AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 hoursA TextTrackMode test sets an enum to an integer
7 hours[bindings] Support is_explicit_nullable for method
27 hoursService Worker: Use the caller's context to resolve URLs passed to register()
4 daysMake CSSRuleSourceData use the CSSRule Type
4 days[WebCrypto] Split LayoutTests/crypto/subtle into per-algorithm
4 daysOTS is updated in,
4 daysUse nullptr instead of 0 in
5 daysRemove PaintingData from
5 daysRemove outdated TODOs in
6 daysRemove dead code from unit
6 daysDo not propagate empty value for face
6 daysSimplify scroll APIs in
6 daysRemove existingDrawingContext from
6 daysRemove some redundant code from accessibility table
6 days[bindings] Split toUInt32 into faster inline and non-inline slower
7 daysRemove unused methods from
7 days[bindings] Assert toDoubleSlow on v8::Value being a
10 daysFix template angle bracket syntax in
10 days[bindings] Break V8Binding::toDouble into fast inline and slower non-inline code
11 days[CSS Shapes] Normalize distances to closest/farthest
11 daysASSERTION FAILED: !m_parsedCalculation in
11 daysUse isComma more in
12 daysUse effective columns when cells with colspan are
12 days[LayoutTests] Add missing location.valueOf override tests to verify unforgeable
13 daysCombine two validUnit
13 daysHTMLCanvasElement.toDataURL should use IDL 'any' to avoid using custom
13 daysRefactoring code so as to avoid possible crash due to null
2015-02-13Use effective columns when cells with colspan are
2015-02-13Make DocumentLoader::timing return a
2015-02-13Adding tests for HTMLSelect add()
2015-02-13Removing unused hasValidImageBuffer and
2015-02-13Fix template angle bracket syntax in
2015-02-13FileReader.result attribute should use IDL union types to avoid using custom
2015-02-12Add myself to bindings and web_idl
2015-02-11Remove friend declarations from
2015-02-10Remove misleading comment in
2015-02-10Reduce number of includes in
2015-02-10Table's columns and rows should not be modified
2015-02-09Internals methods return 0 instead of false when they
2015-02-09Lower Received MIME type when creating a response
2015-02-06Merge CSSMarkup and
2015-02-04Adding support for DOM3 KeyboardEvents Code
2015-02-04Check the condition for animation policy of BitmapImage on
2015-02-03Force unitless data-expected
2015-02-03Dropping [NoInterfaceObject] from
2015-02-03Label info for webglcontext should have pointer
2015-02-03Use FloatRect in SimpleShaper and remove
2015-02-02Some invalid media queries are parsed as
2015-02-02Return table headers for aria
2015-02-02Added a test for icon attribute values with leading/trailing
2015-01-29Extract buildAccessibilityTree() from the individual layout
2015-01-29check-webkit-style: Angle Bracket Parsing in
2015-01-28Fix serialization of background property with multiple
2015-01-28Add vendorid and deviceid to
2015-01-27Support aria-dropeffect
2015-01-27Aria table row and column headers are not exposed in
2015-01-27Accessible name not calculated
2015-01-27Before conversion to AXTableCell, isTableCell() should be
2015-01-27[WebCrypto] Renamed rsa-ssa-* tests to rsassa-pkcs1-v1_5-*
2015-01-27When ARIA button contains a link, label text is
2015-01-26Allow Length::nonNanCalculatedValue to take a
2015-01-24Make URL constructor failure throw
2015-01-23[WebCrypto] Normalize name of WebCrypto failure layout
2015-01-23Convert two counter tests into
2015-01-23Allow Spatial Navigation ignore elements with event
2015-01-23Reland: Move the user agent styles sheets to blink_resources.grd (Part 3)
2015-01-23[CSS Shapes] Properly shrink boxes to avoid
2015-01-23Fix ASSERT in
2015-01-23Handle null in value list in
2015-01-22Invalidate CustomScrollbars on having window-inactive
2015-01-22Enable SVGImage to dispatch events in the
2015-01-22Take continuation into consideration when calculating
2015-01-21Remove unused/unneeded code from core/
2015-01-21Table headers are not retrieved properly by Accessibility
2015-01-21[CSS Masking][CSS Shapes] Large corner radii use with inset() clip-path are not properly
2015-01-21Implement icon attribute for
2015-01-21Fix template angle bracket syntax in
2015-01-20fast/text/zero-font-size-2.html no longer fails on
2015-01-20Removing unused function BlobData::swapItems()
2015-01-20Removing Unused method Region::totalArea()
2015-01-19spatnav: Allow focus move to a close-by not-fully-aligned node over a distant but fully-aligned
2015-01-19Stricter parsing for rowSpan/ColSpan on th/td
2015-01-17Fix template angle bracket syntax in
2015-01-16ASSERTION FAILED: newStartAngle >= 0 && newStartAngle <
2015-01-15Inherit Presentation role only when elements without a explicit role
2015-01-15[CSS Shapes] Negative raster shape height leads to
2015-01-14Reland Move the user agent styles sheets to blink_resources.grd (Part 3)
