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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
15 hoursRemove unnecessary variable HTMLMediaElement::m_haveVisibleTextTrack<>
17 hoursChange in focus with movement of Arrow keys for RTL radio buttons.<>
45 hoursInitialize UserGestureIndicator for IME commitText.<>
2 daysMove remaining border-image related properties into CSSPropertyParser<>
2 daysFix background-size serializing<>
7 daysSVG with zero intrinsic size should be respected always.<>
7 daysRemove outdated information about condition keyword<>
9 daysMove border-image related longhands into CSSPropertyParser<>
9 daysSetting page selector text should not allow brace<>
9 daysRename prelude to range in parsePageSelector<>
10 daysSetting selectorText of PageRule accepts invalid selectors<>
10 daysMove justify-content/align-content properties into CSSPropertyParser<>
13 daysPageRule should not serialize @page in selectorText<>
13 daysFix incorrect handling of small non-percentage value for `st-<>
14 daysMove two shape related properties into CSSPropertyParser<>
2016-01-27Canvas2d: addHitRegion() should take clipping region into account.<>
2016-01-25Removed unused member TextTrackChangesNotification in DelayedActionType<>
2016-01-22Crashes when percent calculation of row's height goes very high.<>
2016-01-21Rename |emitCharacter| to |spliceBuffer|<>
2016-01-21Remove squaredDistanceToClosestPoint function<>
2016-01-20Fieldset uses marginLeft for marginRight by mistake<>
2016-01-20Move two more <image> related properties into CSSPropertyParser<>
2016-01-20Find In Page doesn't work properly when " " is searched<>
2016-01-20Adds AX role for abbr tag.<>
2016-01-20This patch makes AXMenuListOption respect role attribute.<>
2016-01-19Allow to set display "inline" on legend element<>
2016-01-19Service Worker: (Re-commit) Add FetchEvent.clientId<>
2016-01-18Move miscellaneous properties into CSSPropertyParser<>
2016-01-15Parse border-radius shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with CSSParserTokens<>
2016-01-15Fix behavior of Document.body getter<>
2016-01-15Service Worker: Add FetchEvent.clientId<>
2016-01-14Implement FloatRect::squaredDistanceTo function<>
2016-01-13Table rowspan cell's height resize when percent element present in the cell.<>
2016-01-13CSS Custom Properties fail when defined in specific order<>
2016-01-12Fix Hebrew list-style number ordering<>
2016-01-12Remove unused variable in LayoutSVGInlineText::positionForPoint<>
2016-01-12Make createEvent do more case-insensitive matches<>
2016-01-12Move scroll-snap related properties into CSSPropertyParser<>
2016-01-11Canvas2d: Fix incorrect alignment of hit region when applied css/zoom.<>
2016-01-11Merge parseBorderRadius and parseInsetRoundedCorners<>
2016-01-08No Implement to check whether needs transform or not on the<>
2016-01-07Adding support of viewport units to SVG<>
2016-01-07Fix small bugs in new CSS Property parser<>
2016-01-05Move perspective property into CSSPropertyParser<>
2016-01-03Fix animation of 'color' w/ currentColor for SVG 'fill' and 'stroke'<>
2015-12-23Inherit 'currentColor' as 'currentColor' for 'fill'/'stroke' properties<>
2015-12-21Find In Page hides the text when text color matches text search hightlight color.<>
2015-12-21Adding/Removing same class multiple times schedules same invalidation set.<>
2015-12-17Split up text painting code into separate functions to setup paint and then paint text.<>
2015-12-16ServiceWorker: Reject SecurityError instead of NotSupportedError.<>
2015-12-16Parse list-style shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with CSSParserTokens<>
2015-12-15Move content property into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-12-15Finish support for <image> type parsing using CSSParserTokens<>
2015-12-10Add support for <image> type parsing using CSSParserTokens<>
2015-12-09CSS.escape('\0') should not throw.<>
2015-12-09ServiceWorker: Reject TypeError instead of SecurityError.<>
2015-12-08Cleanup CSSPropertyParser some more<>
2015-12-07ServiceWorker: Enable WindowClient.navigate() method by default.<>
2015-12-07ServiceWorker: Should throw TypeError instead of Unknown/SecurityError.<>
2015-12-07Make createCSSImageValueWithReferrer static<>
2015-12-04Move transform-origin property into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-12-04Remove userCancelledLoad and refactor the code at the call sites<>
2015-12-04Fix the crash problem on WebGL2 conformance test of negative state api.<>
2015-12-03Move cursor property into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-12-03Cleanup <image> type handling<>
2015-12-03Fix the crash problem of WebGL2 Query api.<>
