AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
18 hoursRe-Relanding 'Always notify the WebMediaPlayer of any seek'
23 hoursdominant-baseline property should be
42 hoursRemove redundant null check for
46 hoursMake the Response constructor throw when status
2 daysShrink SVG paint-order to take less
2 daysService Worker: (Re-commit) Make ServiceWorkerRegistration.update() return a promise. (Blink 1/3)
5 daysPass real tilt information to
5 daysService Worker: Make ServiceWorkerRegistration.update() return a promise. (Blink 1/3)
5 daysCleanup webaudio related header inclusions in
5 daysMove rem handling out of
6 daysMake CSSCalcValue work with
6 daysMove rem handling out of
6 daysMake WebMediaPlayerClient inheritance private in
6 daysThe Color attributes for HTMLDocument should have [TreatNullAs=EmptyString]
7 daysService Worker: Use ScriptPromise instead of ScriptPromise&
7 daysExtend WebPointerProperties with tilt and pointer type
7 daysService Worker: Correct Web IDL of ExtendableEvent.waitUntil
7 daysRemove unused variable in
8 daysCanvas2d: Fix a bug to update incorrect rect bounds for
8 daysDont reset unusedScrollDelta for nonScrollable
8 daysImplement
8 daysCanvas2d: Remove unnecessary conversion in
9 daysRemove unnecessary condition for
9 daysRemove redundant call to closeMediaSource() in userCancelledLoad()
9 daysService Worker: Correct Web IDL of FetchEvent.respondWith
11 daysRemoving Unused function from ImageDecodingStore
13 daysEliminate MediaPlayer & MediaPlayerClient
13 daysThe type argument for HTMLCanvasElement toDataURL() api should not be
14 daysAdd SelectionMode enum for setRangeText() in HTMLInputElement and
14 daysThe contextId argument for HTMLCanvasElement getContext() api should not be
2015-07-22select attribute for HTMLContentElement should not have [TreatNullAs=NullString]
2015-07-21Add CSS image-orientation:
2015-07-21The index argument for HTMLCollection item() api should not be
2015-07-21This CL adds equalSelectionsAlgorithm() which is called
2015-07-20Removing TreatNullAs=NullString from SVGAngle.valueAsString and SVGLength.valueAsString
2015-07-17Add WebPointerProperties
2015-07-16Removing UIEvent.keyCode and
2015-07-15Canvas2d: Remove the updateAccessibility() method in HitRegion
2015-07-14Deprecate Element.offsetParent/offsetTop/offsetLeft/offsetWidth/
2015-07-14The name argument for HTMLSelectElement namedItem() api should not be
2015-07-14Shift to new createMediaPlayer() path in
2015-07-14ServiceWorker: Implement navigate() method in WindowClient (blink side)
2015-07-10Separate encrypted media functions out of WebMediaPlayerClient
2015-07-10Make the setCustomValidity() error argument not
2015-07-10[PresentationAPI] on-session-message handler for binary
2015-07-10Remove typedefs for stdint types on
2015-07-10Reset unusedDelta on Onverscroll for residual
2015-07-09Implement DOM: prepend, append, before, after &
2015-07-09Remove 'defer' KeyWord from
2015-07-09Remove Range.compareNode() as it is not in the
2015-07-09Document attribute charset and its aliases to return
2015-07-08Move attributes and methods from HTMLDocument to
2015-07-07Revert of history.pushState() should take care of scrolling state (patchset #5 id:120001 of
2015-07-06The index argument for HTMLTableRowElement deleteCell() api should not be
2015-07-03Service Worker: Correct
2015-07-03Serialize zIndex as an
2015-07-01HTMLOptionsCollection remove() argument should be long, not unsigned
2015-07-01Unhide 'window.console' by renaming console variable in layout
2015-07-01ServiceWorkerClients::openWindow() should reject with TypeError for an invalid
2015-06-30Remove old NeedsRebaseline
2015-06-29Report accurate Overscroll on
2015-06-29getComputedStyle(e).quotes always return empty
2015-06-26<fieldset> should be ignored in interactive
2015-06-26HTMLOptionElement constructor arguments
2015-06-26Remove the hack to position layers for composited
2015-06-26Service Worker: Fix getRegistrations.html layout
2015-06-26Removing unused methods from FEGaussianBlur
2015-06-26Service Worker: Surface
2015-06-26Implement hanja counter
2015-06-24Remove a duplicate test (pservers-grad-17-b.svg) in LayoutTests/svg/
2015-06-24Deprecate MediaStream label, ended attributes and stop()
2015-06-24Removing unused functions from ResourceRequest
2015-06-24Removing unused functions from WebSocketHandshakeResponse
2015-06-24CSS Counters not properly updated on style
2015-06-24NodeFilter acceptNode return type changed to
2015-06-24Remove duplicate measure hyphen string
2015-06-24Changed cols and rows to unsigned long for
2015-06-24HTMLTableCellElement type changed from signed to
2015-06-24HTMLTableColElement span attribute type set to
2015-06-23Removing unused function from FileChooser
