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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
39 hoursassert_*d_matrix_equals fuction can accept array as expected
2 days[GeometryInterface] Fix a
3 daysConvert LayoutTests/svg/dom/SVGTransform*.html js-tests.js to testharness.js based
3 daysMake hspace/vspace unsigned long in
3 daysPaymentRequest: Deprecate careOf attribute in
3 daysPaymentRequest: Add support for shipping type. (in blink side)
4 daysUpdate createContextualFragment behavior to latest
5 daysPaymentRequest: Add support for payerName. (in blink side)
5 daysFix missing symbols error in
6 daysPaymentRequest: Make the PaymentResponse interface
7 daysRemove RequestIdleCallback runtime flag (status=stable)
7 daysRefactor LayoutTests/svg/dom/SVGLengthList*
7 daysAdapt to changes in html5 spec related to
8 daysCorrect function names in log messages in
8 daysConvert LayoutTests/svg/dom/SVGLengthList*.html js-tests.js to testharness.js based
10 daysConvert fast/canvas Layouttests to
11 daysSVG Image intrinsic size should be used if css style size is 'auto'
11 daysModify error messages for payment address validation as per
12 daysIFrame Scrollbar needs
12 daysConvert LayoutTests/svg/dom/SVGLengthList*.html js-tests.js to testharness.js based
12 daysRemove ScrollRestoration runtime flag (status=stable)
13 daysGeometryInterface: Add DOMMatrixInit and fromMatrix()
13 daysConvert fast/canvas Layouttests to
13 daysMove DOMError to modules/
13 daysMake command a
2016-09-12[GeometryInterface] Add fromFloat32Array & fromFloat64Array
2016-09-12Remove SVGSVGElement.viewport
2016-09-08Fix typo in
2016-09-08Remove PathOpsSVGClipping runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-09-08Draw main frame custom scrollbars in root layer scrolling
2016-09-07Use type aliases for StaticElementList/
2016-09-07Remove PropertyD runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-09-06Deprecate SVGViewElement.viewTarget
2016-09-02Implement inverse & invertSelf function in DOMMatrix &
2016-09-01Convert LayoutTests/svg/dom/SVGLength*.html js-tests.js tests to testharness.js based
2016-09-01Convert LayoutTests/fast/canvas/2d tests to
2016-09-01Accept any string for currency code in
2016-08-31Remove SandboxBlocksModals runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-08-30Support "once" event listener
2016-08-30Improve readability of
2016-08-27Convert LayoutTests/fast/canvas/2d tests to
2016-08-26Add dataset property to SVGElement
2016-08-25Convert OffscreenCanvas-getContext tests to
2016-08-25Convert LayoutTests/fast/canvas/2d tests to
2016-08-25Implement toString() funtion in
2016-08-24clean up encrypted-media
2016-08-23Implement skew* funtion in DomMatrix &
2016-08-23clean up media
2016-08-23Clean up textTrackDisplayElement utility
2016-08-23Convert LayoutTests/svg/text/* js-tests.js tests to testharness.js based
2016-08-23Refactor textTrackDisplayElement utility
2016-08-22Use testharness.js instead of js-test.js in OffscreenCanvas
2016-08-22Remove MediaDevices runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-08-21add FlipX() and FlipY() funtion in
2016-08-20add HitTestCanvasResult Class instend of std::pair<Element*, String>
2016-08-19Convert image size and zoom level test to
2016-08-19Remove video-test.js
2016-08-19Remove unused functions from
2016-08-19Use testharness.js to test move image to new
2016-08-19Convert http media tests to
2016-08-19Fix serializing of 'unset'
2016-08-18Remove LinkPreload runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-08-18Remove video-test.js dependency from
2016-08-18Use testharness.js in image load
2016-08-18Use document.ElementFromPoint instead of
2016-08-17Convert fast/events media tests to
2016-08-17Use testharness.js instead of js-test.js in fast/
2016-08-17Manual Rebase for
2016-08-17Convert appcache video http tests to
2016-08-17Handle window.onload and img.onload in image-change-without-resize-shouldnt-layout
2016-08-16Use testharness.js instead of js-test.js in fast/
2016-08-16Use testharness.js instead of js-test.js in fast/
2016-08-16Use testharness.js instead of js-test.js in fast/
2016-08-15Use testharness.js in fast/images/ for border/cmyk
2016-08-12Convert video-buffer* http tests to
2016-08-12Deprecate SVGSVGElement.viewport
2016-08-11convert LayoutTest/scrollbars/rtl/* js-test.js tests to testharness.js based
2016-08-11convert LayoutTest/scrollbars/* js-test.js tests to testharness.js based
2016-08-11convert LayoutTest/scrollbars/* js-test.js tests to testharness.js based
2016-08-11Remove ImageRenderingPixelated runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-08-10Convert fast/css/background-serialize.html test to
2016-08-09CacheStorage: Expand cache.keys()
2016-08-09Measure SVGViewElement
2016-08-09No need to stop the one shot timer once the timer