2015-12-02Move remaining independent transform properties into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-12-02new URL('') should throw TypeError<>
2015-12-01Expose NotificationEvent.action<>
2015-12-01Move remaining SVG properties into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-11-28Parse -webkit-column-rule shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with CSSParserTokens<>
2015-11-24Fix the crash setLevelInfo for the WebGL2 conformance test page.<>
2015-11-23Remove [TreatNullAs=NullString] from attributes on RTCIceCandidate<>
2015-11-23Move stroke-dasharray property into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-11-20Fix for perf regression in SVG with Fragment URIs.<>
2015-11-19Parse flex/flex-flow shorthands in CSSPropertyParser with CSSParserTokens<>
2015-11-19Refactor RequestInit::areAnyMembersSet<>
2015-11-18Record UMA stats for Blink decoded image orientation<>
2015-11-18Parse marker shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with CSSParserTokens<>
2015-11-17Move paint-order property into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-11-17SVG should consider base URI when resolving fragment URIs<>
2015-11-17[bindings] Club attribute & accessor config for a runtime enabled feature in single |if| block<>
2015-11-17SVG should respect overflow:visible even with border-radius<>
2015-11-17Introduce "navigate" mode in Requests.<>
2015-11-17Move SVG paint/color properties into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-11-13Move transform property into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-11-12Parse webkit-text-stroke shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with CSSParserTokens<>
2015-11-10Parse -webkit-border shorthands in CSSPropertyParser with CSSParserTokens<>
2015-11-09Parse outline shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with CSSParserTokens<>
2015-11-09Fix crash when combining text-emphasis with CSS variables<>
2015-11-06Parse text-emphasis shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with CSSParserTokens<>
2015-11-06Parse motion shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with CSSParserTokens<>
2015-11-06Parse text-decoration shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with CSSParserTokens<>
2015-11-06Fix -webkit-column-span isValueID ASSERT<>
2015-11-05Parse outline shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with CSSParserTokens<>
2015-11-05Remove [TreatNullAs=NullString] from attributes on CanvasRenderingContext2D<>
2015-11-04Parse text-decoration shorthand in CSSPropertyParser with CSSParserTokens<>
2015-11-03Remove [TreatNullAs=NullString] from the 'dir' attribute on Document<>
2015-11-02Move -webkit-filter/background-filter properties into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-30Drop SVGGraphicsElement.getTransformToElement<>
2015-10-30Move text-shadow/box-shadow properties into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-29Remove [TreatNullAs=NullString] from title attribute on Document<>
2015-10-29Move z-index property handling into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-28Move two color related properties into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-28We don't need to preserve extra whitespaces on removing tokens from DOMTokenList.<>
2015-10-27Change HTMLAreaElement.idl to reflect changes in IDL as per spec<>
2015-10-26Use Non-static member initialization for attributes.<>
2015-10-26Rename LayoutTextFragment::m_end to m_fragmentLength<>
2015-10-22Improve usefulness of webglcontextcreationerror.<>
2015-10-21Move widows/orphans property handling into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-21Rename enums in WebPlatformEventType.h to follow blink style<>
2015-10-21Correct function names in logs in HTMLMediaElement.cpp<>
2015-10-20Reset readystates when webmediaplayer is cleared<>
2015-10-19Move zoom property handling into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-19Move columns related properties into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-16Move legacy webkit properties into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-16Classnames containing only whitespaces should be allowed. Whitespace strings are treated as empty...<>
2015-10-16[Service Workers] Follow-up CL for DCHECK from WebServiceWorkerResponse.<>
2015-10-15Move touch-action property into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-14Add virtual/rootlayerscrolls/scrollbars test suite.<>
2015-10-14RoundOff scrollableArea scrollHeight.<>
