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9 hoursMove counter-increment/counter-reset handling into CSSPropertyParserrob.buis
20 hoursUse DOMSettableTokenList for {HTMLAnchorElement, HTMLAreaElement}
36 hoursMove viewport descriptor handling into CSSPropertyParserrob.buis
36 hoursFind In Page doesn't correctly highlight wrapped
2 daysUse NoBaseWillBeGarbageCollectedFinalized for VRController as other LocalFrame supplements in
3 daysMove border-spacing related properties into CSSPropertyParserrob.buis
3 daysMove font shorthand handling into CSSPropertyParserrob.buis
4 daysFix directly composited image path for CSS image-orientationrob.buis
4 daysReconstruct customscrollbars if owningLayoutObject changes.sataya.m
4 daysConsume whitespace at start of calc subexpressionrob.buis
5 daysRange.intersectsNode() does not behave according to the specification.sanjoy.pal
7 daysMove rotation property handling into CSSPropertyParserrob.buis
7 daysMake registration.update() no longer force bypassing the HTTP
8 daysAdd virtual/rootlayerscrolls/scrollbars test suite.sataya.m
8 daysMove line-height property handling into CSSPropertyParserrob.buis
8 daysRefactor consumeFontVariantrob.buis
9 daysCompare overflowY value with OSCROLL for verticalScrollbar.sataya.m
9 daysDont blur currently focused element on clicking scrollbar.sataya.m
9 daysMove font-size property handling into CSSPropertyParserrob.buis
10 daysRemove unused methods AXLayoutObject::ariaSelectedrows() and AXLayoutObject::ariaListboxSelectedC...tanay.c
10 daysFlex grow wrongly calculated for value between 0 and 1ashlin.j
10 daysAdd consumeInteger/consumeLengthrob.buis
12 daysRemove unused macros from config.h.l.gombos
12 daysLookout for the scrollbarModes when force style change occurs.sataya.m
12 daysAdd FetchUtils::normalizeHeaderValue( )
12 daysDrop unnecessary ancestor traversal in Range::selectNode().sanjoy.pal
2015-09-24Remove MediaStream label, ended attributes and stop()
2015-09-24Restrict font-family in @font-face to <family-name>rob.buis
2015-09-23Enable text-align-last property, by
2015-09-22Move parseFontFaceDescriptor to
2015-09-21Return const by ref instead of
2015-09-17Content property not found among indexed properties of computed
2015-09-17Adapt parseFontVariantLigatures to use
2015-09-14Add property parser code path based on
2015-09-11Remove Element.offsetParent/offsetTop/offsetLeft/offsetWidth/
2015-09-11Add testcase to CSS
2015-09-10The node and allowPartialContainment arguments for Selection API should not be
2015-09-10CSS escape doesn't escape leading
2015-09-10Selectors with unknown namespace prefixes should be
2015-09-09Remove a public access
2015-09-08Adding more testcases to :placeholder-shown
2015-09-08Support for CSSOM CSSNamespaceRule
2015-09-04Show deprecation warnings for header values in
2015-09-03[bindings] Club related constants for a runtime enabled flag in a single |if|
2015-09-03[bindings] Remove myself from WATCHLIST due to mail
2015-09-03CSS4: Implement :placeholder-shown pseudo
2015-09-03Make parseColumnsShorthand not mark 'auto' initial value as
2015-09-02Make XPathFunction map use non-static table of
2015-08-28Implement the texture uploading of ASTC compression for WebGL(part II)
2015-08-28Update css styles after modifying display
2015-08-28Recalc custom scrollbar style irrespective of root-layer-scrolls
2015-08-27[bindings] Bindings should only support the prescribed types for
2015-08-26[bindings] Compact ConstantConfiguration by using |union|
2015-08-24[bindings] Cleanup unused method v8ValueUnsafe from
2015-08-22Create custom scrollbars when html element has
2015-08-21[bindings] Replace last traces of v8::Handle to
2015-08-20Returning const by ref instead of const by value in File::name()
2015-08-19[bindings] Make all CustomEvent.initCustomEvent arguments non-optional and remove custom
2015-08-19[bindings] Make ScriptValue::v8ValueFor(...) a 'const'
