AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 hourstoImplArguments should return HeapVector for Union
21 hoursEnable element-role-mapping-focusable.html in
25 hours[bindings] Implment postMessageImpl and replace the usage of
26 hours'quotes' property is serialized wrongly on inline
37 hours[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for Client.postMessage to eliminate custom
44 hours[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for CrossOriginServiceWorkerClient.postMessage to
2 days[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope.postMessage to eliminate
2 days[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for Worker.postMessage to eliminate custom
2 days[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for ServiceWorker.postMessage to eliminate custom
3 days[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for MessagePort.postMessage to eliminate custom
3 days[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for CompositorWorker*.postMessage to eliminate custom
3 days[bindings] [bindings] Introduce PostMessage extended keyword
3 daysAria-required not working for Input elements on Mac &
3 daysRemove hexDigit check in
5 daysMove recordSelectorStats out of CSSSelectorParser
6 daysAdd ScrollDirectionPhysical enum in Scroll
6 daysSimplify UnicodeRangeToken
7 daysRefactoring Iterator used on
7 daysSerialize <number> to round to at most 6
8 daysAdds TestExpectation temporarily to add handling AX time
8 daysRefactoring Iterator used on
8 daysRemoving primaryFontHasGlyphForCharacter
8 daysRemove CSSPropertyParser::inViewport
9 daysHandles AX role for time element(re-land)
9 daysAdd NULL check of ExecutionContext in ServiceWorkerContainter::getRegistration and
10 daysOilpan: remove incorrect LayoutPart transition type
13 daysAdd layouttest for notification of persistent
13 daysAdd Client Attribute to FetchEvent- Blink
14 daysMove hb_language_t determination outside of for
2015-05-14SVG <use> should update when the referenced <path> is updating
2015-05-14Compare :lang value case-insensitive in ASCII
2015-05-13Making Unicode character names
2015-05-13SVG animate element's begin/end attribute set by js, should
2015-05-13Remove SVGElement.xmlbase/xmlspace/xmllang and no use
2015-05-12Remove ImageDataConstructor runtime flag (status=stable)
2015-05-12v8::Isolate* should be the first
2015-05-12[PresentationAPI] Make WebPresentationClient.sendString and sendArrayBuffer methods pure
2015-05-11SVG animate should respect attribute 'restart=never'
2015-05-11Do not compare case-insensitive for 16bit pseudo
2015-05-11Handles AX role for time
2015-05-08Remove unused variable from
2015-05-07v8::Isolate* should be the first
2015-05-07Extending the NthIndexCache to support caching for the
2015-05-07Ignore declarations with out of range numeric
2015-05-07Replace v8::Handle with v8::Local in {ScriptFunctionCall.cpp, ToV8.h}
2015-05-07Revert "Do not correct for zoom for number line-height"
2015-05-06Update Blink accessibility
2015-05-06v8::Isolate* should be the first
2015-05-06Support WholeWord in window.find()
2015-05-06Disallow hashless hex color quirk for non integer <number>
2015-05-05Replace v8::Handle with v8::Local in
2015-05-05Refactor 0 -> nullptr in
2015-05-05Makes AXNodeObject test if it's a table cell or row before calling
2015-05-05Add parseFontFaceDescriptor for @font-face
2015-05-04Fixup a bug about SVG text
2015-05-03[bindings] Remove usage of custom binding for namedPropertyQuery of
2015-05-01This CL clean up codes in
2015-05-01Move font-family check to
2015-05-01Add experimental Support for DOM3 KeyboardEvent key
2015-04-30SVG Text decoration should respect
2015-04-30Fix mouse position to truncate the coordinate for mouseMoveTo(...)