2015-06-23Screen attribute availWidth/availHeight/width/height type changed to
2015-06-23HTMLSelectElement size type changed to
2015-06-23This CL is that remove toClipPath on
2015-06-23Service Worker: Add initialization step for getRegistrations.html layout
2015-06-22Implement chinese counter
2015-06-22Clean up some CSSPropertyID
2015-06-22Service Worker: Remove ServiceWorker.terminate()
2015-06-22Use the same range for upper/lower-armenian as
2015-06-22Provide user friendly messages for OTS parsing of
2015-06-19Change return type of the
2015-06-19Add to Source/bindings/
2015-06-19[gcc 4.x] Fix the broken build reported due to uninitialized |status|
2015-06-18Removing unused methods from
2015-06-18[bindings] Eliminate custom bindings for
2015-06-18Updated SVGListPropertyHelper as per SVG2
2015-06-17Clean up unused AX
2015-06-17Fix for default value of
2015-06-17Move Element.dataset to
2015-06-17Click event should be fired before change events for checkbox and radio
2015-06-17Remove usage of CSSParserValue in
2015-06-16Change return type of printPage (Part#4)
2015-06-16Make AutocompleteErrorEventInit.reason be of type AutocompleteErrorReason (not DOMString)
2015-06-16Removing Nullable<unsigned long> for
2015-06-16Removing unused functions from JSONValues
2015-06-16Drop trailing zeroes only for rightmost group for
2015-06-16Remove CSSParserValue usage from
2015-06-16Move CSSParserString out of
2015-06-15TreatReturnedNullStringAs removed from
2015-06-15Expose CSSGroupingRule and let CSSMediaRule inherit
2015-06-13Remove ch.dumez from web
2015-06-12Add support for korean-hangul-formal list style
2015-06-12Removing unused functions from Path -intersectPath() -normalAngleAtLength() -windRule()
2015-06-12Service Worker: Add ServiceWorkerContainer.getRegistrations() method.
2015-06-12TreatReturnedNullStringAs=undefined removed from
2015-06-12Convert RenderBlockFlow code to use FloatingObject
2015-06-11printPage to return void instead of
2015-06-11TreatReturnedNullStringAs=undefined removed from
2015-06-11Make the CSS interface members
2015-06-11Make __qems a CSSPrimitiveValue unit
2015-06-11Change MouseEvent.button to be 'short' instead of 'unsigned short'
2015-06-11Using Fullstop Unicode if horizontal ellipsis not present in primary
2015-06-10Touch.identifier should be long, not unsigned
2015-06-10Remove CSSRule.UNKNOWN_RULE and CSSUnknownRule
2015-06-10Remove unused method DateComponents::parseDateTime()
2015-06-10Removing Unused Methods in
2015-06-10[PresentationAPI] Make sendBlobData() pure virtual in
2015-06-10Service Worker: Add ServiceWorkerContainer.getRegistrations() method. (Blink)
2015-06-10Add MarkRole in blink side to expose mark tag
2015-06-09Remove the SVGRenderingIntent
2015-06-09Move to HTMLElement
2015-06-09Remove outdated list style
2015-06-09Over-scroll Glow Animation for
2015-06-08Move Element.focus()/blur() to HTMLElement and
2015-06-08Ship the NotificationOptions vibrate
2015-06-08[PresentationAPI] Plumbing send(Blob) from PresentationSession IDL to platform/
2015-06-08Removing unused functions from FileChooser
2015-06-08scheduleArchiveLoad should return false if archived resource is not
2015-06-04Remove outdated
2015-06-04Removing Unused Method PluginData::pluginFileForMimeType()
2015-06-04Removing unused method TransformationMatrix::rectToRect()
2015-06-03Make small-caps work correctly with tr
2015-06-03Removing Unused Method PathTraversalState::quadraticBezierTo()
2015-06-03Service Worker: Clients.matchAll() IDL
2015-06-03[KeyboardEvent] DOM |Key| support in
2015-06-03Fast path when setting border-image-width to initial always
2015-06-02Make small-caps work correctly with tr
2015-06-02Add MarkRole in blink side to expose mark tag
2015-06-02Implement SVGFESpecularLightingElement.kernelUnitLengthX/
2015-06-02Remove Unused method PlatformInstrumentation::willResizeImage and
2015-06-02Removing unused functions from WebSocketFrame
2015-06-02Properties labelled !important must be ignored in
2015-05-29ASSERTION FAILED: CSSPropertyMetadata::isEnabledProperty(propertyID)
2015-05-28Replacing the 'return 0;' statements with 'return nullptr;'
2015-05-28Implements getImageAnimationPolicy() at
2015-05-28toImplArguments should return HeapVector for Union
2015-05-27Enable element-role-mapping-focusable.html in
2015-05-27[bindings] Implment postMessageImpl and replace the usage of
2015-05-27'quotes' property is serialized wrongly on inline
2015-05-27[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for Client.postMessage to eliminate custom
2015-05-26[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for CrossOriginServiceWorkerClient.postMessage to
2015-05-26[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope.postMessage to eliminate