2015-08-19[bindings] Avoid using custom binding for HTMLOptionsCollection.length
2015-08-19Returning const by ref instead of const by value in ApplyBlockElementCommand::tagName()
2015-08-19Setting empty script text should remove child node of script
2015-08-18Reduce usage of
2015-08-18Clear m_webMediaPlayer at one place in
2015-08-18Remove unneeded "using" statements and blink
2015-08-17Use transposedSize in more
2015-08-17Assert should not be reached failure in
2015-08-15Returning const by ref instead of const by value in
2015-08-15Deprecate enable-background
2015-08-14Return const by ref instead of const by Value in
2015-08-13Display transparent text when it's being searched and
2015-08-13Add overflow test for Issue
2015-08-13Return const by ref instead of const by
2015-08-13Add opaqueredirect to ResponseType enum for Response
2015-08-12Apply custom scrollbar styles to the frame with root layer
2015-08-11Service Worker: Make ServiceWorkerRegistration.update() return a promise. (Blink Layout 3/3)
2015-08-11ASSERTION FAILED: !m_parsedCalculation in
2015-08-07CSSStyleDeclaraction returns empty
2015-08-07Pass real pointer type to be passed to
2015-08-07Removing obslete TODO from SVGNumber.idl and
2015-08-05Negative row height when cell has percentage
2015-08-04Re-Relanding 'Always notify the WebMediaPlayer of any seek'
2015-08-04dominant-baseline property should be
2015-08-03Remove redundant null check for
2015-08-03Make the Response constructor throw when status
2015-08-03Shrink SVG paint-order to take less
2015-08-03Service Worker: (Re-commit) Make ServiceWorkerRegistration.update() return a promise. (Blink 1/3)
2015-07-31Pass real tilt information to
2015-07-31Service Worker: Make ServiceWorkerRegistration.update() return a promise. (Blink 1/3)
2015-07-31Cleanup webaudio related header inclusions in
2015-07-31Move rem handling out of
2015-07-30Make CSSCalcValue work with
2015-07-30Move rem handling out of
2015-07-30Make WebMediaPlayerClient inheritance private in
2015-07-30The Color attributes for HTMLDocument should have [TreatNullAs=EmptyString]
2015-07-29Service Worker: Use ScriptPromise instead of ScriptPromise&
2015-07-29Extend WebPointerProperties with tilt and pointer type
2015-07-29Service Worker: Correct Web IDL of ExtendableEvent.waitUntil
2015-07-29Remove unused variable in
2015-07-28Canvas2d: Fix a bug to update incorrect rect bounds for
2015-07-28Dont reset unusedScrollDelta for nonScrollable
2015-07-28Canvas2d: Remove unnecessary conversion in
2015-07-27Remove unnecessary condition for
2015-07-27Remove redundant call to closeMediaSource() in userCancelledLoad()
2015-07-27Service Worker: Correct Web IDL of FetchEvent.respondWith
2015-07-24Removing Unused function from ImageDecodingStore
2015-07-23Eliminate MediaPlayer & MediaPlayerClient
2015-07-23The type argument for HTMLCanvasElement toDataURL() api should not be
2015-07-22Add SelectionMode enum for setRangeText() in HTMLInputElement and
2015-07-22The contextId argument for HTMLCanvasElement getContext() api should not be
2015-07-22select attribute for HTMLContentElement should not have [TreatNullAs=NullString]
2015-07-21Add CSS image-orientation:
2015-07-21The index argument for HTMLCollection item() api should not be
2015-07-21This CL adds equalSelectionsAlgorithm() which is called
2015-07-20Removing TreatNullAs=NullString from SVGAngle.valueAsString and SVGLength.valueAsString
2015-07-17Add WebPointerProperties
2015-07-16Removing UIEvent.keyCode and
2015-07-15Canvas2d: Remove the updateAccessibility() method in HitRegion
2015-07-14Deprecate Element.offsetParent/offsetTop/offsetLeft/offsetWidth/
2015-07-14The name argument for HTMLSelectElement namedItem() api should not be
2015-07-14Shift to new createMediaPlayer() path in
2015-07-14ServiceWorker: Implement navigate() method in WindowClient (blink side)
2015-07-10Separate encrypted media functions out of WebMediaPlayerClient