2015-01-14ASSERTION FAILED: !node || isElementOfType<const T>(*node)
2015-01-14Fix a crash in
2015-01-14Use rowgroup and columgroup properties to expose table
2015-01-14Use C++11 range-based loop for core/clipboard, core/dom and core/
2015-01-14[CSS Shapes] Implement BasicShapeInset
2015-01-14[CSS Shapes] Simplify LineWidth::wrapNextToShapeOutside()
2015-01-13Use isTableHeaderCell() where
2015-01-13WebSocket layout tests clean
2015-01-13Col width is not honored when dynamically updated and it would not make table
2015-01-13Revert of Relanding 'Always notify the MediaPlayer of any seek' patch (patchset #8 id:180001 of
2015-01-13Removing dead code
2015-01-12Do not calculate the same gradient length for every color
2015-01-12Fix contextmenu event location for menu key in an
2015-01-12Remove PosterWaitingForVideo from DisplayMode which is
2015-01-12Update UseCounter::deprecationMessage() cases to use the replacedBy
2015-01-10Adding stylesheet candidates should not crash when the parser reorders the
2015-01-09Make media query feature values more
2015-01-09Relanding 'Always notify the MediaPlayer of any seek'
2015-01-09Fix resource paths in ManualTests/
2015-01-09Use the unicode value for non ASCII characters (kanji) in
2015-01-08Prefer lengthOfContents over
2015-01-08Reland TableCaptionElement is not exposed to
2015-01-08Fix number handling in
2015-01-08Use C++11 range-based loop for core/xml and core/
2015-01-08Fix assert when interpolating using
2015-01-07Adding isTableHeaderCell
2015-01-07Prepare blink to support testing of icon attribute for <menuitem>
2015-01-07Adding aria-flowto.html, aria-controls.html and
2015-01-07Stricter parsing for span attribute on col
2015-01-07Fix template angle bracket
2015-01-06Assigned ax role for table
2015-01-05At some places Blink is using old style character string
2015-01-05Expose attributes max, min, value for meter html
2015-01-05Support html br element in AX
2015-01-05ARIA role status should have a implici aria-atomic value of
2015-01-05Adding LayoutTest for testing XMLHttpRequest.responseXML returns an
2014-12-30Adding accessibility/table-headers.html
2014-12-30AnimationPolicy setting is applied to SVG
2014-12-30Layout test for validating GLinfo on Webglcontextcreationerror.
2014-12-29[bindings] Eliminate remaining traces of Handle<> from the generated binding
2014-12-29Provides an API to cope with table headers in
2014-12-29[bindings] Remove all the usages of Handle<> from binding
2014-12-29[Nit] Removing FIXME comment in
2014-12-24[bindings] Make v8_class[Constructor]::domTemplate use Local<> instead of Handle<>
2014-12-24[bindings] Eliminate usage of Handle<> from interface_base.cpp from bindings
2014-12-24[bindings] Let getShadowObjectTemplate return Local<>
2014-12-24[bindings] Make v8_class::install[v8_class]Template use Local<>
2014-12-23[bindings] Interface functions installConditionallyEnabled[Methods/Properties] should use Local<>
2014-12-23TableCaptionElement is not exposed to
2014-12-23Invalidate Custom Scrollbars irrespective of focused
2014-12-22Introducing new API placeHolder() to expose placeholder attribute on
2014-12-22Update some logic to check mixed state of ARIA
2014-12-22[bindings] Translate all assignments in bindings/templates to use Local<> in place of Handle<>
2014-12-22TableCaptionElement is not exposed to
2014-12-21[WebCrypto] Move LayoutTests from crypto to crypto/
2014-12-19[WebCrypto] TestExpectations
2014-12-19Remove code duplication from the customCSSText() methods of gradient
2014-12-19Use C++11 range-based for loop in Source/core/
2014-12-19Do not expose auto as value of
2014-12-19[WebCrypto] Test update of RSA Key Generation when publicExponent is not in supported
2014-12-19[WebCrypto] Test updates to not use keyUsage
2014-12-19Support consecutive slash operators for border-image
2014-12-19[WebCrypto] Check for OperationError instead of
2014-12-18[WebCrypto] Crypto tests updated to use
2014-12-18Tables with specific merge cell configuration render with extra height to tr
2014-12-18Fixing mapping conflicts for required html attribute and
2014-12-18Clean up forward declarations in WebKit/
2014-12-17Remove dead
2014-12-17Correct font not selected to calculate text run
2014-12-17Use viewportConstrainedVisibleContentRect() to get the scrolling
2014-12-17Clean up
2014-12-17Early return when the value of test-justify is distribute, and the length of line is 0
2014-12-17Ignore text elements for menu item related
2014-12-17A link inside a <label> element is not
2014-12-17Make adjustStyleForTagName take a HTMLElement
2014-12-16Remove unused shape test
2014-12-16Stricter parsing for rows/cols attribute on
2014-12-16Improve LayoutTest output for
2014-12-16[bindings] Use Local<> in lieu of Handle<> for the union.h/cpp in
