04-11Advance document lifecycle to CompositingClean prior to hit testing<>
2015-04-10update vertexAttribI* and getVertexAttrib for WebGL2<>
2015-04-09Fix Mac x-height value<>
2015-04-09update getVertexAttrib for WebGL 2<>
2015-04-08update getProgramParameter for WebGL 2<>
2015-04-07[DeviceLight] Add Layout tests<>
2015-04-07update getBufferParameter for WebGL 2<>
2015-04-03Replace layout with updateLayout during dumping LayoutTree<>
2015-04-03Remove Beacon runtime flag for blink<>
2015-04-03canvas: Support nonstandard "darker" until M43.<>
2015-03-26Remove BatteryStatus runtime flag [status=stable] for blink<>
2015-03-25Decrease binary size by dropping WTF::HashTableAddResult destructor<>
2015-03-25Cleanup removed and moved files in core.gypi.<>
2015-03-25Remove Mac native font type members from FontPlatformData<>
2015-03-24Add 'blink::WebDisplayModeLast' enum element<>
2015-03-24Improve 2D Canvas Text Metrics Test<>
2015-03-23Revert of The class HashTable contains mixed unsigned and bool bitfields (patchset #1 id:1 of htt...<>
2015-03-18Fix a x86 contentshell apk build bug for when oilpan enabled<>
2015-03-13Introduce WTF::ConditionalDestructor policy class<>
2015-03-13Use WTF::IsTriviallyDestructible type trait in WTF::HashTable<>
2015-03-12Avoid loosing of the display mode value<>
2015-03-12gpu: remove |level| parameter in copy(Sub)TextureCHROMIUM()<>
2015-03-12The class HashTable contains mixed unsigned and bool bitfields<>
2015-03-11ServiceWorker: Make "ready" fetches registration from browser process(3/3).<>
2015-03-10Remove deprecated local and remote attributes from RTCStatsReport.<>
2015-03-05canvas: remove unnecessary WebGLImageBufferSurface.<>
2015-03-04Changed for loop to c++11 style in WebPageSerializerImpl.cpp<>
2015-03-04update getRenderbufferParameter for WebGL 2<>
2015-03-03ServiceWorker: Make "ready" fetches registration from browser process(1/3).<>
2015-03-01Remove the warning message to inspector for dpi/dcm values<>
2015-02-27canvas: make CanvasRenderingContext2D inherit from ActiveDOMObject<>
2015-02-27register and trace extensions for WebGL 2<>
2015-02-26small revision to WebGL extensions for WebGL2<>
2015-02-17Adhere to Fontconfig conventions<>
2015-02-17Adding Vertical Layout Performance Text<>
2015-02-10Revert "Adding Vertical Layout Performance Text"<>
2015-02-10[S.P.] Add a drawing recorder for FileUploadControlPainter::paintObject<>
2015-02-10remove useless APIs in WGC3D -- Blink part. <>
2015-02-09Adding Vertical Layout Performance Text<>
2015-02-09ServiceWorker: add ServiceWorkerClients.claim() support (3/3).<>
2015-02-06Ensure media control goes to transparent(hide) after seek by touch<>
2015-02-06Fix video test timeout in canvas layout tests.<>
2015-02-06Preserve Mac ascent adjustments for Times, Courier and Helvetica<>
2015-02-06very small changes in WebGL: fix typo, remove redundant code...<>
2015-02-05[S.P.]Enable fast/forms/text<>
2015-02-02ServiceWorker: add ServiceWorkerClients.claim() support (1/3).<>
2015-01-30Avoid CoreText hitting sandbox error in WebFontCache<>
2015-01-30Add attribute<>
2015-01-29Add mediasource layout test for detaching from a media element<>
2015-01-28Update URI scheme whitelist to include openpgp4fpr<>
2015-01-28MSE: Add layout test for 'decode' error via an algorithm<>
2015-01-27This CL enables Slimming paint virtual test cases for fast/scrolling. <>
2015-01-27Remove the 'REFERENCED_FROM_ASM' variable attribute<>
2015-01-26Patch up null SkTypeface crash<>
2015-01-26Make it possible to set the display mode from the WebView API<>
2015-01-25Introduce copySubTextureCHROMIUM<>
2015-01-24Remove the CXX_EXPLICIT_CONVERSIONS compiler feature<>
2015-01-24WebGL: clean up DrawingBuffer related to binding FBO.<>
2015-01-24Debug message using WTFLogAlways rather than fprintf.<>
2015-01-24WebGL: fix texImage2D(video) for cube map.<>
2015-01-23Use SkXfermode::Mode in GraphicsContext<>
2015-01-23Use SkXfermode::Mode in code related to Image.<>
2015-01-23Add fast/backgrounds to Slimming Paint virtual testsuite<>
2015-01-22Add myself to WATCHLISTS for canvas, paint and platform_graphics.<>
2015-01-22Revert of Modify MediaSource::close() to MediaSource::detachFromElement() (patchset #10 id:180001...<>