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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
42 hoursConvert audio-controls* and audio-delete* tests to
2 daysencryptedmedia: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
3 daysFix hashless-hex-color.html quirks-mode
3 daysConvert track-webvtt-tc[008-010] tests to
3 daysImport quirks-mode
3 daysClean up duplicate
3 daysConvert track-webvtt-tc[003-005] tests to
3 daysPaymentRequest: Remove id attribute from
4 daysmedia: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h macros"
4 daysImport quirks-mode
4 daysConvert audio-constructor* tests to
4 daysstyle: Rename the EBoxPack enum values to be
4 daysReland "media/track: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h macros"
6 daysmedia: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
6 daysFix parsing of <body link vlink alink>
7 daysmedia/track: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
7 daysmedia: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
7 daysUpdating test related to BarInfo after getting renamed as
8 daysPaymentRequest: Rename 'currencyCode' to 'currency' in
8 daysmedia: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
8 daysgetComputedStyle should handle over-constrained
8 daysConvert track-webvtt-tc[000-002] tests to
8 daysmedia: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
8 daysPassing fast/media/
8 daysmedia: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
10 daysFallback on system locale for font
14 daysImplement stricter hashless hex color
2016-05-12Absolute positioned child with percent should include containing block
2016-05-10Convert tracklist-* tests to
2016-05-10Fix ASan container overflow in
2016-05-10Removing redundant
2016-05-09Convert track-text-track* tests to
2016-05-06[OnionSoup] Moving VR service from content to
2016-05-06Convert track-remove* tests to
2016-05-06Explicitly set checkbox state should not be influenced by
2016-05-06Move PseudoElements storage to their own
2016-05-05Store separator info of counters as
2016-05-05Convert track-load* tests to
2016-05-05Adds AXExpandedChanged for general
2016-05-04Convert track-language* and track-large* tests to
2016-05-04Convert track-kind* tests to
2016-05-04Convert track-mode* tests to
2016-05-04Set currentScript for
2016-05-04Make <attr-name> accept any CSS
2016-05-04Update word-spacing
2016-05-03Do not accept CSS identifiers for format()
2016-05-02CacheStorage: Sync up IDL with the cache storage
2016-05-02Events should have an initialized
2016-04-29If the <use> is hidden and the child of it is visible, should clip the
2016-04-29Convert track tests from video-test.js to testharness.js
2016-04-29Convert track tests from video-test.js to testharness.js
2016-04-28InitEvent should not do anything if dispatch flag is
2016-04-27Convert track tests from video-test.js to testharness.js
2016-04-27Remove element related checks for PseudoDisabled css
2016-04-26Convert track tests from video-test.js to testharness.js
2016-04-26Remove unnecessary ExceptionCode.h
2016-04-26output should not match to :enabled or :disabled pseudo
2016-04-26Pass around shorthand info instead of storing
2016-04-25Remove unnecessary ExceptionCode.h
2016-04-25Remove unnecessary ExceptionCode.h
2016-04-25Remove superfluous "*-expected.txt" files in LayoutTests/http/
2016-04-25Remove superfluous "*-expected.txt" files in LayoutTests/http/
2016-04-21Remove superfluous "*-expected.txt" files in LayoutTests/http/
2016-04-21Convert track tests from video-test.js to testharness.js
2016-04-21Convert track tests from video-test.js to testharness.js
2016-04-21Remove superfluous "*-expected.txt" files in LayoutTests/
2016-04-20Improve named grid areas
2016-04-19Remove superfluous "*-expected.txt" files in LayoutTests/fast/
2016-04-19Convert track tests from video-test.js to testharness.js
2016-04-18Canvas2d: fix event.region being null on mouseleave/out
2016-04-18Add EventTarget-dispatchEvent.html test to skip
2016-04-14Remove some CSSParserMode parameters in
2016-04-14Move the grid shorthand into
2016-04-14PaymentRequest should be a
2016-04-13Fix references to ISO
2016-04-12Move grid-auto-flow into
2016-04-12Convert track tests from video-test.js to testharness.js
2016-04-12Convert track tests from video-test.js to testharness.js
2016-04-12Add unit test for providing empty list of detail
2016-04-11Convert track tests from video-test.js to testharness.js
2016-04-11Move the grid-template shorthand into
2016-04-07Convert css cue track tests from video-test.js to testharness.js
2016-04-07Rename Document::hasPendingStyleRecalc to
2016-04-07Convert webvtt regions tests from video-test.js to testharness.js
