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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 hoursConvert OffscreenCanvas-getContext tests to
9 hoursConvert LayoutTests/fast/canvas/2d tests to
28 hoursImplement toString() funtion in
41 hoursclean up encrypted-media
2 daysImplement skew* funtion in DomMatrix &
3 daysclean up media
3 daysClean up textTrackDisplayElement utility
3 daysConvert LayoutTests/svg/text/* js-tests.js tests to testharness.js based
3 daysRefactor textTrackDisplayElement utility
3 daysUse testharness.js instead of js-test.js in OffscreenCanvas
4 daysRemove MediaDevices runtime flag (status=stable)
5 daysadd FlipX() and FlipY() funtion in
6 daysadd HitTestCanvasResult Class instend of std::pair<Element*, String>
7 daysConvert image size and zoom level test to
7 daysRemove video-test.js
7 daysRemove unused functions from
7 daysUse testharness.js to test move image to new
7 daysConvert http media tests to
7 daysFix serializing of 'unset'
8 daysRemove LinkPreload runtime flag (status=stable)
8 daysRemove video-test.js dependency from
8 daysUse testharness.js in image load
8 daysUse document.ElementFromPoint instead of
9 daysConvert fast/events media tests to
9 daysUse testharness.js instead of js-test.js in fast/
9 daysManual Rebase for
9 daysConvert appcache video http tests to
9 daysHandle window.onload and img.onload in image-change-without-resize-shouldnt-layout
9 daysUse testharness.js instead of js-test.js in fast/
10 daysUse testharness.js instead of js-test.js in fast/
10 daysUse testharness.js instead of js-test.js in fast/
10 daysUse testharness.js in fast/images/ for border/cmyk
13 daysConvert video-buffer* http tests to
14 daysDeprecate SVGSVGElement.viewport
2016-08-11convert LayoutTest/scrollbars/rtl/* js-test.js tests to testharness.js based
2016-08-11convert LayoutTest/scrollbars/* js-test.js tests to testharness.js based
2016-08-11convert LayoutTest/scrollbars/* js-test.js tests to testharness.js based
2016-08-11Remove ImageRenderingPixelated runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-08-10Convert fast/css/background-serialize.html test to
2016-08-09CacheStorage: Expand cache.keys()
2016-08-09Measure SVGViewElement
2016-08-09No need to stop the one shot timer once the timer
2016-08-08Remove MediaRecorder runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-08-08Move consumeImage to
2016-08-08Apply styles to mathML elements having class
2016-08-05Remove LinkHeader runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-08-05Consolidate consumeWhitespace calls to one
2016-08-03Convert security http tests to
2016-08-02Improve numeric value handling in CSS
2016-08-01Print proper debug message in case of change event
2016-08-01Deprecate currentView, useCurrentView properties of SVGSVGElement and SVGViewSpec
2016-08-01Form submission should abort before constraint validation if sandboxed forms flag is
2016-08-01Remove confusing unitless quirk
2016-07-29Remove ScreenOrientation runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-07-29Fix serialization of css-wide keywords in custom
2016-07-29Convert mediasource http tests to
2016-07-27Remove HiResEventTimeStamp runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-07-27Convert video-[in, throttled, useragent]* http tests to
2016-07-26Remove LinkPreconnect runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-07-25Convert video-seek* and video-served* http tests to
2016-07-25Initial value for mask-repeat property should be
2016-07-25Cursor should respect text align in contenteditable with pseudo
2016-07-25Add test to check that the payment response details field is a JSON-serializable
2016-07-24Convert video-load* http tests to
2016-07-23Convert video-query* and video-reference* http tests to
2016-07-23Convert video-play* http tests to
2016-07-23Convert video-cookie* and video-error* tests to
2016-07-22Fix GMOCK WARNING: Uninteresting mock function call - taking default
2016-07-22Convert track-webvtt* http tests to
2016-07-22Convert video-playback* and sources-fallback* tests to
2016-07-22Add a timeout to the update event in case page doesn't resolve promise from
2016-07-21Remove FormDataNewMethods runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-07-21Convert text-served* and remove-while* tests to
2016-07-21CacheStorage: caches.match with bad cacheName should resolve with
2016-07-21Rebaseline video-poster-scale.html on
2016-07-21Reject payment request with AbortError if web page rejects promise from
2016-07-20Convert media-document* and pdf* tests to
2016-07-20Remove video-test.js dependency from video-[poster*, replaces*]
2016-07-20HTMLAreaElement should expose `download` and `rel`
2016-07-20Remove video-test.js dependency from track-cue-rendering*
