AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysRevert: "Let SVGForeignObject's local SVG coordinates mean what it should"
4 daysBuild property trees for the HUD layer when using layer
4 daysMark LayoutEmbeddedObject and LayoutSliderContainer
6 daysMark 6 tests as failing with
7 daysRemove disambiguating bool argument from WebScrollbarLayerImpl
7 daysUse fast malloc for heap-allocated property tree builder
10 daysReland of Use Layer::INVALID_ID instead of 0 for invalid layers in WebScrollbarLayerImpl (
10 daysUse Layer::INVALID_ID instead of 0 for invalid layers in
13 daysMark 253 SPV2 tests as newly
2017-03-09Revert of Remove indirection: setup scrollbar scroll layers in the scrollbar constructor (
2017-03-09Heap allocate PrePaintTreeWalk context
2017-03-07Remove indirection: setup scrollbar scroll layers in the scrollbar
2017-03-06Do not ignore SolidColorScrollbarLayer's scroll_layer_id ctor
2017-03-03Make LayerTreeImpl::SetCurrentlyScrollingNode use element ids over layer
2017-03-03Fully disable LayerTreeHostScrollTestImplSideInvalidation due to
2017-03-02Use element ids as a stable identifier tracking scroll nodes across
2017-03-01Track the currently scrolling ScrollNode instead of the scrolling
2017-02-28Store non-fast scrollable regions on
2017-02-28Reland: Refactor unreliable hit test code to avoid
2017-02-28Revert of Refactor unreliable hit test code to avoid owning_layers (patchset #3 id:40001 of
2017-02-28Refactor unreliable hit test code to avoid
2017-02-24Rename cc::ScrollNode's inner and outer viewport
2017-02-23Refactor IsScrolledBy and IsClosestScrollAncestor to use ScrollNode
2017-02-22Reconstitute const-ref parameter to
2017-02-22Refactor viewport scrolling decisions to use ScrollNodes over layer
2017-02-22Refactor scroll chaining to use ScrollNodes without going through
2017-02-22Remove ScrollNode's
2017-02-21Temporarily suppress element id collision DCHECK for
2017-02-18Use saturated arithmetic in NinePieceImageGrid to avoid
2017-02-18Set layer scroll data from
2017-02-18Remove unused bool return value of
2017-02-16Remove passing SPV2 test expectations
2017-02-13Ensure FrameView scrollbars are updated when changing device emulation
2017-02-08Remove GraphicsLayer::didScroll and directly call
2017-02-03Optimize CompositingRecorder::endCompositing to not need an
2017-02-02Ensure PaintArtifactCompositor assigns a scroll tree index to all cc
2017-01-30Move scroll paint property nodes to be owned by the transform
2017-01-29Make ScrollPaintPropertyNode::toString() 26% more
2017-01-27Make scroll translation transform nodes reference scroll
2017-01-27Squash deceased layer squashing
2017-01-26Workaround platform differences in svg/text/combining-character-queries.html (2)
2017-01-24Workaround platform differences in svg/text/
2017-01-23Use blink's scroll offset to update cc's transform scroll offset for
2017-01-18Move paint offset paint invalidation into
2017-01-18Make updateAuxiliaryObjectProperties less
2017-01-14Implement Internals::mainThreadScrollingReasons for
2017-01-14Clarify that opacity and transform scrolling reasons are related to LCD
2017-01-13Remove ScrollableArea specialization in
2017-01-11Move "prePaint" under the "Update Layer Tree" devtools timeline
2017-01-10Remove 618 passing tests from FlagExpectations/
2017-01-10Rewrite how paint properties are built with bg:fixed main thread
2017-01-09Skip geometry mapping when source and destination spaces are
2017-01-07Remove multicol special-cases from invalidation and the pre-paint tree
2016-12-23Update perspective paint properties on perspective-origin
2016-12-22Update transform paint property's transform-offset on element size
2016-12-21Turn on