2016-04-01Convert track-constants.html from video-test.js to testharness.js
2016-04-01Support currentScale for embedded
2016-03-31Move grid-template-areas into
2016-03-30Move grid-template-columns/grid-template-rows into
2016-03-25Handle the case where the v8 scriptable object has a property defined with value
2016-03-25When the SVG element is 'visible', the SVG element is not
2016-03-23Handling transition animation between non-interpolable
2016-03-23Move grid-auto-column/grid-auto-row into
2016-03-23Null check font family name in
2016-03-21Use TemporaryChange in
2016-03-21Move the grid-area shorthand into
2016-03-18Move the grid-column/grid-row shorthands into
2016-03-18If add 'id' on pending SVG resource does not work for
2016-03-18Make parsing of <transform> more
2016-03-17Move some grid-column/grid-row related longhands into
2016-03-17Make consumeCustomIdent exclude css wide
2016-03-17Make <custom-ident> not insert
2016-03-16Fix textpath is not displayed on use
2016-03-16Removed CORE_EXPORT from APIs at
2016-03-15Refactor resource load and resource selection algorithms as per
2016-03-13Move the grid-gap shorthand into
2016-03-12Canvas2d: Implement rerouting event by hit region's
2016-03-11Fix SVGDocument return title that is not a child of the root
2016-03-11Use <string> serialization rules for computed value of reference
2016-03-11Move some grid related longhands into
2016-03-08tbody.deleteRow(-1) should never throw an
2016-03-08Change the type for byte counts to size_t in
2016-03-08Move background/webkit-mask shorthand into
2016-03-08Invalidate pseudo default state when checked and selected attributes are updated
2016-03-07Revert of Fix SVGDocument return title that is not a child of the root element (patchset #12
2016-03-05posinset and setsize for input type, radio, exposed in AX
2016-03-04Fix SVGDocument return title that is not a child of the root
2016-03-04Option, checkbox and radio should support ':default'
2016-03-04Moved tests for default vale of Empty dir attribute from LayoutTests/fast/dom/Attr/ to
2016-03-02Moved tests for default value of Empty dir attribute from LayoutTests/imported to LayoutTests/
2016-03-02Service Worker: Enable Clients.get(id)
2016-03-01Make nullable DOMString always treat undefined as
2016-02-29Move background related shorthands into
2016-02-29Fix isEqualNode
2016-02-29Changed the default value for Empty Dir
2016-02-26Fix typo variable naming in
2016-02-26Fix draggable {svg, inline} elements are painted at incorrect
2016-02-25Sync createPattern with the
2016-02-25Service Worker: Add worker client test for Clients.get(id)
2016-02-24CacheStorage: Add ignoreSearch option to cache.delete()
2016-02-24Clean up variable usage on LayoutSVGRoot::positionForPoint
2016-02-23Service Worker: Add Clients.get(id)
2016-02-22setOrientTo{Auto|Angle} should reflect on orient
2016-02-22Move background related longhands into
2016-02-19Fix find in page
2016-02-18Implement positionForPoint() for
2016-02-17Clean up header includes in
2016-02-16ServiceWorker: Rewrite windowclient-navigate.html
2016-02-16Add support for repeating-radial-gradient()
2016-02-16CacheStorage: Add ignoreSearch option to cache.matchAll()
2016-02-16Fix behavior of HTMLInputElement.maxLength/minLength
2016-02-13Canvas2d: The control in hit region should be a canvas fallback
2016-02-13Canvas2d: Make the intersection computation O(1) instead of O(n) in
2016-02-12Move miscellaneous properties into
2016-02-10Remove unnecessary variable
2016-02-10Change in focus with movement of Arrow keys for RTL radio
2016-02-09Initialize UserGestureIndicator for IME
2016-02-09Move remaining border-image related properties into
2016-02-08Fix background-size
2016-02-04SVG with zero intrinsic size should be respected
2016-02-03Remove outdated information about condition
2016-02-02Move border-image related longhands into
2016-02-02Setting page selector text should not allow
2016-02-02Rename prelude to range in
2016-02-01Setting selectorText of PageRule accepts invalid
2016-02-01Move justify-content/align-content properties into
2016-01-29PageRule should not serialize @page in
2016-01-29Fix incorrect handling of small non-percentage value for `
2016-01-28Move two shape related properties into
2016-01-27Canvas2d: addHitRegion() should take clipping region into
2016-01-25Removed unused member TextTrackChangesNotification in
2016-01-22Crashes when percent calculation of row's height goes very
2016-01-21Rename |emitCharacter| to |spliceBuffer|
2016-01-21Remove squaredDistanceToClosestPoint
2016-01-20Fieldset uses marginLeft for marginRight by
2016-01-20Move two more <image> related properties into