2015-07-10Make the setCustomValidity() error argument not
2015-07-10[PresentationAPI] on-session-message handler for binary
2015-07-10Remove typedefs for stdint types on
2015-07-10Reset unusedDelta on Onverscroll for residual
2015-07-09Implement DOM: prepend, append, before, after &
2015-07-09Remove 'defer' KeyWord from
2015-07-09Remove Range.compareNode() as it is not in the
2015-07-09Document attribute charset and its aliases to return
2015-07-08Move attributes and methods from HTMLDocument to
2015-07-07Revert of history.pushState() should take care of scrolling state (patchset #5 id:120001 of
2015-07-06The index argument for HTMLTableRowElement deleteCell() api should not be
2015-07-03Service Worker: Correct
2015-07-03Serialize zIndex as an
2015-07-01HTMLOptionsCollection remove() argument should be long, not unsigned
2015-07-01Unhide 'window.console' by renaming console variable in layout
2015-07-01ServiceWorkerClients::openWindow() should reject with TypeError for an invalid
2015-06-30Remove old NeedsRebaseline
2015-06-29Report accurate Overscroll on
2015-06-29getComputedStyle(e).quotes always return empty
2015-06-26<fieldset> should be ignored in interactive
2015-06-26HTMLOptionElement constructor arguments
2015-06-26Remove the hack to position layers for composited
2015-06-26Service Worker: Fix getRegistrations.html layout
2015-06-26Removing unused methods from FEGaussianBlur
2015-06-26Service Worker: Surface
2015-06-26Implement hanja counter
2015-06-24Remove a duplicate test (pservers-grad-17-b.svg) in LayoutTests/svg/
2015-06-24Deprecate MediaStream label, ended attributes and stop()
2015-06-24Removing unused functions from ResourceRequest
2015-06-24Removing unused functions from WebSocketHandshakeResponse
2015-06-24CSS Counters not properly updated on style
2015-06-24NodeFilter acceptNode return type changed to
2015-06-24Remove duplicate measure hyphen string
2015-06-24Changed cols and rows to unsigned long for
2015-06-24HTMLTableCellElement type changed from signed to
2015-06-24HTMLTableColElement span attribute type set to
2015-06-23Removing unused function from FileChooser
2015-06-23Screen attribute availWidth/availHeight/width/height type changed to
2015-06-23HTMLSelectElement size type changed to
2015-06-23This CL is that remove toClipPath on
2015-06-23Service Worker: Add initialization step for getRegistrations.html layout
2015-06-22Implement chinese counter
2015-06-22Clean up some CSSPropertyID
2015-06-22Service Worker: Remove ServiceWorker.terminate()
2015-06-22Use the same range for upper/lower-armenian as
2015-06-22Provide user friendly messages for OTS parsing of
2015-06-19Change return type of the
2015-06-19Add to Source/bindings/
2015-06-19[gcc 4.x] Fix the broken build reported due to uninitialized |status|
2015-06-18Removing unused methods from
2015-06-18[bindings] Eliminate custom bindings for
2015-06-18Updated SVGListPropertyHelper as per SVG2
2015-06-17Clean up unused AX
2015-06-17Fix for default value of
2015-06-17Move Element.dataset to
2015-06-17Click event should be fired before change events for checkbox and radio
2015-06-17Remove usage of CSSParserValue in
2015-06-16Change return type of printPage (Part#4)
2015-06-16Make AutocompleteErrorEventInit.reason be of type AutocompleteErrorReason (not DOMString)
2015-06-16Removing Nullable<unsigned long> for
2015-06-16Removing unused functions from JSONValues
2015-06-16Drop trailing zeroes only for rightmost group for
2015-06-16Remove CSSParserValue usage from
2015-06-16Move CSSParserString out of
2015-06-15TreatReturnedNullStringAs removed from
2015-06-15Expose CSSGroupingRule and let CSSMediaRule inherit
2015-06-13Remove ch.dumez from web
2015-06-12Add support for korean-hangul-formal list style
2015-06-12Removing unused functions from Path -intersectPath() -normalAngleAtLength() -windRule()
2015-06-12Service Worker: Add ServiceWorkerContainer.getRegistrations() method.