2015-10-14Move clip property into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-14Move width/height related properties into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-13ServiceWorker: Add layout test for WindowClient.navigate().<>
2015-10-13Move text-indent property into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-13[Service Workers] DCHECK from WebServiceWorkerResponse::visitHTTPHeaderFields.<>
2015-10-13Move size property into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-12Rename <menu type=popup> to <menu type=context>.<>
2015-10-12Enable WebVR during layout testing.<>
2015-10-12Gardening: Remove unnecessary FIXME from GeoNotifier<>
2015-10-09Move counter-increment/counter-reset handling into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-09Use DOMSettableTokenList for {HTMLAnchorElement, HTMLAreaElement}.ping.<>
2015-10-08Move viewport descriptor handling into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-08Find In Page doesn't correctly highlight wrapped text.<>
2015-10-07Use NoBaseWillBeGarbageCollectedFinalized for VRController as other LocalFrame supplements in mod...<>
2015-10-07Move border-spacing related properties into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-07Move font shorthand handling into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-06Fix directly composited image path for CSS image-orientation<>
2015-10-06Reconstruct customscrollbars if owningLayoutObject changes.<>
2015-10-05Consume whitespace at start of calc subexpression<>
2015-10-05Range.intersectsNode() does not behave according to the specification.<>
2015-10-03Move rotation property handling into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-03Make registration.update() no longer force bypassing the HTTP cache<>
2015-10-02Add virtual/rootlayerscrolls/scrollbars test suite.<>
2015-10-02Move line-height property handling into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-10-02Refactor consumeFontVariant<>
2015-10-01Compare overflowY value with OSCROLL for verticalScrollbar.<>
2015-10-01Dont blur currently focused element on clicking scrollbar.<>
2015-10-01Move font-size property handling into CSSPropertyParser<>
2015-09-30Remove unused methods AXLayoutObject::ariaSelectedrows() and AXLayoutObject::ariaListboxSelectedC...<>
2015-09-30Flex grow wrongly calculated for value between 0 and 1<>
2015-09-30Add consumeInteger/consumeLength<>
2015-09-28Remove unused macros from config.h.<>
2015-09-28Lookout for the scrollbarModes when force style change occurs.<>
2015-09-28Add FetchUtils::normalizeHeaderValue( )<>
2015-09-28Drop unnecessary ancestor traversal in Range::selectNode().<>
2015-09-24Remove MediaStream label, ended attributes and stop() method<>
2015-09-24Restrict font-family in @font-face to <family-name><>
2015-09-23Enable text-align-last property, by default.<>
2015-09-22Move parseFontFaceDescriptor to CSSPropertyParser.cpp<>
2015-09-21Return const by ref instead of value<>
2015-09-17Content property not found among indexed properties of computed style.<>
2015-09-17Adapt parseFontVariantLigatures to use CSSParserTokenRange<>
2015-09-14Add property parser code path based on CSSParserTokenRange<>
2015-09-11Remove Element.offsetParent/offsetTop/offsetLeft/offsetWidth/offsetHeight<>
2015-09-11Add testcase to CSS escape<>
2015-09-10The node and allowPartialContainment arguments for Selection API should not be optional<>
2015-09-10CSS escape doesn't escape leading hyphen.<>
2015-09-10Selectors with unknown namespace prefixes should be dropped.<>
2015-09-09Remove a public access specifier<>
2015-09-08Adding more testcases to :placeholder-shown class.<>
2015-09-08Support for CSSOM CSSNamespaceRule interface<>
2015-09-07Simplify parseShadowValue<>
2015-09-04Show deprecation warnings for header values in XHR<>
2015-09-03[bindings] Club related constants for a runtime enabled flag in a single |if| block<>
2015-09-03[bindings] Remove myself from WATCHLIST due to mail duplication<>
2015-09-03CSS4: Implement :placeholder-shown pseudo class<>
2015-09-03Make parseColumnsShorthand not mark 'auto' initial value as implicit<>
2015-09-02Make XPathFunction map use non-static table of FunctionMapping<>
2015-08-28Implement the texture uploading of ASTC compression for WebGL(part II)<>
2015-08-28Update css styles after modifying display mode<>
2015-08-28Recalc custom scrollbar style irrespective of root-layer-scrolls flag.<>
2015-08-27[bindings] Bindings should only support the prescribed types for constants.<>
2015-08-26[bindings] Compact ConstantConfiguration by using |union|<>
2015-08-24[bindings] Cleanup unused method v8ValueUnsafe from ScriptValue<>
2015-08-22Create custom scrollbars when html element has overflow:scroll<>