2015-04-30[bindings] Remove custom namedPropertyEnumerator from
2015-04-30Replace Handle with Local in Source/*
2015-04-30Removing unnecessary creation of local
2015-04-30[bindings] Remove custom setter used in
2015-04-30Blink use old style character string notation for
2015-04-30Replace v8::Handle with v8::Local in core/testing/*
2015-04-30Replace v8::Handle with v8::Local in core/dom/*
2015-04-30[bindings] Make interface template simplified for getter/setter/deleter while using
2015-04-30Replace Handle with Local in core/animation/*
2015-04-30Replace v8::Handle with v8::Local in Source/bindings/*
2015-04-30Replacing v8::Handle<T> with v8::Local<T>
2015-04-30Replacing v8::Handle<T> with v8::Local<T>
2015-04-30[bindings] Support passing of ScriptState for namedPropertyQuery form of
2015-04-30Use explicit DOM cast template for presentationalRole
2015-04-30Use Local<> instead of Handle<> in public/*
2015-04-29Replace v8::Handle with its alias v8::Local in Source/modules/*
2015-04-29Make use of v8::Local alias in Source/web*
2015-04-29Replace v8::Handle<> with v8::Local<> in bindings/core/v8/*
2015-04-29Fix SVG animations for preserveAspectRatio
2015-04-29v8::Isolate* should be the first
2015-04-29Use Local<> instead of Handle<>
2015-04-29Clean up
2015-04-29Clamp shape-margin to
2015-04-28Implement redirect() API for Fetch
2015-04-28Delay m_axObjectCache clearing during Document
2015-04-28Change vibrate type in
2015-04-28Remove argument |allowHorizontalTiling| from
2015-04-28Fix counters() separator
2015-04-27Remove 2 duplicated SVG
2015-04-27Remove 1 duplicated SVG
2015-04-27Rename 2 SVG text tests to reflect that they are for
2015-04-27Make quoteCSSString an internal
2015-04-27Make Isolate as the first
2015-04-27SVG Text should respect
2015-04-27Turn isEmpty check in parseSimpleTransform into
2015-04-25Remove 1 duplicated SVG test and rename 4 SVG text tests for
2015-04-25Remove 2 duplicated SVG tests and rename 3 SVG text tests for
2015-04-25Rename 5 SVG text tests to reflect that they are for
2015-04-25Rename 5 SVG text tests to reflect that they are for
2015-04-25Rename 5 SVG text tests to reflect that they are for
2015-04-24Serialize <string> with double
2015-04-24Deflake LayoutTests/svg/animations/
2015-04-24Take conditionals into account when writing
2015-04-23[PresentationAPI] Plumbing send() from PresentationSession IDL to platform/
2015-04-23Enabling aria test related to setsize and
2015-04-23[Reland] Implement Custom Element's class side
2015-04-23Removing unused function in
2015-04-22Remove unused fitToPoints
2015-04-22Fix SVG animations which check viewBox
2015-04-22Removing unnecessary
2015-04-22Introducing FetchEventInit
2015-04-22Restrict __qem usage to UA
2015-04-21Add helper method to check the native
2015-04-21Removing unnecessary
2015-04-21Refactor core/v8/* methods to take isolate as first
2015-04-21Remove font-variant CSSValueList conversion
2015-04-17Add the vibrate attribute to the Notification
2015-04-17Don't consider the viewBox in SVGSVGElement::selfHasRelativeLengths()
2015-04-17Implement aria properties setsize and
2015-04-17Rename variable name from renderText to
2015-04-16Implement Custom Element's class side
2015-04-15Handle huge values for cols/rows in
2015-04-15Fix to respect --explicitly-allowed-ports command line
2015-04-15Support [Replaceable] for screen, pageXOffset,
2015-04-15Implements determineAccessibilityRole() instead of roleValue()
2015-04-15Only accept inherit/initial/unset in single value
2015-04-14Changing slider values do not work properly when percent change of a step is less than
2015-04-14The default for x1, y1 and y2 is 0% for
2015-04-14Use Local<> in lieu of Handle<> for the Source/core/
2015-04-13Implement Request.context for Fetch
2015-04-12history.pushState() should take care of scrolling
2015-04-12This CL is to fix will-change bug in
2015-04-11SVG doesn't recognize ch
2015-04-10Fix integer overflow in
2015-04-10bindings: v8::Handle -> v8::Local in Source/
2015-04-10bindings: v8::Handle -> v8::Local in CostumElementBinding
2015-04-10[bindings] Utilize branch prediction macro LIKELY for V8 to native value
2015-04-10Replace Handle<> with Local<> in bindings/core/
2015-04-09Handling of percent less than 1 while extra height distribution in spanning
2015-04-09[bindings] Use Local<> instead of Handle<>
2015-04-09Removing TextArea
2015-04-09Stop parsing of current document before starting the next
2015-04-09Fix potential bug in
2015-04-08Use C++11 range-based loop for core/
2015-04-08SVG doesn't recognize rem
2015-04-08Removing ServiceWorker's InstallEvent
2015-04-08Remove BisonCSSParser references in
2015-04-08Removes direct checking node on
2015-04-08Click event should be fired before change events for checkbox and radio
2015-04-07Re-submit of
2015-04-07Implement support to consider <space> key as part of typeAhead
2015-04-07Adds null check for isHTMLTableCellElement for AX presentational
2015-04-06This addresses a FIXME in
2015-04-06[bindings] Include copyright block in generated code for
2015-04-06Expose multiline attribute from
2015-04-02AX presentation role should be inherited to its required owned
2015-04-02Add svgAttributeChanged function to SVGFEComponentTransferElement