2015-06-12TreatReturnedNullStringAs=undefined removed from
2015-06-12Convert RenderBlockFlow code to use FloatingObject
2015-06-11printPage to return void instead of
2015-06-11TreatReturnedNullStringAs=undefined removed from
2015-06-11Make the CSS interface members
2015-06-11Make __qems a CSSPrimitiveValue unit
2015-06-11Change MouseEvent.button to be 'short' instead of 'unsigned short'
2015-06-11Using Fullstop Unicode if horizontal ellipsis not present in primary
2015-06-10Touch.identifier should be long, not unsigned
2015-06-10Remove CSSRule.UNKNOWN_RULE and CSSUnknownRule
2015-06-10Remove unused method DateComponents::parseDateTime()
2015-06-10Removing Unused Methods in
2015-06-10[PresentationAPI] Make sendBlobData() pure virtual in
2015-06-10Service Worker: Add ServiceWorkerContainer.getRegistrations() method. (Blink)
2015-06-10Add MarkRole in blink side to expose mark tag
2015-06-09Remove the SVGRenderingIntent
2015-06-09Move to HTMLElement
2015-06-09Remove outdated list style
2015-06-09Over-scroll Glow Animation for
2015-06-08Move Element.focus()/blur() to HTMLElement and
2015-06-08Ship the NotificationOptions vibrate
2015-06-08[PresentationAPI] Plumbing send(Blob) from PresentationSession IDL to platform/
2015-06-08Removing unused functions from FileChooser
2015-06-08scheduleArchiveLoad should return false if archived resource is not
2015-06-04Remove outdated
2015-06-04Removing Unused Method PluginData::pluginFileForMimeType()
2015-06-04Removing unused method TransformationMatrix::rectToRect()
2015-06-03Make small-caps work correctly with tr
2015-06-03Removing Unused Method PathTraversalState::quadraticBezierTo()
2015-06-03Service Worker: Clients.matchAll() IDL
2015-06-03[KeyboardEvent] DOM |Key| support in
2015-06-03Fast path when setting border-image-width to initial always
2015-06-02Make small-caps work correctly with tr
2015-06-02Add MarkRole in blink side to expose mark tag
2015-06-02Implement SVGFESpecularLightingElement.kernelUnitLengthX/
2015-06-02Remove Unused method PlatformInstrumentation::willResizeImage and
2015-06-02Removing unused functions from WebSocketFrame
2015-06-02Properties labelled !important must be ignored in
2015-05-29ASSERTION FAILED: CSSPropertyMetadata::isEnabledProperty(propertyID)
2015-05-28Replacing the 'return 0;' statements with 'return nullptr;'
2015-05-28Implements getImageAnimationPolicy() at
2015-05-28toImplArguments should return HeapVector for Union
2015-05-27Enable element-role-mapping-focusable.html in
2015-05-27[bindings] Implment postMessageImpl and replace the usage of
2015-05-27'quotes' property is serialized wrongly on inline
2015-05-27[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for Client.postMessage to eliminate custom
2015-05-26[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for CrossOriginServiceWorkerClient.postMessage to
2015-05-26[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope.postMessage to eliminate
2015-05-26[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for Worker.postMessage to eliminate custom
2015-05-26[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for ServiceWorker.postMessage to eliminate custom
2015-05-26[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for MessagePort.postMessage to eliminate custom
2015-05-26[bindings] Use |PostMessage| attribute for CompositorWorker*.postMessage to eliminate custom
2015-05-25[bindings] [bindings] Introduce PostMessage extended keyword
2015-05-25Aria-required not working for Input elements on Mac &