2016-07-20Added support of calc() for
2016-07-19Convert media-play-promise.html to
2016-07-19ServiceWorker: Use FrozenArray for *
2016-07-19Parameterize OnError
2016-07-18ServiceWorker: Remove [Unforgeable] idl extended
2016-07-17Convert video-played* tests to
2016-07-15Content in disabled input field should not be
2016-07-14Remove AppBanner runtime flag (status=stable)
2016-07-13Convert auto-play-in-sandbox* tests to
2016-07-13Remove video-test.js dependency from
2016-07-13Remove video-test.js dependency from [audio, video]-autoplay-*
2016-07-13Convert video-poster* tests to
2016-07-13Remove SVGZoomEvent interface and onzoom
2016-07-13Support viewport units for SVG Length
2016-07-13Duplicate shipping option identifiers should throw
2016-07-08Early return if we find selected shipping option from
2016-07-08Moving assert_throws test cases under
2016-07-07Convert video-[default, size, timeupdate]* tests to
2016-07-07Duplicate payment method identifiers in methodData and details.modififiers should throw
2016-07-07Convert video-[loop, double]* tests to
2016-07-06Convert text-track-selection* tests to
2016-07-06Convert video-controls-[captions, overlay, track]* tests to
2016-07-06Delete video-durationchange-on-ended.html
2016-07-06Add test case to test that empty supported payment method identifiers throw
2016-07-05Convert video-source-[load|moved|removed].html tests to
2016-07-04Convert video-[enter, mouse, scales]* tests to
2016-07-04Open a color input with display:none via a
2016-07-04Convert video-controls-[mouse, muted, no]* tests to
2016-07-04Convert video-controls* tests to
2016-07-04Convert video-source-error* and video-source-inserted* tests to
2016-07-04Convert video-controls-hide* and video-controls-in* tests to
2016-07-04Convert audio*, media* and video* tests to
2016-07-02Delete remove-from-document-no-load.html
2016-07-02Convert video-controls* tests to
2016-07-01Convert video-source* tests to
2016-07-01SVGLength.value setter should set the value to <number>
2016-07-01Convert video-controls* tests to
2016-07-01Convert video-canvas* and video-capture* tests to
2016-06-30Remove unneeded TODOs from media-fragment
2016-06-30Convert video-controls-visibility* tests to
2016-06-30Convert video-controls* tests to
2016-06-29Convert video-prefixed* and video-preload* tests to
2016-06-29Change text selection iterator behaviour for non-editable empty
2016-06-29Convert video-src-invalid* and video-src-none* tests to
2016-06-29Convert video-delay* and video-display* tests to
2016-06-28Convert video-seeking*, video-set* and video-single* tests to
2016-06-28:active pseudo class is not applied for element with display
2016-06-27PaymentRequest: Implement PaymentDetailsModifier dictionary (in blink side)
2016-06-27Convert video-seek* tests to
2016-06-27Convert video-source* tests to
2016-06-26Convert video-pause* and video-plays* tests to
2016-06-26Convert video-src-[plus-source, remove, set, source].html tests to
2016-06-26Convert video-src* tests to
2016-06-25Convert video-volume*, video-width* and viewport* tests to
2016-06-25Convert video-seek* tests to
2016-06-24CSS Variable #0000ee is read as #\30
2016-06-22Convert video-play* tests to
2016-06-22Add contentWindow attribute for <object>
2016-06-22Shorthand serialization should check for var in
2016-06-22Convert video-muted* and video-no* tests to
2016-06-21Convert video-duration*, video-error* and video-load* tests to
2016-06-20Remove PaymentResponse.totalAmount according to latest
2016-06-20Convert video-dom* tests to
2016-06-20Convert video-currentTime* tests to
2016-06-19Convert track-cues* and track-delete* tests to
2016-06-19Convert video-currentTime-delay* and video-currentTime-before* tests to
2016-06-17PaymentRequest: complete() method should take PaymentComplete enum
2016-06-17Convert media-element*, track-cue* and track-remove* tests to
2016-06-15Convert video-autoplay*, video-black* and video-buffered* tests to
2016-06-14Convert track-cues* and track-word* tests to
2016-06-13media: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
2016-06-13Convert media-source*, no-autoplay* and remove-from* tests to
2016-06-12Convert track-webvtt-tc[024-026] tests to
2016-06-12Convert unsupported* and video-append* tests to
2016-06-10Move more helper methods out of
2016-06-10Convert track-webvtt-tc[022, 023] tests to
2016-06-09Move isColorKeyword out of
2016-06-09PaymentRequest: Introduce
2016-06-09Stop propagating customscrollbar styles across iframe
2016-06-09media: Remove logMedia from
2016-06-09Handle 'visibility:collapse' for SVG shapes/images/
2016-06-08PaymentRequest: Sync up PaymentAddress with the payment request
2016-06-07Add CORE_EXPORT to freezeV8Object() in