2014-12-15Restore RuntimeEnabled=PrefixedEncryptedMedia to MediaKeyError.idl
2014-12-15[bindings] Use Local<> in lieu of Handle<> for the callback_interface.h/cpp in
2014-12-15An align attribute should not be applied for wider
2014-12-15[bindings] Use Local<> in lieu of Handle<> for the dictionary_v8.h/cpp in
2014-12-15The ASSERT in appendNode() should not fire when OBJECTS are
2014-12-15Return boolean value for bool return type
2014-12-15[bindings] Make Crypto.getRandomValues use generated binding rather than using custom
2014-12-13Should set the modifiers for web mouse event on
2014-12-13Turn DocumentParser::pinToMainThread into a cleaner
2014-12-13[bindings] Avoid using custom bindings for handling clipboardData on Event idl
2014-12-12Stricter parsing for size attribute on
2014-12-12[binding] Migrate XSLTProcessor.idl away from using custom V8
2014-12-12Add test to verify durationchange event if the actual duration is
2014-12-11Introduce new API ariaAutoComplete() to expose correct state and object
2014-12-11bgsound must use the HTMLUnknownElement
2014-12-10Removing border attribute should remove the visual
2014-12-10Added test to check the state of ARIA
2014-12-10Implement type=radio and radiogroup attribute for
2014-12-10Trigger style recalc when the window's active state
2014-12-10After r176154, a block with dir=rtl inside a block with align=right is aligned left,
2014-12-10Use the showContextMenuOnMouseUp setting instead of
2014-12-09Remove Node Document friend
2014-12-09Propose Layout Test accessibility/
2014-12-09ARIA state/property aria-pressed is not exposed(Blink)
2014-12-09[Inspector] Deprecate usage of v8::Handle with v8::Local as
2014-12-09Fix listbox selections with only disabled
2014-12-09CustomScrollbar of IFrame elements style needs to be
2014-12-08Fix the rightOf and below conditions for overlapping
2014-12-08Do the early return when role is different than
2014-12-08Remove code in
2014-12-08Reset animation state when animation policy is
2014-12-06text-align-last is no longer depend on
2014-12-06Introduce new accessibility API, language()
2014-12-05Be more strict about multiple
2014-12-05spatnav: Change the data type of distance from long long to
2014-12-05Implement unset value
2014-12-05Consistently use isSpatialNavigationEnabled(...)
2014-12-05Implement checked attribute for
2014-12-05Limit the heading level to 1 -
2014-12-05Clean forward declaration in
2014-12-04Change rendering code to use
2014-12-04Do the early return when role is different than
2014-12-04Adding a11y support for HTML5 <datalist>
2014-12-04Removing unused(EditableText, SplitGroup, GrowArea) defined role from
2014-12-04Correcting Typo error for "qwid" OTF
2014-12-04Implement MouseEvent buttons
2014-12-04Use the setting to determine whether showing context menu on mouse
2014-12-04Add a setting to determine whether showing context menu on mouse
2014-12-03Make currentColor keyword in linear-gradient
2014-12-03Removing explicit include dir, bindings/core/v8, for the webcore_testing
2014-12-03Move the v8::Isolate* parameter to the first parameter of various binding methods in third_party/
2014-12-03[DevTools] Resizing DevTools window should clear autocomplete text from console
2014-12-03[DevTools] Console view should hide the suggestion box upon console clear (Ctrl/Cmd+L)
2014-12-03Delete SVG font tests after SVG fonts were
2014-12-03[Blink-in-JS] 'Import' function to load sub-modules and other resources for private scripts (Part-3)
2014-12-02ObjectPainter should have its methods
2014-12-02[Blink-in-JS] 'Import' function to load sub-modules and other resources for private scripts (Part-1)
2014-12-01Improve logic in
2014-12-01Remove PlatformMouseEvent::m_modifierFlags
2014-12-01Clean up
2014-12-01Remove unused functions from
2014-12-01Expose setting API to set ImageAnimationPolicy(Allowed, Once, None)
2014-12-01Removing unused function isVertical()
2014-11-29aria-level is not exposed correctly for html header(h1...h6)
2014-11-28Reland of Different fonts selected for width calculation
2014-11-27Use references in RenderBlock and RenderBlockFlow
2014-11-27Removing unused roles(7) from
2014-11-27Introduce new API orientation() to expose aria-orientation
2014-11-27Rendering text-justify:distribute for 8 bit
2014-11-27Implement disabled attribute for
2014-11-26Adding SpinButtonRole in isClickable()
2014-11-26The caseConvert function should not truncate strings with zero
2014-11-26[Blink-in-JS] Migrate the PrivateScript specific methods/attributes to
2014-11-26Add scrollbar logical width while computing intrinsic logical
2014-11-26Make getComputedStyle throw for incorrect first
2014-11-25DOMWebSocket::bufferedAmount() should not return an "unsigned long"
2014-11-25Revert of HTML select element should return ComboBoxRole when multiple attr is not present. (