2016-08-08Remove MediaRecorder runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-08-08Move consumeImage to
2016-08-08Apply styles to mathML elements having class
2016-08-05Remove LinkHeader runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-08-05Consolidate consumeWhitespace calls to one
2016-08-03Convert security http tests to
2016-08-02Improve numeric value handling in CSS
2016-08-01Print proper debug message in case of change event
2016-08-01Deprecate currentView, useCurrentView properties of SVGSVGElement and SVGViewSpec
2016-08-01Form submission should abort before constraint validation if sandboxed forms flag is
2016-08-01Remove confusing unitless quirk
2016-07-29Remove ScreenOrientation runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-07-29Fix serialization of css-wide keywords in custom
2016-07-29Convert mediasource http tests to
2016-07-27Remove HiResEventTimeStamp runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-07-27Convert video-[in, throttled, useragent]* http tests to
2016-07-26Remove LinkPreconnect runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-07-25Convert video-seek* and video-served* http tests to
2016-07-25Initial value for mask-repeat property should be
2016-07-25Cursor should respect text align in contenteditable with pseudo
2016-07-25Add test to check that the payment response details field is a JSON-serializable
2016-07-24Convert video-load* http tests to
2016-07-23Convert video-query* and video-reference* http tests to
2016-07-23Convert video-play* http tests to
2016-07-23Convert video-cookie* and video-error* tests to
2016-07-22Fix GMOCK WARNING: Uninteresting mock function call - taking default
2016-07-22Convert track-webvtt* http tests to
2016-07-22Convert video-playback* and sources-fallback* tests to
2016-07-22Add a timeout to the update event in case page doesn't resolve promise from
2016-07-21Remove FormDataNewMethods runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-07-21Convert text-served* and remove-while* tests to
2016-07-21CacheStorage: caches.match with bad cacheName should resolve with
2016-07-21Rebaseline video-poster-scale.html on
2016-07-21Reject payment request with AbortError if web page rejects promise from
2016-07-20Convert media-document* and pdf* tests to
2016-07-20Remove video-test.js dependency from video-[poster*, replaces*]
2016-07-20HTMLAreaElement should expose `download` and `rel`
2016-07-20Remove video-test.js dependency from track-cue-rendering*
2016-07-20Added support of calc() for
2016-07-19Convert media-play-promise.html to
2016-07-19ServiceWorker: Use FrozenArray for *
2016-07-19Parameterize OnError
2016-07-18ServiceWorker: Remove [Unforgeable] idl extended
2016-07-17Convert video-played* tests to
2016-07-15Content in disabled input field should not be
2016-07-14Remove AppBanner runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-07-13Convert auto-play-in-sandbox* tests to
2016-07-13Remove video-test.js dependency from
2016-07-13Remove video-test.js dependency from [audio, video]-autoplay-*
2016-07-13Convert video-poster* tests to
2016-07-13Remove SVGZoomEvent interface and onzoom
2016-07-13Support viewport units for SVG Length
2016-07-13Duplicate shipping option identifiers should throw
2016-07-08Early return if we find selected shipping option from
2016-07-08Moving assert_throws test cases under
2016-07-07Convert video-[default, size, timeupdate]* tests to
2016-07-07Duplicate payment method identifiers in methodData and details.modififiers should throw
2016-07-07Convert video-[loop, double]* tests to
2016-07-06Convert text-track-selection* tests to
2016-07-06Convert video-controls-[captions, overlay, track]* tests to
2016-07-06Delete video-durationchange-on-ended.html
2016-07-06Add test case to test that empty supported payment method identifiers throw
2016-07-05Convert video-source-[load|moved|removed].html tests to
2016-07-04Convert video-[enter, mouse, scales]* tests to
2016-07-04Open a color input with display:none via a
2016-07-04Convert video-controls-[mouse, muted, no]* tests to
2016-07-04Convert video-controls* tests to
2016-07-04Convert video-source-error* and video-source-inserted* tests to
2016-07-04Convert video-controls-hide* and video-controls-in* tests to
2016-07-04Convert audio*, media* and video* tests to
2016-07-02Delete remove-from-document-no-load.html
2016-07-02Convert video-controls* tests to
2016-07-01Convert video-source* tests to
2016-07-01SVGLength.value setter should set the value to <number>
2016-07-01Convert video-controls* tests to
2016-07-01Convert video-canvas* and video-capture* tests to
2016-06-30Remove unneeded TODOs from media-fragment
2016-06-30Convert video-controls-visibility* tests to
2016-06-30Convert video-controls* tests to
2016-06-29Convert video-prefixed* and video-preload* tests to
2016-06-29Change text selection iterator behaviour for non-editable empty