2016-12-21Remove 'Enable' from the Slimming paint invalidation about:flags
2016-12-20Split paint property update tests out of
2016-12-20Unskip the paint property test: "ContainPaintChangesUpdateOverflowClip"
2016-12-19Improve documentation of
2016-12-19Make LayoutSVGViewportContainer's viewport updates an internal
2016-12-17Update paint properties on FrameView visibility
2016-12-16Update slimming paint v2 test
2016-12-16Update paint property subtrees on paint offset
2016-12-15Update paint properties on animate motion transform
2016-12-15Unify animate motion transform update
2016-12-14Remove LayoutSVGViewportContainer's calcViewport and
2016-12-13Add support for caching and invalidating SVG marker
2016-12-11Clarify how LayoutSVGResourceMarker's m_viewport interacts with refX/
2016-12-08Revert of Disable in tough_layout_cases. (patchset #1 id:1 of
2016-12-08Revert: Detect floats to avoid or clear due to negative margin top (and followup)
2016-12-07Add a new flag for slimming paint
2016-12-07Mark ontimeout-event-override-after-failure.html as not
2016-12-07Invalidate paint properties on paint offset
2016-12-07Create scroll properties for main thread scrolling even w/o
2016-12-03Update expectations for
2016-12-02Improve property under-invalidation DCHECKs in
2016-12-01Add DocumentLifecycle::toString() to ease lifecycle-related
2016-12-01Early-out from the prepaint tree
2016-12-01Use a create-or-update pattern for faster local border box property
2016-11-29Ensure paint properties are rebuilt on window
2016-11-24Rewrite ontimeout-event-override-after-failure for less flakes and better
2016-11-23Add flag for tracking descendant paint property
2016-11-22Only apply accessibility font scale factor when autosizing
2016-11-19Incrementally build main thread scrolling reasons [spv2]
2016-11-16Deflake ontimeout-event-override-after-failure by waiting longer for
2016-11-14DCHECK that paint properties are never
2016-11-14Update spv2 exp: add two failing multicol tests, remove two passing
2016-11-14Revert of Adds eventlog provider dll to describe the message types of SYSLOG. (patchset #2
2016-11-12Implement incremental paint property tree
2016-11-11Store paint properties directly on
2016-11-09Add lifecycle update
2016-11-09Revert of Tracking filter mutation via SVGElementProxy (patchset #15 id:280001 of
2016-11-04Make foreignObject a block formatting context, do not collapse
2016-11-02Refactor LayoutView paint offset updates out of FrameView update
2016-11-02Update spv2 test expectations: 1 new failure, 2 new
2016-10-29Separate property and context updates in
2016-10-26Cleanup spv2 test
2016-10-25[spv2] Do not use updatePaintOffsetTranslation builder for
2016-10-25Extract SVG transform update from
2016-10-19Switch to shorter names for property tree storage and
2016-10-19Refactor FrameView property updates to work like LayouObject
2016-10-11Suppress 55 spv2 test failures from lack of popup
2016-10-07Update lint-test-expectations to check on
2016-10-07Fix syntax of
2016-10-07Fix syntax of FlagExpectations/
2016-10-07Fix syntax of FlagExpectations/
2016-10-07Fix syntax of FlagExpectations/
2016-10-07Fix syntax of FlagExpectations/
2016-10-06Do not de-select text across
2016-10-05Remove old FIXME about not checking needsLayout, switch to a
2016-10-05Remove duplicate hit test candidate check in
2016-10-04Unify GeometryPropertyTreeState and
2016-10-01Move transform least common ancestor logic to
2016-09-30Move inner border radius clip property to
2016-09-30Hit test floats in visual painting
2016-09-29Refactor PropertyTreeState to use
2016-09-29Mark 12 SPV2 tests as failing for minor pixel
2016-09-29Add paint property path printers and test
2016-09-28Remove 87 passing expectations for slimming paint