2015-05-26[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for Worker.postMessage to eliminate custom
2015-05-26[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for ServiceWorker.postMessage to eliminate custom
2015-05-26[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for MessagePort.postMessage to eliminate custom
2015-05-26[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for CompositorWorker*.postMessage to eliminate custom
2015-05-25[bindings] [bindings] Introduce PostMessage extended keyword
2015-05-25Aria-required not working for Input elements on Mac &
2015-05-25Remove hexDigit check in
2015-05-23Move recordSelectorStats out of CSSSelectorParser
2015-05-22Add ScrollDirectionPhysical enum in Scroll
2015-05-22Simplify UnicodeRangeToken
2015-05-21Refactoring Iterator used on
2015-05-21Serialize <number> to round to at most 6
2015-05-20Adds TestExpectation temporarily to add handling AX time
2015-05-20Refactoring Iterator used on
2015-05-20Removing primaryFontHasGlyphForCharacter
2015-05-20Remove CSSPropertyParser::inViewport
2015-05-19Handles AX role for time element(re-land)
2015-05-19Add NULL check of ExecutionContext in ServiceWorkerContainter::getRegistration and
2015-05-18Oilpan: remove incorrect LayoutPart transition type
2015-05-15Add layouttest for notification of persistent
2015-05-15Add Client Attribute to FetchEvent- Blink
2015-05-15Move hb_language_t determination outside of for
2015-05-14SVG <use> should update when the referenced <path> is updating
2015-05-14Compare :lang value case-insensitive in ASCII
2015-05-13Making Unicode character names
2015-05-13SVG animate element's begin/end attribute set by js, should
2015-05-13Remove SVGElement.xmlbase/xmlspace/xmllang and no use
2015-05-12Remove ImageDataConstructor runtime flag (status=stable)
2015-05-12v8::Isolate* should be the first
2015-05-12[PresentationAPI] Make WebPresentationClient.sendString and sendArrayBuffer methods pure
2015-05-11SVG animate should respect attribute 'restart=never'
2015-05-11Do not compare case-insensitive for 16bit pseudo
2015-05-11Handles AX role for time
2015-05-08Remove unused variable from
2015-05-07v8::Isolate* should be the first
2015-05-07Extending the NthIndexCache to support caching for the
2015-05-07Ignore declarations with out of range numeric
2015-05-07Replace v8::Handle with v8::Local in {ScriptFunctionCall.cpp, ToV8.h}
2015-05-07Revert "Do not correct for zoom for number line-height"
2015-05-06Update Blink accessibility
2015-05-06v8::Isolate* should be the first
2015-05-06Support WholeWord in window.find()
2015-05-06Disallow hashless hex color quirk for non integer <number>
2015-05-05Replace v8::Handle with v8::Local in
2015-05-05Refactor 0 -> nullptr in
2015-05-05Makes AXNodeObject test if it's a table cell or row before calling
2015-05-05Add parseFontFaceDescriptor for @font-face
2015-05-04Fixup a bug about SVG text
2015-05-03[bindings] Remove usage of custom binding for namedPropertyQuery of
2015-05-01This CL clean up codes in
2015-05-01Move font-family check to
2015-05-01Add experimental Support for DOM3 KeyboardEvent key
2015-04-30SVG Text decoration should respect
2015-04-30Fix mouse position to truncate the coordinate for mouseMoveTo(...)
2015-04-30[bindings] Remove custom namedPropertyEnumerator from
2015-04-30Replace Handle with Local in Source/*
2015-04-30Removing unnecessary creation of local
2015-04-30[bindings] Remove custom setter used in
2015-04-30Blink use old style character string notation for
2015-04-30Replace v8::Handle with v8::Local in core/testing/*
2015-04-30Replace v8::Handle with v8::Local in core/dom/*
2015-04-30[bindings] Make interface template simplified for getter/setter/deleter while using
2015-04-30Replace Handle with Local in core/animation/*
2015-04-30Replace v8::Handle with v8::Local in Source/bindings/*
2015-04-30Replacing v8::Handle<T> with v8::Local<T>
2015-04-30Replacing v8::Handle<T> with v8::Local<T>
2015-04-30[bindings] Support passing of ScriptState for namedPropertyQuery form of
2015-04-30Use explicit DOM cast template for presentationalRole
2015-04-30Use Local<> instead of Handle<> in public/*
2015-04-29Replace v8::Handle with its alias v8::Local in Source/modules/*
2015-04-29Make use of v8::Local alias in Source/web*
2015-04-29Replace v8::Handle<> with v8::Local<> in bindings/core/v8/*
2015-04-29Fix SVG animations for preserveAspectRatio
2015-04-29v8::Isolate* should be the first
2015-04-29Use Local<> instead of Handle<>
2015-04-29Clean up
2015-04-29Clamp shape-margin to
2015-04-28Implement redirect() API for Fetch
2015-04-28Delay m_axObjectCache clearing during Document
2015-04-28Change vibrate type in
2015-04-28Remove argument |allowHorizontalTiling| from