2016-06-06Reject calcs with both lengths and percentages in
2016-06-06PaymentRequest: Provide shippingAddress in
2016-06-05Convert track-webvtt-tc[006,007,011] tests to
2016-06-05Convert track-webvtt-tc[013-015] tests to
2016-06-05Convert media-ended*, media-extension* and media-load* tests to
2016-06-05Convert track-webvtt-tc[027-029] tests to
2016-06-04media: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
2016-06-03Empty SVG viewbox should be treated
2016-06-03PaymentRequest: Rename ShippingAddress to
2016-06-03Convert track-webvtt-tc[030-032] tests to
2016-06-02Convert media-cont* and media-element* tests to
2016-06-02Convert track-webvtt-tc[019-021] tests to
2016-06-02Convert media-captions-* and media-constants-* tests to
2016-06-02Set "auto" as default for rx and
2016-06-02Set origin for DOMParser
2016-05-31Do not accept CSS-wide keywords for
2016-05-31Convert media-can-* tests to
2016-05-31Convert csp-*, event-* and invalid-* tests to
2016-05-30Convert controls-css*, controls-drag* and controls-overlay* tests to
2016-05-30Convert controls-cast-* tests to
2016-05-30Convert controls-* tests to
2016-05-27Revert of getComputedStyle should handle over-constrained properties. (patchset #7 id:100001 of
2016-05-27Convert before-*, broken-* and constructors.html tests to
2016-05-27Mark hashless-hex-color.html a slow
2016-05-26Use EXPECT_FALSE instead of EXPECT_EQ(false to fix linux build with
2016-05-26Convert audio-data*, audio-garbage* and audio-play* tests to
2016-05-26Convert track-webvtt-tc[016-018] tests to
2016-05-25Convert audio-controls* and audio-delete* tests to
2016-05-25encryptedmedia: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
2016-05-24Fix hashless-hex-color.html quirks-mode
2016-05-24Convert track-webvtt-tc[008-010] tests to
2016-05-24Import quirks-mode
2016-05-24Clean up duplicate
2016-05-24Convert track-webvtt-tc[003-005] tests to
2016-05-24PaymentRequest: Remove id attribute from
2016-05-23media: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h macros"
2016-05-23Import quirks-mode
2016-05-23Convert audio-constructor* tests to
2016-05-23style: Rename the EBoxPack enum values to be
2016-05-23Reland "media/track: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h macros"
2016-05-21media: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
2016-05-21Fix parsing of <body link vlink alink>
2016-05-20media/track: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
2016-05-20media: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
2016-05-20Updating test related to BarInfo after getting renamed as
2016-05-19PaymentRequest: Rename 'currencyCode' to 'currency' in
2016-05-19media: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
2016-05-19getComputedStyle should handle over-constrained
2016-05-19Convert track-webvtt-tc[000-002] tests to
2016-05-19media: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
2016-05-19Passing fast/media/
2016-05-19media: Replace wtf/Assertions.h macros in favor of base/logging.h
2016-05-17Fallback on system locale for font
2016-05-13Implement stricter hashless hex color
2016-05-12Absolute positioned child with percent should include containing block
2016-05-10Convert tracklist-* tests to
2016-05-10Fix ASan container overflow in
2016-05-10Removing redundant
2016-05-09Convert track-text-track* tests to
2016-05-06[OnionSoup] Moving VR service from content to
2016-05-06Convert track-remove* tests to
2016-05-06Explicitly set checkbox state should not be influenced by
2016-05-06Move PseudoElements storage to their own
2016-05-05Store separator info of counters as
2016-05-05Convert track-load* tests to
2016-05-05Adds AXExpandedChanged for general
2016-05-04Convert track-language* and track-large* tests to
2016-05-04Convert track-kind* tests to
2016-05-04Convert track-mode* tests to
2016-05-04Set currentScript for
2016-05-04Make <attr-name> accept any CSS
2016-05-04Update word-spacing
2016-05-03Do not accept CSS identifiers for format()
2016-05-02CacheStorage: Sync up IDL with the cache storage
2016-05-02Events should have an initialized
2016-04-29If the <use> is hidden and the child of it is visible, should clip the
2016-04-29Convert track tests from video-test.js to testharness.js
2016-04-29Convert track tests from video-test.js to testharness.js
2016-04-28InitEvent should not do anything if dispatch flag is
2016-04-27Convert track tests from video-test.js to testharness.js
2016-04-27Remove element related checks for PseudoDisabled css
2016-04-26Convert track tests from video-test.js to testharness.js
2016-04-26Remove unnecessary ExceptionCode.h
2016-04-26output should not match to :enabled or :disabled pseudo
2016-04-26Pass around shorthand info instead of storing
2016-04-25Remove unnecessary ExceptionCode.h