2016-09-28Run SVG image animations at
2016-09-27(reland) Add tests for PaintPropertyTreePrinter, remove path
2016-09-27Revert of Add tests for PaintPropertyTreePrinter, remove path printers (patchset #2 id:20001 of
2016-09-27Switch RootLayerScrolls to use root transform and scroll
2016-09-27Switch the RootLayerScrolls codepath to use root effect paint
2016-09-26Add tests for PaintPropertyTreePrinter, remove path
2016-09-24Switch the Root Layer Scrolls codepath to use root clip paint
2016-09-23Add static root property tree nodes [spv2]
2016-09-22Remove cc's
2016-09-21Add position sticky main thread scrolling reason [spv2]
2016-09-20Add "threaded scrolling disabled" main thread scrolling reason [spv2]
2016-09-20Add background attachment fixed main thread scrolling reason [spv2]
2016-09-17Invalidate the text autosizer on meta viewport settings
2016-09-15Refactor PropertyTreeState as
2016-09-14Construct cc scroll tree from blink [spv2]
2016-09-14Add scroll_offset and scroll_snap to transform_node's traced
2016-09-14(reland) Do not let text-size-adjust override accessibility font
2016-09-13Add new filter repaint tests for
2016-09-13Do not let text-size-adjust override accessibility font
2016-09-11[SPV2] Implement the blink-side scroll property
2016-09-09Temporarily stop honoring text-size-adjust as it breaks
2016-09-09Document SVGImage with a class-level
2016-09-08Document SVGImageForContainer with a class-level
2016-09-08[SPV2] Add the device scale factor to the root transform
2016-09-07Add comments describing the cc ScrollNode
2016-09-07Switch to dark red for under-invalidation
2016-09-06Remove redundant fixed-position manual
2016-09-06Remove passing spv2 expectations, bringing failures down to 2207/
2016-09-05Restrict SVG filters to the filter bounds instead of an infinite
2016-09-05Remove non-layer-list codepath from
2016-08-31Suppress filter-repaint-turbulence.html in debug and
2016-08-31Make --enable-slimming-paint-v2 enable
2016-08-30Add new filter repaint test for turbulence, rebaseline existing
2016-08-27Update slimming paint v2
2016-08-23Prevent synchronous layout while painting the last frame of a
2016-08-23Remove redundant bitmap animation loop check:
2016-08-22Add Double{Size, Point, Rect} pretty printers for logging and
2016-08-22Remove redundant String casts in
2016-08-22Add platform/transforms pretty printers for logging and
2016-08-22Ensure previous test preference overrides are reset between
2016-08-20Add platform/geometry pretty printers for logging and
2016-08-18Remove SMIL deprecation
2016-08-12Remove all but a few spv2 virtual
2016-08-12Add 13 new failures for spv2 tests, remove 314 passing
2016-08-12Skip hit testing containers with invalid bounding
2016-08-11[spv2] Do not manage effect node render surfaces from
2016-08-10Manually rebaseline popup-menu-appearance-zoom.html on
2016-08-10Automatically trigger spv2 tryjobs on paint-related
2016-08-09Add suppressions for more spv2-specific
2016-08-09Basic support for backface visibility in spv2 with
2016-08-08Ensure compositing test preference overrides are reset between
2016-07-28Update spv2 expectations for linux in preparation for the new
2016-07-26Forward DistributeScroll from LayerImpl to the
2016-07-13Adjust src and dest rects when drawing images instead of using a
2016-07-08Ensure SVG PaintOffset is reset at the HTML/SVG boundary [spv2]
2016-07-07Update spv2
2016-07-06Pixel snap SVG's root border box to local transform [spv2]
2016-06-30Snap paint offset paint property to pixel
2016-06-30Revert of Remove unsafe cast from ImageTransportSurfaceOverlayMac::ScheduleCALayer. (patchset #2
2016-06-29Implement the new text-size-adjust CSS
2016-06-29Harden a security CHECK in