2016-06-29Convert video-src-invalid* and video-src-none* tests to
2016-06-29Convert video-delay* and video-display* tests to
2016-06-28Convert video-seeking*, video-set* and video-single* tests to
2016-06-28:active pseudo class is not applied for element with display
2016-06-27PaymentRequest: Implement PaymentDetailsModifier dictionary (in blink side)
2016-06-27Convert video-seek* tests to
2016-06-27Convert video-source* tests to
2016-06-26Convert video-pause* and video-plays* tests to
2016-06-26Convert video-src-[plus-source, remove, set, source].html tests to
2016-06-26Convert video-src* tests to
2016-06-25Convert video-volume*, video-width* and viewport* tests to
2016-06-25Convert video-seek* tests to
2016-06-24CSS Variable #0000ee is read as #\30
2016-06-22Convert video-play* tests to
2016-06-22Add contentWindow attribute for <object>
2016-06-22Shorthand serialization should check for var in
2016-06-22Convert video-muted* and video-no* tests to
2016-06-21Convert video-duration*, video-error* and video-load* tests to
2016-06-20Remove PaymentResponse.totalAmount according to latest
2016-06-20Convert video-dom* tests to
2016-06-20Convert video-currentTime* tests to
2016-06-19Convert track-cues* and track-delete* tests to
2016-06-19Convert video-currentTime-delay* and video-currentTime-before* tests to
2016-06-17PaymentRequest: complete() method should take PaymentComplete enum
2016-06-17Convert media-element*, track-cue* and track-remove* tests to
2016-06-15Convert video-autoplay*, video-black* and video-buffered* tests to
2016-06-14Convert track-cues* and track-word* tests to
2016-06-13media: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
2016-06-13Convert media-source*, no-autoplay* and remove-from* tests to
2016-06-12Convert track-webvtt-tc[024-026] tests to
2016-06-12Convert unsupported* and video-append* tests to
2016-06-10Move more helper methods out of
2016-06-10Convert track-webvtt-tc[022, 023] tests to
2016-06-09Move isColorKeyword out of
2016-06-09PaymentRequest: Introduce
2016-06-09Stop propagating customscrollbar styles across iframe
2016-06-09media: Remove logMedia from
2016-06-09Handle 'visibility:collapse' for SVG shapes/images/
2016-06-08PaymentRequest: Sync up PaymentAddress with the payment request
2016-06-07Add CORE_EXPORT to freezeV8Object() in
2016-06-06Reject calcs with both lengths and percentages in
2016-06-06PaymentRequest: Provide shippingAddress in
2016-06-05Convert track-webvtt-tc[006,007,011] tests to
2016-06-05Convert track-webvtt-tc[013-015] tests to
2016-06-05Convert media-ended*, media-extension* and media-load* tests to
2016-06-05Convert track-webvtt-tc[027-029] tests to
2016-06-04media: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
2016-06-03Empty SVG viewbox should be treated
2016-06-03PaymentRequest: Rename ShippingAddress to
2016-06-03Convert track-webvtt-tc[030-032] tests to
2016-06-02Convert media-cont* and media-element* tests to
2016-06-02Convert track-webvtt-tc[019-021] tests to
2016-06-02Convert media-captions-* and media-constants-* tests to
2016-06-02Set "auto" as default for rx and
2016-06-02Set origin for DOMParser
2016-05-31Do not accept CSS-wide keywords for
2016-05-31Convert media-can-* tests to
2016-05-31Convert csp-*, event-* and invalid-* tests to
2016-05-30Convert controls-css*, controls-drag* and controls-overlay* tests to
2016-05-30Convert controls-cast-* tests to
2016-05-30Convert controls-* tests to
2016-05-27Revert of getComputedStyle should handle over-constrained properties. (patchset #7 id:100001 of
2016-05-27Convert before-*, broken-* and constructors.html tests to
2016-05-27Mark hashless-hex-color.html a slow
2016-05-26Use EXPECT_FALSE instead of EXPECT_EQ(false to fix linux build with
2016-05-26Convert audio-data*, audio-garbage* and audio-play* tests to
2016-05-26Convert track-webvtt-tc[016-018] tests to
2016-05-25Convert audio-controls* and audio-delete* tests to
2016-05-25encryptedmedia: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
2016-05-24Fix hashless-hex-color.html quirks-mode
2016-05-24Convert track-webvtt-tc[008-010] tests to
2016-05-24Import quirks-mode
2016-05-24Clean up duplicate
2016-05-24Convert track-webvtt-tc[003-005] tests to
2016-05-24PaymentRequest: Remove id attribute from
2016-05-23media: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h macros"
2016-05-23Import quirks-mode
2016-05-23Convert audio-constructor* tests to
2016-05-23style: Rename the EBoxPack enum values to be
2016-05-23Reland "media/track: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h macros"
2016-05-21media: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
2016-05-21Fix parsing of <body link vlink alink>
2016-05-20media/track: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
2016-05-20media: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
2016-05-20Updating test related to BarInfo after getting renamed as