2015-08-21[bindings] Replace last traces of v8::Handle to v8::Local<>
2015-08-20Returning const by ref instead of const by value in File::name() api<>
2015-08-19[bindings] Make all CustomEvent.initCustomEvent arguments non-optional and remove custom binding.<>
2015-08-19[bindings] Make ScriptValue::v8ValueFor(...) a 'const' method.<>
2015-08-19[bindings] Avoid using custom binding for HTMLOptionsCollection.length attribute<>
2015-08-19Returning const by ref instead of const by value in ApplyBlockElementCommand::tagName() api<>
2015-08-19Setting empty script text should remove child node of script element<>
2015-08-18Reduce usage of CSSParserValueList::size<>
2015-08-18Clear m_webMediaPlayer at one place in HTMLMediaElement<>
2015-08-18Remove unneeded "using" statements and blink prefixes<>
2015-08-17Use transposedSize in more places<>
2015-08-17Assert should not be reached failure in fontWeightIsBold<>
2015-08-15Returning const by ref instead of const by value in PresentationSession::id<>
2015-08-15Deprecate enable-background property<>
2015-08-14Return const by ref instead of const by Value in FetchRequestData::method<>
2015-08-13Display transparent text when it's being searched and selected.<>
2015-08-13Add overflow test for Issue 375574<>
2015-08-13Return const by ref instead of const by value<>
2015-08-13Add opaqueredirect to ResponseType enum for Response Class<>
2015-08-12Apply custom scrollbar styles to the frame with root layer scrolling.<>
2015-08-11Service Worker: Make ServiceWorkerRegistration.update() return a promise. (Blink Layout 3/3)<>
2015-08-11ASSERTION FAILED: !m_parsedCalculation in blink::CSSPropertyParser::parseValue<>
2015-08-07CSSStyleDeclaraction returns empty string<>
2015-08-07Pass real pointer type to be passed to PointerEvents.<>
2015-08-07Removing obslete TODO from SVGNumber.idl and SVGTransform.idl<>
2015-08-05Negative row height when cell has percentage height.<>
2015-08-04Re-Relanding 'Always notify the WebMediaPlayer of any seek' patch<>
2015-08-04dominant-baseline property should be inherited<>
2015-08-03Remove redundant null check for AudioBus<>
2015-08-03Make the Response constructor throw when status is<>
2015-08-03Shrink SVG paint-order to take less bits<>
2015-08-03Service Worker: (Re-commit) Make ServiceWorkerRegistration.update() return a promise. (Blink 1/3)<>
2015-07-31Pass real tilt information to PointerEvents.<>
2015-07-31Service Worker: Make ServiceWorkerRegistration.update() return a promise. (Blink 1/3)<>
2015-07-31Cleanup webaudio related header inclusions in HTMLMediaElement<>
2015-07-31Move rem handling out of CSSParserValues<>
2015-07-30Make CSSCalcValue work with CSSParserTokenRange<>
2015-07-30Move rem handling out of CSSParserValues<>
2015-07-30Make WebMediaPlayerClient inheritance private in HTMLMediaElement<>
2015-07-30The Color attributes for HTMLDocument should have [TreatNullAs=EmptyString]<>
2015-07-29Service Worker: Use ScriptPromise instead of ScriptPromise&.<>
2015-07-29Extend WebPointerProperties with tilt and pointer type fields.<>
2015-07-29Service Worker: Correct Web IDL of ExtendableEvent.waitUntil method.<>
2015-07-29Remove unused variable in LayoutBlockFlow::determineStartPosition.<>
2015-07-28Canvas2d: Fix a bug to update incorrect rect bounds for accessibility.<>
2015-07-28Dont reset unusedScrollDelta for nonScrollable Axes.<>
2015-07-28Implement CSS.escape<>
2015-07-28Canvas2d: Remove unnecessary conversion in EventHitRegion.<>
2015-07-27Remove unnecessary condition for audioSourceProvider<>
2015-07-27Remove redundant call to closeMediaSource() in userCancelledLoad()<>
2015-07-27Service Worker: Correct Web IDL of FetchEvent.respondWith method.<>
2015-07-24Removing Unused function from ImageDecodingStore class<>
2015-07-23Eliminate MediaPlayer & MediaPlayerClient abstractions<>
2015-07-23The type argument for HTMLCanvasElement toDataURL() api should not be nullable<>
2015-07-22Add SelectionMode enum for setRangeText() in HTMLInputElement and HTMLTextAreaElement<>
2015-07-22The contextId argument for HTMLCanvasElement getContext() api should not be optional<>
2015-07-22select attribute for HTMLContentElement should not have [TreatNullAs=NullString]<>
2015-07-21Add CSS image-orientation: from-image<>
2015-07-21The index argument for HTMLCollection item() api should not be optional<>
2015-07-21This CL adds equalSelectionsAlgorithm() which is called in<>
2015-07-20Removing TreatNullAs=NullString from SVGAngle.valueAsString and SVGLength.valueAsString attributes<>
2015-07-17Add WebPointerProperties type.<>
2015-07-16Removing UIEvent.keyCode and charCode.<>
2015-07-15Canvas2d: Remove the updateAccessibility() method in HitRegion class.<>