2015-04-02This CL is that fix typo for test-cases which is svg specification for
2015-04-02[bindings] Remove History.(push|replace)State custom
2015-04-02InlinedVisitor: Migrate vr to use inlined
2015-04-02Expose multiline attribute from
2015-04-02HitTest for RootInlineBox/InlineFlowBox should take care of
2015-04-01Refactor HitTestResult to store the
2015-04-01Slightly improved caching of descendant of barren
2015-04-01[bindings] Include V8HiddenValue only if attribute has CachedAttribute or marked keep alive for
2015-04-01Rename isDone() to haveFinishedLoading() for
2015-03-31Preventing the default action on 'mousemove' listener shouldn't prevent
2015-03-31[bindings] Remove custom bindings required for
2015-03-31Remove support of nonstandard 'CSSValueCenter' property value
2015-03-31[bindings] Support CallWith=ThisValue for generic interface
2015-03-31[bindings] Remove XMLHttpRequest
2015-03-31Expose multiline attribute from
2015-03-31Discard scrolling to the saved scroll points if there is any selection done by
2015-03-31When call getAttribute, HTMLIFrame.sandbox has a bug which don't return changed
2015-03-30Aria disabled does not apply to descendant
2015-03-28[bindings] Cleanup ScriptFunctionCall for unused
2015-03-27range.getBoundingClientRect() returns incorrect value for collapsed
2015-03-27This CL is refactoring code.Replace a bool type with an enum type in constructor argument of
2015-03-26Log in Binding code for invalid enum
2015-03-25Escape '&' in javascript URLs for innerHTML/
2015-03-25Remove duplicated CSSValueNone
2015-03-25Remove duplicate Enum Font
2015-03-25[bindings] [devtools] Migrate the usage of ScriptValue.toJSONValue() to ScriptValue::to<
2015-03-24[bindings] Remove custom binding usage from
2015-03-24Removing prefixMatch attribute of
2015-03-24Add SpeechSynthesisUtterance attribute on
2015-03-24[bindings] Make XMLHttpRequest.send() use the generated binding code over the custom
2015-03-23Add initial/inherit/unset tests to
2015-03-23Fix template angle bracket syntax
2015-03-20Treat standalone default/initial/inherit in font-family as
2015-03-20[bindings] Let NativeValueTraits<T>::nativeValue be variadic function and merge various
2015-03-20Implementation of new roles added in ARIA 1.1
2015-03-20[bindings] Refactor NativeValueTraits<T>::nativeValue to accept isolate as first
2015-03-20Use c++11 range based loops in
2015-03-19[CSS Shapes] Normalize margin box
2015-03-19Hittest for inlinebox should take care of
2015-03-19Avoid computing navigation data for nodes in the wrong navigation
2015-03-18Do not correct for zoom for number
2015-03-18The history.pushState/replaceState should check for minimum arity
2015-03-18Tweaks layoutTests to use eventSender.setTouchPointRadius
2015-03-18[bindings] Refactor ScriptStateForTesting, V8TestingScope into V8BindingForTesting.h/
2015-03-18[bindings] Pass NormalConversion to to[U]Int{8/16/32/64}(...) in and reduce
2015-03-17Fix template angle bracket syntax in
2015-03-17Slightly upgrade decideRoleFromSibling() in
2015-03-17Perspective property should only allow positive
2015-03-17[bindings] Migrate V8TestingScope out of V8Binding.h/
2015-03-17[bindings] Remove the last traces of V8RethrowTryCatchScope from
2015-03-17Add data property in persistent web
2015-03-17Enable MouseEvent buttons attribute by
2015-03-17Remove redundant current value
2015-03-17[bindings] Make sure v8::Isolate is being passed to toXXX() conversion routines as
2015-03-16Use NodeTraversal to iterate over the accessibility
2015-03-16Remove unreferenced methods from
2015-03-16[bindings] Pass v8::Local<v8::Value> by value in NativeValueTraits<T>::nativeValue()
2015-03-16[bindings] Split toUInt64 into fast inline vs slow non-inline code
2015-03-16[bindings] Split toInt64 into fast inline vs slow non-inline code
2015-03-16[bindings] Introduce<T> to convert to native
2015-03-16Add handling to respect role attribute in
2015-03-15[bindings] Split toInt32 into fast inline and slower non-inline
2015-03-14Add the data attribute to the Notification
2015-03-14Fix template angle bracket syntax in
2015-03-13[bindings] Utilize ScriptValue::from and remove IDB* => ScriptValue conversion
2015-03-13Webgl Info should have vendorid and deviceid of
2015-03-13[bindings] Rename IDBBindingUtilities.cpp to
2015-03-12Protect WebViewImpl::handleGestureEvent from null
2015-03-12Handle null baseStyle in
2015-03-12[WebCrypto] Move cloneKey test to respective algorithm
2015-03-12Remove unnecessary finalURL FIXME from Response idl file as per latest spec
2015-03-11Fix template angle bracket syntax in
2015-03-11[bindings] Remove custom binding usage from
2015-03-11Support buttons attribute for drag event (blink side)
2015-03-10Fix template angle bracket syntax in CSS
2015-03-10Adding GetTableAction method to Blink to handle color table
2015-03-09Avoid unnecessary copies of
2015-03-09[bindings] Remove SQLTransaction's usage of custom
2015-03-09Fix template angle bracket syntax in
2015-03-09Don't accept <string> for
2015-03-07Clean up HTMLObjectElement/HTMLEmbedElement
2015-03-06Rename startPendingAnimations to
2015-03-06Fix serialization of content property to always
2015-03-05[bindings] Remove custom binding usage in