2016-06-22Use transform paint property nodes in SVG [spv2]
2016-06-14Re-implement SVG transform paint property nodes [spv2]
2016-06-14Manually rebaseline 10 tests after
2016-06-12Disable incremental invalidation for
2016-06-11Prevent a crash where CSS containment assumed a layer would be
2016-06-08Regenerate text-autosizing mac baselines to fix image diff
2016-06-08Add initial baselines for enable-slimming-paint-v2
2016-06-06Prevent synchronous image change notifications during
2016-06-06[spv2] Account for flipped writing modes in paint
2016-06-03Refactor ClipRecorder to take an IntRect instead of a
2016-05-31Change TextRun's length() and charactersLength() to return an
2016-05-30Guard against invalid glyph shaping
2016-05-28Measure text autosizing in the
2016-05-27Correctly position abspos content inside relpos inlines [spv2]
2016-05-26Remove leviw from OWNERS
2016-05-25Remove inlineBoundingBoxOffset from
2016-05-24Shrink all SVG types by 8 bytes (SVGBoolean, SVGInteger, etc) (64-bit)
2016-05-23Reorganize spv2/invalidation test
2016-05-22Disable antialising for shapes with shape-rendering="optimizeSpeed"
2016-04-26Rewrite overhanging float arithmetic to work near numeric
2016-04-23Ensure display item ids are unique for image
2016-04-23Refactor OverlayScrollbarSizeRelevancy into
2016-04-20Remove unused ImageQualityController friends and
2016-04-18Check scrollbars before hit testing border
2016-04-14Simplify the construction of
2016-04-13Correct indentation in
2016-04-08Add new CSS clip paint properties to
2016-04-08Add a transform paint property for local SVG
2016-03-31Only synthesize grapheme widths once for surrogate pair
2016-03-30Do not show display:none clipPath targets when referenced with <use>
2016-03-29Ensure display items are unique when multiple nested clip paths are
2016-03-25Rewrite SVG text pattern test to avoid debug-specific pixel differences (2)
2016-03-24Rewrite SVG text pattern test to avoid debug-specific pixel
2016-03-23Measure ImageDocument
2016-03-23Remove extra per-character walk in
2016-03-23Replace invalid character check with an
2016-03-22Add workaround for invalid non-bmp character measurements in
2016-03-22Disable subsequence caching for
2016-03-19Do not crash when measuring empty SVG text
2016-03-16Rebaseline two Android failures after an SVG text metrics
2016-03-16Remove unsupported font SVGFreeSans.svg and
2016-03-15Iteratively compute SVG per-character glyph
2016-03-12Do not synchronously measure SVG text every time it
2016-03-11Update SVG text layout to use shaped glyph data & go fast (O(n^2)->O(n))
2016-03-10Do not pass scrollPosition to updateScrollbars at every
2016-03-09Use precomputed text metrics instead of recomputing them in
2016-03-08Factor selection rect logic out of
2016-03-07Defer SVG text metrics rebuilding from style changes until
2016-03-03Ensure frames respect paint offsets for paint property
2016-03-02Schedule a layout when scroll origins change during style
2016-03-02Cleanup FrameView::setScrollOrigin to make it easier to
2016-03-01Create frame paint properties during layout tree property
2016-02-26Update drag images to paint from the nearest self painting
2016-02-23Support backface-visibility in
2016-02-12Remove passing spv2
2016-02-11Mark trustedeventsdefaultaction/.../mouseover-mouseout.html as
2016-02-04Revert of Fix leak PaintLayerReflectionInfo (patchset #3 id:40001 of
2016-02-03Update svg's root paint offset property during
2016-02-02Add message describing how spv2 testing
2016-01-28Stop hit testing culled inlines when a match is
2016-01-28Calculate and track display item
2016-01-27Revert of Speculative fix for ui::DisplayLinkMac::StopDisplayLink crashes (patchset #2 id:20001