2016-01-20Find In Page doesn't work properly when " " is
2016-01-20Adds AX role for abbr
2016-01-20This patch makes AXMenuListOption respect role
2016-01-19Allow to set display "inline" on legend
2016-01-19Service Worker: (Re-commit) Add
2016-01-18Move miscellaneous properties into
2016-01-15Parse border-radius shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with
2016-01-15Fix behavior of Document.body
2016-01-15Service Worker: Add
2016-01-14Implement FloatRect::squaredDistanceTo
2016-01-13Table rowspan cell's height resize when percent element present in the
2016-01-13CSS Custom Properties fail when defined in specific
2016-01-12Fix Hebrew list-style number
2016-01-12Remove unused variable in
2016-01-12Make createEvent do more case-insensitive
2016-01-12Move scroll-snap related properties into
2016-01-11Canvas2d: Fix incorrect alignment of hit region when applied css/
2016-01-11Merge parseBorderRadius and
2016-01-08No Implement to check whether needs transform or not on
2016-01-07Adding support of viewport units to
2016-01-07Fix small bugs in new CSS Property
2016-01-05Move perspective property into
2016-01-03Fix animation of 'color' w/ currentColor for SVG 'fill' and 'stroke'
2015-12-23Inherit 'currentColor' as 'currentColor' for 'fill'/'stroke'
2015-12-21Find In Page hides the text when text color matches text search hightlight
2015-12-21Adding/Removing same class multiple times schedules same invalidation
2015-12-17Split up text painting code into separate functions to setup paint and then paint
2015-12-16ServiceWorker: Reject SecurityError instead of
2015-12-16Parse list-style shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with
2015-12-15Move content property into
2015-12-15Finish support for <image> type parsing using
2015-12-10Add support for <image> type parsing using
2015-12-09CSS.escape('\0') should not
2015-12-09ServiceWorker: Reject TypeError instead of
2015-12-08Cleanup CSSPropertyParser some
2015-12-07ServiceWorker: Enable WindowClient.navigate() method by
2015-12-07ServiceWorker: Should throw TypeError instead of Unknown/
2015-12-07Make createCSSImageValueWithReferrer
2015-12-04Move transform-origin property into
2015-12-04Remove userCancelledLoad and refactor the code at the call
2015-12-04Fix the crash problem on WebGL2 conformance test of negative state
2015-12-03Move cursor property into
2015-12-03Cleanup <image> type
2015-12-03Fix the crash problem of WebGL2 Query
2015-12-02Move remaining independent transform properties into
2015-12-02new URL('') should throw
2015-12-01Move remaining SVG properties into
2015-11-28Parse -webkit-column-rule shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with
2015-11-24Fix the crash setLevelInfo for the WebGL2 conformance test
2015-11-23Remove [TreatNullAs=NullString] from attributes on
2015-11-23Move stroke-dasharray property into
2015-11-20Fix for perf regression in SVG with Fragment
2015-11-19Parse flex/flex-flow shorthands in CSSPropertyParser with
2015-11-18Record UMA stats for Blink decoded image
2015-11-18Parse marker shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with
2015-11-17Move paint-order property into
2015-11-17SVG should consider base URI when resolving fragment
2015-11-17[bindings] Club attribute & accessor config for a runtime enabled feature in single |if|
2015-11-17SVG should respect overflow:visible even with
2015-11-17Introduce "navigate" mode in
2015-11-17Move SVG paint/color properties into
2015-11-13Move transform property into
2015-11-12Parse webkit-text-stroke shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with
2015-11-10Parse -webkit-border shorthands in CSSPropertyParser with
2015-11-09Parse outline shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with
2015-11-09Fix crash when combining text-emphasis with CSS
2015-11-06Parse text-emphasis shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with
2015-11-06Parse motion shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with
2015-11-06Parse text-decoration shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with
2015-11-06Fix -webkit-column-span isValueID
2015-11-05Parse outline shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with
2015-11-05Remove [TreatNullAs=NullString] from attributes on
2015-11-04Parse text-decoration shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with
2015-11-03Remove [TreatNullAs=NullString] from the 'dir' attribute on
2015-11-02Move -webkit-filter/background-filter properties into
2015-10-30Move text-shadow/box-shadow properties into
2015-10-29Remove [TreatNullAs=NullString] from title attribute on
2015-10-29Move z-index property handling into
2015-10-28Move two color related properties into